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    34 Cheap Things That Bring A Whole Lot Of Fabulousness

    Channel your inner Sharpay: "I want fabulous, that is my simple request."

    1. An off-the-shoulder skater dress with a high-low hem to marry your two fashion preferences, comfy and stylish, for a knockout combo that'll stun at your next special event.

    2. A knotted headband that'll keep your hair under control when you're trying to snap an OOTD on a windy day *and* add a stylish touch to any hairdo — it's called "being lazy but looking 100%," look it up.

    3. Gorgeous gold leaf or pearl hair pins to elevate any bun from just messy to ~high class~.

    4. A burgundy velvet dress that would go perfectly with a red carpet — don't you think? Better perfect your poses, you gorgeous you.

    5. John Frieda Day 2 Revival products, so you can keep your meticulously-styled 'dos fresh and vibrant for longer — all of the formulas are super lightweight and work to refresh your waves/curls, absorb oil, and smooth away pesky flyaways.

    6. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings that'll amp up any ordinary top and take your outfit straight from meh to fab.

    7. A pair of over-the-knee boots with a chunky heel and stylish lace-up action that'll instantly dress up your favorite pair of jeans and give 'em a whole new look.

    8. A flowy velvet dress that'll automatically crown you as #1 most stylish at any party, wedding, or special occasion you grace with your presence.

    9. An off-the-shoulder wrap jumpsuit with its own agent, probably — it's in high demand after all, but you're its perfect candidate.

    10. A Lottie London Heart stamp eyeliner to add some pretty art onto your face that requires no effort (or skill!) on your part.

    11. A pair of tassled drop earrings for statement jewelry that people can't help but notice, compliment, and probably ask you which fancy boutique you found them in.

    12. A fan-favorite Maybelline sponge-tip concealer for dabbing away dark circles, unwelcome blemishes, surgery scars, and whatever else might prevent you from ~feeling~ your best — 'cause that's what really matters!

    13. An elegant but sexy lacy mini you'll pull out for just about any occasion that requires you to wear something more elevated than your usual daytime ensembles. Check. Yourself. Out!!!

    14. A sheer-sleeved embroidered dress you can sort into the "too pretty NOT to wear" category of your wardrobe — your other dresses will definitely be jealous.

    15. Chic platform lace-up sneakers for when comfort is nonnegotiable, but you also want your shoes to be the ~focal point~ of your outfit.

    16. A Maybelline liquid lipstick that'll paint your pout with bold, rich color that could easily pass off as Kat Von D or Stila — and it doesn't fade throughout the day or feel tacky!

    17. A First Aid Beauty facial mist (made from soothing, hydrating, cooling, and antioxidant-rich ingredients like aloe, Rose of Jericho, kale, spinach, etc.) that'll keep your makeup from slipping off and keep your face looking refreshed and alive, no matter how few hours you slept — it'll be your little secret!

    18. A sophisticated faux leather crossbody bag that'll make you feel like a socialite strutting around town. It even has a detachable strap so you can convert it into a night-out-ready envelope clutch.

    19. A midnight blue teddy jacket to turn the ordeal of cold-weather layering from "I look like a puffball" into "I look darn good" — all while maintaining the coziness you always crave.

    20. A pleated A-line dress to throw on whenever you need something a lil' fancier than your daytime dresses — add a clutch, and voila, the belle of the ball has arrived!

    21. Satin hair scrunchies to give your updos a touch of personality, color, and luxe — consider this your ponytail or ballerina bun 2.0.

    22. A darling semi-sheer blouse featuring a necktie and contrast piping that'll make you feel polished on the inside and out — that's the power it has.

    23. A padded-shoulder polka dot blazer that'll make you the sharpest-dressed person in any work meeting, hands down. Did you close that major business deal? Probably.

    24. A crisscross ring for a touch of sparkle that looks way more expensive than it is — so go ahead, wave your hands around! Be expressive! Let the whole world take notice (and take notes)!

    25. A mini fabric steamer to keep your clothes free of wrinkles and other mishaps they've incurred as victims of being tossed without any regard (oops) — and best of all, it takes only a few minutes for your clothes to be wear-ready again!

    26. A Tide To Go pen to keep handy in every purse you own, so you never have to walk around with stains populating your stylish ensembles.

    27. A giant bottle of Dickinson's witch hazel toner to level out and heal your persisting acne, while also preventing new blemishes from popping up — because they're not about to steal the spotlight from the gorgeousness that is you.

    28. A vegan Tarte teeth-whitening pen so you can drink all the coffee you want and still flash your million-watt smile at the haters.

    29. A high-waisted faux suede lace-up mini that'll keep you company on all of your photo-worthy excursions across town...or the globe — pair it with over-the-knee boots and a sweater, and you got yourself a winning outfit.

    30. A Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer to help give your face some natural definition, so you can 👏 flex 👏 all 👏 of 👏 your 👏 angles 👏 on the 'gram!

    31. A pair of thigh-high socks that'll stay totally opaque even when they stretch and pair perfectly with your skirts, shorts, shoes, and just about anything you can think of.

    32. A pair of ~wavy~ ombre oversized sunglasses to keep your peepers from burning up and to give off the illusion that you just walked off a Fashion Week runway — werk, werk, werk!

    33. Sparkly starburst earrings to add the right amount of oomph to those ensembles that just need a little something to take them from fashion to ~fashun~ territory.

    34. A long-sleeved beaded bodycon that'll do the job of serving lewks all night long, and it'll do it ~well~ — don't be surprised when you find yourself out on the dance floor with a solo spotlight shining on ya.

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