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    30 Things That'll Make You Say "We Love A Strong Look"

    Too much?! NEVER!!!!!

    1. A lacy bodysuit with a sheer back that will make anything you pair it with stun from all angles.

    2. A striped sequin pencil skirt Ariel would absolutely rock after getting her legs, moving to New York, and starting a blog.

    3. A pair of suede over-the-knee boots to help you channel Ariana Grande all day everyday. Power to the ponytail.

    4. A clear crossbody bag so you can see just what you have and everyone can see just how fashionable you are.

    5. A pair of sheer socks you'll love so much you'll weirdly want to give them a smooch.

    6. A puff-sleeve sheer top that's so cute I'm SCREAMING. I don't even have a pun about it, I'm rendered speechless by how adorable it is.

    7. An open-front shaggy jacket for adding some ~chill California vibes~ to your wardrobe. Throw this on and *voila,* you're an influencer.

    8. Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb so your lips can make like Rihanna and shine bright like a diamond. All three shades look killer on all skin tones, and it's formulated with shea butter, leaving your lips feeling hydrated instead of sticky.

    9. A printed pleated skirt that comes in a stunning *29* fun patterns, practically guaranteeing there's one that screams YOU!

    10. Lace-back super-flare jeans for making the most of Aquarius season. The super soft denim keeps the dramatic cut comfortable and wearable, so don't be surprised when these become your go-to pants.

    11. A wool beret for adding a ~French twist~ to any ensemble (I hope you read "ensemble" in a heavy French accent, as intended).

    12. Unique gold face earrings to show everyone that you're artistic in your use of accessories. They're also a great excuse to talk about Golden Face, Jim Halpert's starring role in Threat Level Midnight.

    13. A cropped ballon-sleeve sweater that will remind you of the adorable balloon house in Up. Oh I'm thinking about the opening scene. Oh no...NOW I'M CRYING!

    14. A pair of fishnet stockings perfect for throwing on under ripped jeans, with a crop top, or tbh under anything to make it a little more extra (and Instagrammable).

    15. A velvet ruffled dress that is practically BEGGING to be danced in. Look at this stunner. How could you deny it its one true wish?

    16. A rose gold watch, because nothing says ~*fashion*~ like wearing a gloriously shiny watch to finish your 'fit even though you have a phone that will 100% tell the time for you.

    17. A blue satin wrap dress for combining the comfort of a silky robe with the chicness of a mini dress. Ahhh the beauty of synergy.

    18. Chunky Chelsea boot heels to make any outfit a little bit more punk. The platform also lets you take advantage of a higher heel without the pain of a classic style.

    19. '80s-inspired sunglasses your parents probably had back in the day. Maybe they'll finally approve of your out-of-the-box style now.

    20. A metallic accordion midi-skirt to make any occasion you wear it to a party. Running to the store? It's an errand party! Depositing checks? It's a money party! Twirl it out, bitch!

    21. An adjustable fedora because LISTEN — fedoras can be cool. The wide-brim and thin belt elevate this fedora from "weird guy in a ska band" to "fashionista on the go," I promise.

    22. An art deco shawl for making you feel like an tragic actress in the golden age of Hollywood wherever you wear it. All About Eve? All About YOU!

    23. A jewel-tone necklace that feels satisfying to me in the same way that organizational photos and videos do. Yes. All matched up and in perfect order.

    24. A Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner pen to keep your eyeliner on *point* and pair your out-there looks with a perfect winged eye.

    25. A floral embroidered dress with a sheer overlay and stunning two lengths. Pair with some floral perfume and people might think you're a literal garden.

    26. A vintage-inspired dress so you can channel Mad Men fave Joan Holloway's perfect style, wit, and fierceness in the modern day.

    27. A straw crossbody with pom-poms that looks like it would play a circus tune upon opening. Your belongings are going to be SO happy in here.

    28. An oversized blazer because office-wear doesn't have to be boring. A wide lapel and cinched waist bring a much-needed update to the classic blazer.

    29. A corduroy bucket hat so you can extend the bucket hat trend far past the warm-weather season. Every friend group needs someone nicknamed "bucket hat," and that person could be you!

    30. A western denim dress by my ultimate crush Fashion Brand Company. This dress with be the June to your Johnny. The saddle to your horse. The "Haw" to your "Yee."

    Have fun unveiling your strong looks, bbs!

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