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    This Magical Fabric Defuzzer Will Absolutely Change Your Life

    Can't stop, won't stop defuzzing everything.

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    Winter is upon us, people, and you know what that means: IT'S SWEATER WEATHER! So you cheerfully climb up to your attic — or wherever it is that you keep your winter clothes — like it's Christmas morning and pull out your favorite sweater. But when you go to wear it, you're shocked to see that it looks like this:, NBC


    Right then and there, you think to yourself, "How the heck can I shave my sweater?" It's not a stupid question, and fortunately for you the answer is right here: It's this beloved Conair fabric defuzzer ($13+)!

    A ton of people are using it to take away pills and fuzz from a wide variety of things (not just sweaters) and loving it!

    You can buy two different versions of this magical gadget: AA-battery–operated or rechargeable. The rechargeable option comes in one color (black), and the battery-operated option comes in six colors. Both have three different settings that control the distance between the shaver and the fabric to ensure you get the best and most even shave. It even comes with a detachable lint catcher and easy-grip handle that makes removing fuzz, lint, and pills effortless.

    *If you do go the AA-battery route, keep in mind that this does *not* come with batteries. You can get a 48-pack on Amazon for $11.98.

    And when I say people are loving it, I mean LOVING it. In fact, 82% of reviewers left positive reviews! So let's dive in to see why customers are raving about this thang.


    "Okay, I don’t normally rave about things like this. I bought this on a whim in last attempts to save my favorite duvet cover. The pills had gotten to the point where it was seriously uncomfortable to sleep with them getting all up in my leg space. I thought I was going to have to get a new duvet cover entirely. Along came this lil baby.

    Not only is my duvet cover basically brand new, but I have found a new hobby. I’m depilling everything. Sweatshirts, leggings, blankets, socks, anything that looks like it needs some love. It does the job quickly and leaves everything looking fresh.

    Hi, I’m obsessed. I can’t stop. I should send this back. I’ve started asking if my neighbors need anything depilled. I’m going to buy one of these for everyone in my life. Everyone needs to own this. Take it away from me." —Sydney Jensen

    According to this reviewer, the fabric defuzzer saved her $1,500+ chair after her cat went to town scratching up her chair cushions.

    Amazon Customer /

    "I have a cat who decided our sun room chair cushions were her personal nail sharpening instruments. After messing around trying to find a replacement we looked at ordering from a specialized company, which would price out at $300+ per cushion! That would be over $1,500 to replace those babies! So, we decided to take a look at one of these shavers to see if we could somewhat repair the damage. Although the cushions are not perfect, they are so much better! It is super easy to use but be sure to keep emptying the fuzz storage compartment. I did have to go over the cushions more than once to repair the damage, but it was well worth the time I spent!" —Amazon Customer

    This customer used the fabric defuzzer to remove the pills from their the car!

    SRJ /

    Note: Only defuzz your socks in the car if you are a passenger. Drivers should wait until later.

    "How did I live without this? I just defuzzed a pair of socks in the car. I have used this on many clothing items and they are come out looking new again! It is easy to use, lightweight, and uses two AA-batteries. You need to make sure to empty the bin often because it slows the operation down and wears the battery out sooner." —SRJ

    It can even make blankets that pilled from being washed and dried feel brand new again!

    Suza /

    "I purchased a brand new duvet cover and threw it in the wash when I got it home. When I took it out of the dryer, there were pills everywhere! I bought this pill remover and had a brand new duvet again in under an hour. It was a big job and I had to empty the little de fuzz compartment a few times, but it did a great job!" —Suza

    Or save gloves from the ~ghost of winters past.~ This result is so satisfying, I JUST CAN'T.

    M. Bines /

    "Far and away *the* best fabric shaver I’ve ever purchased! With adjustable height settings, large shaver head, and “fuzz” collection bin, this powerful gadget makes everything look brand new again!" —M. Bines

    And last but not least, the moment we've all been waiting will definitely renew your super fuzzy, all-time favorite sweater! No need to throw it out — just give it a shave!

    JJ Loves Amazon /

    "This is an amazing product. Not only does it save nice sweaters that have begun to pill, it works on just about every fabric that has lost its 'smooth' or 'new' luster. For fun, I decided to just try it on items that I would normally throw out because of the annoying 'little balls' that form from washing. It made my old sweaters and socks soft and smooth like new. This will save me a LOT of money in the future." —JJ Loves Amazon

    You, doing a victory dance after defuzzing everything you own:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

    Get it on Amazon for $13+ (available in nine colors; also available as battery-operated or rechargeable).

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