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March 12, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Breathe Carolina Photos From LA Pad

I like my photos to look like I am hanging out with old friends. This was certainly the case with my photo session with Breathe Carolina last week. We all hit it off instantly and working with  Kyle and David was like meeting my long lost little bro…

Duke Basketball: The 18 Most Hateable Moments In The History Of Blue Devils Basketball.

Also in Slate, Alan Siegel writes about the most likable player from the great 1991-92 Duke team, Ron Burt. Hating Duke is as much a rite of March as marking up your bracket with a red pen. Some years it’s the Blue Devils’ excessive self-regard t…

Bad Parents Are Just Awful/funny :

#5 Best parents ever.

The Shins - My Own Worst Enemy From The Shins

New Album PORT OF MORROW | Available March 20 | Preorder and get "Simple Song" now:

The 15 Best/Worst Lines From Erotic Bestseller "Fifty Shades Of Grey" [NSFW]

Awkwardly accompanied by stock photos, of course. BuzzFeed's Lauren Lipsay read this book so you don't have to. This "mommy porn" sensation is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list right now.

General Electric Dividend Hike Appears Imminent (Update1)

General Electric story updated with additional details throughout, including management comments in paragraphs 7 through 11.

Anthony Didn’t Want Smith On Knicks: Source

One thing you can’t blame Carmelo Anthony for is the J.R. Smith signing, The Post has learned.

Selena Gomez Braless On The Set Of ‘Spring Breakers’

Selena Gomez on the set of Spring Breakers in Miami. (March 9, 2012)

The Santorum Cocktail Reviews Are In

A bar in Brooklyn sells Santorum cocktails. It has Bailey's and orange Stoli, and is apparently not that bad.

When Mitt Romney First Introduced The Individual Mandate

Mitt Romney often is attacked by conservatives for first implementing the cornerstone of ObamaCare, the individual mandate, in his state health care reform plan in 2006. Many Republicans forget that the idea was also heralded by a conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. The following video shows Romney first introducing the individual mandate at Heritage in January 2006, while working with his legislature to craft a plan. Attached also is the powerpoint Romney gave with his speech.

John Mayer Goes On 'Indefinite Hiatus': Singer's Vocal Cord Injury Forces Him To Cancel Tour

John Mayer announced he's canceling his upcoming tour because of a vocal cord injury. USA Today reports Mayer broke the news on his blog. He had a granuloma on his vocal cord last fall and it's grown back.

Fancy Beer

Here's why beer doesn't need to be fancy.

Taylor Swift, Adele And Lady Gaga On Top Money Makers List

It's a great time to be an independent young woman in pop music -- particularly if you happen to be Taylor Swift! The 22-year-old singer has earned the no. 1 spot on this year's Billboard list of Music's Top 40 Money Makers -- beating Lady Gaga (las…

Selena Gomez News - Selena Gomez Grabs Lunch In Short Short On 'Spring Breakers' Set (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez was spotted grabbing some lunch on the Spring Breakers set this Friday. Sporting short denim cut-offs and furry boots, the actress looked cute and comfy as she took a plate of delicious goodies back to her trailer to enjoy. Who knew Sel…

Heather Morris Got Naked And Now You Know Who She Is. See How That Works?

Outside of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, I honestly couldn’t tell you who the hell’s on Glee. But thanks to having her naked pictures conveniently “leaked” online complete with full facial shots so you know it’s her, I now know Heather Morris is als…

10 Tumblrs For Art Lovers To Follow

Tumblr is perfect for art browsing. The immediacy of publishing art finds, the amount of content that can be viewed at once, the inter-connected visual-based communities it spawns — it’s like one group, lightning-fast field trip to a vast, endless m…

What "THE THING?" Is

Scott and I decided to check it out so you never have to. Here's what we saw.

Batman And Robin: The Musical

I...I think I need this to be a reality. Arnold Schwarzenegger singing "Batman: You Son Of A Bitch" has to be a Tony winning performance, yes?

Woman Attacked On LI Surveillance Video Safe

Police say a woman caught on surveillance video apparently being beaten and abducted last week at a Long Island train station has come forward and is safe.

Our Week With Marilyn

David: If we will all remember this past week as the one in which Marilyn Hagerty, elderly journalist in Grand Forks, North Dakota, became famous for a very factual review of a new Olive Garden—and was then punished for it by having to talk to Piers…

5 Movies That Accidentally Killed Innocent Characters

There's a reliable economics to movie character deaths. If a heroic character is going out, you can bet it will be with plenty of slow-motion shots of his eyes looking to the heavens. Villains are more of a mixed bag. Hans Gruber snapped off enough …

From Teacher To Writer: Why I'm Proud To Be Part Of 'Generation Job-Hop'

So what led me out of the classroom and into the freelance promised land? Despite genuinely wanting to prepare my students for “the real world,” the extra stuff—teaching to the test, sticking to a script, and feeling like I had to fight for and with…

Bliss Is On The Way: Black-Collar Workers And The Case For Economic Optimism

Just as Great Depression was ultimately overwhelmed by the tide of beneficial change in the 20th century—see the stunning accumulation of evidence at if you have any doubts—our own recent economic doldrums are not likely to register as…

Ozzie Guillen Was Ejected From A Game That Didn't Count

Spring Training games are not real games. They're glorified practices that allow players to get whipped into shape. But Ozzie Guillen hasn't won "Craziest Man In Baseball" for 20 straight years without reason. The tantrum master doesn't care if the game doesn't count.

