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March 10, 2012

The First Time Obama Was Elected President

The future President's election to lead the Harvard Law Review was covered extensively by the press.

The Prototypes Behind Journey From

Thatgamecompany gives us an exclusive look at the prototypes they developed behind the scenes when making Journey.

Top 20 Most Worthless Ads At SXSW

I thought this was a tech conference? These people should know better.

SXSW Is a Secret Libertarian Utopia

Hear me out. SXSW is young and hip and progressive — sure, whatever. I have a theory.

Are Bill Maher's Jokes About Sarah Palin As Offensive As Rush Limbaugh?

Cenk convenes his TYT Supreme Court — Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, Jimmy Dore and Jesus Godoy are the justices present — to decide whether Bill Maher’s misogynist jokes about Sarah Palin is as worthy of condemnation as Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Sa…

SXSW Vs. The Gathering Of The Juggalos

SXSW is a huge tech festival in Austin in March. The Gathering of the Juggalos is a huge Insane Clown Posse festival in the woods of southern Illinois in August. Here are the differences I noticed between the two.

5 Secrets Of "Top Chef"

Tom Colicchio, Andy Cohen and some Bravo execs gave a talk today at SXSW where they revealed some key info about the show. They didn't answer our question about whether anyone's ever gotten food poisoning, though.

Winter's 100 Steamiest Sports Hottie Twit Pics

Who needs a subscription to men's magazines likes Maxim, FHM, Esquire or even Playboy these days? Seems a bit silly to pay for a year's worth of magazines when most of the models are posting the same images on Facebook and/or Twitter on a daily basi…

Five Reasons Not to Hate Highlight

The thing everyone's talking about at SXSW is a GPS friend-finding app called Highlight, and a lot of people think it's creepy. Ignore them! This thing is awesome.

How Gravity Rush's Designers Took The Third Option

So it should come as little surprise that, like many Japanese devs at GDC, Gravity Rush's Yoshiaki Yamaguchi devoted a fair amount of his panel to the conundrum of appealing to both Japanese and American audiences. Unlike many designers, though, Yam…

The Most Innovative Man At SXSW

Walking will never be the same.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Rams, Redskins Trade Shakes Up First Round

Groundbreaking trades are rare in the NFL where players and draft picks are protected with Secret Service-like measures. This is what makes the trade from the Washington Redskins to the St. Louis Rams all the more exciting.

How Mitt "Guamney" Is Putting Santorum Away

Romney's wins, big and obscure, are giving him a dramatic lead in the currency that counts: Delegates. On to Samoa!

25 Inspiring Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

It’s a wrap! Fashion Month is over, and while we’re relieved to be out of the madness, we’re still a little sad to see it go. Paris Fashion Week brought us a host of incredible, inspiring collections, but it wouldn’t have been complete without the w…

A Quick Look Back At Heavy Rain In The Shadow Of Kara

Just before David Cage's Game Developers Conference presentation yesterday -- at the exact moment Apple announced its new iPad, in fact -- the Heavy Rain director was stuck in a meeting room doing press appointments. A few hours later, he would ente…

The 15 Biggest Stories From Fashion Month

Whew, we made it! Yep, fashion month is finally over and while right now the whole thing feels like one big blur of taxi cab rides, celebrity sightings, unbelievably sore feet and, of course, beautiful clothing–there were a ton of memorable, big sto…

£200K Night Club Tab Included 42 'Pussy Shots'

Welcome to Receiptrocity, bringing you the strangest and most entertaining receipts America's restaurants have to offer. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it over to

Fun With Shia Labeouf’s Beard And Cardigan

It’s like Shia time-traveled back to the 70s and Bumblebee de-evolved into a bear.

