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March 16, 2012

The Five Weirdest Stories Of 2012 All Happened In One Day

I know it's only March, but I think we can call it. We were supposed to be talking about iPads, remember?

March Madness: Watch The End Of The Biggest Upset In Over A Decade

Mid-major Norfolk State tops powerhouse Missouri in the first win by a 15-seed since 2001. Watch Mizzou's final desperation shot and Norfolk's celebration here.

Rick Santorum Reacts To Shirtless Photo: "I'm Sure It's Not A Pretty Sight"

In a radio interview today, Santorum responded coolly to a photograph of him sunbathing shirtless in Puerto Rico, posted earlier BuzzFeed and the Drudge Report. "They caught me sunbathing," he told the Steve Cochran Show on AM 560 WIND in Chicago. "I probably should lose about 15 or 20 pounds."

Kal Penn Rescues Kathy Griffin's Dog

Today's Twitter Buzz: Kal Penn is a good samaritan. Plus, Stephen Colbert tweets his true thoughts about Rick Santorum, Henry Winkler's dog says hello, and Donald Trump complains about gas prices at the same time his daughter posts a photo of his brand-new private jet.

Check Out Invisible Children's Fun Music Video About Uganda

In this 2006 music video, the guys from Invisible Children pop and lock, shoot lazer beams that turn high school students in back-up dancers, sign cringe-worthy lyrics about Uganda, and if you can make it to the end, an entire town sings and dances about African Warlords. Watch the video and then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

32 Things I Learned At The World's Biggest Pizza Show

Here's everything I learned about the pizza world at the Pizza Expo. Take me back.

Dark Done Right: How Mass Effect 3 Went Grim Without Going Overboard From

Even a Paragon can feel comfortable in a universe that's grown darker than ever.

Elder Scrolls MMO Announcement Reportedly Coming Soon

The latest viral buzz from

The Biggest Senate Loser: Romney Or Santorum?

"Is Rick Santorum electable? Remember his last Senate race? ... By historic margins, Pennsylvania voters rejected Rick Santorum," reads the script of Mitt Romney'slatest attack ad on Rick Santorum in Illinois. But Romney is no stranger to blowout defeats of his own in a race for Senate. Romney, like Santorum lost by 17% in a Senate election, in his 1994 race vs. Ted Kennedy. Romney, however, lost big in a historically good year for Republicans, while Santorum lost big in a historically bad year for Republicans. Here are the numbers.

Val Kilmer As Mark Twain

Weirdly, scarily accurate. Kilmer is currently starring in a one-man play called "Citizen Twain".

The Undiscovered Gems Of Netflix Streaming

There are literally tens of thousands of things to watch on Netflix. Most of them not very good! If only there was a human video clerk, like the olden days, to help you find the most awesome, most obscure films on Netflix streaming video. Say hello to the Netflix Video Clerk.

Brian Cashman Was Kind Of A Jerk About Andy Pettitte

Yankees GM Brian Cashman went on YES today to talk about Andy Pettitte's decision to come out of retirement and return to the team. Buried in the interview is an interesting piece of information that seems to amuse Cashman, but I have a feeling Andy's probably less happy about it.

Obsidian Entertainment Is In Serious Trouble Because Of Stupid Goddamn Metacritic

Pretty much anyone who pays any sort of close attention to gaming knows Metacritic is a cancer. It hurts game makers because nobody buys anything without an 85-or-above attached to it anymore. It hurts “games journalists” who are under constant pres…

Awesome New Material Made With 'Designer Electrons', Juggalos Bewildered

Researchers at Stanford University and the U.S. Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Lab have created a material never seen before by making copper atoms behave as though they were exposed to a 60 Tesla magnetic field, which is 30% stron…

Random Thursday Night Photo - Buzznet

Last night me and my friends went to a Furne One fashion show in downtown Los Angeles. It was in a church which made it even more awesome. I captured the confession booth on the 2nd picture and made my friend confess all her dirty secrets!;) Of cour…

Playboy's Hashtag #FriskyFriday On Twitter

It’s back! See the sexiest pictures posted to Twitter today.

XSEED May Pave The Way For More Japanese Games On Steam With Ys

Two Ys titles are headed to Steam including the previously Japanese-only Ys Origin.

The Strange Psychology Of Lines

The iPad is one of the only things left that people will actually queue up for — in part because the act of waiting is in itself an experience.

"Kony 2012" Director Arrested For Public Masturbation

Jason Russell, star and co-creator of viral phenomenon Kony 2012, was arrested in San Diego for public masturbation and vandalizing cars. NBC San Diego is reporting Russell was detained last night, with police describing his behavior as "very strange."

Beautiful "Magic Mushroom House" Built Under The Influence Of Hallucinogenic Drugs

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous home built by an architect who just so happened to enjoy tripping on mushrooms as much as building houses. The home, located in Aspen, Colorado, has been known as the "Magic Mushroom House" since its its inception in 1973.

