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What Do American TV Shows And Movies Always Get Wrong About Britain?

Nobody says "I'm ever so sorry" and sips tea from fine china cups.

If you're a British person who has ever watched an American TV show (i.e. all of us), you've probably had moments where you've thought "they've gotten it all wrong!" when it comes to how Britain is depicted.

So we want to know what things American TV shows and movies get wrong about British people and Britain in general! Maybe it's that there's not much acknowledgement that we have different accents.

Or the idea that we all supposedly have awful teeth.

Maybe it's the mistaken idea that we're incredibly polite, apologetic, and always sipping tea.

Or that we are seemingly populated by only white people!

Tell us which things about Britain American TV shows and films get wrong in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!