We've All Been Sleeping On Macaulay Culkin's Twitter And It Needs To Stop

    "I'm the Home Alone kid buying tampons at CVS."

    You've probably been ~ aware ~ of Macaulay Culkin for a sizeable chunk of your life at this point — he was in a little movie called Home Alone or something? Ring a bell?

    In the past few weeks, you may have seen him in the Home Alone recreation he did for Google or when he trolled his brother Kieran on Twitter during the Golden Globes:

    HOLY SHIT KIERAN IS NOMINATED??? WHAT IS SUCCESSION?! Man, I should really answer his calls more often. Thanksgiving is going to be really awkward this year. #GoldenGlobes

    These recent events have alerted me to something very important: Macaulay is VERY GOOD on Twitter (he only joined about a year ago!) and we all need to celebrate that fact.

    Sometimes his tweets are related to Home Alone, and they're very nostalgic:

    I feel bad about all the burglars who never had the confidence to rob a house on christmas thanks to me.

    We’ve been having a lot of conversations about masculinity as a society. I think I figured it out. Masculinity is when you feel no shame buying your loved ones tampons at CVS and telling the cashier “I’m the home alone kid, buying tampons at CVS.”

    I'm actually available for babysitting gigs... https://t.co/rrZGdXwpNA

    Other times they're connected to Hollywood in a very funny way:

    I was on the shortlist for the Spice Girls until Mel B showed up to audition. #MackFactsFriday

    I was originally cast as the lead in Air Bud, but they replaced me because I looked "too human" and kept "peeing on the cameras."

    Hey @Eminem can I rap on your next album? I can flow, look: Yo I'm Macaulay Culkin, and I'm here to shout, Learn to rap like me, And we can totally hang out! #hippyhoppin

    Or they're extremely *topical* for 2019:

    Clue (the movie) is the original Escape Room (the movie).

    Or they'll make you laugh if you're hungry:

    I've yet to find a level of enthusiasm that tops "Holy shit look at this giant potato chip!”

    WOAH did you guys know go-gurt is just yogurt?

    My New Year’s Resolution is to eat more weird cheese. What’s yours? #2019goals

    One time I switched all the Swiss Chard and Kale bundles around at Whole Foods and NO ONE EVER NOTICED. #MackFactsFriday

    Or they'll make ya giggle if you love animals, ya filthy animals!!!

    Dogs and cats don’t lick themselves for hygiene purposes, they do it to show off. Buncha show-offs.

    I call this screenshot: A Study In Contrast

    Really what I'm saying here is there's something for everyone and I highly recommend it!