Important Update: Peyton Manning Could Be A 49er

Word is that the 49ers are the elusive "mystery team" chasing Manning. And only we know what Peyton Manning could do as a 49er.

The 20 Hottest Photos Of George Clooney Getting Arrested

Clooney and his father, Nick, were arrested earlier today during a protest outside of the Sudanese Embassy. Only a man named "Sexiest Man Alive" twice in his career could manage to look so flawless while getting arrested defending the rights of the Sudanese people. Well played.

Rick Santorum Shirtless

Here's a picture of Rick Santorum lounging poolside in Puerto Rico. Hot or not, what do you think? [Update: Santorum responds.]

Game Of Thrones March Madness Bracket

Let's say you're more into broadswords, dragons, and royal incest than college basketball. In that case, here's a March Madness bracket that'll be a little more up your alley.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2 (Game Battle)

You all loved the first one, so why not kill the rest of your afternoon on the sequel. Go on, you didn't have anything better to do today.

John Kerry Would Not Bail George Clooney Out Of Jail

But would pardon him. Who says John Kerry can't connect with everyday Americans?

Creepy Weatherman On Jimmy Kimmel Live

There's so much terrible in this. Plus he doesn't even attempt to discuss the weather.

FWD: Halp! How Much PDA Is Acceptable On Facebook?

Welcome to FWD: Halp! a weekly advice column on how to behave like a person when using technology, by Katie Heaney. (Email her!) This week: Figuring out how much PDA is acceptable on Facebook, how to respond to tragedies on Tumblr, and how creepy it is to clear your entire browser history.

How Many Players Can Fit In Jonathan Broxton's Pants?

The super-sized Kansas City pitcher's teammates tried to find out.

Amazing Photos Of Vintage Dwarf Wrestling

David Maciejewski's vast photo collection of '60s and '70s professional wrestling includes some of the most popular little person wrestlers of this classic era.

Wait, What Month Is It Going To Be?

Sneaking this onto the office calendar.

Goodbye, "Jersey Shore"

With Snooki being pregnant and responsible these days, last night's season finale of MTV's "Jersey Shore" could very well be the end of the series. Herewith, all of the last-hurrah's, hijinks, and now-poignant goodbyes of the original "Jersey Shore" cast.

Endangered African Cat Born to Housecat Surrogate

Scientists planted an embroyo of the critically endangered African Black-footed Cat in a regular domestic cat. This little fluffball, named Crystal, is the first inter-species embryo transplant of its kind.

Hey LeBron: Here's One Other Way You're Different Than Dwight

After Dwight Howard's silly free-agent saga, LeBron James got on his high horse. We'll now remind you why this is insane.

Gay Marriage Campaigner To Share Stage With Obama

The president and Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson are honorees at Barnard College's commencement Monday, May 14. Wolfson tells BuzzFeed he will "encourage him to complete that journey and join the national majority for Americans."

Fabolous Makes It Rain $28,000 At A Strip Club

Man, being rich is so great.

This American Life Retracts Apple Factory Episode

This American Life has retracted its most popular episode ever, citing fabrications. Contributor Mike Daisey is going with the "but it's art" defense.

New iPad Owners Being Obnoxious Braggarts

Throw these jerks in Twitter jail for crimes of braggy yet meaningless hashtag usage. Our only solace is that these people were deluged by bots messaging them right after tweeting this.

New iPad TV Ad. This Bad

Recent Apple ads have not been bold or different. They've been boring as fuck. And this :30 TV spot for the new iPad is the worst of them.

Meghan McCain's Playboy Interview

The Playboy 20 Questions interview doesn't include any "Game Change"-related questions, but does include a dig at Mormons. McCain also tells kids of presidential candidates to "Get sleep, be nice and shut up."

20 Gigantic Sculptures Of Everyday Objects

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen have been installing these pieces for over 40 years now. I like them because they are bigger than the things usually are. (via

Romney In 2002: I'm A "Person Of Independence"

Mitt Romney is running for president on a strong conservative platform. But in this 12-minute-long interview from his gubernatorial campaign, Romney defined himself to Massachusetts voters as independent Republican and not part of the establishment. “I’m not running as the Republican view, or a continuation of Republican values. That’s not what brings me to the race." [Ed. note: Seven seconds of this interview was posted on BuzzFeed earlier.]

