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    32 Fast And Easy Ways To Change Your Hair Without The Commitment

    New year, new you (but not really).

    1. Surprise yourself with how different you look after simply moving your part from the middle to the side with a thin styling comb. Look who suddenly has subtle bangs!

    2. Trick people into thinking you take regular trips to the salon by maintaining blonde hair with some Fanola shampoo. Not only will it keep your hair from yellowing over time, but it'll actually INCREASE the brightness and platinum levels in your hair. *Color* me impressed.

    3. Tackle only ~seemingly~ difficult hairdos that you see all over Pinterest — it's time to stop *pinning* and actually try one out! Most really only require a few steps (and a lot of patience). The end result: a very trendy-looking you.

    Behold: the easiest of them all! The deceivingly complicated braid crown requires four simple steps: two thin hair ties and bobby pins. I will pass you some tissues if necessary, but I promise you won't need them!

    4. Lighten dark hair without paying big salon bucks for highlights by washing your tresses with John Frieda brightening shampoo and conditioner. They don't require irreversible bleaching — just a few lathers in the shower to enhance a natural-looking *glow*.

    5. Lengthen your updo overnight, or so it seems when flaunting a natural-looking ponytail extension. They're secure, comfortable enough for all-day wear, and will probably be the one thing inspiring enough to make us go out. If Ariana Grande can do this, by golly so can we.

    6. Style wet or sweaty hair post-gym with an unexpected twist, aka mini buns. It turns out multiplying your usual bun by two makes you look totally unique — and all it took was a couple of hair ties, a comb, and some good ol' sweat.

    7. Add a pop of color to your look without a hefty price tag or time commitment. A L'Oréal semipermanent hair dye that lasts about two weeks is the perfect first step to dipping your toe (strand?) into fun hues.

    8. Looking for a longer (but easily reversible) commitment? Overtone deep treatments come in 30 shades, all ranging from vibrant to pastel, and create a burst of color to your hair in about 15 minutes. It'll last about *six weeks* — with zero hairdressers required.

    9. Dry your natural curls with a diffuser (and hold it at an upwards angle) instead of air drying so that your ringlets have more volume and look smoothly defined, not frizzy. Small change = big, big difference.

    Just 👏look👏 at 👏that👏 definition!

    10. Transform your mane without any scissors involved by wearing a super realistic wig. You can go dramatically long or short for the night, and be back to yourself once the sun rises. Will strangers believe that's how you usually look? Yep!

    11. Restyle your bangs with a curling iron and volumizing spray to totally update your entire look after just a few flicks of your wrist. Whether you're trying out full, bardot, or sideswept bangs, your new 'do will instantly turn heads.

    12. Recover damaged hair with a Verb hydrating mask that'll not only bring over-processed manes back to life, but restore major shine and softness to your tresses. It only takes five to seven extra minutes in the shower (aka a long, soapy Les Mis performance) and voilà: glossy hair at your *fingertips*.

    13. Boost unexpected volume to your hair with a ceramic Conair crimper. It'll instantly add all the texture to fine hair that usually requires teasing, just without the effort and inevitable frizz.

    14. Relocate your usual curly-haired bun to the front of your head with a thick hair tie and bobby pins! It's so, so simple yet totally transforms your whole look. Who knew looking this unique could be done in two steps? And *without* heat tools?

    15. ~Cut out~ the hairdresser and use clip-on faux bangs. You can style them any way you'd like (fringe, thick, etc.) and best of all, you can take them off as soon as you feel like showing your forehead again.

    16. Match the right straightener to your length and texture of hair. Why? You'll get a more *polished* finish when using the right tool. For example, styling pixie cuts with a thick flat iron is too difficult and won't leave your hair smooth. A ½" straightener will give you better control, therefore a sleeker finish.

    17. Revamp your braids with loc cuffs that'll help you stand out without changing so much as a strand of hair. No heat tools, no salon charge, just a quick and easy accessory.

    18. Grow your mane without going the lengths. Some synthetic clip-on hair extensions will bring you results in just a few clips, instead of having to play the waiting game. Plus, you can go back to short the minute you want to change it back up!

    19. Conquer braiding your own hair by learning the timeless fishtail style in eight easy-to-remember steps (all you need is a hair tie and hairspray). It's a simple change, but if you're one to usually wear your hair down it'll make a world of difference to your look. Plus, this'll totally nix bad hair days if you're not in the mood to use heat tools.

    20. And! Once you master basic braids, you'll be ready for more ~advanced styles~ like this five-strand braid. It's deceptively simple (you only need smoothing oil for easy control and hair ties), but you'll earn full bragging rights

    21. Disguise lazy hair days by topping your outfits off with a velvety headband. It'll add a touch of sophistication to how your hair normally looks down, but with about zero effort required. Feel free to let all the compliments get to your head.

    22. Explore different seemingly sophisticated updos with nothing more than a bun maker. Just twist your hair into this tool, shape it into the desired look, and take full credit for your new "skills". Countless new styles = one secret weapon.

    23. Show off a faux bob while staying far away from scissors by curling your hair with a ½-inch curling wand (perfect for natural-looking waves) and pinning your mane underneath itself with bobby pins. You'll look like a starlet by night and still have your long 'do come morning.

    24. Scrub away dandruff, dullness, and itchiness with a Briogeo exfoliating shampoo and shampoo brush. The shampoo's combo of coconut oil and charcoal gently treats irritated scalps and removes flaky dead skin cells, while the brush deep-cleans your scalp so every strand of hair gets the ultimate restoration.

    25. Make ~waves~ by straying from normally straight hair with nothing more than a few spritzes of texturizing sea salt spray. It can be applied to both damp and dry hair, meaning it'll take less than 60 seconds to achieve effortlessly cool tousled tresses.

    26. Shave yourself from the finality of razors without giving up the *edginess* and go for a fauxhawk. It's essentially just a combo of mini hair ties and clips to make a line of small ponytails, but that's between you and me.

    27. Repair damaged hair right in your living room (so long, scary salon charges) with a thermal foil hair mask. Its key ingredients—coconut oil, Manuka honey, argan oil, and ceramides—work together to drastically restore shine, tame frizz, and smooth split ends, all while you hang out on your couch for 10 minutes.

    28. Create effortless waves even on stick-straight hair with an easy-to-use Remington curling wand. It's simpler to control than traditional curlers so beginners can quickly master beach waves in a matter of minutes.

    29. Subscribe to Birchbox to sample high-end hair products and new styling techniques that would normally require a much bigger dip into your piggy bank. Think of this as the cheapest way to explore new ways to do your hair without the financial commitment.

    30. Skip expensive blowouts and opt for a hot air brush. The outcome is exactly the same (if not better) and gives you drastic results before your arm is even tired.

    31. Accessorize away a bad hair day or just a boring outfit with a standout head wrap. There are a million different ways to tie and style them, making this officially the most versatile part of your look.

    32. Rid your hair of split ends without having to get a full cut with some nourishing argan oil. Its formula has damaged, broken hair in mind to both restore shine and softness — aka you can maintain your mane's health even if you REALLY don't want to snip it yet.

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