10 Fascinating Photos Of Life In China

From photographer Jill Ensley, here are selections from her yet-to-be-published book, "Twenty-Six Days: The People And Places Behind Made In China." If you want to see more photographs and help get the book published, visit Ensley's Kickstarter Page.

NBA Center Poses With A Dead Cat To Intimidate Rivals

Hornets Center Chris Kaman posted a photo of himself holding a dead cat with the tweet "Guess who we r playing tonight?" The Hornets play the Bobcats tonight in New Orleans. (via @ChrisKaman)

Twitter Buzz: Everyday Ways To Work The "Hunger Games" Into Your Vocabulary

Ana Gasteyer thinks you should start blame everything on the Hunger Games and I have to agree with her. Plus, Bret Easton Ellis is sad about the state of Hollywood, Donald Trump will review things if you send them to him, and I think there's a ghost at Kim Kardashian's house?

Peggy Olsen Reveals Her Sexy Side And Other Links

Good God, Elizabeth Moss, you rock that trench coat! Plus, fans are trying to sell Hollywood on Ryan Gosling playing Walt Disney and not everything is legal in Las Vegas. These and other Buzz that flew under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

Philip Rivers Loves All The Controversial Things About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum hates abortion, gay marriage, and euthanasia, and so does All-Pro quarterback Philip Rivers.

Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video Goes Viral

Life is a beautiful thing. This time-lapse video of a pregnant mom and expecting father encapsulates nine-months in just under two minutes.

Heather Morris Nude: 'Glee' Star's Naked Photos Surface Online

"Glee" star Heather Morris joins the laundry list of celebrities with leaked nude photos, as pictures of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Morris hit the web Sunday night.

Kim Kardashian Responds To Jon Hamm

Last week in an interview Jon Hamm referred to Kim as a fucking idiot, saying that her success — as well as Paris Hilton's — "doesn't make any sense." She responded via twitter today.

Official Spoiler Rules

The latest viral buzz from

Great Scott! Back To The Future Flying DeLorean, Now In Quadrotor Form

Normally when we talk about quadrotor helicopters, we end up screaming in terror at those damn manhacks, but occasionally a quadrocopter comes along that is awesome. Like, flying shark awesome. A new, custom-designed quadrocopter is flying around Ru…

Study: Circumcision May Lower Prostate-Cancer Risk

As the study reports, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are commonly linked to prostate cancer, since these conditions cause inflammation of the prostate — which makes it vulnerable to abnormal growth of cells. Circumcision, doctors theorize, c…

Rocket City Rednecks | Top 10 Unusual Reality TV Jobs

From reptile wrangler to rocket scientists, we present some of reality-television’s most interesting occupations

A 'Vertical Greenhouse' Could Make A Swedish City Self-Sufficient

The greenhouse will serve as a regenerating food bank, tackling urban sprawl while making the city self-sufficient. Plantagon predicts that growing these plants in the city will make food production less costly both for the environment and for consu…

Artists Pay Tribute To Weird Al

Gallery1988's second annual "Is This Thing On" art exhibit is dedicated to the one and only Weird Al. Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome.

Gay Teens In Iraq Horrifically Stoned To Death By Religious Fanatics (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Hana al-Bayaty of Brussels Tribunal is reporting that between 90 and 100 Iraqi youths have been murdered in a campaign by Shiite militants against homosexuals and Western-style "emo" clothes and haircuts.

Why Is Buying Speakers So Hard?

The Wirecutter hacks through the brush to find the best all-around 5.1 speakers. The winner? A brand you've probably never heard of.

Watch A Preview Of South Park's Upcoming Season Premiere

The sixteenth season of "South Park" debuts this week with an episode that revolves around Randy Marsh getting a ticket for using the toilet without a seatbelt. A clip of said bathroom-kerfuffle can be seen below.

14 Mitt Romney Jokes That Are Actually Pretty Funny

Mitt Romney is actually a pretty funny guy. No joke. You just had to be there. (h/t Molly Ball)

Poll: Most Alabama Republicans Doubt Evolution, Obama's Religion

Poll: Most Alabama Republicans Doubt Evolution, Obama's Religion

6 Historical Events That Are Way More Modern Than You Think

But sometimes old habits die harder than you think, and you find out that stuff you only thought existed in grainy old pictures continued until just a few years ago. You know, things like ...

Refusal To Turn Off Electronic Devices No. 1 Airline Pet Peeve

Incidents of customer misconduct increased for the third year in a row, reaching more than 1,300 in 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports. Flight attendants say the refusal to turn off electronic devices are the top cause. The behavior got a celebri…

Peace In Outer Space: Why Obama Is Right, Bolton Is Wrong

What is it about space that makes the hard right go goofy? First it was Newt Gingrich and his promise of a lunar colony before the end of his second term (which looks especially bad now that the moon base is actually a better statistical bet than th…

Weekend Box Office: Lorax Leads, John Carter Bombs

The Lorax takes top spot at the box office, while John Carter opens lower than 10,000 BC. You'll never guess what the number two movie of 2012 is.

