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March 10, 2012

“Real Housewife” Gretchen Rossi Tries Unsuccessfully To Hustle Engagement From Bravo

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi desperately tried to get Bravo to pay for an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Slade Smiley — plus a lavish trip — after her rival Tamra Barney was proposed to by Eddie Judge.

Hardly Working: Leaked Nude Photos

Check out more HardlyWorking episodes at

Jennifer Garner Steps Out After Giving Birth To Samuel

You nasty jealous people need to get a life – I think their beautiful girls always look cute and are dressed aged appropriately – unlike “Princess Suri” -if Jennifer wanted the paps following her all the time don’t you think she would make an effort…

VIDEO] Canadian Ski Racer Nick Zoricic Dies At World Cup After Crash

Nick Zoricic, a 29-year-old ski racer from Canada, passed away this morning after a fatal crash during the World Cup in Switzerland. What a tragedy. This

Daily Afternoon Randomness In HQ (41 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (42 Photos)

'Mad Men' Season 5 Secrets: Why Is There A 1954 LIFE Magazine In The New Season's Pictures?

The first new photos from Season 5 (two-hour premiere airs Sun., Mar. 25, 9 p.m. EST on AMC) were released today, and we were immediately looking for any clues about what year the show would be set in this season. The show, as we've known it, kicked…

'Sluts' Respond To Rush Limbaugh: An Anthem For International Women's Day (VIDEO)

New York-based musical comedy duo Reformed Whores have always had a lot to say about what it means to be a modern woman. So in the wake of Rush Limbaugh Slut-Gate 2012, they took it upon themselves to record a song for tawdry birth-control-using, co…

The First Time Obama Was Elected President

The future President's election to lead the Harvard Law Review was covered extensively by the press.

The 6 Worst Hiding Places In The History Of Crime

We have to admit: We love us a good "dumb criminal" story. It's reassuring to know that the people who would do us harm are less "evil genius" and more "kid who always lost at hide-and-seek because he hid behind a tree that wasn't quite wide enough …

I Give You Happiness :

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The Next Kony: 6 More War Criminals Who Deserve An Internet-Wide Shaming

Now that Invisible Children's Kony 2012 campaign has made Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony internet-infamous, who are some of the other international figures who deserve to be brought to justice? We worked with our friends at UN Dispatch to…

The Prototypes Behind Journey From

Thatgamecompany gives us an exclusive look at the prototypes they developed behind the scenes when making Journey.

Top 20 Most Worthless Ads At SXSW

I thought this was a tech conference? These people should know better.

SXSW Is a Secret Libertarian Utopia

Hear me out. SXSW is young and hip and progressive — sure, whatever. I have a theory.

Are Bill Maher's Jokes About Sarah Palin As Offensive As Rush Limbaugh?

Cenk convenes his TYT Supreme Court — Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, Jimmy Dore and Jesus Godoy are the justices present — to decide whether Bill Maher’s misogynist jokes about Sarah Palin is as worthy of condemnation as Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Sa…

Straight Shoot: The Great Rock/Cena Promo Battle

Great article, an entertaining and interesting read. As much of a Rock fan as I am, I think this has been played out a lot longer than we believe. On his first night back in Anaheim last year he was The Rock. He spoke like The Rock, he had that cool…

SXSW Vs. The Gathering Of The Juggalos

SXSW is a huge tech festival in Austin in March. The Gathering of the Juggalos is a huge Insane Clown Posse festival in the woods of southern Illinois in August. Here are the differences I noticed between the two.

5 Secrets Of "Top Chef"

Tom Colicchio, Andy Cohen and some Bravo execs gave a talk today at SXSW where they revealed some key info about the show. They didn't answer our question about whether anyone's ever gotten food poisoning, though.

Winter's 100 Steamiest Sports Hottie Twit Pics

Who needs a subscription to men's magazines likes Maxim, FHM, Esquire or even Playboy these days? Seems a bit silly to pay for a year's worth of magazines when most of the models are posting the same images on Facebook and/or Twitter on a daily basi…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Darth Maul Facts

Darth Maul is making a comeback in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and it's something you won't want to miss. Now is the perfect time to learn all about Darth Sidious's former apprentice. You love Darth Maul, but the time has come to read Star Wars: The C…

My Abortion Was The Best Decision Of My Life

So that Saturday, after having not eaten for the 24 hours as they requested so I wouldn’t vomit when I was put under, Bess, “The Guy” and I headed to the clinic. I was put in a room with another girl who was there for the same thing and waited my tu…

Box Office Report: 'John Carter' Earns Weak $9.8 Mil On Friday, Younger Fanboys Largely AWOL

Andrew Stanton's big-budget spectacle headed for disappointing $27 million debut, while holdover "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" eyeing $40 million haul in its second outing; Eddie Murphy comedy "A Thousand Words" D.O.A.

Would You Want An Engagement Ring With Your Birthstone? Here Are 12--One For Each Month! Which Would You Wear?

I love a diamond engagement ring as much as the next girl, but diamonds don't have a ton of meaning for most girls. (Unless they mean, "Someone spent a lot of money on this ring!")

