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March 30, 2012

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of Photo

Now that my rainbow hair is fading into a pastel rainbow, I'm even more in love with it! We don't have seasons in LA but I'm staying in Big bear with my friends right now and we're enjoying the very first days of spring and warmth, which makes me wa…

The Modest Origins Of "You Are Their Product"

The best line in Al Franken's fiery Facebook speech wasn't exactly his. The "you're not the customer, you're the product" movement can be traced back to an anonymous comment on a blog.

Jessica Simpson Gets Rid Of The Heels One Month Before Due Date

Pregnant Jessica Simpson reveals she's finally stopped wearing heels.

Authentic (Possibly Racist) Natchez Cheese Grits Casserole

And thus concludes this series of our favorite casserole recipes. If you make what follows and eat it all, just go ahead and call 911 beforehand. To your health! On June 11, 1957, Mr. J. Balfour Miller won a contest to name the Natchez, Mississippi…

What Does It Take To Get Charged For "Racist Remarks" In France?

Cosmetics heir Jean-Paul Guerlain was fined a large sum this week for making racist comments. But French Vogue walks free for publishing an editorial with models in black face. What gives?

James Van Der Beek Wants To Sell You A Pair Of Skinny Jeans

Dawson Leary asks, "Who doesn't love a BJ?" He's actually talking about a pair of jeans called "Beek Jeans," but that doesn't really matter, does it?

Mike Tyson's Best Buddy

Today's Twitter Buzz: we meet Mike Tyson's best (stuffed) friend. Plus, Skrillex is in danger, DJ Qualls names his legion of fans, and hey, that photo from the movie set Jessica Alba just tweeted looks pretty great (based only on the cast).

This Might Be The Best Advertisement For A Pen That's Ever Been Made

This advertisement for the Pilot erasable pen goes through the history of the entire universe. It look's like a pretty decent pen too.

Does BPA Cause Early Puberty?

The FDA has just rejected a call to ban BPA, a chemical found in some plastic bottles and canned food liners. But some people say it causes early puberty in girls, and a host of other bad things. Who's right?

Open Letter To The Viewers Of

Current was also founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.

Are MMOs As Appealing As They Once Were?

The latest viral buzz from

"Game Of Thrones" Kick Off Party

Sunday is coming. Please, true fans would never make such a rookie mistake.

Google's Newest Plot

In case you had any doubt about the kind of people running the show at Google: "Just type any real two variable function into Google to see a dynamic, interactive, three dimensional plot."

Brian Stelter's Coldest Retweet Ever

Retweets Keach Hagey's announcement of a coming scoop, then scoops her directly afterwards.

Corgis Explain The Final Four

What better way to learn about college basketball's biggest show than from adorable corgis?

Keith Olbermann's Next Job

The Current TV broadcaster has been fired. Again. Twitter suggests his next move.

Anthony Davis Is The NCAA Basketball Player Of The Year, And Here's Why

Davis' dominance encapsulated in one easy GIF.

10 Incredible Historical Gifs

Kevin Weir animates old photos from the Library Of Congress and posts them on his Tumblr. Here's a sampling of 10 of his masterpieces.

Under What Circumstances Might A Parental Consent Form Be Necessary For A Kid To Go To Another Kid's Birthday Party?

Apparently parents are increasingly asking other parents to sign legal waivers before their child goes over to their house for a birthday party, play date, what have you. I obtained an exclusive look at one such form that is most definitely not made up.

The Hottest Babes In Video Game History Photo

The latest viral buzz from

Mitt Romney Makes Fun Of John Kerry For Being A Flip Flopper

The Republican candidate often finds himself on the receiving end of "flip-flop" attacks. But in a 2004 speech to the Republican Governor's Association, Romney attacked Democrat John Kerry on the same grounds: "I heard the other day the junior Senator of Massachusetts is thinking about putting together a balanced ticket. And he wondered whether he could pick someone with views different than his own — and he selected himself to do that."

The Best Hidden Netflix Movies About Dudes With Guns And Ghost Pimps

The craziest movies we could find on Netflix this week: Burt Reynolds as a revenge-fueled Injun, a murdered ghost pimp possessing mild-mannered folks and a wild gangster flick set in the unlikeliest of locales.