Jon Hamm On Kim Kardashian: It Pays To Be A F**king Idiot

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, “Mad Men’s” Don Draper called the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton idiots. My first thought was, “Why are we bringing this quote up again? Didn’t Hamm already make that statement in another magazine?…

The Definitive Analysis Of Peyton Manning's Future

Human quarterback Peyton Manning is about to gain a new identity. As the 35-year-old NFL star considers whether he'd like to become a Cardinal, Bronco, Dolphin, or Titan, we decided to consider his chances of success case by case. This is new territory for the guy, and we want to make his transition as easy as possible.

New Democratic Group Casts Limbaugh, Romney As Love Match

The video from Ultraviolet hammers the Republican Party's reluctance to distance itself from its loudest voice.

A Visual Guide To Game Of Thrones Fans

Live from the heart of the official SXSW Games of Thrones fan meetup. The prize for biggest fan just might go to the guy who hacked a Chinese government firewall to see Twitter reactions to the show's shocking finale. [Warning: First Season spoilers inside.]

Rory McIlroy And His Magic Floating Putter

This guy and Bret McKenzie must be graduates of the same wizard academy. Here's the Irish golfing phenom taking his frustrations out on his putter.

Fraggle Rock Is Real

We found Fraggle Rock. It's 6 miles west of Lordsburg, New Mexico.

In 2002, Romney Ran Away From The Word "Republican"

In 2002, while running for Governor of Massachusetts, Romney courted independents and Democrats by running away from the (R) next to his name. In this 2002 segment unearthed by BuzzFeed, which aired on WBZ4 in Boston, Romney said: "It's always a burden to run with 'R' for Republican after you name," and "I think it's very clear, I think, to people across the Commonwealth that my R doesn't stand so much for 'Republican' as it does for 'reform'." Several short soundbites from this clip previously been posted online in January, but this the first time the entire segment from 2002 is available online.

Chuck Norris As Pac-Man

This goes pretty much exactly like you'd imagine. But somehow, it's still funny. Internet magic.

Adorable Animals In Cups

When in doubt, put a baby animal in a cup.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Are American Psycho's Ideal Threesome

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis went to Twitter on Friday night to let the world know that he's writing a sequel and to theorize what Patrick Bateman might be up to these days.

Ricky Rubio Can Make Anyone Happy

Let the most adorable Spaniard in the world cheer you up!

President Obama’s Policies Didn’t Help The Economy—Charles Gasparino

The US economy finally seems on course toward a sustained recovery — but why did it take so long?

Can This Fake Poster Of Ryan Gosling's Walt Disney Biopic Be Real?

French art director Pascal Witaszek teases us with this gorgeous concept poster of the Walt Disney biopic of our dreams, with Ryan Gosling.

'The Walking Dead': Preview Exclusive Scenes From The Season Finale (Video)

[WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Sunday's "Better Angels" episode of The Walking Dead.] After Sunday's bloody penultimate episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, Rick's group of survivors lost one of its most valued fighters.

New 'Hunger Games' Clip Sees Peeta Reveals His Love For Katniss (Video)

In less than two weeks, the world's moviegoers will declare their overwhelming love for Katniss Everdeen. In this newly released clip, Peeta Mellark is beating them to the punch.

Santorum Campaign Responds To Dutch Euthanasia Outrage

Rick Santorum has drawn fire for controversial statements about assisted suicide in the Netherlands. In an impromptu interview with Dutch television station RTL4, Santorum press secretary Alice Stewart offered no explanation for Santorum's use of outdated and exaggerated figures on the number of assisted suicide deaths in the country, which has spurred outrage in The Netherlands. Stewart's defense: the former Pennsylvania Senator is "a strong pro-life person."

The Ground Rules For Spoilers

It's about time. Look, if you still don't know how "Lost" ended, the rest of us are no longer obligated to preface everything with "Spoiler Alert".

The Coolio Orchestra Skit From "Saturday Night Live" That NBC Can't Show

Here's the skit from the Jonah Hill episode that Hulu and NBC can't rebroadcast due to music rights. But, fortunately, the internet is the internet. "I put you in my 'Hottie Boombalotties' folder."

Foxconn Worker: It's Easier to Build an iPad Than an iPhone

An anonymous Foxconn worker talks about moving from the iPad production line to the iPhone 4S line and back to the iPad line. He makes less money on the iPad, "but compare[d] to iPhone 4S production, it is much easier." In fact, he hopes it sells well, so he isn't moved back to the iPhone line. (Via Motherboard)

Hoda Loves One Direction

Like the hordes of teen girls who skipped school today, Hoda Kotb skipped work so she could be there for teen pop sensation One Direction's Today Show debut.

Expert Answers About Depression In Your 20s, 30s

The decade after college -- from your mid-20s to your mid-30s -- can be a tough time for some women, making them extra vulnerable to depression. Leaving the structured academic life, moving to a new place, looking for work -- all these new challenge…

Rihanna: Sheer Exposure In NYC!

Rihanna steps out in a fully sheer top while dining at Da Silvano on Sunday (March 11) in New York City.

