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    We Reimagined Tarot Cards To Be More Millennial-Friendly

    The Tower vs. Giant Jenga at a bar? I see no difference. πŸ’

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    Are you interested in tarot cards but have no f*cking idea what they mean?


    Well, we're here to break down some of the most famous cards for you...and we've even artistically adapted them to be a lil' more ~modern~.

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    When you draw The Lovers card, it indicates that you're gonna have to make some sort of impactful decision about a relationship, fling, or ~flirtation~ soon. Obviously with a lot of today's dating, we put fate into the hands of apps. I mean, swiping right counts as an impactful decision, right?

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    The Tower is usually interpreted as signaling drastic change, crisis, destruction, and/or liberation. Naturally, playing Giant Jenga at a bar seems to evoke the same sort of feelings.

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    The Hermit card means that you're entering a period of introspection and you'll be looking for answers within yourself...So why not start by bingeing Gilmore Girls for the fourth time?!?!?!?!

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    When you draw The Chariot card, it means you're focused, determined, and ready to take action. Much like The Chariot, calling an Uber, Lyft, or whatever often indicates the start of a night out β€” and the end of one, TBH. It's like the ultimate call to action, I think!!!

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    The Sun card reflects positive, enthusiastic feelings β€” the same feeling you get on Sunday morning when you can finally chill out, eat your avocado toast, and finally get back to bullet journaling.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    The Moon is a card of illusion and often suggests that something isn't as it appears to be. Sometimes, this can be a truth that you can't admit to yourself. Going camping with your dog is always a good way to clear your mind.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    The Fool represents new beginnings, hope for the future, and faith in the universe. Skipping town and ghosting your latest match gives off major ~Fool vibes~.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    And lastly, The World card represents the ending of one life cycle and the beginning of another. It stands for success, possibilities, and major change, and serves as a reminder to be ever-changing and optimistic in life. πŸ’

    Happy card reading!!!!!!!!! πŸ’…πŸ»βœ¨

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