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    Hundreds Of Big-Breasted People Swear This DD+ Bra Is The Only One That Fits Comfortably

    I'm not one for emotions, but this Goddess bra that goes up to 46K cup and has hundreds of glowing reviews HAS. ME. SHOOK.

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    Anyone with big breasts, specifically above a DD cup, knows that finding a comfortable bra is harder than anything Tom Cruise has had to do in the entire Mission Impossible franchise. Two seconds into the day and we're already like:

    World Of Wonder Productions

    So when I found this Goddess plus size underwire bra ($14.99+ on Amazon) with tons of happy reviews and a wide range of sizes, my eyes immediately started sweating. OK, I WAS CRYING.


    Promising review: "I am a big-busted woman, and I have always struggled to find bras that fit. Most stores don't carry bras beyond a DDD cup so that's what I always wore, but they never did a great job and they broke down fairly quickly under the strain. This is the first bra I have EVER worn that actually fits, and I mean REALLY fits. I am a 42J, but believe me, no one would guess my cup size when I'm wearing this bra, because it keeps my breasts lifted where they need to be . For the first time ever, the center of the bra sits firmly against my chest wall, keeping my breasts separated all the time, whether I am standing or sitting. This has never been true of department store bras, which frankly are not made for people like me." β€”Amazon Fan

    It's available in sizes 34M-46K, has stretch straps for comfort, and boasts three-section cups and structured side panels to offer great support and shape. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

    The CW

    It's available in 14 show-stopping colors! It also has an easy-to-use hook and eye closure, and two-three rows of hook and eyes! IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER.

    To be **crystal clear** this'll fit everyone anywhere between DD-K cups. I hope you're applauding, because that is RARE.

    AND let's take a look at its 794 five-star reviews and 4.2 star rating on Amazon. Holiday miracles are coming early, because reviewers across the board give it praise for its unbeatable comfort and ability to run true to size.


    "I'll keep this as short as possible. I know I've been wearing the wrong size bra for years. The back is too high, the straps dig into my shoulders, and my cups were running over, all over the place. I measured myself and ordered/tried on over two dozen bras. No joke. I saw the review for this bra and thought maybe it was worth the money. If not, I was going to stop shopping for awhile since nothing was fitting me. So far every bra had been too small and I'd rather have a bra that's a little too big than too small for once. I didn't have much hope for this bra because of all the failed attempts before it, but to my huge relief it fit! Like actually fit really, really well! The back was where it was supposed to be, the straps were perfect, no spillage in the cups, and most shocking of all the bridge actually LAID FLAT ON MY BREASTBONE! Never in my life have I had a bra that fit, much less this perfectly. I will definitely be buying more of these bras, and bras in this brand. I went from a way too small size 40DDD to a perfect size 38J in the time it took for my package to arrive! BEST BRA EVER!" β€”Jacinda Peckham

    Let's not overlook its smart design: there will literally be a party in the back, because you'll be singing about its U-back that prevents slippage and ensures everything stays in place. AND it has smooth elastic edges for ultimate all-day comfort.


    "I have worn a 36DDD for many years, but I can very rarely find bras in stores that fit right. I am very leary of just ordering a bra online since bras seem to fit so differently. However, I read the reviews of this bra, decided to order a 36G and hoped for the best. It fit perfectly AND most importantly to me, the center chest part fits against my chest bone without making my breasts veer to the right on both sides. The shoulder straps are very comfortable. I was worried when I first got it because it only has two hooks in the back, but the back fits nicely and does not rise up and the sides have full coverage, so no problems. I have not had any issues with the wires poking me and honestly I don't even feel the bra at all while I'm wearing it. I'm definitely going to buy some more." β€”akc

    Seriously, there's not one detail about it that isn't meant to earn your love. Its structured cups comfortably lift and shape your breasts for amazing support, its sheer panels and V-neck plunge fit seamlessly under tops, and it has a cute-as-heck bow, because we deserve the prettiest of undergarments.


    I'm a little out of breath from sharing all of this, BUT I'M JUST SO EXCITED!

    Another amazing feature: the bottom is curved upwards to comfortably fit *around* our bellies, instead of pressing down on them. Someone pass me the darn tissues.

    "This 40J bra is a Godsend! These are my new daily underwire bras. They fit my large boobs perfectly, getting all the breast tissue into the cup where it belongs. The center gore is just the right height for me (I have a short torso). Also, the 'belly cutout' is fantastic for me (corticosteroids redistribute fat, putting it around the gut, for instance; horrible to have this), and even allows for me to sit comfortably. My breasts are held securely, allowing me to be active without fear the my boobs are going to fall out (yes, I've had that happen with other bras). The straps are comfortable, just enough 'give' to not dig into my shoulders, and enough 'flex' to keep my breasts where they should be." β€”Cierra Shore

    A bra that goes beyond DD, is comfortable enough for ~all-day~ wear, AND looks stylish? Am I dreaming?! I mean, people say this is comfortable enough to sleep in so...

    "I've had a large chest since my early teens and finding a bra that is supportive, gives a nice shape, and looks cute has been a constant struggle. This one is supportive and gives a nice shape β€” hands down the best bra I've owned in about eight years. The wide straps make it not as cute by itself as some bras, but that's just necessary for it to provide this kind of support. Overall, it's a great bra, highly recommend. I've actually worn it to bed a few times, that's how comfortable it is. And I can actually wear it under tighter tops without my bra being visible underneath." β€”Jen Slack

    Not to mention β€” you read the price right! They're $14+!!! Call your department store and tell them we're never going back, because we are never getting overcharged AGAIN.

    "I have worn this model of bra for years, and once my old ones wore out I knew I had to find some more and order them. I love the way this fits. I love how much hold this has around the sides, and it also works well to keep my breasts separated so that I don't sweat or chafe during the workday." β€”Sandy H.

    The best part? The five-star reviews include a full range of sizes, meaning it REALLY runs true to size and makes just about everyone happy! Take THAT, Sisterhood Traveling Pants.

    "This bra has given me life! It's cute, it holds, the back is perfect, the straps are perfect, and the fit is sexy! I'm so in love! I've only had it for 24 hours, but I'm ordering more colors! As a girl that wears a 44L bra you can imagine how happy I am!!!" β€”Brittany

    AND reviewers say they last forever, so I guess that makes you two a very happy couple. Congratulations!


    "I have worn these bras for the past seven years. They are a decent price compared to other large cup bras (I'm in a 38I), especially if you find them on sale. The bra has great support. I had my last set of this style of bra for 6.5 years, when suddenly the underwires in every single bra started breaking. However, I think 6.5 years for a bra is pretty good, especially when paying so much." β€”Kidz4Christ

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ on Amazon (available in sizes 34M-46K and10 colors).

    Tl;dr: this will be you .05 seconds after trying this bra on. GO FORTH COMFORTABLY!


    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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