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March 9, 2012

5 Reasons "Kony 2012" Went Viral

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti breaks down how a 30-minute video about a Ugandan war criminal became a social media phenomenon. The following quotes are from an interview Peretti did with The Guardian.

Ben & Jerry's Introduces New Flavor

Breaking news for those planning on staying home and watching in sweatpants all weekend. Ben & Jerry's just announced "Chocolate Nougat Crunch" over Twitter. It's "sweet cream ice cream with fudge covered wafer cookies & a chocolate nougat swirl."

Rick Santorum 2006 Touted Universal Access To College Education

Rick Santorum called President Obama as a "snob" for saying he wants every American to go to college. But a 2006 Santorum for Senate ad touts passing legislation that made it possible for every child in his state to get a college degree. The ad points to a time when Santorum touted his record as big government conservative in an attempt to appeal to independent voters.

Twitter Buzz: Alison Brie In A Wedding Dress

Community: Annie's boobs get married. (I wouldn't be opposed to the lady marrying Martin Starr at all, actually.) Plus, Jose Canseco wants to know where the hell Shaq is, Christina Applegate uses a doggie poo bag as a scrunchie, and Zach Galifinanakis' new headshot.

Why Romney Will Dominate The American Samoa Caucuses

It's got one of the densest Mormon populations in the world.

Biotech Stock Mailbag: Oncothyreon, Amag, Keryx Hate Mail

Updated and corrected: Oncothyreon conducted the second interim analysis of the Stimuvax trial after 75% of events (patients deaths) occurred, not after 75% of the patients in the trial died.

How To Choose The Best Birth Control For You

What is it? A standard pack comes with 21 pills containing estrogen and progestin, and 7 placebo pills (usually called "sugar pills") to take during your period. Now there are pill packs that you take continuously for three-months, resulting in just…

Hulk Hogan Sings Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" For No Reason

Right now you’re probably saying, “But With Leather, Hulk Hogan lost his dignity YEARS ago!” Yes, I’ve seen Mr. Nanny, but you can always give more.

Women In Panama City Beach Broke The Bikini Parade Record

Set in October by 357 Australian women, the World Bikini Parade Record was broken on Tuesday by 450 women in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The Incident Report. Or, The Time I Broke It

Zero minutes after incident (a.i.) Pain. Ow. That’s real pain. I move her off me and roll onto my stomach. Miscalculations have happened before; a few seconds of discomfort and then it's go time again. I roll back over and look down to see if it’s …

Yesterday Pau Gasol Calls Out Kobe, Today He's (Maybe) Been Traded

Yesterday the Lakers forward went on a Spanish language radio station and attacked the team's selfishness. Seeing as one guy named Kobe seems to be taking most of the shots in Los Angeles, I think we know who Gasol was talking about. And here we are a day later and there are reports that after months of debating it, the Lakers have finally traded the big man. Interesting...

Jon Hamm Reacts To "Emotions With Jon Hamm"

Boy, do I ever love it when celebrities are informed about internet memes about them. Jon Hamm is no exception.

Best Magic The Gathering Freakout Ever

A portly gentleman in a game store has an epic meltdown during a Magic the Gathering game. I guess that's what happens when you dance with a Jace the Mind Sculptor card.

Ask a Human: How to Behave on Facebook

Introducing Ask a Human, FWD's weekly advice column by Katie Heaney. This week: When is Facebook stalking creepy? How long before you respond to a Facebook message? When should you unfriend your ex?

Behind The Scenes Of Breathe Carolina Photo Shoot On Bradelterman's Blog

This week I had the pleasure of hanging out with and photographing David and Kyle from Breathe Carolina at their exclusive Hollywood pad! We swapped stories about music and the road while I snapped away. I experienced an instant bond with them, whic…

Real Game Changers: Casting The GOP Primary Look-alikes

Real game changers: Casting the GOP primary - Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin, Bruce Campbell as Mitt Romney, Will Arnett as Rick Santorum and more.

A Reading List For People Who Love Learning About The World

One of the great things about geography is that it sneaks into just about everything, including books. After all, everything happens somewhere, right? When it comes to describing places, though some books stand out because they find particularly une…

Santorum Appears On Talk Show Of Romney's Anti-Mormon Nemesis

Everything hunky-dory between Santorum and Fischer, who has denied that AIDS develops from HIV and compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Puppy Screams In Horror As It's Nearly Devoured By A Vampire Woman

Not really. It's just yawning and I'm sure that Maria Jose Cristerna (aka "The Vampire Woman," aka "The Jaguar Woman") is a loving dog owner.

