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March 8, 2012

Iranian Puppet Show Looks Fairly Badass Actually

Their puppet program seems to be much more advanced than their nuclear program. Here are photos of a rather elaborate (and apparently violent) puppet show based on the life of 14th century Persian poet Hafez. Looking forward to Spike Jones' "Being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

Kony Hipster Backlash

The one thing everyone can agree on about the Kony2012 campaign is that we all hate the people who claimed they already knew about him.

Bill Kristol Will Never Admit Defeat

This thing is just getting started, he tells Laura Ingraham.

Twitter Buzz: The Real Ron Swanson Has Joined Twitter

Nick Offerman has a twitter account. Though it's not verified yet, multiple castmates have confirmed that it's the real deal. Plus, Serena Williams has a pimple on her forehead, Fred Willard does "Who's On First," and plenty of jokes about it being International Women's Day (duh).

The Top 11 Jobs For Dogs

Check out these awesomely professional dogs working hard. It's a ruff job, but someone's gotta do it!

3 Reasons To Get Your iPad 3 At Wal-Mart

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- When you go and buy that iPad 3 your business absolutely must have -- or any piece of mobile Apple(AAPL) gear, for that matter -- might I recommend you shop at Wal-Mart(WMT).

Birthday Presents From My Family In Estonia Photo

I received a late birthday gift from my family in Estonia today. They sent me all my favorite things - black bread and this one spice - aroma salt - that they only have in Estonia and that makes every food so much better. I also got some of my favor…

Crazy Facts We Just Learned About Portal 2

Even if it's not strictly related to my topic, I couldn't resist going to "Creating a Sequel to a Game That Doesn't Need One" panel for Portal 2. Valve writers Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw, in the space of 40 minutes, detailed some of the craziness…

"Body Farm" In Texas Studies Human Decomposition, Is Pretty Metal

Any one of these photos would make a great album cover for your Danish black metal band. A recent forensic anthropology study at Texas State University, using the remains of those who have donated their bodies to science, is turning up important new information on how vultures eat us when we die.

Rick Santorum Admits Republican Health Care Mistakes

The Republican Presidential candidate doesn't shy away from calls to repeal ObamaCare. But in November 2009 at a forum in Philadelphia with his 1994 Senate opponent Harris Wofford, the former Pennsylvania Senator said Republicans made a mistake by not prioritizing health care reform during the time the Republicans held a majority in Congress. The former Senator also tipped his hat to Democrats for initiating reform.

25 White Guys Who Just Don't Get It

It's so hard being a regular white male these days, right guys?!?! #HatedOn

The Fresh Prince Of Downton Abbey

If Edith is Carlton and Sybil is Ashley, then I guess that makes Mary Hillary?

Rihanna Tweets Topless Photo [SFW] And Other Links

Oh honey, no. Plus nutritionists have research that shows our bodies are not happy about all the chemicals we're eating and the chupacabra may have evolved wings. These and other Buzz that slipped under our radar await your clicking pleasure.

Why You Should Be Following Landry Fields On Twitter

Can someone please explain what is happening with Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak here? Anyone? Landry? (via @LandryFields)

Confusing Stock Photos For International Men's Day

March 8 is International Women's Day, but did you know there's also an International Men's Day in November? The Facebook page for the day is full of awkwardly photoshopped stock photos.

The Internet Is For Porn: A Modest Proposal For Immodest Perusal

You look at porn. That's okay. But you probably don't want to leave a long, sticky trail of evidence behind. Here's how not to be an ass when looking at ass.

The Definitive 'Kony 2012' Drinking Game

In case you missed all the Kony stuff yesterday, here's a quick primer. But, as always happens with an Internet phenomenon of any reasonable calibre, a vicious backlash is already well underway. Which, so, here's an official drinking game for all you Kony 2012 backlashers out there. Drink responsibly!

Taco Bell Is Rolling Out Doritos Shell Tacos TODAY

Taco Bell's holy creation called the "Doritos Locos Tacos" is finally going to be available for sale at all of Taco Bell's 5,600 locations. Also: a "cool ranch" version is coming in the fall. Are you still reading this? Why are you still reading this? Go eat some Doritos!

When A Cute Person Says You're Cute

The accuracy here is stunning.

Obesity In America

Obesity is a virus, but we can change the way it spreads, says Tony Horton.

