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    Just 37 Of The Most Comfortable Bras, According To Reviewers

    Including styles that'll make you forget that you're wearing one altogether — no, really.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A Bali wire-free bra that can *hold for applause* actually go completely unnoticed beneath your favorite white tees — just peep the review pic! This is also made of a cooling, moisture-wicking fabric and features a secure crossover back that has left over 28,000 people seeing (5) stars.

    reviewer wearing white t-shirt with no bra visible underneath
    model wearing white bra

    Promising review: "I didn’t know it was possible for a bra to feel this comfortable. No more straps or underwire digging into me. Bought one in every color. Amazing!" —Ms. N

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes 34B–42D and 24 colors).

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    2. A glorious full coverage Goddess bra with a center gore that will actually sit 👏 comfortably 👏 against 👏 your breastbone 👏👏 (and not hundreds of inches in the opposite direction). Reviewers note how comfy the wide, stretch straps are and how the structured side panels offer support *and* shape.

    model wearing the red bra
    model wearing the navy bra

    Promising review: "I will never buy another different bra. This is the perfect bra for me. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and it fits perfectly." —Beaver

    Get it from Amazon for $36.40+ (available in band sizes 34–46, cup sizes DD–K, and in 29 colors).

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    3. strapless bra you'll need if all your halter dresses and strapless tops have just been gathering dust in your closest. Now's the time for their renaissance since you can actually wear 'em with a bra that feels supportive, features molded cups to accentuate your natural shape, and a slip-resistant band that won't budge.

    reviewer wearing the black strapless bra
    reviewer wearing the cream-colored bra

    And this comes with additional straps that can be worn several different ways.

    Promising reviews: "Love how this bra fits, feels and performs. It is by far the best strapless bra I have ever owned." —satisfied customer

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (available in sizes 32B–44D and nine colors).

    4. A contour bra equipped with superbly cushy molded foam cups, no wires, and the type of coverage that has your sides and back comfortably supported.

    model wearing the violet magnolia bra
    model wearing a brown contour bra

    Promising review: "This is now my Hallelujah bra because I am, for the first time, lifted, smooth, and COMFORTABLE. I literally gasped when I first put it on, I was so amazed by how comfortable it was and how well it fit. I then promptly ordered three more." —Sylvie R.

    Get it from Knix for $64 (available in band sizes 28–42, cup sizes A–G, and in 12 colors).

    5. A half-cup mesh lace bra with a barely-there look that, don't worry, will be there to ensure you don't have a slip. This alluring design features lightweight fabric that may make you forget that you're wearing anything, complete with a shape that would work wonders under your low-cut 'fits.

    A model wearing the bra in black
    A model wearing the bra in white

    Promising review: "I have large, but shallow and wide breasts. Like those boobs that look good in french Renaissance movies, but make it impossible to find a decent, natural-looking bra. This is the first in a long time that has impressed me. Beautiful material and extremely comfortable. I thought the mesh would irritate me or I would pop out in the wrong places, but it felt like wearing nothing, plus support!" —Inv.

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in sizes 32B–38DD and in nine colors).

    6. A front-adjustable triangle bralette, aka a design that doesn't involve you having to do a mini workout to achieve the right strap fit. This also has an ultra-comfy wide band and the qualities you'd hope for when you're out running errands or just having one of those lazy-girl days — the qualities being: support, just the right amount of coverage, and no extra bits or bobs (cups, wires, et al.) poking you in the skin.

    model wearing beige bralette and high-waisted panties
    Harper Wilde

    Promising review: "I used to take my bra off the SECOND I got home! Now sometimes I get in bed at the end of the night and forget it’s on! That’s how comfortable the bliss triangle bralette is! OBSESSED!" —Customer

    Get it from Harper Wilde for $45 (available in sizes XS–6XL and 11 colors)

    7. A Maidenform convertible push-up bra that can go from strapless to strapped-up in seconds — and all for under $20! This features some comfy padding that'll give those who desire the added lift an extra boost when they're wearing low-cut strapless 'fits.

    reviewer wearing the white bra with straps
    another reviewer wearing the black strapless bra

    Promising review: "Oh my gosh, I am in love with this bra!! I've been looking for a strapless bra that holds a bit more of my breast in the cup and was happy to find that this one not only does that, but is COMFORTABLE beyond belief too!! Seriously, I could easily wear this as my everyday bra due to the comfort! The band has a nice stretch to it so there's no digging in, but it also has the silicone around the inside so that it stays up without any effort (and so do my boobs due to its good support)! I actually own four strapless bras, and this has become the only one I want to wear anymore. Maidenform has found the perfect combination of elements to put in a strapless bra and made it happen at this unbelievable price point. I recommend this to anyone wanting a comfortable bra, whether needing it strapless or not!" —Kerri Gipson

    Get it from Amazon for $16.51+ (available in sizes 34A–40DD and in four designs).

    8. A racerback sports bra from Girlfriend Collective composed of sustainably-made Float fabric, which boasts of softness, flexibility, quick-dryness, and subtle compression. No need to double up on sports bras here since this provides full coverage and medium-impact support.

    model wearing the Milo bra in orange
    back view of the racerback bra in black
    Girlfriend Collective

    Guess what? 90% of this is made from recycled plastic bottles! (The other 10% is spandex.)