Jessica Biel's Engagement Ring Is HUGE And Other Links

Is she able to pick her hand up with all those carats? Plus, a sixty-six year old woman became a first time mom and our unnaturally warm winter is going to have repercussions. These and other Buzz we missed today await your clicking pleasure.

What's That One Song That Makes You Stop What You're Doing And Exclaim "I Love This Song"?

We all have songs that make us stop mid-sentence and declare our love, whether out of sentimentality or genuine affection. Share yours in the comments below, and we'll turn the best into a BuzzFeed Party Playlist!

A Batch Of Baby Hedgehogs

Because it's Friday and I love you. Here's a quartet of newborn hedgehogs at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Bob Marley Has A Line Of Soft Drinks

Because the first "substance" we all associate with Bob Marley is iced tea right?

Somebody Named A Strain Of Weed Named After Jeremy Lin

Now you can get higher than the number of Knicks turnovers per game. HEY OH!

Mark Cuban: Am I A Homophobe?

The Mavericks Owner took to his blog to talk through his inappropriate joke in a thoughtful essay.

Star Wars Identities Portraits

Star Wars Identities is an interactive exhibit set to open up in Montreal this April. Here are the mosaics they just released to promote the show. (via

Mark Cuban's Dumb Gay Joke

Maverick's owner Mark Cuban was on Bill Simmons' podcast earlier this week, but according to Boston Phoenix reporter Carly Carioli, who was in attendance, Cuban made an off-color joke that was cut before the interview went live.

Demi Lovato Gets 'Punk'd' By All Time Low On Sara Scoggs' Blog

Demi Lovato revealed she will make an appearance on the upcoming season of Punk’d on MTV -- and that Jack Gaskarth and Alex Barakat from All Time Low are behind the prank! LOL! Demi reveled on MTV, My two friends, Jack and Alex [from All Time Low], …

Beautiful Stroboscopic Portraits By Gjon Mili

LIFE magazine has a gallery of photographs by the great Gjon Mili, whose famous 1949 portrait of Pablo Picasso creating a “distorted spatial centaur” with a small flashlight graced the pages of the magazine in 1949.

Listen to the First Ever Recorded Music

Hints of dubstep, don't you think?

Rick Santorum Compares Abortion To Slavery

The former Pennsylvania Senator didn't shy away from the analogy in this July 2005 appearance on CNN, calling abortion a "very ugly chapter in American history."

The Insides Of An Instrument

The Berlin Philharmonic orchestra put together this sweet ad campaign featuring gorgeous macro photographs taken from the insides of classical instruments.

11 Photographs Of Mitt Romney At Lesiure

A quick scan of the Romney mommy blogs shows the family takes a lot of vacations, from trips to France and Czech Republic to staycations at the candidate's San Diego home. Here, some photos of Leisure Mitt, gleaned from Laurie Romney's blog.

A Rational Internet Venture Valuations Bubble

So it is entirely rational given the Internet environment to see a dramatic stretching of the valuations for market leaders with network effects. It does, however, not bode well for aggregate returns for the venture capital asset class:

15 GIFs Of The Legendary Notorious B.I.G.

Because 15 years ago today, the greatest rapper ever died. RIP, Biggie.

Winnie-The-Pooh And The Avengers Too

Best mash-up ever. If Disney doesn't actually make these into plush toys, I might cry.

Spike Lee And Woody Allen At Knicks Games

Spike Lee and Woody Allen at Knicks Games is a Tumblr is dedicated to the two most dedicated Oscar-nominated/winning director b-ball fans. Weird fact: they both have a kid named "Satchel".

Batman Can't Backflip

No capes! Now if only the super-villains could figure out how to exploit this weakness discovered by Andrew Ross.

Rick Santorum: "I Lost Independents By 40 Points"

The former Pennsylvania Senator talks about his 2006 lose in a January 2011 interview with Forbes. He made that boast (!) to stress that he'd held the Republican base despite his 2004 endorsement of Arlen Specter.

Rick Santorum Used To Blame 2006 Loss On The Iraq War

"In what turned out to be a referendum on the war in Iraq, Rick Santorum was defeated."

Can You Spot The Dog On The Subway?

Okay, it's not really that hard, but it's still a cute photo. Spotted on the L Train in New York City.

People Who Think Carl Weathers Is Joseph Kony

This is the perfect way to stew up some trouble on Facebook.

Progressive Raising Big Dollars In Illinois Race

New numbers show that the Ilya Sheyman has a fundraising advantage over his more conservative opponent in Illinois' Tenth Congressional District. A bellwether race for the Democratic Party's internal divisions.

How to Fix Tech PR

Tech PR is horribly broken. On the eve of the Big Pitch—that's SXSW—an industry vet lets loose.

