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This $35 Hair Dryer And Diffuser Is A Game-Changer For Curly Hair

Me, even though I've owned this for seven years: "WHY didn't I buy this sooner?"

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But curly girls, if you haven't tried a diffuser (it's the spiky attachment that comes with most hair dryers) — you gotta. I've had mine (this $35 Conair hairdryer!) for seven years and it has never let me down.


No, the cord isn't that short — it's retractable, which makes for extra-easy storage.

Plus it has three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot for super shiny hair.


Once the diffuser is attached to the dryer, just let the spikes of the diffuser gather one section of your hair toward your scalp, scrunching it up into its natural curl pattern. Then you just turn the dryer on and sit with the diffuser in the same place until dry (or, since I'm impatient, mostly dry). Then repeat with another section until it's done.


All you have to do is apply your product of choice beforehand (I use Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream; see note about it at the bottom), and your curls will dry in place as they were *meant* to dry.

And since I wash my hair approximately never (ok, every four or five days) and drying takes only 20ish minutes, it's a surprisingly low-maintenance hair routine.


All you have to do is sleep with it pulled up to the top of your head (I 100% recommend these creaseless elastics) and touch it up with a curling iron every so often.

And it works on all hair lengths. When I first tried it, my hair was long (like to-my-lower-back long) and it worked. Two years later, I got it chopped into the bob/lob I have now, and it still work works perfectly, both right when I first get it cut and when it's grown out past my shoulders.

And I'm not the only one who loves this thing: It has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon!

"I bought this hair dryer several years ago and really loved it, so when it stopped working recently due to a loose connection in the GFCI plug I knew I had to purchase it again. The retractable cord is just brilliant — every hair dryer should have this feature. The cool shot button is handy to help set your style. And the diffuser attachment is just *fabulous*, with air being directed in and through the prongs as well as around them to provide more even heat and air distribution. I am so glad Conair is still making this model and that Amazon carries it." — Donna L.

"The retractable cord makes it super easy to travel with, and the amount of heat, power, and airflow you get from it is perfect for coaxing my wavy hair to curls when I use the diffuser. And the nice bright fuschia color is fun. It's exactly what I was looking for in a hair dryer." —ihavenoalias

"The low airflow on 'low' setting is amazing for curly hair! It's so hard to find one that's not loud and like a jet stream, even on low. Great diffuser attachment, all around the best blow dryer I've had for curls." —Kailua


In college, I literally bought two of 'em (one to keep at my parents' house and one for my dorm) because I couldn't spend my vacations without it but didn't want to schlep it back and forth.


And here are just two more quick selfies from my camera roll in case you aren't convinced yet.

PS: If you're looking for a banging product for thick, frizzy curls, try my very favorite hair product — Moroccanoil's Intense Curl Cream.


It's MAJORLY hydrating, keeps the curls intact without letting them frizz up, but never weighs down the volume. If your hair is coarse and v. dry, it's 100% worth a try!

Get it from Nordstrom for $34 or Jet for $27.39.