Spider-Man And The Human Torch Are Shacking Up

That's my head canon and I'm sticking to it. Marvel pre-released these images from the Fantastic Four #17 where they've unexpectedly sacrificed Peter Parker and Johnny Storm to the whims of fangirls everywhere.

Mormon Panic Hits U.K.

Here are some ominous highlights from the BBC's new documentary on just how weird and scary Mormonism really is. Among the ludicrous discoveries about America: "There's an unwritten law: Don't mention Mormonism."

7 Energy Stocks That Investors Have All Wrong (Update1)

(Story updated to add that Enbridge confirmed its planned expansion of two major oil pipelines from Canada to the Gulf Coast.)

Male Bonding Personified

These four guys are bonded least until their hair grows back. Was this some weird hazing ritual?

Remixed: The Hot Brandy Toddy

It's drinking time! This old but still good recipe dates back to 1905.

This Is How Much Dartmouth Frat Boys Love Vomiting

A "Rolling Stone" investigation into the dark underbelly of Dartmouth frats reveals a lot of unsavory stuff, but possibly the strangest is the prevalence of vomit. Dartmouth frat boys appear to spend basically all their time barfing.

Keira Knightly Vamps It Up And Other Links

She looks like sleek sex on steroids but does she look like herself? Plus a campy Schwarzenegger is getting an unnecessary sequel and our neighbors to the north have had it up to here with pennies. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

Was Danitra Vance Actually SNL's First Out Lesbian?

Lots of people (including Shift) have called new addition Kate McKinnon SNL's first openly lesbian cast member. But that honor might actually belong to actress Danitra Vance.

15 Celebrities Who Attempted (And Mostly Failed) To Do Hammer Pants Justice

MC Hammer turned 50 on Friday! He may be done with his namesake pants — but plenty of celebrities have attempted to bring them back over the years.

Baseball Preview: 8 Perfect Pairings Of Player And Walk-Up Music

Because you know José Reyes deserves Katy Perry.

FWD: Halp! How To Text A Person You Would Like To Make Out With

How long do you wait before responding to a text message from somebody you like? Eight minutes.

Creation Of A Character - Cyber Rainbow Princess Photo

Creation of a Character - Cyber Rainbow princess I was really excited to create this look cause I saw it so clearly. It needed to be 90's and a little bit of fifth element and a little bit of a rainbow princess. The most important part about this lo…

Magic Johnson: The Gathering

The sports world is abuzz with the news that a Magic-Johnson fronted group broke the dang old bank in order to purchase the Dodgers for over $2 billion,

"Game Of Thrones" March Madness Final Round

The final showdown of the "Game of Thrones" bracket is in. Jon Snow vs Arya Stark - cast your vote at GameofThronesTournament.

"Alabama Face Guy" Is Running For University President

That's right, he doesn't want to be Student Body President. He wants to be University President. And his campaign video is brilliant. If you didn't know, his grandfather also used giant cut outs of his face to distract people. Only instead of basketball players, he distracted George Wallace, allowing for the first black student at University of Alabama. So being impressive runs in his family.

Michael Ian Black And Tom Cavanagh Spoon Feed Each Other

Things got romantic on "The Chew" when Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh seductively fed each other, and then Mario Batali joined in on the action.

Glasses: The Anti-Hoodie?

A New York lawyer is giving his African-American defendants hipster dark-rimmed glasses to make a better impression on juries. But if you wear them with a hoodie, they cancel each other out.

Woman Literally Throws Herself At Men

Arizona photographer Lilly McElroy likes to literaly throw herself at unsuspecting men and photograph the surprise encounter. Here she is doing what she does best. (via

The Ridiculous Cradle That Baby Blue Ivy Will Be Sleeping In

Any guesses as to how much this thing cost?

33 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "Titanic"

In celebration of Titanic's return to theaters next Wednesday (!!!!), here's a collection of facts about the movie you probably didn't know.

Then And Now: Nicki Minaj In 2012 Vs. Patsy Cline In 1957

Last night, Nicki Minaj performed on "American Idol" wearing a technicolor bikini top that could barely contain her cleavage. But televised talent shows weren't always this way.