For Halloween, Romney Kids Dressed Up As The Palins

Matt and Laurie Romney donned the costumes for a "Famous Couples Halloween Party" last year. Another gem from a Romney daughter-in-law's blog.

Dirk Nowitzki's Failed Clone Showed Up At Last Night's Mavs Game

His sign claims to be Dirk's brother, but I'm not buying it. There was definitely some genetic engineering gone awry.

Yup, Fracking Causes Earthquakes

If combustible tap water hasn't already soured you on hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), now the state of Ohio has determined it triggers seismic activity. The process of injecting high-pressured chemicals into underground rock layers in order to release natural gas or petroleum just suffered another PR nightmare.

Penguins Take Over An Airplane On The Most Adorable Flight Ever

After being asked if anyone had penguin allergies (is that a thing?), passengers of a Delta flight from Atlanta to New York were treated to something about 100 times more entertaining than reading SkyMall. This isn't even fair.

Sad Baseball Player Tumblrs

Julio Borbon and Juan Uribe were both caught in very sad photos, and the Internet decided to have fun. These are the funniest entries. You're the best, Internet.

Spinning Beach Ball Of Death

Improv Everywhere takes their latest hit to a TED conference. Watch as this guy awkwardly tries to get a word out during his presentation.

Oldest Dickensian Film Found; Everyone Depressed

British curators just discovered a 1901 film called "The Death of Poor Joe", the earliest known film based on a Charles Dickens story. Chimney sweeps, street urchins, unscrupulous misers, consumption patients, pious paupers, shadowy benefactors, plucky orphans, and psychotic spinsters were unavailable for comment.

Lincoln Davis Fights Back Against Suppression Tactics That Prevented Him From Voting In Tennessee

Keith checks in with Lincoln Davis, a former four-term congressman from Tennessee, to hear an insider’s perspective on voter suppression tactics in the state. When he attempted to vote in Tennessee’s primary on Tuesday, Davis was told he was not reg…

Shia LaBeouf Is Currently Sporting The "Hipster Jesus" Look

Who is he running away from? His stylist? Ponytail and a beard. Who would have thought?

Slovak Batman Begins

A DIY superhero in Slovakia does what he can to help poor people in his neighborhood. Just like the real Batman, he looks terrifying as he lurks in the shadows.

Conan O'Brien, Awkward Teenage Drummer

You've got to hand it to a man who will show off photos from his terrible teenage years on national TV. No wonder he's such good pals with Jack White.

Baby Escapes From Crib

...after first failing pretty hard. He does it eventually though, and that what counts. This baby has perseverance.

Tech Companies Mum On Factory Audits

Under immense pressure, Apple decided to let independent auditors into its suppliers' factories. So we asked other companies: Will you do the same?

Conan Introduces New Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club recently announced they will be adding new breeds to their repertoire. Luckily, Conan got the exclusive; here he is debuting them.

Chris Christie Yells At "Idiot"

Also, dog bites man. "Damn, man, I'm governor. Could you just shut up for a second?"

Former Bachmann Aide: I Found Kony

A Christian Republican operative explains his trouble in Uganda, and says he nearly captured the warlord.

Kevin Smith's Biggest Fan Is Creepy

Twitter user "@gaydude" only has 12 tweets, and all of them are sexual messages to director Kevin Smith. I challenge anyone to find a weirder fan account on Twitter, and if you do, let me know. Found by @spergers

Mitt Romney Says "Y'all" Now

This morning in Mississippi the Republican frontrunner upped the ante and admitted to indulging in some cheesy grits.

Guy In Banana Suit Scares The Crap Out Of Megan Fox

Just another setup by Ellen. Don't you think that since the host so often scares her guests on her talk show, you might actually expect it?

Lindsay Lohan Is A Redhead Again

Finally! She still doesn't look completely like her old self, but it's closer to it than what we'd subjected to looking at lately.

The World's Largest Torrent Site Might Die Soon

To rumors that their site will soon be raided, again, the admins at the Pirate Bay responded: "We’re staying put where we are. We’re going no-where. But we have a message to hollywood, the investigators and the prosecutors: LOL.”

Dennis Kucinich Isn't Going Graciously

Criticizes rival's "gutter-level campaign. And still won't say whether he's decamping to Washington State.

This App Hunts Terrorists

For years, a behind-the-scenes, citizen-built intelligence file has helped law enforcement officials understand hate speech and terrorist activity online. Now it's coming to the iPhone.

