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March 9, 2012

Ask a Human: How to Behave on Facebook

Introducing Ask a Human, FWD's weekly advice column by Katie Heaney. This week: When is Facebook stalking creepy? How long before you respond to a Facebook message? When should you unfriend your ex?

Beautiful Stroboscopic Portraits By Gjon Mili

LIFE magazine has a gallery of photographs by the great Gjon Mili, whose famous 1949 portrait of Pablo Picasso creating a “distorted spatial centaur” with a small flashlight graced the pages of the magazine in 1949.

11 Photographs Of Mitt Romney At Lesiure

A quick scan of the Romney mommy blogs shows the family takes a lot of vacations, from trips to France and Czech Republic to staycations at the candidate's San Diego home. Here, some photos of Leisure Mitt, gleaned from Laurie Romney's blog.

Spike Lee And Woody Allen At Knicks Games

Spike Lee and Woody Allen at Knicks Games is a Tumblr is dedicated to the two most dedicated Oscar-nominated/winning director b-ball fans. Weird fact: they both have a kid named "Satchel".

Batman Can't Backflip

No capes! Now if only the super-villains could figure out how to exploit this weakness discovered by Andrew Ross.

Yup, Fracking Causes Earthquakes

If combustible tap water hasn't already soured you on hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), now the state of Ohio has determined it triggers seismic activity. The process of injecting high-pressured chemicals into underground rock layers in order to release natural gas or petroleum just suffered another PR nightmare.

Spinning Beach Ball Of Death

Improv Everywhere takes their latest hit to a TED conference. Watch as this guy awkwardly tries to get a word out during his presentation.

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