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    25 "Some Of Y'all _____ And It Shows" Tweets That Are Hilarious And Scarily Accurate

    "Some of you had a furnished basement growing up and it shows."

    It's 2019 and we officially have one of our first Twitter memes. I'm calling it the "Some Of Y'all _____ And It Shows" meme.

    It's pretty simple — it's basically something you grew up with/without that's pretty telling about your personality now.

    Here are some of the best ones I came across:


    some of y'all were raised in homes with those granite islands in the kitchen and it shows


    some of y’all didn’t listen to sweater weather on repeat in 2013 and it shows


    some of y’all never converted youtube music videos to mp3 files and it shows


    some of y’all didn’t have an emo phase and it shows


    some of y’all weren’t line leaders in elementary school and it really shows


    some of y’all ate your pizza lunchables cold and it really shows


    some of y'all grew up with a dishwasher and it shows


    Some of y’all never got enough AR points to go to the pizza party and it really shows


    some of y’all didn’t have a DS as a child and it really shows...


    Some of you had a furnished basement growing up and it shows...


    some of y’all weren’t allowed to watch spongebob as a kid and it shows


    Some of you didn’t listen to Fearless growing up and it SHOWS


    some of yall didnt go to the laundromat growing up and it shows


    some of y’all didn’t religiously watch the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies when you were growing up and it shows.


    Some of y’all didn’t have to deal with finding out Zayn left One Direction while in class & it really shows.


    some of y'all never binge watched skins as a young impressionable teen and it shows


    Some of y’all obviously don’t have a dream universe you escape to to avoid reality, AND IT SHOWS


    some of y'all never had a Greek mythology phase and honestly, it shows


    some of y’all never threw your long curly brown hair in a messy bun, applied natural makeup to accentuate your bright blue orbs, put on denim shorts with pink converse, and skipped into the kitchen to get adopted by one direction and it shows


    some of y’all never pretended to be asleep while hiding your nintendo ds under your pillow and it shows


    some of ur parents let y’all buy whatever u wanted at the scholastic book fair and it shows


    Some of y’all never had to use public transportation and it shows


    some of y’all never completed a poptropica island and it shows.


    Some of y’all never drove around aimlessly listening to Ribs by Lorde trying not to sob in your junior year of high school and it shows


    some of y’all never woke up in the middle of a school night just to play mystic messenger and it shows

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