The Best Life Advice From Jack Kerouac

Today would have been legendary beat writer Jack Kerouac’s 90th birthday, had he not passed away at the age of 47 due to cirrhosis. The de facto leader and most famous member of the Beat movement, Kerouac’s writings and ideas influenced an entire ge…

'Game Change' Reactions: Sarah Palin, John McCain And Pundits On HBO's New Campaign Film

Even before Game Change, HBO's new film that centers on Sarah Palin's tumultuous ride as John McCain's running mate during the 2008 race for the White House, hit the airwaves, the debate about its tone, accuracy and sheer legitimacy lit up cable new…

Louis C.K. Won't Host Correspondents' Dinner After Fox News Reporter Calls Him A 'Pig'

On Friday, Louis C.K. dropped out of hosting the 68th annual Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents Dinner, to be held on June 8, with many speculating that his decision was based on a blog post written by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. (His…

Joseph Kony And The Moral Ambiguity Of The Modern World

When it comes to the Kony film, it's unlikely society will reach a consensus about it anytime soon, and with good reason: It's extraordinarily hard to unpack. Does the film distill a complex problem with centuries of backstory into a simplistic soun…

Life As a Homeless Hotspot

Melvin's been serving up Wi-Fi as a "Homeless Hotspot" at SXSW in Austin. "It's been pretty much straight up," he says.

Rare Footage Of The Challenger Explosion

Chilling Super 8 film footage of the 1986 space shuttle tragedy that only surfaced this past weekend. Jeffrey Ault captured these haunting images and sounds of the Challenger disaster, in which all seven crew members were killed. The moment the loudspeaker announces an explosion is heartbreaking.

Gawker Media's Commenter Problem

"There are stories our writers are afraid to write because they're afraid of jeers from the commenters," Denton says. The Gawker media founder also told interviewer Anil Dash yesterday at SXSW that he'll never, ever only use Facebook comments on his sites.

Why Old People Hate the Internet

When's the last time you tried browsing on 56k? Or Windows ME? Millions of people still surf like this, and it's no fun at all.

Mitt Romney Always Thinks He's Going To Win

For all the campaign's efforts to tightly control its message, the typically buttoned-down candidate has a record of brazenly predicting victory. Sometimes wrong, never in doubt, this is the burden of being a frontrunner.

"Doonesbury" Strip Satirizing Anti-Abortion Laws Dropped From Newspapers

Gary Trudeau launched a story arc in "Doonesbury" mocking the raft of forced sonogram bills flooding state legislatures around the country, and certain papers aren't very happy about it. Here's the first strip, which has either been moved to the editorial pages or removed from some newspapers altogether.

NHL Player Recommends Lana Del Rey's Music

We know that baseball players prefer Adele. And according to the Phoenix Coyote's Paul Bissonnette, he's into Lana Del Rey (and knew about Bon Iver before you did). The question remains: Which pro athletes listen to Skrillex?

The Most Dangerous (Pizza) Game In The World

Do you have what it takes to play Pizza Roulette? (Thanks Maxime!)

Deleted Scenes From SNL's "The Real Housewives Of Disney"

Why isn't there a petition to make this into a real show yet? Andy Cohen and the Bravo programming gods, get on it!

San Diego Padres Donate 11,000 Uniforms To Local Little Leaguers

11,600 authentic, MLB game-ready uniforms to be specific. I would have flipped out if I this happened to me when I was a kid.

The Awareness 2012 Campaign

Did you know that if you watch a Youtube video and then share it with your Facebook friends you become an expert on Human Rights violations in third world countries?

Hillary Clinton: 'Extremists Want To Control Women'

The Secretary of State's fiery speech at the Women in the World Summit featured a rare dip into domestic politics.

Pathetic Dolphins Fans Are Pathetic

Guys, you're trying too hard. You live in Miami. It's beautiful and there's no income tax. If that doesn't convince Peyton Manning to come there, your rewritten version of the Titanic song sure as hell won't.

Rihanna's Very See-Through Shirt [NSFW]

Rihanna, I love you, but I'm confused: what is this thing you're wearing over your chest that totally and completely exposes your boobs?

Kitty Cat Pizza

Not to be confused with pizza made from cats or something to live for.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 2 Trailer: 'The More You Love' (VIDEO)

HBO has released yet another trailer for the upcoming "Game of Thrones" Season 2, which premieres on April 1. Based on the George R.R. Martin fantasy series, "A Song of Fire and Ice," the second trailer is conveniently titled "The More You Love."

First Look: Javier Bardem In The New James Bond Movie

A few paparazzi shots from the set of "Skyfall" reveal Javier Bardem in costume for the first time. Not much is known about his character as of yet, but from the looks of these photos, it looks like he'll be playing a stone cold badass once again.

Romney In 2005: Elections Are Won Door To Door, Not With Big TV Ads

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has staved off near death experiences from Presidential rivals with huge spending and negative ads from his campaign and SuperPAC. But in a 2005 speech to the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women Romney said elections were won by retail politics and not the big spending typical of his 2012 campaign.

Heather Morris Nude: Naked Pictures Of Glee Star Leaked On The Internet

However, when nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson were leaked last year, the actress first insisted they were not of her, before admitting they had been intended only to be seen by Ryan Reynolds, her husband at the time.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Falls While Skiing, Tweets Trip To Emergency Room

Don't worry, the spawn of Arnold and Maria is just fine, but he definitely tweeted a photo of himself on the stretcher and a NSFW pic of the bloody gash right above his butt. I guess even celebrity kids aren't immune to oversharing during a crisis.