Five Reasons Not to Hate Highlight

The thing everyone's talking about at SXSW is a GPS friend-finding app called Highlight, and a lot of people think it's creepy. Ignore them! This thing is awesome.

Pink Slime Found In 70% Of Supermarket Ground Beef In ABC Investigation (VIDEO)

The price of beef has risen dramatically in recent months and years. That's led many consumers to shift away from steaks and towards cheaper hamburgers and meatloaves when they've had a hankering for cow. But record highs mean that even ground beef …

Flashing Phoenix Lights A Mystery

The ball of light that looked like an explosion was captured by a traffic camera on Interstate 17 around 4:45 a.m. Thursday and happened to be broadcast by KSAZ-TV when the station showed footage of the roadway during a report on the morning's commu…

How Gravity Rush's Designers Took The Third Option

So it should come as little surprise that, like many Japanese devs at GDC, Gravity Rush's Yoshiaki Yamaguchi devoted a fair amount of his panel to the conundrum of appealing to both Japanese and American audiences. Unlike many designers, though, Yam…

The Most Innovative Man At SXSW

Walking will never be the same.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Rams, Redskins Trade Shakes Up First Round

Groundbreaking trades are rare in the NFL where players and draft picks are protected with Secret Service-like measures. This is what makes the trade from the Washington Redskins to the St. Louis Rams all the more exciting.

Kris Humphries Demands $7 Million From Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries is secretly demanding $7 MILLION from Kim Kardashian to walk away from their marriage ... TMZ has learned. Sources directly connected to Kris tell TMZ ... the bballer -- through his Minnesota lawyer -- has given Kim an ultimatum ... …

Bachelor Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Trying To Save Engagement?

Ben and Courtney are planning a private vacation to try and give it one last go, a friend reveals. Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his rumored fiancee Courtney R

Camera + Mirror – Clothes = Win (36 Photos)

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The New Smutty Novel, Fifty Shade Of Grey.

The women’s book club has a new romantic heroine. By day, Anastasia Steele is a college senior at a Vancouver University and a virgin who wears indifferent jeans and reads the usual novels (Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Pride and Prejudice). By night, …

How Tech Companies Got Their Names (Gallery)

oh sorry that you missed the obvious relationship of the two companies. drop both names into BING and read.

Francis Playing 'Magic The Gathering' Is F#%^ing Hilarious (Video)

This game is serious business. Don’t laugh. Next Random Home Previous

How Mitt "Guamney" Is Putting Santorum Away

Romney's wins, big and obscure, are giving him a dramatic lead in the currency that counts: Delegates. On to Samoa!

Rosie O'Donnell's Talk Show 'The Rosie Show' Is Imploding After Launching On OWN

Rosie O’Donnell’s TV history is repeating itself — and, as in the past, it’s getting ugly.

25 Inspiring Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

It’s a wrap! Fashion Month is over, and while we’re relieved to be out of the madness, we’re still a little sad to see it go. Paris Fashion Week brought us a host of incredible, inspiring collections, but it wouldn’t have been complete without the w…

Box Office Report: 'John Carter' Stumbles, 'Lorax' Likely To Win Weekend Crown

Pixar's Andrew Stanton-directed John Carter, which marks his live-action debut after turning out blockbusters Finding Nemo and WALL-E. In an ironic twist of fate, Stanton's film will likely be trounced by Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s a…

Eddie Murphy's 'A Thousand Words': What The Critics Are Saying

In theaters Friday, Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words is already receiving some pretty harsh criticism.

What Women Really Want In A Relationship

What do women want? It’s the age-old question. But a recent study offers men a clue: women are most satisfied when their partner knows they’re upset.

There Are 227,000 New Jobs—Why Isn't Unemployment Going Down?

Digging into the numbers to figure out what's really going on with jobs.

A Quick Look Back At Heavy Rain In The Shadow Of Kara

Just before David Cage's Game Developers Conference presentation yesterday -- at the exact moment Apple announced its new iPad, in fact -- the Heavy Rain director was stuck in a meeting room doing press appointments. A few hours later, he would ente…

Gov. Chris Christie Calls Veteran An 'Idiot' In Shouting Match

Gov. Chris Christie argued with a former Navy SEAL Thursday over the state's plans to reconfigure public universities in New Jersey -- resulting in Christie calling the man an idiot. William Brown -- a Rutgers-Camden law student opposes the governor…

Mass Effect 3's Best Squad Members

The galaxy can be a lonely place. Not only are gigantic, synthetic, organic starships looking to destroy every living thing, but they also want to kill me. That's a problem. These jerks need to go down, but I can't do it alone. On the other hand, so…

Audiobooks And The Celebrities Who Were Born To Read Them

Audiobook superstore Audible has recently rolled out a new series of books called the “A-List Collection,” featuring celebrities lending their vocal talents to classic books. They have some great talent on tap: Annette Bening reading Mrs. Dalloway, …

Why Apple's New iPad Should Be Google's Wake-Up Call

A strange thing happened during the announcement of Apple’s new iPad on Wednesday: for a moment, CEO Tim Cook stopped talking about his company’s products and started dissing Google’s Android operating system. Cook displayed a couple of third-party …

Snooki News - One Minute Buzz: Jessica Simpson & Snooki Bare Baby Bumps; Taylor Swift Bares (Almost) All!