Greyhound Retirement Day Will Melt Your Heart

Beautiful creatures go from racing and cramped kennels to adoption and loving homes. Here are photos of a group of greyhounds as they make the journey from Tijuana to Los Angeles. These lucky hounds will hopefully find a life of leisure at an adoption fair known as Retirement Day, organized by volunteer group Fast Friends.

Romney Calls Southern Primaries "An Away Game"

Lowering expectations for a rough stretch, he tells an Alabama radio station he hopes to pick up delegates in Birmingham — even if he can't win the state.

This Man Peed In A Diaper At A Monster Truck Rally

Look, I know we all get excited when we see Grave Digger, but hold yourself together, man. This happened at the March 3rd rally in Indianapolis - anyone see this guy in action?

Gary Johnson's Unusual Fundraising Plan

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, has his sights set on the smallest of small donations: people's spare change. Libertarian votes are won by the coffee cup.

Kris, Kendall, And Kylie Jenner Invade "America's Next Top Model"

On last night's edition of "Tyra Banks Makes Models Do Weird Stuff," the girls were asked to pose with Kris Jenner as toddlers. Jay Manuel gave the following advice to the women for the shoot: "Think the Kardashians meets the Addams Family." Like I said, it was weird.

Is It Truly "Blackface" If You Smear Nutella All Over Your Face?

Either way, this clip from last night's "MTV Battle of the Exes" definitely comes across as 100% racist. I hope everyone involved is ashamed of themselves.

A Quantified Life

Stephen Wolfram, of Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica fame, has been quietly collecting data on his own habits for more than a decade. Here's what ten years human life looks like in chart form.

A Basset Hound Taking A Shower

This adorable video is my contribution to International Women's Day.

Top 25 Pictures Of Ryan Gosling's Beard

This is my contribution to International Women's Day.

Coors Is Going To Start Making Iced Tea Flavored Beer

Molson is going to start rolling out this caffeine free, 4% alcohol by volume concoction to Canadians come April. Still, better than beer flavored ice tea.

Super Classy Sandra Fluke Cartoon Is Offending People For Some Reason

Could it be because it's misogynistic and factually incorrect? Nah. Gary McCoy, conservative cartoonist, is curiously catching flack for portraying the woman at the center of the Rush Limbaugh "slut" controversy as a fat, angry nymphomaniac.

Felicity Huffman And William H. Macy Receive Rare Double-Star On The Walk Of Fame

After receiving their dual-starring, the red carpet occasion quickly deteriorated in to Macy laying down by his star, showing some leg, and pretending to be dead. I'd say they handled the occasion exactly right.

Keiji Inafune's Charlie Sheen Moment

Of course, Inafune's speech wasn't really all that similar to Sheen's "tiger blood" nonsense. Whereas the celebrity appeared to be speaking across the business end of a cocktail shaker, Inafune's observations come after more than a quarter-century o…

Epic "Community" Trailer

How epic? Chang tases his own balls. The NBC cult sitcom returns on March 15th, and it can't come soon enough.

Jose Canseco Is Trying To Be Kenny Powers

Either Jose Canseco is on the brink of a full-scale Twitter breakdown or he just wants to get retweeted by @kfuckingp.

Kanye West Shows At Paris Fashion Week

Yikes. The clothes were bad but even worse was the makeup: smeared mascara as if the models had been crying. Cool move, Kanye! Plus: I think he stole everything from the Abominable Snowman, anyway.

The Worst Lay Up Attempt The NBA Has Ever Seen

Wow. Washington's Nick Young is going to need some time to get over this one. I don't think I can imagine a worse basketball play.

First Photo Of Johnny Depp As Tonto Released

How do we feel about this "Lone Ranger" remake? On the one hand, Johnny Depp. On the other hand, aren't there actual Native American actors?

Marc Jacobs-Louis Vuitton Exhibit Is Creepy Cool

A bizarre, fascinating museum retrospective looking back at the work of prestigious fashion house Louis Vuitton and their current creative director, Marc Jacobs. Unveiled yesterday in Paris. High caliber design and fashion porn presented by disco mohawk mannequins and free-floating limbs.