The First Ever iPad Game You Play Against Your Cat

Friskies created an iPad game to play against your cat. Finally, a new way for your cat to humiliate you.

Romney Foresaw Conservative Blowback From Individual Mandate In RomneyCare

The former Massachusetts Governor said some would "balk" at the idea in 2006.

7 Reasons Draw Something Is Already Making 6-Figures A Day

An illustrated guide to how OMGPOP's Draw Something became one of the fastest growing mobile apps of all time.

Olivia Munn's Funny Letter To Fans About Those Alleged Nude Photos

Olivia Munn has had quite the week, and she was MIA at the SXSW screening of her upcoming movie, "The Babymakers."

The 10 Best Portlandia Guest Stars

Tonight, Portlandia comes to an end after its second too-short season. The past nine episodes have brought us a “cool wedding,” the dream of the 1890s, a band with a cat in it, and a campaign against the Olympics — which were really never in danger …

Bobbi Kristina Tells Oprah She Still Talks To Whitney Houston, Wants To Follow In Her Mother's Footsteps

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Whitney Houston’s family aired Sunday in a special 90-minute episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN. Winfrey spoke with Houston’s longtime manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston, her brother Gary, and her daugh…

Kristen Stewart Goes Topless In On The Road Trailer

Based on the novel by Jack Kerouac and directed by Walter Salles, On the Road also stars Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Elisabeth Moss, Terrence Howard and Steve Buscemi. It will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this year.

Ron Paul: I Was Robbed

"You probably read the paper about what happened up in Maine."

The Power Of "Like"

Reuters reports that CNN may gobble up Mashable, the giant social media blog, for a princely sum. The closest thing anyone has to confirmation, though, is a tiny Facebook toggle: "There was a social media hint about the potential acquisition early Monday morning when Adam Ostrow, the executive editor of Mashable, “liked” on Facebook Mr. Salmon’s story for Reuters."

Andy Samberg's Sarah Palin Impression

When Tina Fey couldn't make it to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, Andy decided to fill in instead. I didn't see "Game Change" over the weekend, but I assume it went something like this.

Austin Homeless Org: "Homeless Hotspots" Is a Good Idea

The controversial SXSW experiment is about "empowerment, education, and encouragement," says the local homeless advocacy group that helped create it.

Bobbi Kristina Tells Oprah That Her Mom, Whitney Houston, Is "Always With Me"

Last night, Oprah's exclusive interview with Whitney Houston's daughter aired on OWN, to mixed reactions among viewers (as well as Houston's family). Was it too soon to give such a public interview? Probably. But here it is, anyway.

Snooki's Baby: Why She Lied About Her Pregnancy

Snooki finally took to the cover of Us Weekly this week to confirm what we've all been suspecting -- she's pregnant. So why did the pouf-haired reality star lie to "Good Morning America" and others when asked if she was expecting a baby?

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian Loves Instagram! (PHOTOS)

It’s so much fun to edit all your photos to make them look fresh, or give them a vintage vibe. One of the many many celebs showing off their Instagram obsession is the gorgeous Kim Kardashian.  She recently posted a few new pics to her account, incl…

Kris Humphries To Represent Himself In Divorce Hearing

As the 2011-12 NBA season has now lasted longer than his marriage to Kim Kardashian, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries will soon head to court to convince a judge to grant an annulment instead of proceeding with an actual divorce. Kardashian, o…

Les Moonves: Steve Jobs Approached CBS For Apple TV Content

The CBS CEO spoke at the UCLA Entertainment Symposium on Saturday, which also included a panel on negotiating talent deals.

Happy Birthday, John Barrowman: 5 Facts About The Torchwood Star

Tidbits about John Barrowman’s “not gay enough” audition, published books, and joking exposure on live TV.

Jay-Z And Beyonce Show Off Blue Ivy Baby Pics At Robin Thicke’s Birthday Dinner

New parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé enjoyed a rare night out to celebrate R&B singer Robin Thicke’s 35th birthday. The superstar couple joined Thicke for a three-hour feast at Meatpacking restaurant Catch, along with friends including Russell Simmons and …

'John Carter' Star Lynn Collins Wasn't Afraid To Show A Little Skin In Her Character's Skimpy Outfits (Pictures)

1 of 10Next page © 2012 Photo Credits: © Disney Enterprises, Inc; Landmark / PR Photos; © Magnolia Pictures Latest Lynn Collins headlines: • Two Jews' Review 'John Carter' And Are Worlds Apart (Video) • Trailer Talk: …

Prince Harry Wears Prince William Mask At Mile-Long Run In Brazil

Prince Harry donned a mask with his older brother's likeness during a mile-long Sport Relief run. "He thought it would be a bit of fun and give his brother a laugh. He hadn't planned to wear the mask but had spotted it on another runner and borrowed…

Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12

The latest viral buzz from

Rihanna Looks Terribly Dressed-down During Sound Check For Brad Pitt Fundraiser

Hair chameleon Rihanna, looked frightfully dressed down as she turned up for a sound check yesterday.

13 Surreal Photos Of Sunset At The Prada In Marfa

Prada Marfa is a permanent art instillation in the absolute middle of nowhere in West Texas. There's really nothing like it, especially at sunset.

