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    21 Of The Most "Only In LA" Things To Have Ever Happened

    To Live and Die in LA...and they be carried in a Prius hearse.

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    1. This palm tree catching on fire.

    2. This vanity license plate complaining about the 405 freeway.

    3. This IHOP offering valet parking...

    lifebyjulia / Via

    4. ...and this beach offering a free bike valet.

    u/purototaipu / Via

    5. This unfortunate tweet.

    6. Goat yoga.

    u/v1rot8e / Via

    7. This Prius hearse.

    u/MachineGunCaveman / Via

    8. This security-guarded mural made "for influencers" only.

    9. This person bragging about being on TV during a live car chase.

    __emdash / Via

    10. This guy who's probably writing his script on his GIANT iMac at a Starbucks.

    mbutts_ppi / Via

    11. This ~super chill~ parking sign.

    12. This overheard conversation.

    overheardla / Via

    13. Dave Grohl serving pulled pork in the Valley at a farmer's market.

    u/justgentile / Via

    14. This car being "tricked out" to look like a toaster.

    u/MasStew / Via

    15. This ad for renting a tent. A TENT.

    u/Isitanyponder / Via

    16. This text message from a Lyft driver.

    17. And this DJ session from an Uber driver.

    Everyone: 2016 could not possibly get worse Me: *dies in a car crash while my Uber driver is literally DJing*

    18. This posting for an AirPods owners meetup at The Grove.

    19. This parking lot sign scam.

    u/OH8IRD / Via

    20. This mountain lion just casually strolling by a popular tourist landmark.

    21. And finally, this teen getting hit by a car โ€” driven by Ashton Kutcher โ€” and then taking a selfie with him.

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