Deceivingly Cheerful Song About Sad iPad 2 Buyers

Someone wrote a song based on our post of sad iPad2 buyers' tweets. Why do I feel that this cheerful tune will only heighten the pain and anguish of these rubes?

Infinite Feedback Will Make Us Crazy

Anyone who runs a website knows about Chartbeat, the addictive, sanity-ruining stats tool. And you should, too: The infinite feedback machine is coming for you.

Shots Fired! The White Sox Response To MLB The Show's "Cubs Win!" Commercial

CSN Chicago's Chuck Garfien put together this White Sox-centric parody of that very moving commercial that imagined what Chicago would look like if the Cubs won the World Series. The takeaway seems to be "White Sox fans don't have to imagine, so suck it Cubs fans." Ah baseball rivalries. We've missed you this winter.

U.S. Military And C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II

William Blum at Foreign Policy Journal put together this handy guide to the C.I.A.'s foreign policy efforts since the end of World War II.

Everywhere You Look: The Eerie Correspondences Between Members Of The Wu-Tang Clan And The Characters Of "Full House"

In November 1993, the Wu-Tang Clan released its seminal debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). At the time, the show "Full House," then in its seventh season, was still dominant in the ratings. What similarities could possible exist between t…

The 3 Smartest Things Pat Robertson Has Ever Said

Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean basically never) Pat gets it.

Rihanna's Dad Sounds Like A Total Dick

This is sad: Rihanna's father, who she became estranged from for over two years of her life, just gave an interview to Heat Magazine in which he refers to his daughter as "fat" and excuses Chris Brown's behavior toward her. What the hell?! Some choice quotes from his interview ahead.

Romney Aide: "The Dysfunction In The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill Program Is Inexcusable"

Says the Department of Veterans Affairs' backlogs are part of a broader picture of Obama Administration failures.

Pizza Sweaters

The absolute latest in pizza fashion. Get yours today, just in time for the Pizza Expo!

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Work

Leaving food in the office fridge and listening to loud music may not seem that troublesome to you, but it sure won’t win you any points with co-workers. Here are some of the most annoying office behaviors to avoid.

Metanet's Mare Sheppard Takes On Sexism In The Industry

Feminism can often be an inflammatory issue, so I wasn't surprised to see Mare Sheppard's "Why I Hate Women in Games Initiatives" panel begin with a brief crash course on the topic -- and I certainly wasn't shocked to witness the amount of attendees…

Best Homeroom Teacher Ever

I'd be pissed if I wasn't in that class.

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: 'It Wasn't Just One Brunette I Was Running Wild For A Few Months'

It was a trying time after he split from his wife Linda Hogan in 2007 and Hulk Hogan fully admits that in the next four months he went 'crazy'. The former wrestler, real name Terry Bollea, bedded so many women that he doesn't know who made the sex t…

Taylor Kitsch Is James Dean

Tim Riggins got a haircut and channeled James Dean for a new photoshoot for GQ magazine. Thoughts?

Gemma McCluskie: EastEnders Actress's Brother Arrested After Headless Torso Found In Canal

The dismembered torso, feared to be that of Gemma McCluskie, 29, was discovered floating a short distance from her home.

An Interview With One Of My Favorite Tweeters, About Tweeting

If you've never heard of Patricia Lockwood, click. If you have, read: "I [Twitter] draft like crazy, because: I do most of my tweeting with my phone, and it is so so different to write with your thumbs. Have you noticed this? I often enter Thumb Fantasias where I just move my thumbs around for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, rearranging elements of joke and text and scenario with my stupid thumbs. It is a part of you that should never be writing."

Twitter Is Sick Of Gail Collins Writing About Mitt Romney's Dog

After yet another New York Times column about Romney's famous dog-on-the-roof incident, the backlash has begun.

The Day Smartphones Will Stop Getting Bigger

The phones are too damn big. Will this mad race for a bigger screen ever stop? Here, a doomsday theory.

Roman, The Billionaire Who Came In From The Cold

We must begin today, I’m afraid, by sullying our hands with the unsavory subject of brand association, that ineffable pillar of culture responsible for such teachable moments as the Kardashianisation of Christian Louboutin stilettoes (poor Christian…

People Are Actually Wearing That Balenciaga Visor–Here’s How Much It Costs And Why You Can’t Get It In The U.S.

