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    14 Hilarious Jokes About Marie Kondo Wanting To Tidy Your Books

    All of my books bring me joy, thank you very much.

    If you've watched Netflix's new show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, then you'll know that there's a whole section on getting rid of books that no longer spark joy in your life, which has led to a lot of debate...

    ...but also a lot of great jokes:


    Wait Marie Kondo is telling people to toss their books? THEIR BOOKS?


    english major twitter when marie kondo suggests they should donate the books they haven’t touched in 20 years


    MARIE KONDO: hold this book and see if it sparks joy ME: wow, it does MARIE KONDO (removing fake book jacket): that book was mein kampf


    WHAT MARIE KONDO SAYS: Think about getting rid of books you aren't going to read or reread. WHAT TWITTER HEARS: Let's burn all books and slay the writers! Let the streets run red with their blood as our literary pyre's smoke blocks out the sun! FUCK BOOKS.


    was very intrigued by marie kondo's konmari method until she got to the category of throwing out books.............


    I cant believe Marie Kondo said to destroy all books and then broke into peoples’ houses individually and made them eat all their books and then when they tried to protest she said “don’t talk with your mouth full of books, bookmouth” and all the cool kids laughed at them.


    i can’t believe marie kondo said “ALL BOOKS ARE USELESS TRASH” and told everyone to take a piss on all of their books and burn them to ashes


    Marie Kondo vs. People who love books and keeping them. A tragic lack of understanding for now.


    Marie Kondo: h- People With Too Many Books: I CANT BELIEVE YOURE FORCING ME TO BURN ALL OF MY BOOKS


    So sad to learn that Marie Kondo is breaking into people's houses and throwing out all their books (I assume this is what is happening based on some reactions on twitter)


    maybe I missed the part when Marie Kondo held people at gunpoint and made them shred their favorite books


    Marie Kondo threw a hot coffee in my face and burned all the books in my home


    @jowrotethis My books are basically the only thing I own that bring me joy. I'd be on that show fully nude surrounded by books.


    @Netflix_CA @MarieKondo After what she said about books? Pass.