Let's End The Day On A Giant WTF -- Girl Loses Feet After Gaming Marathon, Then Participates In History's Most Awkward Interview

Soooo, here’s a thing — as part of her college thesis on video game addiction Roxanne Myers thought she needed to prove, I dunno, something, by sitting up for two days straight playing games. During her marathon gaming session she fell asleep and du…

Grand Forks Olive Garden Called 'Impressive' By Critic

The restaurant chain Olive Garden might offer genuine Italian cuisine in an authentic Tuscan environment that only Darden Restaurants, Inc., could provide. Or it might just be committing war crimes against food. But leave it to Marilyn Hagerty, a re…

Fox News And Darrell Issa Lead The Right-wing War On The Chevy Volt, An American-Made Car

Why do the GOP and Fox News hate the Chevy Volt — an American-made electric-gasoline hybrid from GM — so much? “These people are absurd,” Cenk says. “It’s political. They’re attacking relentlessly on this.”

Paris Fashion Week Crib Sheet: The 10 Most Well-Reviewed Shows According To Everyone Who Matters

You already know our thoughts on Paris fashion week’s most riveting moments, and though Marc bid us bon voyage at Vuitton only yesterday at the end of our four-week, four-city fashion marathon, it’s not quite over yet. As with our ultimate crib shee…

Crystal Renn And Karolina Kurkova Give Us Nightmares In Interview Magazine’s Envelope-Pushing Editorial

Crystal Renn and Karolina Kurkova get in touch with their, ahem, clinically insane sides in a Steven Klein-lensed editorial for Interview Magazine, called “Strict Institution.” Renn is the horribly abused patient antagonized by Kurkova’s Nurse Ratch…

Why Is Robert Pattinson Secretly Texting Katy Perry On Patty's Blog

Though the two have never announced they are an official item, it's a well-known fact that Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together. So why has Twilight hunk Rob been secretly calling and texting the newly single Katy Perr…

Rihanna & Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Feuding?

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran feuding? The pop star and her ex's new girl Karrueche Tran are allegedly laying into each other online -- but their taunts are a bit too vauge to be certain.

Rick Santorum's PAC Donated To Arlen Specter In 2009

The former Senators maintained close ties until that year.

10 Reasons Obama Will Not Be Re-Elected

The latest viral buzz from

J&J Prostate Cancer Drug Scores Big Win, Hurts Dendreon, Helps Medivation

J&J plans to submit the Zytiga trial for presentation at an upcoming medical meeting, which could be the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in June. Zytiga was first approved in 2011 as a treatment for prostate cancer pa…

iPad Announcement

Here's everything you need to know from today's Apple announcement.

25 Beautiful Paintings From Ralph McQuarrie

The latest viral buzz from

Olsen Vs Olsen: Which Twin Looks Better On 'ELLE UK' April 2012 Issue

We never thought we would ask our Buzznet readers this, but which Olsen do you think looks better? Of the two, Mary-Kate Olsen landed on the subscriber cover of Elle UK's April 2012 issue, but at least Ashley got additional cover inserts which you c…

Miley Cyrus Defends Her "Forget Jesus" Tweet

Miley Cyrus didn't mean to spark controversy when she tweeted a poetic quote about the big bang. On March 1, the 19-year-old singer-actress angered some of her Christian fans when she shared a photo of theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, along wi…

'Real Housewives Of New York City' On Strike?

The fifth season of The Real Housewives of New York City hasn't even finished shooting yet, and already the drama is out of control! According to a report in the Huffington Post, cast members LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer have go…

Anna Gristina: David Walker Defends Manhattan Madam Accused Of Selling Call Girls To Rich And Famous

Spitzer is accused of being a client of Anna Gristina, who is accused of raking in $10million from a high-class prostitution service she ran from a Manhattan apartment for 15 years, and was blamed today for the reason why she was not arrested in the…

Gemma McCluskie: 'Loud Argument' Was Heard At Home Of EastEnders Actress Hours Before She Went Missing

The dismembered torso, feared to be that of Gemma McCluskie, 29, was discovered floating a short distance from her home.

The Less-Gross, Super-Tasty Tater Tot Casserole

I'm not really sure why I woke up one day and decided that I absolutely had to have tater tot casserole, especially because I'd actually never had tater tot casserole before? But such was the state in which I found myself one random Sunday last year…

Breaking: Paul Rudd Still As Charming As Ever

Mike O’Brien is a comedian, actor and writer that has been working on “Saturday Night Live” since 2009, which finally puts to rest the question that has been plaguing me (and Josh at Warming Glow) since Saturday – who the hell was that dude standing…

Rick Santorum: Olympia Snowe Is "Off The Reservation"

At 2009 forum, the former Pennsylvania Senator explained in no uncertain terms what he thought about the retiring Maine Senator.

Former New York Times Writer Exacts Revenge On Paulites For Spamming Her

Pens sharp-tongued column on Paul's "pointless Internet presidency." Calls him, "Elfin ob-gyn goldbug."

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