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    Rachel And Gavin Should've Ended Up Together On "Friends," Don't Fight Me On This

    Justice for Gavin.

    Throughout Friends, Rachel dated a few different guys. But one person stands out more than the rest. It's not Mark or Paulo, Tag, Russ, and definitely not Barry...

    ...It's Gavin Mitchell! Gavin only appeared in three episodes during Season 9 and I'm still not over it. Their brief romance was flirtatious, sweet, and over way too soon.

    Sure, he was a jerk when he tried stealing Rachel's job at Ralph Lauren when she returned from maternity leave. But didn't it remind you of a boy in elementary school? You know, the one that would chase the girl he likes instead of admitting his feelings to her — because, boys, amiright?

    He also refused to catch her up on work for an upcoming presentation, and kind of insulted her baby in the process.

    But then, something changed! Gavin had Rachel do the presentation after all, and then we couldn't hate him anymore.

    He also volunteered to babysit Rachel's daughter while she was working. Gavin even introduced himself to baby Emma with the most professional handshake. Adorable!

    Then he showed up to Rachel's birthday party — with a gift, because "that's how birthday parties work." And let's not forget that kiss on the balcony!

    But of course, Ross had to witness this magical moment and get mad about it. And inevitably, Rachel felt guilty too, because that's how their relationship works.

    And when Rachel stayed home from work the next day, Gavin came over to check on her and he even brought her soup. Soup!

    Yet, Ross and Rachel just had to be endgame. Despite, y'know, the fighting, jealousy, and control issues. Because of this, the short-term office romance was dead.

    So, here's to Gavin. We'll remember him as the office jerk that had a tough exterior but inside, was really the man we ALL deserved.

    And for the record, if a miraculous Friends reunion ever does happen, I expect Dermot Mulroney to reprise his role and end up with Rachel. The end!

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