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    21 Things That Seem Totally Fake, But Aren't

    Eyes are the biggest liars around.

    1. These aren't two separate photos. The pole is just playing tricks on you.

    morphdarko / Via

    2. No, this isn't a snowy forest, just a windshield with ice on it.

    68th_Cannondorf / Via

    3. This isn't one big dog and its tiny twin, just the dog's paw.

    p480n / Via

    4. That isn't a body of water, just a dirty wall. Really.

    nguava / Via

    5. This isn't a happy spider playing with a ball, just the lamp's shadow.

    composerken / Via

    6. The entire bathroom is not in the bathtub, it's a mirrored door:

    ThunderBaee / Via

    7. This isn't a beach with a boat in the distance, it's in fact just the bottom of a door:

    smack1114 / Via

    8. This man is not sitting in his car. He is eating inside a restaurant.

    AquafinaFtw / Via

    9. This isn't a marshy forest in a tube, it's a chemical reaction.

    10. There isn't a face in this glass, it's just ice.


    11. This isn't a map, just a sink with corrosion.

    Luke-Skywalk / Via

    12. This filing cabinet isn't disappearing, it's just VERY shiny.

    Dr_Dewey / Via

    13. That isn't the ocean folks, it's frozen snow and ice!

    schweermo / Via

    14. This cat isn't floating, there's just a dark spot in the hardwood.

    consolq / Via

    15. These aren't fluffy mini pancakes in syrup, just good ol' expired wine vinegar:

    riesp / Via

    16. This isn't a watermelon disguising itself as an apple, it's a pumpkin.

    WhovianSushi / Via

    17. This dog doesn't have a clone of his face on his head, that's just his ear.

    Embeast / Via

    18. There is no light fixture floating out in the atmosphere, it's just the reflection from a window.

    robyncracknell3 / Via

    19. This woman is not a giant, there's just some cool perspective stuff happening.

    Nvr2Much / Via

    20. This isn't a beautiful landscape painting, just your regular ol' window.

    PifflesTheGreat / Via

    21. Finally, this penguin doesn't have a photo of this guy in their home, it's just the reflection of his phone from the glass.


    H/T r/mildlyinteresting