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    Non-British People Are Sharing The Things That Baffle Them About Britain And The Results Are Hilarious

    "How can you be so proper and so punk at the same time?"

    This week, a Reddit thread asked users, "Non-British people of Reddit, what about Britain baffles you?"

    The thread quickly grew in popularity as all of Britain’s unique quirks were pointed out, and honestly, they're all pretty great. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "The question 'you alright?' is not actually them asking if you’re okay."


    2. "Apparently British people call sprinkles 'hundreds and thousands'."

    3. "How small it is. Living on a little island like that blows my mind. I read somewhere that people aren’t willing to drive like an hour to see their family members. Like I used to drive an hour to school every day. Idk, always been strange to me."


    4. "Why do you make amazing television then leave years between seasons (series)?"


    5. "How old the buildings are. How are they still there when they're hundreds of years old?"

    6. "Why do shower doors only cover half of the shower?"


    7. "How can you be so proper and so punk at the same time?"


    8. "What baffles me is you’ll have an absolutely stunning garden and then someone will stick an ugly gnome in it. Why???"

    9. "You guys use units like 'stone' and yet you have the AUDACITY to make fun of the imperial system."


    10. "Pulling a string cord to switch on the bathroom's light."


    11. "Why is it standard to have the clothes washer in the kitchen, and why aren't clothes dryers something everyone owns?"

    12. "How they're so rude to each other. FOR FUN. I have a British boyfriend and the way he talks to his family is just baffling to me."


    13. "That everything is pudding."

    14. "The closeness while driving between you, the stone wall/not road and oncoming cars. I'm visiting a friend from Canada now and holy shit every time we have to move over for oncoming I think I'm gonna die."


    15. "Public schools are private."


    16. "That the only people I’ve met that are obsessed with British royalty haven’t been British."

    17. "How they help each other on their reality/competition shows."


    18. "I wouldn't say it baffles me, exactly, as I assume there is a good reason for it, but why do the lane markers on streets go from straight to wavy at times?"


    19. "Do you really eat spotted dick?"

    20. "The fact that they can drive in a tunnel UNDERWATER to get to mainland Europe."


    21. "Everyone and their child drinks alcohol like Americans would a coke."


    22. "Beans for breakfast."

    23. "That people are more polite when they dislike you."


    24. "Professional dart leagues on TV."


    25. "Double tap sinks"

    26. "I have a British friend that told me he can tell where someone in England is from just from the accent. I'm talking, like he can tell if somebody is from just a city over and sometimes even what part of that city. He was from a small town called Chorley and could tell if someone was from Manchester that was nearby and sometimes even what area in Manchester. I thought that was pretty cool."