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    The Ultimate Guide To Products You'll Need To Care For Your First Dog

    Dogs are the best!!! Here are all the things you'll need to keep one happy and healthy.

    Dogs are a gift to the world. And if you've decided to open your home to a pupper in need of one, congratulations! You'll be rewarded with unconditional love, unlimited snuggling opportunities, and a new reason to turn down social obligations and spend time with your furry new BFF.

    But pups are also a lot of work, and if you've never had one before, you might have tons of questions and not be sure where to start. So we've put together a helpful guide to the essentials when it comes to the supplies you'll need to keep them happy and healthy!

    1. Perhaps the most challenging question of all: What in the world should you be feeding your pup? There are a seemingly endless array of choices on sites like Chewy and Petco — so you should discuss what's best with your vet.

    2. If you're going the dry-food route, consider this three-piece pet food container set to keep it fresh all year long.

    3. And you're gonna need some bowls to serve that food! An elevated feeder is a great choice since it's said to help reduce bloating as well as the strain on your dog’s neck and joints.

    4. Of course, you can't forget treats! There are tons of all-natural treats you can find in your local pet store or online.

    5. As you may be aware, dogs need walks — so you'll want a sturdy leash and comfy collar or harness appropriate for your dog's size.

    6. And if your pup is a puller — aka they walk you instead of the other way around — you might want to think about a no-pull harness designed to help improve their leash skills.

    7. Speaking of taking your dog on walks...don't forget to stock up on some quality poop bags!

    8. If you've just brought home a puppy or have a dog that needs a little help being housetrained, you'll definitely want to invest in a supply of wee-wee pads.

    9. Or try this real-grass kit that'll help train your floof to go outside — it can also aid aging dogs who may be incontinent as well as serve as an alternative to wee-wee pads on a porch or balcony.

    10. But be prepared for accidents too — this pet odor and stain remover is a customer favorite.

    11. You'll also want to make sure you have everything you need to keep them safe and comfortable once winter comes, like protective wax to shield their paws against painful rock salt and a coat to keep 'em toasty when the temps dip.

    12. And perhaps consider a doggie raincoat (!!) — which, apparently, also fits pygmy goats perfectly.

    13. A dog bed is a must (unless, you know, *your* bed is also your dog's bed, which, no shame)...

    14. ...especially if you're considering crate-training your pup.

    15. Let's talk toys. There are SO many options to choose from, and dogs love to play! So chances are your pup will enjoy whatever you choose to toss their way — but try a few that require them to use their noggin, to keep them challenged and stimulated, like this hide-and-seek squirrel toy...

    16. ...or this puzzle toy that'll make your fluffer work for their treats.

    17. But if you've got your hands full with a power chewer, you'll want to make sure your home is stocked with super-sturdy toys, like a classic Kong or a Nylabone chew that won't fall apart within five minutes of play.

    18. Anxious pups might benefit from this stuffed toy, which comes with a "real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and heat source that mimic being part of a pack in order to calm them. (I mean...can you even deal with these photos???)

    19. Or treat your dog (and, let's be real, yourself!) to a subscription box that does all the work for you — all you need to do is unbox your monthly delivery of toys and treats.

    20. If you'll be traveling with your dog in your car, you should consider a pup seat belt to keep them safe — and a waterproof protective cover to keep your car safe from their wrath.

    21. A carrier or backpack for small dogs — or even a stroller for bigger ones! — will come in handy on adventures with your furry little bud.

    22. Speaking of adventures — if you're an outdoorsy type, check out this list of useful products for getting active with your pet, which includes things like a travel mug to keep your pup hydrated and even a doggie life jacket!

    23. Flea and tick prevention is a must, so talk to your vet about the right options for your doggo, and consider a natural repellant that works on both pets and home surfaces alike.

    24. If you've adopted an older pup, you might want to look into supplements, like omega-3s or joint supplements, to keep them happy and healthy (but of course consult your vet first!).

    25. Some brushless toothpaste will help keep your floofer's dental health in tip-top shape and bad breath at bay.

    26. If your pup is itchy often, get them to a vet stat! They might be dealing with allergies. Duoxo pads or hot-spot sprays can help alleviate discomfort.

    27. And regular baths with a shampoo to keep them fresh and itch-free, plus an ear cleaner to seal the deal, can help them feel more comfy as well.

    28. For wrinkly breeds like bulldogs, pugs, and Frenchies, this wrinkle cream is formulated to clean up tear stains and minimize itching and irritation.

    29. And you may want to try these best-selling grooming wipes in between baths if your pupper had a particularly messy playdate or isn't exactly smelling like roses.

    30. Get a set of nail clippers that'll make it easy to give your doggo an at-home trim when you start to notice that tap-tap-tap on your floors every time they walk into the room.