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    This Curling Wand Will Give You Perfect Waves Even If You Suck At Doing Hair

    And sound the alarms because it's ONLY $20!!!

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    I don't know about you, but I have yet to roll out of bed with runway-ready waves — rude, I know. In fact, my mornings when curling is involved often look like this:


    The biggest insult is spending tons of precious time on your hair, just for it to fall flat an hour later. It's ludicrous! There must be a solution to this tragic curling debacle.

    Well, allow me to introduce you to the adorable pink ceramic curling wand by Remington ($20) that's going to give us all flawless waves in a matter of minutes. Do I have your attention now?!, Cate /

    YES, I said minutes! It heats up in 30 seconds and has temperature settings that go up to 410 degrees. And perhaps the best feature of all (ok, besides the amazing curls it produces) is its 60-minute auto shut-off if accidentally left powered on — so you can go to work with some dang peace of mind.

    It's super easy to use: Just wrap a piece of hair around the barrel for a few seconds and release.

    You even get a heat-protectant glove in the package so you don't have to worry about burning your hand while you wrap around the iron.

    And of course, no product would be complete without some raving reviews and pictures to back it up, so without further ado: This wand has over 7,000 of 'em and a 4.1-star rating on Amazon.

    Megan /

    "Love this curling wand!! It gives you natural, loose, glam curls and is very simple to use. One of my favorite styling tools!" —Megan

    "I always envied those girls who went to school or work every day with their hair curled. With a normal curler, it took me ages to do my hair and it just looked weird on my straight Asian hair. I don't know what it is about this curler, but I'm able to achieve the loose big curls and do it within 10 minutes before work. I'm not the type to spend forever on hair every day. I think since I tend to have the larger part of the barrel towards the top of my head and the skinnier part on the bottom ends, that's what gives it a more natural looking transition from my straight hair at the top which then turns into big curls. This heats up very quickly and with one press of a button. The temperature is a digital reading, so it tells you exactly what temperature it is. Don't you hate those ones that give you an arbitrary 1-10 temperature dial and you're left guesstimating how hot it is? You need to know the actual temperature so you don't scald your beautiful hair! To end this, I just wanted to say that I have several other curling wands from different companies, and I only use this large-barrel Remington wand. Affordable and a great wand." —Margaret Swan

    There's a ½"-1" and a 1"-1½" wand, and they each give you different style curls. Read this wonderful review if you're wondering which one to buy yourself — but no judgment if you just order them both. 😜

    Sydney and Spencer /

    "Okay, so I have both of the wands, big and small, and I love both of them! Reason I have both is because I like the curls they give me and don't want the same kind every day. I know a lot of people wonder which size to get so I curled the sides of my hair with both wands and that's what happened. The bigger one is more for like loose waves while the smaller one is curlier. Before I asked for a wand (these are my first wands I've ever used and owned) I watched a ton of YouTube tutorials on styles and such so you could do that to get a good idea. But DEFINITELY get these wands. They're inexpesive with long lasting curls and a nice smooth barrel. And a tip for curling your hair is that unless you want the curls/waves to blend together like in my picture try alternating which way you curl. Like curl away from your face, then towards your face, and so on. Also be wary of how big your sections are because that definetly affects the outcome of your curl. I strongly recommend these wands and I got these on my own without an offer for my review so I am unbiased. I just really love these wands and these curls!!" —Sydney and Spencer

    I mean... Hello, gorgeouses!!!

    Deneishya /, Shirly / / APFXH6U8X30EE

    Yes, yes, and yes.

    Ferre Family /

    "Heats up quick and is perfect for giving your hair all kinds of texture with the size of the barrel. The best part is that this wand can make your hair look so great with little effort!" —Ferre Family

    Ok, one more because it's a miracle for both long and short hair!

    JennDG /, Amazon Customer /

    Left photo: "I bought this wand based on the good reviews and I was not disappointed. Well made with nice features like auto shut-off, digital temperature, swivel cord, etc. The size of 1-1.5 inch curls is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't use any hairspray in this photo and the curls still stayed. So far, I prefer this over my Paul Mitchell (expensive) wand." —JennDG

    Right photo reviewer: "I've never had a wand successfully work until this one. I recently got the cool-girl haircut (medium lob) and this wand is an essential!! It smooths my hair as well. No frizz, and lasting waves!! Very happy customer!" —Amazon Customer

    I don't have anything else to say besides GET 👏 YOURSELF 👏 THIS 👏 WAND.


    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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