Organizers Defend "Homeless Hotspots" at SXSW

The talk of Austin is a jarring campaign in which homeless people actually become Wi-Fi hotspots. "The worry is that these people are suddenly just hardware," admits its organizer.

Americans Elect Is Raising Money To Repay Its Millionaire Founders

After a quiet change to the bylaws, every penny the group brings in will be given to its rich backers, despite claims to the contrary. No wonder they're not advertising it.

12 Actors With Their Own Bands -

12 actors and actresses you may or may not know have their own band.

Mike D’Antoni, New York Knicks Coach, Gave Into Carmelo Anthony’s Demand For Basketball

Unlike the coiled masses, I choose not to crack excessively on the Knicks for their continued road relapse in Dallas and San Antonio since my last communiqué. Teams a lot better than them get windswept blowing through Texas.

Review: 'Girls' Is Brilliant Gem For HBO

Few series come out of the box as brilliant as Girls does. The new HBO series from Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture) is one of the most original, spot-on, no-missed-steps series in recent memory.

My Strange Addiction On TLC: Girl Who Can't Stop Drinking GASOLINE

Lifting a red gas canister before the cameras, a girl named Shannon demonstrates her claimed addiction of drinking gasoline for TLC'S television program My Strange Addiction.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Intense Paris PDA Revealed

An eyewitness says the spark between this couple was undeniable when the cameras were off -- check out all of the sexy details! Robert Pattinson and Krist

Listen To Lana Del Rey Mashed Up With Notorious B.I.G.

Fifteen years ago yesterday, on March 9, 1997, Biggie Smalls passed away. In honor of his memory, Terry Urban and Dope Culture have created a tribute album, remixing and resampling the music from Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die with the lyrics from Biggi…

Watch An Incredibly Gorgeous Experimental Short Film By Andrew Thomas Huang

Andrew Thomas Huang‘s short film Solipsist, which recently won the Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short at the Slamdance film festival, is an absurdly beautiful tour de force, an underwater dreamscape where women are consumed by flora, sea crea…

New Jersey Capital Will Run Out Of Toilet Paper Due To Budget Battle

New Jersey legislators are trying to ensure they don’t flush money down the toilet, but pretty soon, they might not be able to flush the toilet at all. A budget stalemate in Trenton, N.J. has prevented the city from purchasing toilet paper, and supp…

NCAA Bracket 2012: Tournament Match-Ups Revealed On Selection Sunday

The field of 68 teams for the 2012 men's NCAA basketball tournament has been revealed. The No. 1 seeds in the four regions of the bracket are Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina and Michigan State.

Jennifer Aniston News - Jennifer Aniston & Beau Justin Theroux Step Out Smiling In NYC (PHOTOS)

Wanderlust co-stars and real-life couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were all smiles when they left their New York City hotel this Saturday. The duo, who were sporting co-ordinating black coats and dark sunglasses, gave onlooking photographe…

Harry Potter Vs. Lord Of The Rings: The Final Showdown

Loved this! I adore both Harry Potter as well as Lord of the Rings, but while Rowling created a world with Harry Potter, I believe Tolkien created a universe in comparison. What with whole languages (which can be learned), maps, intricate historie…

iPad 3 Sold Out Before Worldwide Release

CUPERTINO, Calif., March 11 (UPI) -- Apple says it sold out the iPad 3 in every country where it is to be released Friday, and tells customers to expect a shipping delay of up to three weeks.

Rick Santorum: No Right To Privacy In The Constitution, States Can Ban Birth Control

In a 2005 interview on Newsnight with Aaron Brown, Rick Santorum said there was no right to privacy in the constitution outside of unreasonable search and seizure. He also said that states may ban birth control.

Rick Santorum Holds Up A Classified Document On Tv In 2006

On a 2006 appearance on Hannity and Colmes, then Senator Rick Santorum, appearing along side Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra, held up a classified document on chemical weapons in Iraq. Good thing this was before Fox News broadcast in HD.

In 1997 Interview, Ron Paul Took Credit For Controversial Newsletter

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has come under periodic fire this election for a newsletter published under his name after he left Congress which contained racist epitets and conspiracy theories. During the 1996 election Paul's opponent attempted, and failed, to make the racist newsletters an issues. In this video, from a 1997 conservative roundtable, Paul takes credit for the newsletter after the racism came to light. It was not until 2001 that Paul would disavow the contents published under his own name.

Sandra Fluke Cartoon Creates Controversy Of Its Own (PHOTO)

With advertisers fleeing and public outcry refusing to die down, Rush Limbaugh might feel like he doesn't have a friend in the world. But conservative cartoonist Gary McCoy seems to side with Limbaugh in a new cartoon showing Sandra Fluke as an over…

U.S. Soldiers Open Fire On Civilians In Afghanistan

(Adds eyewitness quotes, Taliban statement, U.S. embassy statement) By Ahmad Nadem KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, March 11 (Reuters) - Western forces shot dead 16 civilians including nine children in southern Kandahar prov…

Abduction, Assault At Long Island Rail Road Sparks Manhunt (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Cops are hunting for a thug who attacked and possibly abducted a woman last week at a Long Island Rail Road station, new security footage released on Saturday shows. The haunting video shows a man in a black jacket throwing haymakers at the woman as…

