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Which Podcasts Do You Think People Should Listen To In 2019?

Which podcasts do you think deserve more love this year? Send us your entries and your suggestions will be considered for the 2019 BuzzFeed Podcast List!

For the fourth year, we’re asking you to tell us about the podcasts you absolutely love, and feel deserve more recognition for this year’s BuzzFeed Podcast List.

Your podcast recommendation can be fact or fiction, news or comedy, documentary or thriller (or anything else). We’re particularly interested in shows you feel deserve more recognition — podcasts that people probably haven’t heard of already.

We also don’t mind whether it comes from a national broadcaster or is made in someone’s bedroom!

There are just TWO rules: 1. You cannot recommend your own podcast (unfortunately, people have done this). 2. You cannot recommend a close mate’s or family member’s podcast either (it has to be a show you would listen to even if you didn’t know them). That’s it!

Write your recommendations, along with a reason why you love them, in the comments below and it might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.

You can also email your suggestion to me at; just make sure the subject line includes the word “podcast”, otherwise I might miss and not read it. You have until Jan. 18. Thanks!