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28 Tweets About Food That Are Honestly Way, Way Too Real

They just are.

1. This is the true mark of adulthood:

2. Ya gotta add more garlic:

3. Spinach is the greatest magician of all:

4. This is the real walk of shame:

5. Bananas are impossible:

6. And avocados are even more impossible:

7. All water is different:

8. This is the one universal language we all speak:

9. This is the biggest difference between childhood and adulthood:

10. Toast is the greatest invention of the last 400 years:

11. Multiple trips are for THE WEAK:

12. Spoons will always try to get you:

13. You can't eat until you find the RIGHT show:

14. And ya gotta put the subtitles on:

15. There's a BIG difference:

16. 99% of cleaning is dishes:

17. Everyone has had this moment of panic:

18. Smoke detectors tell no lies:

19. This is how mint gum feels:

20. You'll never, ever make the right amount:

21. This is the loudest sound known to humankind:

22. Eggs are masters of improv:

23. There is no moment more intense:

24. There's nothing more anxiety inducing:

25. Appetizers are genius:

26. And potatoes are truly the GOAT:

27. There's a huge difference in price:

28. And you'll never forget all the food you let slip away:

Twitter: @shizzayne

Gone, but not forgotten.

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