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    This $13 Protective Wax Is A Must-Have Product For Any Dog With Paws

    Thousands of pet parents use this stuff to help moisturize paw pads and prevent cracking caused by snow buildup, hot pavements, rock salt, sand burns, and *ruff* terrain. 🐾

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    I admit that I'm an overly concerned dog mom; my little pup has me whipped from her pedestal. So you can only imagine how I felt when I saw my furry little baby's paw pads bleeding after a long run outside.


    ^ Yup, pretty accurate.

    Frantically texting "SOS" to my friend who's a vet while I browsed the web for remedies to treat torn paw pads, I stumbled upon Musher's Secret Paw Protection Wax. It has truly been a blessing and a game-changer β€” simply too great of a product to keep it a secret!

    Samantha Yang / BuzzFeed

    Before applying Musher's, my pup's paws felt like sandpaper. Seconds after massaging the wax into her paws, I could clearly see and feel the difference. Just look β€” her paws were GLISTENING! As a bonus, it's super easy to wipe off excess wax along with outdoor debris with just a wet wipe after walks to prevent (cute but troublesome) paw prints in the house.

    Musher's Secret Paw Protection Wax is all-natural, so it's completely safe to apply topically and for your pets to lick sparingly. Infused with vitamin E, it can be used to heal wounds as well as used regularly as a "paw lotion" to keep them soft, moisturized, and strong. Musher's was designed in Canada for dogs that lived in snowy conditions that led to damaged paw pads. Turns out, Musher's works incredibly for every single one of our four-legged friends, even those who don't live across the border!

    Not only is it great for cold-weather conditions, but it's also effective in warmer climates, where the pavement can get seriously hot. Think of Musher's as "invisible shoes" for your pets that create a barrier between them and any harsh conditions that can harm their delicate paw pads. My dog goes so crazy when she runs off-leash, she tore up her paws multiple times before I finally found our paw-saver, Musher's! Now, I apply it as part of our daily routine to keep her paws nice and healthy.

    And over 3,000 pet parents trust Musher's Secret, so you can have peace of mind knowing your pup will be in good paws β€” er, hands β€” with this stuff.


    "I've been a professional dog groomer for 10 years, and I use this product all the time. Here's everything you need to know: I use Musher's Secret to protect paws both from the salt and cold in winter (snow and ice stick to their fur between paw pads and can cause frostbites; Musher's Secret helps prevent the ice and snow from sticking). It also helps protect paws from the hot pavements in the warmer seasons. This doesn't mean that you can let them walk on burning hot pavement if they have this on, it just helps to prevent the pads from drying out and becoming damaged and uncomfortable.

    You only need to use a tiny bit! It should never be gloopy on their paws! It's just like putting on lotion, the product starts soaking in almost immediately; I've never had a problem with staining my couches or carpet with proper application. If your pet tries to lick it off, distract them for a few minutes until it's completely soaked in. I give my dogs sweet potato treats after applying this to their paws. It should only take a minute or two to completely soak in." β€”Max Siegel

    Snow, ice, and salt on the ground in the winter can lead to discomfort and ice forming on the fur in between your pet's paw pads. The cold, dry air can also cause their paws to crack and bleed. Applying a thin coat of Musher's can help your pup *break the ice*. If your pets have webbed feet, make sure to get in between their toesies as well!,

    "Before Musher's Secret, our Labradoodle would stop every couple minutes to chew the huge ice balls off of her paws. Now, she goes for miles with NO ICE build up on her feet!!! We never leave home without this stuff." β€”dina

    "This stuff is PAW-some! Our golden doodle loves to play in the snow. Applying a bit of Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax on her paws before she heads out makes for a much more comfortable playtime for her. Now, when she returns from zooming around the yard, a quick wipe with the towel and all the snow/ice just drops off her paws like magic. It's especially important that the product is nontoxic and it doesn't leave paw prints around the hardwood floors." β€”Claire W.

