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    Here's When You Should (And Shouldn't) Get Rid Of Old Electronics Boxes

    Always label your boxes with the date you purchased the product, so you know when the item is no longer under warranty.

    If you've been following Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you might be a bit confused about what the heck you're supposed to do with all those electronics boxes you've collected over the years.

    So, here are a few tips that will help you decide whether to keep, toss, or reuse your electronics packaging:

    1. Hold onto the box for a few weeks after purchasing, so you can return the item without any hassle if need be.

    2. Keep the box if you think you may eventually trade the item in for a new one, because some distributors will give you a larger credit.

    3. Or keep them if you're likely to sell your gently used electronics online.

    4. And if you've bought a product from Apple, you should hold onto the packaging and included materials for 14 days, but can toss it after that.

    5. If you're planning on moving soon, save the boxes for any bulky or awkwardly shaped products.

    6. Before you even think about tossing a box, be sure to file away any instruction manuals, warranties, and receipts that may be inside it.

    7. Label the box with the purchase date and return date so you know when you can throw it out.

    8. Use the boxes that contained your phone or tablet for organizing and other upcycling projects.

    9. Get rid of big and bulky boxes, like the packaging for a massive TV.

    You're doing great! Keep tidying!