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    Stila Makes The Best Liquid Eyeliner, Fight Me

    Buy this liner and never look back.

    Listen, there are a lot of good liquid eyeliners out there, and I've tried my share, but please listen when I say that Stila's Stay All Day liner is the greatest, most reliable pen on the market.

    Lemme explain why I stan this liner so hard.

    Stila's Stay All Day eyeliner lasts forever without smudging, glides on effortlessly, is super pigmented, and has a sharp tip so you can draw wings with ease. Oh, and it comes in 12 COLORS!

    And if you want to get suuuper precise, they now have a micro tip option. Tiny polka-dots under your expertly drawn wings? Anything is possible now!

    Still not sold? It has over 3,500 positive reviews on Amazon. Just read what people are saying about this miracle makeup:

    STILL not convinced??? How about the fact that it won "Best Liquid Eyeliner" on BuzzFeed's new review website?

    Get the original liquid eyeliner from Amazon for $22.

    If only I had known about Stila's magical properties during my emo phase.

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