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    Here Are 16 Co-Workers Who Made People's Work Lives A Little Better

    What a sweet bunch.

    1. These co-workers who got their colleague, who was craving Cheetos, a large bag of it:

    CorporateGranola / Via

    2. This co-worker who made a big effort for their colleague's birthday:

    My coworker is from Guatemala and today is his birthday but has no family here. So you know I had to make his day. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

    3. This co-worker who bought a whole case of La Croix after taking one:

    bobert_the_wise / Via

    4. These co-workers who built their co-worker a castle:

    1000wizzards / Via

    5. This co-worker who got their colleague a Starbuck gift card after seeing them upset:

    cahnimaz / Via

    6. This co-worker who wrote their colleague's son a letter, pretending to be Santa:

    El-even / Via

    7. These co-workers who actually played Santa for their colleague's children, when they found out they couldn't afford gifts:

    gonzo_man / Via

    8. This co-worker's dog who appreciates it's owner's colleague's existence:

    pizzamonsterrr / Via

    9. These co-workers who chipped in money when their colleague said that they couldn't afford to participate in a gift swap at work:

    Noodle-Tune / Via

    10. These co-workers who got their co-worker this cake after learning that they got laid off:

    llamaface9603 / Via

    11. This co-worker who left this banana on their work buddy's desk:

    Singer117 / Via

    12. These co-workers who threw their boss a ball pit surprise:

    CivilRiceOnionRing / Via

    13. This co-worker who got their work colleague a pair of socks with their dog's face on them:

    princesshaley2010 / Via

    14. These co-workers who decorate their colleague's desk when they find something cute:

    nestlecrumch / Via

    15. These co-workers who are sweet angels:

    CrankyHankyPanky / Via

    16. And finally, this co-worker who made over 100 truffles for their co-workers:

    MrMassshole / Via