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    32 Splurge-Worthy Products You Deserve To Own In 2019

    *Shouts "New year new stuff!" from the rooftops.*

    1. A cordless Dyson vacuum, because cleaning without this thing sucks — you won't realize what a chore vacuuming was until you have this in your life forever.

    2. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot that'll basically replace the rest of your kitchen, saving you space and money this year.

    3. A makeup removing cloth that's gonna erase all the makeup from your face with just water — keeping your skin free of harsh chemicals and your wallet full of the money you no longer spend on disposable makeup removers.

    4. A gorgeous ladder bookshelf so you can step-up your storage with a piece worth keeping around forever.

    5. A foldable indoor rowing machine that'll take up almost no space, even though it'll take your workout to the next level.

    6. A backpack duffle bag with a seemingly endless supply of handles, straps, zippers, and pockets so that carrying all your crap doesn't have to be a weight on your shoulders.

    7. Or a massive Douchebag for anyone who prefers to bring their entire home with them when they go on vacation.

    8. A KitchenAid that'll be the sous-chef you never knew you needed and never want to cook without again.

    9. A pair of silk pillow cases for keeping your skin and hair silky smooth all night long (the literal definition of "beauty sleep").

    10. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones so you can strut your stuff to Cher (or like, other music?) whenever you feel like it, thank you very much.

    11. A sleeper sofa with a pull-out mattress for people who often have visitors and often have no place for them to rest their weary heads.

    12. A pair of Hunter boots that'll always be there for you, rain or shine.

    13. A Casper pillow, the only pillow designed for all three sleeping positions, for anyone who finds drifting off to dreamland a pain in the neck.

    14. A pair of Allbirds sneakers so comfortable you'll forget your other shoes even exist.

    15. A pair of air pods, because you deserve to plug in without needing a plug at all.

    16. A three-in-one Ninja kitchen set that'll blend and process just about every treat you can think of.

    17. A luxe leather office chair for anyone who knows their tailbone deserves some special treatment.

    18. A cardigan knitting kit so you can create an outfit with your own two hands and show off your skills every time you wear it (bragging rights are worth every penny).

    19. A facial cleansing brush for times when you particularly want to wash off the stress of the day (while exfoliating your skin at the same time!).

    20. A self-cleaning litter box that'll make being a cat parent instantly less crappy and more happy.

    21. A Dyson blow dryer so well-made, it's sure to prove it's not just a bunch of hot air.

    22. A pair of earrings for anyone who knows a bold earring is ~acute~ angle for any outfit.

    23. A silky-smooth, wire-free bra that is sure to lift you up.

    24. A green tea mattress that'll be so comfortable house guests will be ~green~ with envy whenever they get the chance to sleep on it.

    25. A set of handcrafted ceramic plates — your friends are gonna beg you to ~dish~ and say where you got them whenever you have dinner at your place.

    26. A heckin' fancy multi-use purse that can convert into a cross body, side bag, or backpack (it also comes with a suitcase handle to make traveling a breeze).

    27. A cast iron dutch oven for any chefs who want to cook with the very best (looking and cooking) equipment available.

    28. A pair of denim jeans that'll be in style literally as long as we are on this earth.

    29. A Primary Bedding set sure to be a ~snap~ to wash, (the top sheet literally snaps to the duvet cover) while also being the most luxurious bedding you've ever tucked yourself in with.

    30. An ultra lightweight moisturizer for anyone with dry skin who doesn't want a heavy moisturizer weighing them down.

    31. A temperature regulating comforter that'll keep you feeling cool even when things start to heat up in the bedroom.

    32. And finally, an Oculus Go for those moments when 2019 starts getting too real and you'd like a break in your own virtual reality.

    Begging my bank account to hook me up with enough money to splurge on... all of these.

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