Romney 2008 Energy Plan Focused On Research, Clean Energy Development

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's 2012 energy plan focuses on increasing domestic oil production and rolling back regulations. Back his 2008 energy plan was focused heavily on having to "dramatically increase federal spending on research" and developing clean resources like nuclear, wind, solar, biodiesel along with liquid, solid, and clean coal. Mention of increasing domestic production was only a snippet of Romney's 2008 plan.

9 Creative Ways To Use Your Freezer

If you’re only using your freezer to make ice cubes and keep TV dinners cold, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Jack Abramoff On Oil Subsidies Vote And How Congress Is Broken, Lobbyists Just Taking Advantage

Michael Shure talks to reformed lobbyist Jack Abramoff about the influence of industry pressure on the vote to keep oil subsidies.

Ferrell Confirms 'Anchorman' Sequel

LOS ANGELES, March 29 (UPI) -- Will Ferrell announced on "Conan" in Los Angeles he will star in a sequel to his 2004 comedy, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy."

Girls Are Now Going Through Puberty Before They Turn 10

Mothers are panicking, but doctors are calling it "the new normal."

Edible Chocolate Haute Couture Creations

Zurich, Switzerland just made fashion season more delectable. Hopefully the first annual "Salon du Chocolat" isn't the last.

If You Win The Mega Millions, What's The First Thing You'll Buy?

We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers: If you hit the Mega Millions jackpot, what will you get first? I'm rooting for myself and all these people to win $640 million tonight.

46 Photos Of Christina Hendricks In Honor Of National Cleavage Day

Apparently this entire day is dedicated to that very-special area of a woman's chest. To celebrate, here are 50 photos of Christina Hendricks' most-desirable set.

The Firefly Squid Beach

Firefly squids live in Toyama Bay, Japan and illuminate a blue glow produced by moonlight that has been captured in their outer membranes. Behold: nature's glowsticks.

When Obama Was Detained In Russia

The President was detained in Russia while still a Senator.

The Republican Party Wants To Be Your Friend On Facebook

Republicans update their data and their social strategy as the election approaches.

Watch Stevie Nicks And Christina Applegate Duet

Stevie Nicks made an appearance last night on "Up All Night" singing a duet being fantasized about by Reagan (played by Christina Applegate).

9 Tweets That Break Twitter

You can do a lot with 140 characters. Let's turn Twitter into MySpace, circa 2005.

The Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names

With baseball season less than a week away (everyone knows games played at 3 a.m. don't count), the time to name your fantasy team is now. Here are the best of the best.

How 10 Famous Companies Got Their Names

For intstance, did you know Pepsi was named after a stomach enzyme?

Ted Nugent Thinks Jennifer Lawrence's Bow-Hunting Is Hot

Says Nugent, "Proper archery is one of life's most beautiful ballets, especially when executed by a beautiful woman like Jennifer. It makes for the ultimate eye candy."

Who's Better, Kevin Love Or Kevin Garnett?

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor said he thought his former player Kevin Garnett was better than Kevin Love. But I ran the numbers. He should be happy with the guy he's got right now.

A 5'9" Dude Won The NCAA Dunk Contest With One Of The Best Slams You'll Ever See

Martin Methodist College's James Justice won the 2012 NCAA Dunk contest and a nice championship belt.

Help Send Bubbles From "Trailer Park Boys" To Space

Mike Smith, AKA Bubbles from "Trailer Park Boys", is trying to make it to outer space. Toronto's Metro News is holding a contest to launch one reader into the great unknown and Smith is in it to win it. You can vote for him here.

Pokemon Explained In One Minute

Well when you put it that way, of course it sounds crazy. The people of Kanto put way more faith in ten year olds than should reasonably be allowed.

The Best Of The Bad Luck Brian Meme

He just can't catch a break.

The Dumbest Captcha Ever

A user tried to verify her password — and the site gave her a captcha. In Hebrew. (She doesn't have a Hebrew keyboard.)

Transparent Clothing

The gods that be have dictated clear plastic as a trend. I blame the return of raver culture.

Strutting Dan

Introducing Strutting Daniel Radcliffe. Everyone welcome Strutting Dan to the internet by using our image editor tool to put him in every picture.