Talk Radio Losing Advertisers In Wake Of Limbaugh Scandal

The overwhelming exodus of advertisers from Rush Limbaugh's show has big-name companies rethinking their relationship with talk radio. According to a memo published by the industry website, at least 98 advertisers -- including big nam…

Rush Limbaugh's Show Filled With Free Ads; Sponsor Exodus Continues

Media watchdogs have been paying close attention to the commercials aired during Rush Limbaugh's radio show, as nearly 50 advertisers have pulled their content from the program in wake of the controversy surrounding Georgetown University law student…

'SNL': Rush Limbaugh Talks New Sponsors In Cold Open (VIDEO)

It's been a rocky couple of weeks for Rush Limbaugh. Between calling a law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" for speaking in defense of contraceptive insurance coverage, and then making a decidedly unenthusiastic apology, the radio host has been d…

'Jersey Shore's' Vinny: Snooki's Pregnancy 'Was A Shock'

Since the news broke that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the hard-partying denizen of MTV's "Jersey Shore," is pregnant, many people have wondered whether or not motherhood will agree with the reality star. "I think she'll work on it," Snooki's "Jersey Sh…

NCAA Tournament Bracket 2012: PRINTABLE March Madness Match-Ups

At long last, the field of 68 teams for the 2012 men's NCAA basketball tournament has been revealed. It's time to print your brackets and get started distinguishing the unheralded Cinderella squads who will be wearing glass high tops from those high…

David Duchovny Fires Off Legal Letter To Expert Who Claims 'Sex Addiction Is A Myth'

David Duchovny is unhappy about being named and pictured in a story about sex addiction being a “myth” and an excuse “for men who are in trouble with their wives.”

4 Gas-Saving Myths To Ignore

Gasoline is denser at colder temperatures, so the theory here is that if you fill up early in the morning while it’s still cool out, you’ll get more bang for your buck – a gallon of gas purchased cold will expand to be a little more than a gallon wh…

Superman Vs The Hulk Student Animation

This is great if you ignore the fact that in real life The Hulk wouldn't stand a chance. Yes, I said real life.

Starbucks To Launch Verismo, A Single-Cup Coffee System

Coffee peddler Starbucks is developing a single serving coffee system of its very own, called Verismo, which will brew coffee and espresso drinks "from lattes to americanos." You know what the world absolutely does not need more of? Single serving c…

Kate Middleton Misses William Terribly While He's Away

Kate Middleton says she misses Prince William while he's away.

Demi Lovato News - Demi Lovato & Logan Henderson Dating?

Demi Lovato may have a new love in her life. According to Hollywood Life, the 19-year-old singer was spotted in a lip lock with Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson, 22, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City.

Buying Pot With Target Gift Cards: How The Illicit Economy Would Work In A World Without Cash.

As we transition toward a cashless society, no doubt the last cash holdouts will be those who work in illicit markets. Drug dealers want the lettuce. Prostitutes don't take credit cards. Or ... do they? I've actually bought drugs without cash once b…

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision Has Led To An Explosion Of Campaign Spending.

Most of what you hear about Citizens United v. FEC is negative. By opening the door for corporations to spend unlimited sums in elections and to allow for the creation of super PACs, the Supreme Court has made a campaign finance system that was alre…

Simon McCoy: BBC Breakfast News Presenter 'Caught Napping At His Desk' During Live Bulletin

Simon McCoy, 50, looked like he was caught napping as cameras panned to the newsreader ahead of his early broadcast - a claim he later joked about.

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Shirtless Swimmer & Ski Accident

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Shirtless Swimmer & Ski Accident

Vogue Italia’s ‘Haute Mess’ Editorial: Racist Or Not? The Debate Continues

Yesterday, Vogue Italia released their Haute Mess editorial in its entirety and we noticed a few people had taken to the internet to voice their opinions about it–in particular, whether or not it’s racist. In the Steven Meisel-lensed editorial (whic…

The Best Handbags Of Fall 2012 – Fashionista

While shoes got a bit tamer for Fall 2012, handbags have only gotten more wild. Fur and faux furs bags were all the rage at Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Dries van Noten, and Michael Kors, and while the perspex bags at 3.1 Phillip Lim and the cute…

Kate Middleton-Beloved L.K. Bennett Opening First New York Store

Kate Middleton’s obsession with those L.K. Bennett nude pumps (and, previously, black wedges) has transformed the brand from something few Americans even knew existed to a thriving business with plans to expand internationally. We recently reported …

Lindsay Lohan -- Marilyn Monroe Sketch Axed By 'Saturday Night Live'

Lindsay Lohan was all set to continue her obsession with Marilyn Monroe during last week's "Saturday Night Live" -- but a sketch featuring her and Jon Hamm was scrapped at the last minute ... TMZ has learned.  According to our sources, the sketch w…

Katy Perry’s Banging The World’s Highest Paid Male Model Now

While Katy Perry‘s exposed cleavage has been relatively scant here in Merka, she’s been putting them on a goddamn pedestal for the past week while attending Paris Fashion Week which probably has a lot to do with them landing her the softly gilded sc…

Is Mormonism A Cult? - The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur // Current TV

Matt Bowman, author of “The Mormon People,” answers a common question: Is Mormonism a cult? “When you leave the religion — like with the Church of Scientology and other cults — they come after you,” Cenk says. “Doesn’t that sound cultish?” Bowman sa…

Street Fighter X Tekken Review - Street Fighter X Tekken

Where Street Fighter X Tekken shines is in its unique game mechanics. The game, aptly referred to as "cross," blends the technical fighting of Street Fighter with the fluidity of Tekken, effectively crossing them into a hybrid of the two. Normal at…

Shut Up, Internet: Kony Baloney

Shut Up, Internet analyzes the truth and fiction of the Kony 2012 campaign and where the money is going.