There is no better time or place than Paris Fashion Week to try out the season’s most over-the-top, impractical items. And that is what the fashion crowd has done this week with what is arguably spring 2012′s most ridiculous accessory: Balenciaga‘s …

The Best Models In The Business (Including Andrej Pejic!) Share Their Beauty Secrets With Us

Models spend a lot of time in hair and makeup chairs at shows and for shoots, and they have access to some of the most talented hair stylists and makeup artists in the world. It stands to reason that they’ve picked up a few beauty pointers along the…

Bill Maher, You Don't Have To Be 'Overeducated' To Know Rush Limbaugh's Apology Was The Worst Ever!

Rush Limbaugh picked up a curious defender in the midst of a great exodus of advertisers -- Bill Maher. Meanwhile, he also slammed a young female journalist for being "overeducated," which we're fairly sure he meant as an insult.

For Thousands Of Veterans, The New G.I. Bill Isn't Working

Student veterans take out loans, miss classes, and face eviction as Obama Administration falls short on 2009 promise. “It just feels like you're being disrespected."

Adele Is Even Big In Iran

And this 13 year old girl can really sing.

Alexander Wang Denies Sweatshop Allegations

Yesterday, news broke that Alexander Wang employees had served the company with a $50 million lawsuit, alleging that the company violated New York State labor laws and describing Wang’s downtown New York studio as a “sweatshop.” One plaintiff in par…

Goat Eating Pizza In Midtown

At La Famiglia, the restaurant Donald Trump and the Palins made famous.

Peyton Manning Rumors: Latest Odds And Speculation For Potential Landing Spots

With each passing day March 8 looms larger for Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, as that's the deadline for the team to decide whether or not to pay the quarterback a whopping $28 million roster bonus...

Keith’s Note On The Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke Controversy And False Equivalency From The Right

Watch 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' live each weeknight at 8/7c on Current TV. Find Current on your TV.

Natasha Kizmet Sexy Pictures

Our all-time favorite Uzbek babe has new pictures and silliness for us all.

The Radical Transparency Of SimCity

The latest viral buzz from

Quantic Dream's Kara Demo Gives A Promising Glimpse Into The Future Of Motion Capture Technology

The Heavy Rain creator's latest tech demo showcases impressive results.

The Comment Section For Every Article Ever Written About PETA

You did an excellent job, but forgot my personal favorite little rant: PETA spends so much of conservation agencies' time and money suing them because they aren't conserving the way PETA wants them to. PETA never seems to realize how much this dela…

Courtney Stodden Launches Website; Spells Own Name Wrong

Presented without comment. (I honestly hate myself for posting this.)

Marni For H&M Goes On Sale Tomorrow! Here’s How To Shop It, Plus The 10 Items We Can’t Wait To Buy

As we all know, limited edition designer collaborations with mass retailers tend to launch with a bang–and not always in a good way. There are often long lines, pushing, shoving, fighting, disorganization and crazy people trying to buy the entire in…

Here's A Look At Starbucks' Amsterdam Concept Shop

Have a look at Starbucks' new cafe in Amsterdam. The coffee company calls it The Bank, as it is in a former bank, and describes it as their "vision of the future." It's a 4,500 square foot subterranean location that's made up of floating community g…

Watch Sprinkle's Cupcake-Dispensing ATM In Action

Last week people went bonkers over the news that wildly popular Beverly Hills, California bakery Sprinkles would be launching a a 24-hour cupcake ATM called 24-Hour Sprinkles. Now, there is video evidence that proves that this thing in fact exists a…

Hello Kitty Jet Photo - Buzznet

Hello Kitty jet! Taiwan-based airline Eva Air currently has 3 Hello Kitty Jets in operation to celebrate their 20th anniversary. How amazing is that? Pictures:Yurie Hori

12 Stupidest Things Newt Gingrich Said During His Campaign

Gingrich also acknowledged on Monday that winning Georgia alone isn't good enough. Since Newt's time on the campaign trail may soon be coming to an end, we wanted to reflect on 12 stupidest things he said during his presidential campaign:

Back To The Floppy Disk: Today In Retro Newscasts

KEY WORDS: Floppy disk, electronic mail, telephone.

Sabertooth Vampire Is Awkwardly Adorable

Awwwww, look at his comically oversized fangs! Mike Russell has an endearing art style.

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