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    I’m Not Joking, This Mini Clothing Steamer Will Help You Be A Better Adult

    The PurSteam Elite Steamer is legit one of the best things I've bought on Amazon.

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    Getting dressed in the morning is hard enough, but when you add hopelessly wrinkled clothes to the mix, it gets so much worse.


    Giant stand steamers are unwieldy, hard to fill and empty, and take forever to heat up. I’m always running late, so no one’s got time for that! / BuzzFeed

    But non-morning people, rejoice: I have found the perfect mini steamer, and I simply cannot praise it enough. It’s the PurSteam Elite Steamer ($26.99 on Amazon), and it’s a friggin’ wonder.

    ^Look how happy they are getting the wrinkles out!^

    It’s teeny (you can totally bring it when you travel!), and stows neatly away in even the smallest spaces. Personaly, I keep mine under the bathroom sink for last minute de-wrinklings.


    It heats up in 90 seconds, which for my snooze button–hitting ass, is basically a miracle.


    Look at it bubblin' away there!

    It's v lightweight (about one pound), and the water tank is the perfect size to thoroughly steam up to five-ish garments, making it a no-brainer for a quick pass over a blouse OR when steaming a whole bunch of clothes the night before a vacation.

    The long cord is also a SUPER helpful feature!

    AND IT WORKS!!! Here’s a before and after of a blouse I steamed out when I was already running late to work.


    And another one, because my clothes often fall victim to The Chair (you know, the one on which you stash all the clothes you don't feel like putting away) — and end up wrinkled AF.


    Need more convincing? Tons and tons of reviewers swear by this mini steamer too! We're talking over 5,000 FIVE-STAR REVIEWS!!

    Let's take a look at some of 'em:

    "I have never successfully ironed anything in my life! I have only attempted to iron something once so I constantly live in wrinkled clothes....or I did. Now with this amazing steamer I don't have to worry about that anymore, and it's so quick and easy to use! Fill with water, warm, and point at clothes that need some work done. It's so quick too that I am able to use it quick before leaving for work. Plug it in, and it instantly begins to heat the water. And then it takes only moments to steam out the wrinkles. It also comes with a travel bag! So glad I bought this!! Now I will look way more put together!" —Sarah Smith

    "This product has changed my daily routine in THE most positive way!! I don't go ANYWHERE in clothing that is not crisp, clean and professional looking, but the time, and money, that I have to invest to look this way can be VERY time consuming and costly. NOT ANY MORE!!! I love the size, portability and ease of use. I can now lessen my trips to the dry cleaner (and the requisite hunting for dry cleaner coupons). If this pup even acts like it's getting ready to stop working, I'll be online ordering a new one to be delivered STAT!!" —Snowdenr

    "Love is an understatement when I think about how I feel about this steamer! But I LOVE this steamer to the 10th power and would give it 10 stars if that were an option. I have to admit, I tend to let the laundry sit in the baskets a little too long before I fold them, so shirts are ALWAYS wrinkled, so I was ironing daily, which I detest. This little handy steamer could have come at the right time! I love how sleek it looks, and it is so light...and it works like a charm! Even better, I recently took this on our trip to Disneyland and used this on all of our clothes after unpacking and I can tell you it beat using the hotel iron. I would definitely recommend this steamer!" —Betty P.

    The review section is full of great before and afters too! Like this silky robe that's now ready for a Big Day.

    Gonna do a happy dance in these crease-free pants!

    Promising review: "A picture is worth a thousand words. Apologies in advance if my photos do not do this little device justice. I am beyond thrilled with this little gizmo. It has worked wonders on everything in my closet from delicate chiffon and poly-blends, to heavier cotton and wool-blends. I have even steamed stubborn wrinkles from blazers and purses and linen. The picture I have shared is of a pair of jeans air dried straight from the wash (before) and then (after) one passing with the Pur Steam Fabric Steamer. I considered purchasing a larger steamer, but they tend to be clumsy, heavy and difficult to maneuver. This steamer is perfect. And for frequent refills, I simply keep a pitcher of water nearby. For the price, you can't beat it." —Savvy Shopper

    Look who's ready for work now!

    Promising review: "After my iron finally kicked the bucket I took a friend's advice and looked into one of these hand held steamers. I have to say I couldn't be happier, this little thing is fantastic!! Its amazingly simple to use, just fill with water, plug it in, flip the switch to on and give it about a minute. So far I've used it on my work shirts and pants but fully plan on using it on anything that isn't synthetic (per instructions). Depending on how set in the wrinkles are you can get about 2-3 shirts done on a single fill, but once you refill you don't have to wait as long for it to be ready to use again. The photos I've attached are of a shirt that was brand new out of the packaging so the wrinkles were pretty set in, but after about two minutes it was fully work ready. I have a ton of weddings requiring overnight travel this year and this will definitely be coming to all of them." —Ruari O'Shea

    Wrinkles, you have met your match! Get the PurSteam Elite Steamer from Amazon for $26.99.

    Brb, steaming everything in my closet.


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