Chris Hughes Announces Himself Lord God King Of 'New Republic'

Chris Hughes, who has a lot of money, has bought a "majority share" of The New Republic, which has been sitting rather sadly on the auction block, getting hotter and more spoiled, like a cube of bloody meat on a stump in a dusty town square. Who wil…

6 Mind-Blowing Ways Poop Created The Modern World

We here at Cracked take pride in our research department's ability to find the most mundane things and figure out how they changed the world, and also to make as many poop jokes in a 2,000-word article as is humanly possible. Delight in the head-on …

Beer For Your Lips, Seriously

Hold the phones! And Sierra Nevada beer lovers, more specifically, unite! Are you sitting down? The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has made (are you ready?), a lip balm! I know! I’m just as excited as you. When my fellow fashion blogger sent me the link,…

The Most Bizarre Theme Parks In The World

We recently found out that Disney is planning on opening a theme park based on their Cars franchise — never mind that Cars and Cars 2 are probably the worst Pixar movies ever made. Starting June 15th, you will be able to visit Cars Land in Anaheim, …

PaleyFest: 'Vampire Diaries' Cast And Producer Reveal 8 Season 3 Clues

The Vampire Diaries took over the Saban Theatre on a Saturday evening – and the timing couldn’t be perfect.

Meg Ryan And Dennis Quaid's Teen Son Makes Film Debut In 'The Hunger Games'

His parents had on-screen chemistry that resulted in a Valentine's Day wedding in 1991. But will Jack Quaid, the only son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, find the same acting success as his famous parents?

Angelina Jolie Calls For Joseph Kony's Arrest (Video)

Jolie told The Telegraph Thursday that Kony was “extraordinarily horrible human being." The comments were made at the Third Annual Women In The World Summit in New York, reports ABC News.

'The Walking Dead's' Glen Mazzara: 'There Can Be A Lot Of Bloodshed' To Come

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from last Sunday's "Judge, Jury, Executioner" episode.] AMC's The Walking Dead hit viewers squarely in the gut last week when the group lost its moral compass.

'On The Road' Trailer Reveals Topless Kristen Stewart (Video)

Sam Riley stars as Kerouac's alter ego Sal Paradise, while Garrett Hedlund portrays best friend Dean Moriarty. Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Steve Muscemi and Elisabeth Moss round out the cast, but the most revealing part…

Nicolas Cage Comic-Book Heist To Become Movie At Lionsgate (Exclusive)

The story of how Nicolas Cage lost his rare comic book featuring the first appearance of Superman may finally be told. At least Hollywood’s version of it. Lionsgate has picked up Action No. 1, a heist comedy from writers and Reno 911! creators Rober…

Lindsay Lohan Dyes Blonde Hair Back To Ravishing Red (Poll)

After watching Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live last weekend, we felt compelled to dispense something we seldom do: image advice. In an item entited "Lindsay Lohan Needs a Makeunder to Make Her Big Comeback", we offered a few tips to the actress…

American Airlines Flight Returns To Gate After Attendant Rants About ‘Crashing’

Two passengers told The Dallas Observer that the unnamed attendant used the intercom to say that the flight was returning to the gate because of “technical difficulties” and later broadcast this: “Captain, I am not responsible for crashing this plan…

Steven Tyler May Be 'Cruel,' But He Got Aerosmith To Where They Are Today

Steven Tyler insists his meanness and his commitment to excellence have made Aerosmith the rock legends they are today.   In a hard-hitting new TV interview, which will air on news show "60 Minutes" on Sunday, the rocker-turned-"American Idol" judge…

Black Students Are Three Times More Likely To Be Suspended Than Their White Classmates

It's tempting to write off the incident as one educator's lapse of judgment, but, in fact, my son's experience is a symptom of a larger pattern of discrimination in our nation's schools. Data released this week by the U.S. Department of Education's …

Why Is The Secretary Of Education Proposing Teachers Receive $150,000 Salaries?

If states can't afford to keep teachers at the relatively low salaries they're paid now, why are we even discussing the possibility of more money?

3 Cool Ways To Wear Color For Evening, Courtesy Of The AMNH's Museum Dance Guests

Last night was the American Museum of Natural History's annual Museum Dance--remember, the one you lovely lasses helped me get dressed for!?--and since the theme was Bright Young Things, there were tons of well-dressed women in bold colored frocks e…

Fort Stockton: Home Of The World's Former Largest Roadrunner

Paisano Pete was the world’s largest roadrunner until 2002, when he was dethroned by another roadrunner sculpture in New Mexico. It looks like things been downhill for Fort Stockton ever since. : (

2012 March Madness Bracket

Here's that thing you'll be obsessing over for the next few weeks. Try not to ruin any relationships over it.

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