"Community" Finds A Way To Do Product Placement Right

How does a show with an incredibly talented writing team deal with featuring Subway restaurants on their show? Turn "Subway" into a real person played by an old favorite from "Scrubs," and make Britta fall in love with him.

Watch Madonna's "Too-Racy" Perfume Commercial

ABC will only run the ad after 9 p.m. and during "The View." Did Sherri Shepherd sign off on this?

The History Of April Fools Day

April Fools Day is coming up, I hope you're getting your pranks ready. Here's a definitive history of the holiday to get you in the spirit.


"Two weeks ago, I used ifttt to create Grandpagramâ„¢. It pulls #grandpa photos from Instagram. To date: 1,860 photos." Cool, but I would have called it Instagramps. (via)

Game Of Ponies

Is there anything more beautifully geeky than the "Game of Thrones" mashed up with "My Little Pony"? Clearly, the answer is "no".

Liam Hemsworth's First White Castle Experience

Liam Hemsworth was on Leno and talked about the time he had white castle with Josh Hutcherson and how it bonded them for life. Also this is an excuse to listen to his Australian accent and look at that face.

Listen To Cherri Bomb's 'Shake The Ground' Off The Avengers Assemble Album On We've Got You Covered's Blog

We have been rolling out all new performance videos from the rock band Cherri Bomb all week -- and today we have the grand finale! The video for Cherri Bomb’s track, ‘Shake The Ground’ which will be appearing on this summer’s most anticipated action…

Michael Vick Stands Up Against Dogfighting

The controversial quarterback (and former dogfighter) has teamed up with The Humane Society to fight animal violence.

The Dedication Page Of Rachel Maddow's New Book

Normally authors dedicate their books to their mom or something. Well, the book IS about a nation at perpetual war.

The Beautiful Birth Of A Book

Smith-Settle Printers still prints books the very-old-fashioned way. There's nothing like curling up on the sofa with a great (Vimeo about a) novel.

Fashion Mailbag: Why Are Designer Runway Clothes So Ridiculous?

Because even if you make things that are ugly, you will still be called a genius.

Bruce Springsteen Chugs A Fan's Beer

As if you needed further proof that this man is the greatest. And if you can't wait, beer chugging starts around 1:35.

No, Rick Santorum Did Not Say The N-Word

But this video is being passed around as though he did. From a recent speech in Wisconsin, here's Rick Santorum getting tripped up while speaking about President Obama and letting slip what sounds like "nig."

26 Totally Unnecessary Things To Buy When You Win The Lottery

The Mega Millions jackpot is at $540 million dollars. When you win here are things you should buy that are a total waste of money, but WHO CARES, YOU'RE RICH!

Eliza Coupe Discusses Sex On The "Happy Endings" Set

On "Conan," Eliza Coupe talks about how everyone is having sex on the set of "Happy Endings." Most likely not true, but if that's what is making such an amazing show, then keep doing it!

Crasher Sloth, The Amazing Baby Sloth Photobomber

Here's a ridiculously cute picture of a group of people being photobombed by a baby sloth in Costa Rica. Use our image editor tool in the comments to put Crasher Sloth in every picture!

20 Guys Eager To Flaunt Their Moobs On National Cleavage Day

National Cleavage Day is trending on Twitter, and dudes are taking part. Maybe they should have called it National Heavage Day.

Baseball Preview: The Most Overhyped Spring Training Players

Your guide to the spring-training stars who will fade in the regular season.

Man Crossing South Pole Goes Crazy Over Cheez Doodles

Move over "Double Rainbow," there's a new king of crazy in town. After 86 days crossing the South Pole, I'd flip out over Cheez Doodles too. Jump to the 50 second mark to see him lose his mind.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Takedown Of 'Pink Slime'

Last night, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart tackled the issue of "pink slime" (aka ammonia-treated "lean, finely textured beef" filler) in hamburgers, his "constant companion on cold, lonely nights." The fantastic nine-minute segment — on the level of …

Keith Olbermann Pays Tribute To The Life Of His First Boss, Boxing Writer And Historian Bert Randolph Sugar

Keith bids farewell to boxing writer and historian Bert Randolph Sugar, who died on March 25, 2012, at the age of 75. Keith remembers how Sugar gave him his first paying job, at age 15, as associate editor of “The Sports Collectors Bible” and shares…

Bush Girls Fell For Obama

French diplomat reveals how George W. Bush first knew Obama would win: His daughters were crazy about the Democrat.

