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    31 Clever Products That'll Make You Feel Ready For Anything In 2019

    "Preparing for the worst, but expecting also the worst." —Us in 2019

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A water bottle with a spill-proof lid and removable straw that'll track the amount you drink in a day with colorful movable rings. It'll have you saying, "H2Omg I drank so much water today!"

    2. A pack of 36 hydrocolloid acne-absorbing patches to put on any surprise pimples overnight and — WOW — say goodbye to pus, oil, and inflammation in the morning.

    3. A copy of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, so you feel emotionally prepared for all the spring cleaning you're going to need to do.

    4. A cascading file wall to keep all the important bills, receipts, photographs, and mail you have strewn about the house organized and in one place — and easy to find later on.

    5. A metal bracelet so you can keep a handy hairband on deck without getting those indentations on your wrist. Plus, the gold accent will really tie your whole outfit together.

    6. A set of labeled clothing dividers that'll make getting ready in the morning and finding ~just the right~ outfit less of a stressful endeavour.

    7. A drain millipede so you're prepared in case of slow-flowing drains. With just a few minutes of work (and no taking apart the drain), 2019 will be the year of unclogged drains!

    8. A copy of Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders that'll take you on adventures well off the beaten path. This book is chalk full of strange and unknown corners of the world, which makes it the perfect guide for your next trip.

    9. A resume portfolio folder so you can ace that interview for your dream job! This is also great for taking notes in meetings without the distraction of a laptop.

    10. A set of four packing cubes for any last-minute trips you might have this year. With these, you can fit everything you'll need so you don't feel panicked and unorganized.

    11. A gold-colored mirror so you can get ready at your desk for that last-minute networking event your coworker just threw on your cal.

    12. A windshield cover to protect your car from the stormy weather ahead. It'll also get you to work on time because you won't be scraping ice and snow off your windshield!

    13. A PopSocket, because you're like me, drop your phone like 100 times a day, and just can't get a grip. This nifty gadget will get you that perfect shot over the scenic bridge without dropping your phone into the river AND it'll prop up right for any video you want to watch or recipe you need to consult.

    14. A heel spray that'll add a layer of protection between you and your shoes so you're not fazed when breaking in a new pair of shoes.

    15. A durable honeycomb drawer insert to form a home for your socks, scarves, ties, undies, etc. No more digging for a matching pair so you can be ready quickly if you need to rush out the door.

    16. A kitchen towel that'll get you ready for all the 2019 guests you're gonna have over. It'll serve tea while you serve dinner.

    17. A (Sriracha included) keychain set so you can always have *in case of emergency* hot sauce in your bag. Swag.

    18. A pack of BootRescue cleaning wipes, because your favorite pair of leather or suede shoes might end up damaged and stained from the salted snow.

    19. A collection of attached, collapsible bags to separate categories of food from the cart to the car. Not the best grocery shopper? You got this in the bag.

    20. A pack of three oven liners so any unexpected mess that comes your way won't be too much of a headache to clean up. Time to make that juicy apple pie now!

    21. A puzzle rolling mat for quickly rolling up your works in progress when you need to be on the go. Puzzles are in, messes are out!

    22. A bag of Bottle Bright tablets that'll have you ready to deep clean items you gave up on years ago. This tablet will clean your bottles, plastic containers, mugs, and everything else, with no scrubbing required.

    23. A tin of cheeky tea, so you can ease your anxiety approximately 50 cups worth. Blended with a relaxing mixture of camomile, liquorice and lemon.

    24. A migraine headache stick so anyone who gets headaches out of nowhere will feel a sigh of relief when they find this in their bag.

    25. A catch-all beauty bag perfect for last-minute travel because let's face it, your make-up isn't going to get much more organized than this!

    26. A set of plastic heel protectors ideal for outdoor weddings in the spring and even graduations you'll be attending in May. Basically for any outdoor event in heels, you're gonna want a pair of these to keep you steady.

    27. A fabric defuzzer so when you pull out that sweater from storage and it's all worn, you can make it look like you just brought it home from the store.

    28. A buckle-free belt that'll help with quicker pee breaks and give you a more comfortable fit in the new year.

    29. A pack of moldable glue to have on hand for all emergencies, whether it's repairing frayed cords, or even patching up pots and pans. It's so versatile you can't go wrong with having this stuff around the house!

    30. Or a flexible cable protector so you can prevent your charging cord from fraying after, like, two weeks.

    31. An ingenious John Frieda hot air brush designed to be 50% brush, 50% blowdryer, and 100% more efficient for getting ready in the morning.

    When you're well prepared for everything and 2019 is shook.

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