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March 11, 2012

Printable NCAA Bracket 2012: Make Your March Madness Predictions

The 2012 NCAA Tournament Brackets have just been released, and with this year’s selections being more controversial than ever, you must be itching to fill out your bracket! Well, wait no longer:

Time Lapse Of Ants Invading A Document Scanner

François Vautier installed an ant colony in his scanner and scanned it each week for five years. This is the resulting time lapse video:

Diablo III Launch Ditches PvP Arena Mode, Raising An Interesting Question

Is it better to ship a game early and patch in a missing game mode later?

Everything You Need To Know About Stonehenge II

Did you know there's a huge replica of Stonehenge appropriately named Stonehenge II located about 100 miles outside of Austin, Texas?!?! Well, there is -- and here's everything we learned about it.

Kobayashi Sets World Grilled Cheese Record At SXSW

The most acclaimed competitive eater in the world faced off against the most delicious lunchroom staple today at SXSW. A new world record of 13 sandwiches in one minute was set.

Rick Santorum On Radical Feminists

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is attacked for his sometimes controversial views on women's issue. In a 2005 interview with ABC News on This Week, Santorum said radical feminists like Gloria Steinem has launched a crusade against stay-at-home moms.

Obama Understands The American People Don't Want War In Iran

President Obama made a strong reply to GOP candidates making “casual” comments about a possible war with Iran, which Obama says are easy when you’re not the commander-in-chief. “What are these rookies talking about?” Cenk says. “They don’t know what…

Inside the SXSW Startup Meat Market

"Hi, hey, what have you built?" Speed dating for startups is just as awkward as it sounds.

Dog Takes A Poop In The Middle Of A Competition

How often does this happen in dog shows? If the answer is 7-8 times, I think I found my new favorite sport. Wait for it...

Jon Hamm Does Not Like Kim Kardashian

Though, how can a man who pulls off a fedora so effortlessly have any respect for them?

Inside The Donut Taco Palace

Otherwise known as HEAVEN. The Donut Taco Palace is just outside of Austin, Texas and was the first stop on our road trip the International Pizza Expo in Vegas. Come inside.

Kitten Bathes In A Bucket


Disapproving Otter

This otter is extremely unhappy about the choices you are making in your life.

Jose Canseco Really Wants To Fight Shaq

Or, as Jose Canseco continues to lose his mind on Twitter, we continue to laugh.

A Parents' Guide To The Lion King

Maybe this was the director's cut?

The Best Way To Prank A Jogger

That's what you get for trying to act better than the rest of us by exercising.

Oldest Animal With A Skeleton Found

RIVERSIDE, Calif., March 9 (UPI) -- Paleontologists say they've discovered fossils of the oldest animal with a skeleton, between 560 million and 550 years old, in South Australia.

Former LAPD Detective Names Biggie's Killer

“Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse was paid to kill Biggie. At the time, he was a 36-year old member of the Mob Piru Bloods. According to several Death Row insiders and FBI informants, Poochie was a down-for-the-cause, hardcore gang member. Confidential sourc…

Ron Paul Volunteers Impoverish Themselves For The Cause

The "Ron Paul Roadies" have been traveling for months to volunteer for the Paul campaign. Cut off by the campaign, they're getting hungry, and asking for contributions on Reddit and YouTube.

90 Students In Iraq Stoned To Death For Having 'Emo Hair And Tight Clothes'

Youngsters in Iraq are being stoned to death for having haircuts and wearing clothes that emulate the ‘emo’ style popular among western teenagers.

Wild Nail Art From Over The Years Photo

check out some of the different nail styles i have rocked! my favorite is the basic black with the one rhinestone nail.. simple but with a bit of edge.. xoxo

Who Was Demi Lovato Caught Making Out With On Patty's Blog

Guess it really is over between Demi Lovato and on-again, off-again flame Wilmer Valderrama! Demi has a lot going for her lately: she's making her way through recovery and her documentary Demi Lovato: Stay Strong premiered on MTV on March 6th to cri…

The Most Famous Republican In Kansas Skipped The Caucuses

Charles Koch appears not to have participated in his state's vote. The high-profile funder of conservative causes hasn't picked a horse.

