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    21 Weirdly Specific Tweets That'll Make You Hope They Aren't About You

    It shows. It really does show.

    1. This heartbreaking moment:

    Some of you were never the third friend that had to walk behind when the sidewalk is too narrow and it shows

    2. This strong work ethic:

    some of you never had to use limewire to get music for your off-brand mp3 player and it shows

    3. This thrifty technique:

    some of yall never filled an empty body wash bottle with water to make it stretch and it shows

    4. This trust in the internet:

    some of you have never ignored your best friend’s advice, your own advice, your therapist’s advice just to take the advice of a yahoo answers post from 2007 and it shows

    5. And this free therapy:

    some of you have never impulsively cut your hair, dyed it or bleached as a way of dealing w emotions instead of seeking the therapy u need and it shows

    6. This ultimate accessory:

    Some of y’all didn’t have on of these on your phone/keychain and it shows

    7. This sleepover ritual:

    Some of y’all never went on Omegle with your friends as a sleepover activity and it shows

    8. This brief moment of obsession:

    some of you didn’t have a phase where you were really into Egyptian and/or Greek mythology and it shows

    9. This sad fact:

    some of y'all never dedicated most of your time to a shitty cw tv show and lost all your braincells in the process and it shows

    10. This nighttime activity:

    Some of you didn’t stay up until 3am playing the sims on your family’s desktop in the computer room growing up and it shows

    11. This tourist trap:

    some of you were actually able to find your name on necklaces and bracelets when you travelled as a kid and it shows

    12. This childhood staple:

    some of y’all didn’t wear these bad boyz as a kid and it shows

    13. This show of skill:

    Some of you never stuck safety pins thru the dead skin on your fingers to gross out the squeamish kids and it shows

    14. This character building:

    Some of y’all didn’t listen to Paramore ‘Decode’ on repeat as a kid and it really shows

    15. This act of carelessness:

    some of y’all actually lost your styluses to your DS’ as a child and it really shows

    16. This test of taste:

    some of y’all didn’t watch nigahiga or wong fu productions on youtube from 2009-2012 and it shows

    17. This sight for sore eyes:

    some of you never got to experience youtube when their mobile app logo looked like this and it really shows

    18. This rite of passage:

    some of you guys have never been banned off club penguin for inappropriate language and it really shows

    19. This dream life:

    some of u didnt listen to lana del rey from age 11 and spend your adolescence thinking running off w a sugar daddy and going around on a motorbike in america selling coke would solve ur problems and it really shows

    20. This styling prowess:

    some of you played online dressup games while sitting in a huge beat up desk chair and it shows.. y’all are bad bitches with style now

    21. And this beautiful truth:

    some of y’all are genuinely kind people despite having been thru a lot of pain and it shows

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