Watch Spartacus:Vengeance Season 1 Episode 7

The latest viral buzz from

Leaked Peyton Manning Receipt Cost Server His Job

Welcome to Receiptrocity, bringing you the strangest and most entertaining receipts America's restaurants have to offer. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it over to

Your Salon Manicures And Straight Hair May Be Killing You

Ultra violet lamps used in salons may increase your risk of skin cancer. Brazilian blowouts have noxious carcinogen formaldehyde. How much are we willing to risk to look pretty?

Eighth-Grade Science Teacher Suspended For "Big Sausage Pizza" Porn Past

Thirty-one-year-old Stacie Halas, an eighth-grade science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, California, was placed on paid administrative leave this week, after students began gossiping that their teach could be seen in a …

Elizabeth Olsen On Being An It Girl

Elizabeth Olsen may be the younger sister of child stars-turned-fashion stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but she’s having no problem making a name for herself. After scoring a breakout role as a woman who escapes from a cult in the 2011 drama Marth…

Hulk Hogan Has A Sex Tape

Until now the closest you could come to seeing Hulk Hogan having sex was the pictures of him seductively rubbing oil on his daughters ass or Sgt. Slaughter dry humping him at Wrestlemania VII. That Ends Now!

10 Reasons Obama Will Be Re-Elected

The latest viral buzz from

Her Ex-Boyfriend

The latest viral buzz from

Naomie Harris: Skyfall

Naomie Harris open up about Skyfall.

American Idol Top 13 Review 03/07/2012 On Xander's Blog

So now that we have our Top 13 for this season which i'll be honest, i'm scratching my head at some of the wild cards that made it through to the Top 13 (DeAndre and Jeremy) it's time to weigh down how each contestant did tonight. Tonight's theme wa…

Whitney Houston Will: Bobbi Kristina Brown Gets Everything

Whitney Houston's will has been released, and 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown is the sole beneficiary. In the 19-page document obtained by Inside Edition, Houston willed her entire estate, including her furniture, clothing, jewelry and cars, to Bob…

Great Skin! Digital Magazine - Issue 1

Everything a woman needs to get-- and keep -- healthy, glowing skin (42 Photos)

14 Yoga Mistakes To Avoid

Concerns over yoga and injury have been in the media lately. Fortunately, there are ways to practice the healing discipline of yoga in ways that minimize the potential for injury. The first mistake to avoid: ignoring your body. It seems obvious, rig…

All Aboard! Marc Jacobs Sends Out His Fall Collection For Louis Vuitton On A Train

It takes a lot to get the jaded fashion pack to emote at all, especially at the end of fashion month when everyone is dragging their feet and crabby. But they squealed with glee this morning when a massive custom made train–complete with whistles, c…

Is Bill Maher As Offensive As Rush Limbaugh?

In tonight's two-hour broadcast, Ana tackles the pros & cons of "KONY 2012," Ted Johnson on the race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown,'s Gary Kamiya has updates on Iran, and the TYT Supreme Court determine whose commentary is worse…

Alison Brie Joins Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bryan Cranston In Greatest Movie Ever Made

Rule No. 1 in the Uproxx Guide to Writing About Stuff is “Write about Alsion Brie at any opportunity”, but since the star of Community and my X-rated fan fiction hasn’t been in very many films, we don’t get to talk about her that much. Well, hit the…

First Look At Johnny Depp And Armie Hammer In The Lone Ranger

Disney just released the first promo image for its upcoming version of The Lone Ranger (directed by Gore Verbinski, and starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked lawman), and after looking at the picture for the past ten minutes, …

Tell 1UP: Who's Your Shepard?

Show us your Shepard as you embark on your first playthrough of Mass Effect 3.

Next Xbox Rumored To Lack A Disc Drive, But Is That So Shocking?

A new report suggests the 360's successor will use solid state media in place of discs.

Meet The World's Biggest High-Fashion Button Collector

This Italian's collection of 10 million buttons includes buttons from fashion's most famous names. He's charmingly Italian, explaining, "the button that started my collection was the one that broke when I was unbuttoning a young woman's blouse."

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