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Updated on Aug 8, 2020. Posted on Jan 8, 2019

28 Tweets About Food That Are Honestly Way, Way Too Real

They just are.

1. This is the true mark of adulthood:

2. Ya gotta add more garlic:

3. Spinach is the greatest magician of all:

4. This is the real walk of shame:

5. Bananas are impossible:

6. And avocados are even more impossible:

7. All water is different:

8. This is the one universal language we all speak:

9. This is the biggest difference between childhood and adulthood:

10. Toast is the greatest invention of the last 400 years:

11. Multiple trips are for THE WEAK:

12. Spoons will always try to get you:

13. You can't eat until you find the RIGHT show:

14. And ya gotta put the subtitles on:

15. There's a BIG difference:

16. 99% of cleaning is dishes:

17. Everyone has had this moment of panic:

18. Smoke detectors tell no lies:

19. This is how mint gum feels:

20. You'll never, ever make the right amount:

21. This is the loudest sound known to humankind:

22. Eggs are masters of improv:

23. There is no moment more intense:

24. There's nothing more anxiety inducing:

25. Appetizers are genius:

26. And potatoes are truly the GOAT:

27. There's a huge difference in price:

28. And you'll never forget all the food you let slip away:

Twitter: @shizzayne

Gone, but not forgotten.

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