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    17 Times Diary Entries Confused People But Ended Up Being Hilarious

    They're brilliant tbh.

    1. This person who thought there was a monster under their bed:

    AndBeAwesomeInstead / Via

    2. This person who finally realises how their friends feel:

    DancingNerd / Via

    3. This person who really doesn't like this one girl they met:

    Raynar83 / Via

    4. This person who did not like John:

    jcaelum / Via

    5. This person who didn't like Alex because he picks his nose and eats his boogers:

    abeth / Via

    6. This person who has had enough of their sibling:

    cuddlepanda / Via

    7. This person who hasn't hit puberty yet:

    Donner1701 / Via

    8. This person who discovered that Santa isn't real:

    luisger92 / Via

    9. This person who loves cats and can't stop thinking about them:

    HopeM2013 / Via

    10. This person who wants to be "picked off the family tree":

    sealaughsalot / Via

    11. This person who is really upset at their mum:

    ALEXISLovesTOBI / Via

    12. This person who illustrated their "dream kiss":

    doginyellowcoat / Via

    13. This person who discovered that their babysitter is the babysitter:

    MadelineAwesome / Via

    14. This person who really doesn't want to be "surrounded by a bunch of idiots":

    ohTHATmolly / Via

    15. This person who really kept snoopers off their diary:

    goldenfresh / Via

    16. This person who is basically all of us:

    SmotherTheresa / Via

    17. And finally, this person who... well, see for yourself:

    xoxeau / Via

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