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    Hundreds Of People Love This Drain Snake, And The After Photos Have Me Gagging

    The FlexiSnake Drain Milipede is making me gag *and* hit add to cart.

    Clogged drains. ARE. THE. WORST. Just thinking of whatever moldy hair monster lives down the drain while you're standing in three inches of water in the shower...it makes you want to break down.

    Enter the FlexiSnake Drain Milipede ($5.01 on Amazon), aka the tool you need to snag all the hairs and goop that's clogging the system — in one quick pull.

    This slithery bb is designed with over 4,000 hooks and loop micro-hooks to really latch onto any hairs and gunk, pulling it out without a whole lot of effort.

    And the best part? Thanks to the slim design, it can shimmy down any drain. That's right, you can use it *without* disassembling the stopper if you so choose (if there's a metric ton of hair down there, ya might wanna pop it out anyway).

    So here's how to do the thing: Step one: unfurl.

    Step two: shove it down your drain.

    Step three: pull. That's it!

    It works on bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks... got a clog? Consider it handled.

    And wow are the reviews promising — we're talking a 4/5 star average and over 1,100 five-star reviews alone. That's a lot of happy customers who no longer have to call the plumber.

    And hoo boy, I hope you've digested your most recent meal, because the review photos are incredibly gnarly — and incredibly satisfying. You've been waiting for this moment, so enjoy:

    Get it away, get it away!

    I'm going to have nightmares of little hair clog monsters coming to get me tonight, aren't I.

    This is a 3.5-foot clog. That's all.

    Less than five minutes seconds of grossness, and then your water will DRAIN FREELY! And you're saving $$$ on plumbers.

    Convinced? Get the FlexiSnake Drain Milipede from Amazon for $5.01.

    And to avoid having to use this bb entirely, might I recommend getting a TubShroom, the game-changing drain strainer that'll catch every single strand of shed hair and make clogged showers a thing of the past?

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