Kate Upton's 25 Sexiest Sports Moments

Newly minted modeling superstar Kate Upton is pretty much the hottest thing in sports these days. Upton isn't exactly an athlete, but she is rumored to be dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and over the last year she has been popping up (or out?)…

Women Flood Facebook Page Of Ultrasound-enforcing Lawmaker With Updates On Their Vaginas

Like so many other male politicians pushing for things like mandatory transvaginal ultra-sounds, Virginia Senator Ryan McDougle is presumably very interested and concerned with the reproductive health of American women. Why else would he bother, no?…

Men Ditch Tab By BASE Jumping Out Of 55th Floor Bar

Introducing the extreme dine and ditch: four as-yet unidentified men ordered Negronis at the bar of the upscale Melbourne restaurant Vue de Monde, which happens to be on the 55th floor. Then, without paying, they got up and jumped off the balcony. O…

Basketball Bieber Destroyed The Timberwolves With A Go-Ahead Dunk Last Night

After a ridiculous over-the-head pass from Devin Harris, Gordon Hayward, the NBA's Justin Bieber, threw down.

Michael Steele, 'Republicans Don't Talk To Me Anymore'

The former RNC chairman's ostracization from his beloved party is now complete.

Mitt Romney Supports Puerto Rican Statehood

In this speech at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference in Miami in January, Romney endorsed the Caribbean territory eventually becoming a state. This was following his endorsement by Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño, a member of the statehood party.

Kathie Lee Goes To Town On An Old Guy

Pretty sure that old guy's life was made when Kathie Lee made out with him for what felt like forever — look at his face! But won't Frank be jealous?

Watch Cee-Lo Check Out Big Ang's Boobs

A weird combination of people who got along a little too well together, if you know what I mean. Basically, I'm hoping these two become the next celebrity "it" couple.

KONY 2012 Director: "We Can Have Fun While We End Genocide"

Here's Jason Russell, director of KONY 2012, telling the conservative evangelical audience at Jerry Falwell’s university about how it was his dream to document genocide.

38 Things You Will Only See At The International Pizza Expo

The Pizza Expo is a REALLY special place.

Somebody Put Chips In This Bag Of Air

This is the saddest thing you'll see all day.

Computer Ads Haven't Changed In 60 Years

"The Basic G-15 computer is a complete computer... with many extra features!" Gadget ads are still cut from a template that Bendix was using in 1956, to sell its cabinet-sized "complete operating computer system." Also, this pamphlet is gorgeous. (via Brendan Koerner)

Kid Photobombs Adrian Brody And The "Today Show"

If you're going to stand in the crowd at 30 Rock during a taping of the "Today Show," you might as well make yourself seen.

New Atheism Bus Ad Uses Famous Woody Allen Line

Christians, say it in a really nebbishy voice, and it won't hurt so bad.

Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Tom Morello And More Cover "This Land Is Your Land"

After the Boss' keynote address at SXSW, he and the E Street band (along with a bunch of other familiar faces) ended their set with a cover of the Woody Guthrie classic and, basically, melted everyone's face off.

It's Time To Watch Kate Middleton Play Field Hockey

The captain of England's Olympic team says she's pretty good! Then again she probably isn't about to trash royalty, so watch the video and decide for yourself.

6 Signs Ikea Is Spying On You

Ikea was accused this week of spying on dissatisfied customers through private detectives. Here's how to be alert for Ikea-spionage.

George Clooney Arrested In Protest At Sudanese Embassy

Here's George Clooney, with father Nick, being taken away in zip ties by police in Washington D.C. Clooney has been in Washington all week to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

Minimum Wage Hours You'd Need To Work To Afford Your Rent

Maryland is the big winner at 137 hours a week!

The Never-Ending Feud: Stephon Marbury Attacks Mike D'Antoni

Stephon Marbury and the Knicks parted ways more than three years ago, but that doesn't mean that he has forgiven Mike D'Antoni. We break down the feud. You decide who has the advantage.

"Dark Shadows" Trailer Drops

Hey remember when soap operas in the 60s were about vampires and ghosts? Tim Burton is proving everything old is new again with this movie remake.

Jesse James Lets His 8-Year-Old Daughter Tattoo Her Name Onto His Wrist

Your questionable parenting story of the day. Cool dad or coolest dad? (I kid).

This Little Girl Cried Hysterically After The Trail Blazers Traded Gerald Wallace

What starts as a pretty fake "reaction" video, turns into legitimate crying. Even her mom seems surprised. Pretty sure she likes Gerald more than any other human being in the world.

Bank Of America Surges Toward $10 Mark

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Bank of America(BAC) shares are on fire once again following Federal Reserve "stress tests," which the bank passed handily this week.

Russell Brand Posts $5000 Bail After Being Arrested Over iPhone Incident

Russell's camp were quick to make amends and have reportedly paid $240 to the photographer over the incident, according to the website.

Jump Rope's Point Of View

A vertigo-inducing experimental film shot from the perspective of a jump rope in motion. Not safe for those with motion sickness.

How To Pour The Perfect Pint Of Guinness

This is going to be very important tomorrow.

