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    19 Jokes That'll Give You A Break From The Mess That Is Life

    Why sleep when you can overthink everything you've ever said?

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    1. When you look on the bright side:

    When your life’s falling apart but you’re trying to stay positive

    2. When you've got other things to worry about:

    3. When you're tired as hell:

    4. When the inner mess begins to manifest in other ways:

    parents: your room is a mess me: you should see my life

    5. When you find your mantra:

    "Don't be happy, worry," is my personal motto honestly

    6. When you know what to work on:

    Things I can do in Animal Crossing that I can't do in real life -complete tasks -invite friends over -get yelled at without crying -pay off loans -fish

    7. When you focus on self-care:

    me: skincare! my other organs: please help us .

    8. When you come up with the perfect excuse:

    No mom I didn’t wake up at noon. I woke at 11 and scrolled through all apps in my social media folder for an hour, then I decided to get out of bed

    9. When you hope for the best:

    My debit card is more like a gift card... not sure how much is on this, but we’ll give it a try

    10. When you tell yourself you're fine:

    canceling plans is ok. staying home to cook is ok. disappearing for a bit to get your life together is ok. resurfacing in a foreign country with a new name 10 years later is ok. it's called self care

    11. When life isn't exactly picture perfect:

    12. When you ignore all the signs:

    if the sex is bad the relationship is over. i can’t be with someone i don’t want to fuck 24/7. would also ignore red flags for good dick. maybe this is why my life is a mess, huh

    13. When you refuse to sacrifice sleep for anything...

    14. ...That is, if you can even fall asleep:

    [trying to sleep] Me: ok, just breathe and relax. Brain: OR WE COULD TRY AND FIGURE OUT THE EXACT MOMENT ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS DIED

    15. When your internal dialogue doesn't match your external mood:

    16. When you find your purpose:

    I'm gonna power the whole country.

    17. When you mess up:

    me running away from all my problems

    18. When your body betrays you:

    19. And finally, when you tell one simple lie, over and over again:

    all I do is say "no worries" and worry about things

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