    Hot pavements can be just as damaging to their paws as cold winter days. Imagine walking on scorching sand on the beach without shoes!,

    "After reading reviews and calling a few local vets, I decided to give Musher's a try. We live in Southern California and it gets hot. I was planning on taking him to a car show where it is usually in the mid-90s and the pavement is bad. I tried Musher's Secret and after six hours of walking on the hot 93-degree pavement β€” he was fine! His paws would feel warm but he was happy. I am a believer and highly recommend this for use on hot days." β€”Kym Kraus

    You might also want to apply Musher's before long walks, hikes, or any other outdoor activities to reduce the chance of your pup's paws getting cut, chaffed, or blistered.,

    "I have a 1-year-old golden doodle and we hike at least once a week. Last week, we did our first over-10-mile hike. She did great and acted fine so it wasn't until we got home where I saw her raw paw pads. I ordered this right away and started using it during the week she healed. After a couple times, she started letting us rub this on her paws. We were amazed at how much softer and healthier her paws looked. Just this past weekend we went on her first 13-miler with even more sections of rocks and streams throughout. She chased birds, ran around like a deer, and her paws were as good as new because I applied this on all her paws right before we started the hike. THANK YOU! I plan on using this weekly and especially when we hike in the snow." β€”Amazon Customer

    Peep this before-and-after paw:

    "Purchased this because my pup's paws can get sensitive from the cold and icy grounds, as well as the hot summer pavements. The 60g size is more than enough and I can see it lasting me for almost two years. As you can see in the picture, the left side of my dog's paw is after applying a slight amount of Musher's and the right side is the paw before the application, which as you can see is dry and ashy." β€”Lo Perez

    In addition to being a protectant, Musher's can be used regularly to condition your pet's paws and dry nose for a soft *boop*.

    "This adds instant softness to our dog's paws. Our Lily girl loves it when this product is massaged into her paws. She is so relaxed and looks like she's at the dog spa." β€”Trinh Harrison

    "I bought this to use on my dog's paws before our winter walks and I've have found another amazing use for it. My old dog has something called hyperkeratosis on his nose β€” it's excessive skin growth that gets super dry and cracks. I decided to try Musher's Secret on his nose and in just two days the difference is significant and amazing. The Musher's Secret is softening the extra skin and allowing it to slough off." β€”Shannon Reed

    With the help of vitamin E, Musher's can promote faster healing and protect damaged paw pads from further exposure to irritants:

    "We've been using Musher's for a couple of years now and it's great. We use it on our dogs' paws year round. We have a lot of clay in our soil and it dries their paws out more than the winter does. We give the girls a nightly rub, which they love, and it keeps their paws soft. It does not stain their bedding or the carpeting, and mine is new. My larger dog has a lymphoma-type skin cancer and developed crusty sores and lesions on her body. I use Musher's on her 'spots' and it keeps them soft and promotes healing, which in turn reduces pain and keeps her more comfortable. My own hands are softer from applying it to my girls so I cannot think of anything that I don't like about it." β€”Abuela

    "This product has dramatically helped my pit bull's paw pads from being so rough. Over the course of the past year, his paws had become extremely rough and would even scratch my skin when he jumped onto my lap. I began using this wax a couple times a week and his paws are SO much softer. Even my family members have commented on his paws being softer. I’m very happy with the protection my boy is getting from the outdoors and the moisture it is bringing back to his pads." β€”Kelsey05Marie

    Ouch! Blisters, be gone!

    "This stuff is amazing. My pup had blisters on his back paws from pulling on the leash for a while so we applied this wax. Within two to three times of application, they were completely healed! Works so well for hiking!" β€”Hillary B

    "My pit is allergic to EVERYTHING. He broke out on his paw with blisters and hot spots after changing his treats. I was worried about putting anything on his paws because I didn't want to worsen the area. After reading so many positive reviews, I clicked 'check out' while crossing my fingers. It has been three days since applying Musher's once a day. Last night, my boyfriend noticed how good his paws were looking (in addition to diet change). My dog's paws are already soft and the hotspots are gone!" β€”L. Adams

    Thanks to Musher's, there are some really happy puppers out there, like this one whose journey to recovery is documented below:

    "Found an open wound on my pup's paw when he started to limp. Upon inspection, all his paws were in pretty bad condition. There weren't many options locally, so I was quite concerned until I came across this product. It's all natural, that's always a major plus. At the first application, he was quite confused, but man, when I started applying it β€” his expression was of pure relief with a hint of thank you. Over time his paws got better and stayed that way, I put it on before our walks, especially when the weather gets rough. Thank you guys for providing this, I have no idea how much of a struggle it would've been if not for this wax." β€”BOA

    Get it from Amazon for $12.75+ (available in three sizes). This is your dog telling you, "Gimme, gimme!"


    Some reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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