Santorum Campaign Deceptively Edits Romney 2009 Newsweek Op-Ed

Did they deceptively edit, or just not read the entire article? They said Romney urged for a federal individual mandate in the article. He didn't.

Stocks Gain Slightly As Greece Technically Defaults

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Stocks closed fractionally higher Friday after a paring gains late afternoon when Greece was declared to be in a default because it had forced some private investors to participate in its restructuring efforts.

Elisabeth Moss Slams Ex Fred Armisen As Not "Normal"

Wow, what happened between Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen? The Mad Men actress has broken her silence about her 11-month marriage to the Saturday Night Live star -- and while she doesn't go into specifics, she doesn't exactly pull any punches.

The History Of The Animated GIF

The latest viral buzz from

Gemma McCluskie Murder: Brother Charged After Headless Body Of Former EastEnders Actress Found Dumped In Canal

This afternoon her brother Tony, 35, was charged with murder and will appear at Thames Magistrates' Court , London, on Monday.

The Best Shoes Of The Fall 2012 Season

We’ve scoured the Fall 2012 collections for the most amazing shoes, and it was easy, because there were plenty. The best part? Footwear options for Fall 2012 are a lot more reasonable than their Spring 2012 counterparts. (Remember those 6 inch Versa…

The 25 Richest Billionaires In Fashion & Retail

This year’s list is topped by Carlos Slim Helu & family, followed closely by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. But who in the fashion and retail industry made the cut? Some of the rankings may surprise you–Zara‘s founder and part-owner Amancio Ortega i…

Sears Offers A ‘Hung Like Daddy’ Shirt For Your Toddler

There’s been tons of debate lately about whether kids are becoming sexualized too soon (see: Toddlers & Tiaras, Thylane Blondeau, bikini waxes for 11-year-olds) and now a sort of stodgy retailer best known for its refrigerator selection is making he…

Fired Up! Republicans Are Taking The Country Back ... In Time

Do Republicans want to take the country back — or do they want to take it back in time? Jennifer Granholm takes on the latest battle in the ‘War on Women’ with a look at life in America decades ago, in a black and white era where women’s rights were…

Coke And Pepsi To Change Recipe To Avoid Cancer Warning Label

Coke and Pepsi will alter the caramel coloring in their colas to meet the requirements of a California ballot initiative aiming to limit exposure to toxic chemicals. The new recipe calls for less 4-methylimidazole but don't worry, the changes will …

Kony2012 Oversimplifies The Real Problems With Child Soldiers And The LRA

Ana Kasparian joins Cenk to break down the controversy around “Kony 2012,” the Invisible Children campaign to raise awareness about Ugandan guerilla warlord Joseph Kony. Ana says she doesn’t have a problem with Invisible Children’s spending, but doe…

The History Of The Animated GIF

Do you have seven minutes to watch a video about the birth of the animated GIF? I ask because I have no idea what your schedule is like today. If you do, here you go. Related: Is it really pronounced "jiff"? Because if so I have been embarrassing my…

Solar Storm Releases Plasma

The Sun's magnetic field and releases of plasma directly affect Earth and the rest of the solar system. Solar wind shapes the Earth's magnetosphere and magnetic storms are illustrated here as approaching Earth. These storms, which occur frequently, …

Will Ferrell Sings Español In ‘Yo No Se.’

Will Ferrell plays Armando Alvarez in Casa De Mi Padre, a film almost entirely in Spanish, and about as close as it gets to a perfect concept. To promote the soundtrack, which just released a track listing (with the title track sung by Christina Agu…

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Strategy Guide Citadel

For the best Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers guide for Mass Effect 3, check out this page on MyCheats.

Prince Harry Runs Race While Wearing A Mask Of His Brother's Face

As he ran the "Sport Relief Mile' during the British and Brazilian-themed sports day in Rio de Janeiro, Prince Harry wore a mask of his brother, Prince William. Is this the English edition of Alabama Face Guy or what?

Good Call: In 2008, Biden Said Bin Laden Was Hiding In Pakistan

In the 2008 Vice Presidential debate between then Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin, Biden said Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan. He was right.

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