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    12 Pictures Of Food That Will Make You Believe In Things, And 12 Pictures That Will Destroy Your Faith

    It's wild, wonderful world of food out there, you guys.

    1. First of all, this is the platonic ideal of a taco dinner, I'm pretty sure:

    2. And this is just a nightmare:

    3. This bundt cake is pure perfection:

    4. While this cake is just, um, well, it's something:

    5. The human capacity for improving on toast never ceases to amaze:

    6. Or to horrify:

    7. These beautifully stacked cookies are the stuff of dreams:

    8. And these are just straight up sad:

    9. Is this dessert or high art??? Probably both!

    10. Meanwhile: we don't even want to know what happened here.

    11. These fluffy and beautiful pancakes definitely spark joy:

    12. This guy? Not so much.

    13. This isn't ice cream: It's heaven.

    14. This...this is hell.

    15. **me on Instagram**

    16. vs. me in real life...

    17. Now THIS is what I call sushi:

    18. Meanwhile, this is a crime against rice and fish.

    19. Have you ever felt so soothed by the sight of a salad?

    20. Well, this one'll ruin that zen right away:

    21. Now this is some well-plated stuff!

    22. Not this. Look away from this.

    23. Finally, this image of a latte might be just the thing to lower your blood pressure...

    24. But you can bet that this will jack it right back up.

    This post was translated from Spanish.