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    24 Little Things Under $20 To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

    🎵Let me upgrade you. 🎵

    1. A leopard-print cardigan people will go wild for — you may have to stop them from trying to take this from your closet when you're not looking.

    2. A pair of lacy anti-chafe bands that will make wearing dresses so much easier and more comfortable.

    3. A pair of rhinestone tights to add a little ~sparkle~ to your step.

    4. A pair of gorgeous earrings that honestly look like you bought them from a fancy boutique and will make any outfit 10 times better.

    5. A super-chic bandana to add some Parisian flair to any look. (Now if only you had enough money to book that flight to Paris. *le sigh*)

    6. A buckle fedora that'll make you feel like the fashion influencer you are.

    7. A pair of over-the-knee socks to switch up your look on days when you want to wear a dress or a skirt but don't want to deal with tights.

    8. A wristwatch you might not use to check the time (duh, that's what cell phones are for) but will make your outfit look way more grown-up and put together anyway.

    9. A tortoiseshell resin headband reminiscent of your days in grade school when you already had a handle on the cute-accessory game.

    10. Some fashion socks to instantly transform those favorite shoes of yours that have become such a staple in your wardrobe, everyone you know recognizes them now.

    11. A set of velvet bow hair ties that will make your messy bun look luxurious even if you haven't washed your hair in days. (But who's counting!)

    12. A circle buckle belt you can put on in a cinch and look chic as heck.

    13. A pair of round sunglasses to keep you on trend without breaking your budget.

    14. A newsboy hat, because your days of not wearing hats is so yesterday.

    15. A set of jeweled bobby pins you won't lose because you'll want to show these babies off all the time.

    16. A four-pack of headbands that will make any bad hair day instantly better.

    17. A two-tone pashmina shawl to have on hand when you can't figure out if you're too hot or too cold.

    18. A scrunchie with a scarf you can pair with jeans and a basic tee to bring your look up an elegant notch in seconds.

    19. A faux-fur infinity scarf that'll keep you warm and cozy for the rest of winter.

    20. A simple petticoat to give your dresses some extra volume and flare. You'll want to twirl all day long in this thing.

    21. A wool beret that'll complete any outfit you wear — and get you tons of compliments to boot.

    22. A floral embroidered top you can add to any outfit to make it look roughly 10 times fancier.

    23. A pair of boot cuffs that'll add a layer of warmth and style to your boots without making them look too bulky.

    24. And a studded purse big enough to fit all the essentials but small enough to not feel like you're lugging around everything you own.

    The only appropriate reaction when your friends see you in any of these items:

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