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March 12, 2012

The 15 Best/Worst Lines From Erotic Bestseller "Fifty Shades Of Grey" [NSFW]

Awkwardly accompanied by stock photos, of course. BuzzFeed's Lauren Lipsay read this book so you don't have to. This "mommy porn" sensation is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list right now.

Kim Kardashian Responds To Jon Hamm

Last week in an interview Jon Hamm referred to Kim as a fucking idiot, saying that her success — as well as Paris Hilton's — "doesn't make any sense." She responded via twitter today.

Gay Teens In Iraq Horrifically Stoned To Death By Religious Fanatics (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Hana al-Bayaty of Brussels Tribunal is reporting that between 90 and 100 Iraqi youths have been murdered in a campaign by Shiite militants against homosexuals and Western-style "emo" clothes and haircuts.

New Democratic Group Casts Limbaugh, Romney As Love Match

The video from Ultraviolet hammers the Republican Party's reluctance to distance itself from its loudest voice.

Rory McIlroy And His Magic Floating Putter

This guy and Bret McKenzie must be graduates of the same wizard academy. Here's the Irish golfing phenom taking his frustrations out on his putter.

Rare Footage Of The Challenger Explosion

Chilling Super 8 film footage of the 1986 space shuttle tragedy that only surfaced this past weekend. Jeffrey Ault captured these haunting images and sounds of the Challenger disaster, in which all seven crew members were killed. The moment the loudspeaker announces an explosion is heartbreaking.

NHL Player Recommends Lana Del Rey's Music

We know that baseball players prefer Adele. And according to the Phoenix Coyote's Paul Bissonnette, he's into Lana Del Rey (and knew about Bon Iver before you did). The question remains: Which pro athletes listen to Skrillex?

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