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"The Office" Was Hiding A Brilliant Joke That You Probably Missed Every Time

Dwight sneakily has one of the cleverest jokes on the show.

Let's get right to it: Remember in The Office Season 3, Episode 24, when Dwight does his "Hotel Hell" bit with Jim? Here's the clip as a reminder:

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Basically, Dwight taunts Jim when he believes that he's about to become Jim's boss.

They go back and forth as Jim messes with Dwight's very odd fantasy about being a co-owner of a B&B in hell.

It's a hilarious exchange, capped by Dwight's admission that his ultimate fantasy hell-salary is $80,000. It might seem like Dwight is just trying to come up with an impressive salary for his fantasy...

...but if you do the math, it turns out Dwight might have been making a clever Satan joke. A salary of $80,000 comes out to $6,666.66 a month!

Now the only question is this: Is Jan the co-owner of Hotel Hell?