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We Want To Hear The Unusual Backstory To How You Got Your Name

Every name has a story.

For most of us, the story behind how we were named is kind of boring. Chances are your parents either picked a name out of a “baby name" book or named you after some family member. Snooze.

But some people have pretty interesting (and sometimes drama-filled) stories behind their name.

For example, sometimes when you meet someone named after a place like “Austin” or “London” it’s because that’s where they were conceived.

I’ve also met people who were named after one of their parent's exes because their parent never got over them. Awkward!

There are dramatic stories too, like a mom who nearly died in childbirth naming her baby after the nurse who got her through it.

Then there are people who were named after their parents's favorite bands, actors, and even — yep — fast food chains.

Some parents even invent a name for their kids, with results that can be gorgeous or disastrous.

So! If the story behind your name is interesting, dramatic, funny, or just plain WTF, we want to hear it! Tell us in the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!