Even Seventh-Graders Are Hitting Their Girlfriends (And Boyfriends)

Domestic violence can start as early as middle school, new research shows .

GIF Of The Night: Bruins Goalkeeper Tim Thomas Is Turned Into Jello

The Obama-snubbing Bruin might need to untangle his feet from his face mask after this phantom shot.

Chief Army Officer In Afghanistan Orders 'Guardian Angels' To Protect U.S. Troops From Insider Attacks

The lengths the Taliban are prepared to go to in order to gain access to coalition forces was illustrated yesterday when local police arrested seven men dressed in women's clothing in Mehterlam, Laghman province, east of Kabul.

Sexy Band Boys With Tattoos Photo

A while ago, I asked all of my moonbeam subscribers (if you are not a subscriber yet, go here and sign up) what they wanted to see more in my blogs. Some said makeup, books and advice. Someone said more picutres of sexy band boys with tattoos and I …

Some Guy's Awesome Student Election Posters

Too bad the Internet can't vote in his high school election.

Forgotten Classics: Gary Busey & Ice T In Jacob Two Two & The Hooded Fang

Thanks to Jim from Crappy Cinema Council for alerting me to the existence of this film, Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang, which features not only Gary Busey as a pro-wrestling vampire, but Ice T in a powdered wig. The rest of you, where the hell …

Battlefield 3's Unlockable 'Shortcuts' A Divisive Subject

Players can now pay real-world money to gain access to unlockable weapons and perks.

Looks To Try: Hamburger Eyeshadow

This is actually taken from a Burger King Netherlands ad. Pair with some pizza slice earrings to complete the whole mouthwatering look.

Underdog Consoles Of The '90s From

The 90s ushered in some great video game consoles. But we still have fond memories of plenty of products that didn't strike commercial success. The 1UP staff was asked to share their favorite underdog console of that fateful decade.

Exclusive: Paul Ryan Will Endorse Romney

A source tells BuzzFeed the Budget Chairman's staff told Rick Santorum he'll back the frontrunner.

Check Out The Letter Fiona Apple Wrote In 2000 In Support Of A High-school Gay-straight Alliance

Fiona Apple is, all of a sudden, back in the limelight after a few quiet years. I heartily approve of this, because I still sometimes listen to "Criminal" on repeat when I want to feel "dangerous." (Oh, middle school.) First she had those amazing sh…

Exclusive: The Maine Share Their Favorite Tour Memories Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

From Garrett: Our tour last December was unlike anything we as The Maine have ever done. We played an entire record start to finish. 13 songs no breaks, just music. My favorite memory of the entire tour was right when we started playing the first so…

Octomom Nude: Nadya Suleman Poses Topless As She Reveals 'I've Lost 10 Stone'

Admittedly, she had waited three years. But the mother-of-14 says she has finally shrunk back to a size she likes after losing a staggering ten stone.

Jessica Stam’s Response To ‘Haute Mess’ Controversy

Along with Andrej Pejic, Irina Shayk and Kate Upton, new face of Cover Girl Jessica Stam walked the red carpet at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event last night. We knew she dyed her hair brown, but it really is such a striking difference that we almost…

Believe It Or Not, A 12-Year-Old Designed This Dress Out Of Coffee Filters And Won Ripley’s ‘Trash Fashion Show’

This past weekend, Ripley’s, as in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! held a “Trashy Fashion Show” at their museum in St. Augustine, Florida–as in, a fashion show in which each look was made out of something you might expect to find in a trash can. As it h…

Altuzarra For J.Crew: It’s Happening

Earlier this month, speculation was running wild regarding a collaboration between CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Joseph Altuzarra (plus runners up Pamela Love and Creatures of the Wind) and J. Crew and now we have a verbal confirmation from Altuzar…

Mark Cuban Says NBA Would Definitely Sell Ads On Jerseys

Echoing a rumor from earlier this month, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban guaranteed that David Stern would allow ads on NBA jerseys for the right price.

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