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KeharadaPotterhead • 6 months ago
KeharadaPotterhead • 7 months ago

Why 2019 Is An Interesting Year For The Wizarding World

HINT: It has something to do with one of our favorite witches of the series...

KeharadaPotterhead • 7 months ago

How Well Do You Remember These Things About Hermione Granger?

Do you know Hermione Granger well enough to be her friend?

KeharadaPotterhead • 8 months ago

Are You Made For NEWT Charms And Defense Against The Dark Arts?

Always wanted to do NEWT Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts? Take the quiz and find out if you will survive

KeharadaPotterhead • 9 months ago

Everyone's Personality Matches A Desperate Housewife — Here's Yours

Are you a workaholic like Lynette or a shopaholic like Gabrielle?

KeharadaPotterhead • 9 months ago

How Much Do You Actually Know About Quidditch?

Do you know your Quaffles from your Bludgers? Take the quiz and find out!!!

KeharadaPotterhead • 9 months ago

How Much Do You Really Know About Quidditch?

Always wanted to find out how much you know about Quidditch? Take this quiz and find out!

KeharadaPotterhead • 9 months ago