    Promising review: "I love this sports bra. I have it in two colors and it is so comfortable and supportive. I feel supported during a variety of activities including hiking, weightlifting, and pilates. It fits true to size and looks great. I love that it can go with so many of my workout and leisure clothes." —Sara D.

    Get it from Girlfriend Collective for $46 (available in sizes XXS–6XL and in five colors).

    9. A Natori plunge contour bra available in so many colors, you'll be in a tizzy with which one to choose. This lovely number features cups that mold to your natural shape and soft lace throughout the band to add a touch of elegance that won't feel constricting.

    Reviewer image of them wearing the bra in orange
    Model wearing bra in pink

    Promising review: "I am a petite individual and have a difficult time with finding bras. This particular style is absolutely perfect. The style is a little sexy but still extremely comfortable. Most bras that are made for women with small breasts are always full of huge pads for ‘enhancement’. The Natori feathers are not that way and I love it!" —Teacher Girl

    Get it from Amazon for $58+ (available in sizes 30A–38DD and in 82 colors)

    10. A Free People adjustable strap bralette that looks delightful peeking through a low-cut cami, but is even better if it's the main event. The longline design affords it the ability to be worn with some high-waisted denim, the intricate lace looks like it was crafted by actual fairies, and the adjustable dainty straps allow for the perfect, customizable fit. Basically, I was ready to own this, like, yesterday.

    model wearing black lace bra
    the back view of the red bra

    Promising review: "I have struggled for years to find not only a bra that’s comfortable and fits appropriately, but something I can feel sexy in and coordinate with my off-the-shoulder tops. I currently have this bra in five different colors and I wear a 38DD. Yes a DD can comfortably fit in this bra. It allows my chest to not sag at all while filling my tops perfectly. Never been happier with a purchase! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" –Hjm11

    Get it from Nordstrom for $38 (available in sizes XS–XL and in eight colors).

    11. A full coverage bra uniquely designed with a front clasp to allow for an easy-on, easy-off process — something that should, quite frankly, be a no-brainer when it comes to putting on our underwear. Hook-and-eye closures are a thing of the past with this style that *also* features a cushion band to prevent the feeling of an uncomfy underwire.

    model wearing the black bra

    Promising review: "I cannot tell you how happy I was after the first day of wearing this bra. I'm a 42G and this bra has cushioned straps that stay in place. I have great support and it is super comfortable, but the best part is that it looks good! Please never stop making this bra!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $33+ (available in sizes 34B–50H and 10 colors).

    12. A set of embroidered lace, unlined underwire bras for when you want something simple but pretty to wear around the house or under a sweatshirt. And these comfy gems will support you without the need to add any extra weight or bulk from padding.

    A reviewer wearing the bra in light pink
    A reviewer wearing the bra in black

    Promising review: "This is a great buy! They’re really comfortable and do the job!" —Lyricz

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $40.99+ (available in sizes 34B–48DDD and in 13 different sets).

    13. A top-selling T-shirt bra from ThirdLove created with a smoothing side and back band for a no-show look and feel, slip-resistant straps, and memory foam cups that'll mold to your shape. It's no wonder more than 38,000 people have left 5-star reviews!

    model wearing T-shirt bra in light pink
    model wearing T-shirt bra in turqoise

    This bra is also available in half sizes under the same listing, so you can truly find your perfect fit.

    Promising review: "I think this is the most comfortable of all the styles and because I am so short in the torso, the one that fits the best. Most all bra straps are too long and I can’t adjust them short enough, but this works if I shorten it all the way. Plus, it’s just very comfortable. I wear a 34E and I’m 4’11"" –Linda R.

    "The bra is supportive. I can move freely and it stayed in place. I also noticed I wasn’t in a hurry to tear it off when I got home. Comfortable!" –Camille L.

    Get it from ThirdLove for $49+ (originally $72; available in band sizes 32–44, cup sizes A–H, and in 11 colors).

    You can also find this product in our roundup of bras that won't show through white tees.

    14. A crossover bralette perfect for sleeping, lounging, or nursing. The front design provides convenience for flexible movement and the scoop back offers support sans the shoulder strain.

    the leopard print lace trim bra
    the U-shaped scoop back of the bra

    Promising reviews: "This is a really great bra. The wide shoulder straps do not dig in and really help with support. It is super comfortable and has more support than you would think for a leisure bra. The material is strong but stretchy, it does not confine or get too hot. The elastic is covered around the ribcage, which is much more comfortable than MANY other bras I have tried. I am a 48D and the 48B/C/D fits very well. It looks nice under clothes and does not add bulk whatsoever. The lace is very pretty. There is a seam under the bust that can show through some T-shirts but it is there for shaping and support and I do not mind it at all. I tried other bras of this style without the seam and there was no support at all which is not the case here — I'd rather have the seam as a larger size. So happy I found this. I am wearing it all the time!!" —Laurel Lindorinan

    "This is by far and away my favorite nursing bra. This is the only nursing bra that I truly feel has complete coverage but doesn’t feel like I’m strapped down. I have two of these and tempted to buy another to wear every day even after breastfeeding is done. Highly recommend!!" —Shelby

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes 34B/D–48F/G and in 13 colors).