"Dark Shadows" Trailer Reveals Johnny Depp As Vampire, '70s Disco Camp

Well this looks...odd. Tim Burton reimagines the Gothic soap opera as "Anne Rice's The Brady Bunch."

Kim Kardashian Eclipses Obama On Twitter As She Gains 14 Million Fans

The 31-year-old reality star blew a kiss to her fans to thank them.

The New iPad's Screen Under A Microscope

Here's what "retina" really means. Designer Lukas Mathis put 15 gadget screens under a microscope, including the new iPad's.

The Only Three Women In Bruce Springsteen's Music

Funny, I always thought he made music for the people. I also thought his music was just that, HIS MUSIC. If you want your music your way, then go make music your way. I don't see any rich men complaining about his music. The only one man in Bruce S…

Jeremy Lin And Landry Fields Show You How To Do The Nerdiest Handshake In Sports

It turns out it might be the most religious handshake in sports too. Who knew?

Please Don't Leak This Email

The Democratic National Committee's war with the Daily Caller isn't about ethics, it's about a changing media landscape.

Kim Kardashian With A Beard

Just something I found while doing a google image search. Thanks, Photoshop.

52 Things The New iPad Still Doesn't Have

It's 2012, Apple, get with it! The iPad is still lagging behind in 52 key categories.

Raising Boys

The latest viral buzz from

Microsoft Prudently Opts To Wait On New Xbox Announcement

We won't be hearing about the new system at E3.

A Guide To China’s Takeover Of Fashion’s Front Rows

According to Emma Charlton in her story “China’s passion for fashion on show in Paris” in the AFP, “China’s luxury market is forecast by McKinsey & Co to soar to 27 billion dollars by 2015 — one fifth of the world total — up from 10 billion dollars …

Votes Against Women? Molly Ball On GOP Attempts To Renounce The Violence Against Women Act

Molly Ball, staff writer for The Atlantic, contextualizes Republican opposition to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Ball emphasizes that the GOP brain trust is wary of the perception that Republicans are waging a war on women: …

What The Space Shuttle Booster Saw

You've likely seen other videos taken from cameras attached to the Space Shuttle and its boosters, but this is one is exceptional in two regards: it's in HD and the sound has been remastered by Skywalker Sound.

Get To Know Mitt Romney's Most Controversial Backer, Frank VanderSloot

Vandersloot, a prominent Idaho businessman, has poured huge sums into Romney's SuperPAC. He's also litigious, combative, and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement.

One Reason Why UConn Lost To Iowa State

When this is your version of "preparation" before a big game, something may be wrong.

BuzzFeed Imagines: VCU's Coach Is Annoyed With All Of You

VCU's win tonight may technically have been an upset (and the first of the tournament), but if I were you, I wouldn't say that to the team's coach, Shaka Smart.

The 17 Minute Obama Campaign Film Aims To Make You Care Again

The goal: Restore the emotional connection the president had in 2008.

What Buffett Knows About Bank Investing That You Don't

Updated to reflect additional information on buybacks and analyst ratings.

Chefs Weigh In: The Pros And Cons Of Expansion

Welcome to Hot Topics, in which chefs chime in on a significant issue in food. The scene at Michelle Bernstein's Sra. Martinez [Photo: Sra. Martinez] For serious, respected chefs, the...

Adele Shows Off Her Slimmer Figure In Leggings As She Enjoys A Busy Day With Boyfriend Simon Konecki

She's been cutting a slimmer figure since losing weight after recovering from throat surgery last year.

Awww: Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Wore Coordinating (Designer) Cat And Mouse Shoes

Not surprisingly, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy have quickly become the mother-daughter pair to watch for their sartorial choices. Even though Blue is only two months old, she’s already shown an affinity for adventurous footwear. Meanwhile, Bey has taken to …

We'll Miss Newt 'I'm Going To Be The Nominee' Gingrich

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s “Newtstalgia” roundup, Cenk and Jayar Jackson celebrate Newt Gingrich’s greatest hits — or at least the moments they’ll most miss making fun of, especially how many times he says “I’m going to be the nominee.”

Video Games Are Good For You

SS: People tend to paint all video games with the same brush. When you say video games now, you’re talking about games you play on your mobile phone, Smartphone games, apps, Cloud Games, PC games, are you talking about augmented reality, are you tal…

A Survey Of The Funny, Haunted Dreams People Have About Their Jobs

Does a beekeeper dream about her bees? What does a porn star dream about when she's not at work? How about teachers, lawyers and people with office jobs—are they stuck with the same boring work-dream loops as the rest of us, or do their dreams revea…

Southern Mississippi Apologizes To Angel Rodriguez For Racist Chant, Misspells His Name

Southern Mississippi President Martha Saunders issued an apology on behalf of the school after their fans' chanted “Where's your Green Card” and Kansas State's Angel Rodriguez. Maybe she should have checked the spelling of the kid's name.

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