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    In 2019, I Stan Kate Beckinsale And No One Else

    Sorry to everyone else.

    Listen people, I'm a flawed human. I make mistakes! Lot's of em! Tbh I'm dumb and bad!! However, my biggest error thus far has been how I have mostly ignored Kate Beckinsale's Instagram presence.

    But I vow that in 2019 I will change my ways. In 2019, I stan Kate Beckinsale! Specifically, Kate Beckinsale on Instagram.

    But first, to extinguish any possible concerns or doubts about the legitimacy of her Instagram:

    OK, GREAT. Now let's get to it.

    Kate Beckinsale's Instagram is a true hidden gem.

    It's unexpected and surprising at every turn.

    It's full of vaginas!

    And things that are vagina-adjacent.

    But she doesn't discriminate. There are penises too.

    Subtle penises, but penises nonetheless!

    I don't know her personally, and therefor I have no idea what I should have expected from her as a captioneuer du Instagram, but this is not what I did expect and I gotta admit, I love it! I love it all!

    She truly is a caption cween!

    And I've been missing out on it for YEARS.

    It will be my life's biggest regret!!

    She makes #sponcon actually enjoyable. In fact... I think I might just go buy a Russell Hobbs Kettle right this very moment for 20% off!!!

    But it's not even about the captions that we can see so clearly with our naked eye. It's also about what lurks deep within the comments section.

    She speaks the truth and does it so eloquently!

    Her comebacks are simple, yet strong.

    She fights back but then quickly forgives. She is merciful!!!

    Plus, she's just plain old sensible.

    AND, she's speaking out about the dangers of tiny foam earplugs. She is an activist!!

    But, as if her own page wasn't enough, there are the things she writes on her daughter's page. (Lily Sheen is her child with father Michael Sheen just FYI.)

    If it were my mom I'd prob be like, "mom stop," but since it's her I'm like, "mom, go!"

    It's weirdly relatable!

    But also she is the mother of blackmail! So sweet yet sinister. Fills my heart with joy!!

    Basically, we need to learn from history. And history has proven that Kate Beckinsale is the greatest celebrity on Instagram. No offense Chrissy Tiegen!!!

    So now that it's 2019 I have learned the error of my ways, and I will change them. I will only stan Kate Beckinsale. In fact, she has already proven this to be a worthy cause.

    In conclusion: stan with me or be like this guy.