Take a peek at the biggest stories (and bellies) in our weekly wrap up series, The One Minute BUZZ! It’s an entire entertainment experience in just 60 seconds!

Gorgeous Models Gallery :

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Random Facts You Didn't Know :

They won’t care, for the record. But go ahead and try…. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 …

VIDEO] Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Dating

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart must have gotten some sleep and kissed and made up during their 12 hour flight from Paris, France to Los Angeles March 8, because they acted madly in love when they got off the plane at LAX.

10 Celebrities Who Worked Straight Jobs After Becoming Famous

As evidenced by an ever-increasing glut of TV talent quests and reality shows, the public seems to imagine fame as some sort of existential panacea, something that changes your life so dramatically that everything’s suddenly somehow all right — you …

The 15 Biggest Stories From Fashion Month

Whew, we made it! Yep, fashion month is finally over and while right now the whole thing feels like one big blur of taxi cab rides, celebrity sightings, unbelievably sore feet and, of course, beautiful clothing–there were a ton of memorable, big sto…

£200K Night Club Tab Included 42 'Pussy Shots'

Welcome to Receiptrocity, bringing you the strangest and most entertaining receipts America's restaurants have to offer. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it over to

Louis C.K. Pulls Out Of Radio & Television Congressional Correspondence Dinner Speech

Louis C.K. will not be speaking at the 68th annual Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents dinner, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Fun With Shia Labeouf’s Beard And Cardigan

It’s like Shia time-traveled back to the 70s and Bumblebee de-evolved into a bear.

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions As Publicity Stunts

The back of a skirt tucked into one's tights, a deep V-neck dress that's more nip slip than hip, or a good old-fashioned gust of wind exposing the fact that, yes, laundry day is far overdue. While we mere mortals would turn an appropriate shade of f…

8 Lies It's Surprisingly Easy To Tell As A Health Reporter

Earlier I talked about choosing proper methodologies, and cost/benefit analysis, and literature review. These are just some of the terribly boring chores that are a sad but necessary part of being an expert in a field. That's why we can't expect rep…

Watch Spartacus:Vengeance Season 1 Episode 7

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Young Student's Letter To Local Meteorologist Is Pure Gold

The full letter is below…. 1 2 3 Category: Awesome, Funny, Kids

My Favorite Nail Polish For March 2012: Girls In The Beauty Department

It’s unseasonably balmy here in NYC, so maybe that’s why I was craving this warm and softly upbeat color as March’s nail polish of the month....

Leaked Peyton Manning Receipt Cost Server His Job

Welcome to Receiptrocity, bringing you the strangest and most entertaining receipts America's restaurants have to offer. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it over to

The Most Beautiful Fast Food Restaurants In The World

Call us aesthetic snobs, but subpar standardization permeates this food culture from top to bottom. We can’t help but wonder, what if it didn’t? The fast food of the past 60 years might have looked a lot more like Ferran Adrià’s latest Fast Good in …

Your Salon Manicures And Straight Hair May Be Killing You

Ultra violet lamps used in salons may increase your risk of skin cancer. Brazilian blowouts have noxious carcinogen formaldehyde. How much are we willing to risk to look pretty?

iPad 3 Launch: Is Apple’s 4G LTE Mobile Data Service Too Fast?

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S without 4G, competitors such as Samsung mocked its lack of a modern, whiz-bang broadband network. It was no surprise, then, that Wednesday’s launch of the new iPad focused on what was underneath the hood of the top-…

Reese Witherspoon’s Wearing A Puffy Vest. She’s Pregnant.

Not even a month ago, Reese Witherspoon said she’d love to have another baby, and now here she is wearing a puffy vest after this picture happened, so clearly she’s pregnant. Or her cameltoe‘s grown so large it can be worn as a vest now. I’m actuall…

A Selection Of Remarkable Isolated Vocal Tracks From Famous Songs

For pop music obsessives, the Internet is an infinite series of bottomless rabbit holes. One of our greatest recent distractions has been isolated vocal tracks: archived recordings of only the vocals from a song, or clips that have been digitally ma…

Be Our Bachelor

I work in IT. A part of my job is to configure and ship laptops to our remote agencies. I got a call from an officer manager in the next state saying that she had received a laptop, but couldn't get into it due to an encryption screen asking for a p…

Dick Van Dyke, 86, Marries 40-Year-Old Makeup Artist

CONGRATS ****!! ALL THE BEST!!@****-van-****-86-marries-40-year-old-makeup-artist/comment-page-1/#comment-20817564" rel="nofollow">jj:

American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Delivers Tearjerking "I Will Always Love You" Performance

American Idol hopeful Jessica Sanchez paid tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston Wednesday with a heartfelt cover of her 1993 hit "I Will Always Love You."

Don't Reduce Uganda To A Meme - News

The same isn’t true of my friends in the United States. Until President Obama decided to send 100 troops to Northern Uganda in October 2011, I’d usually receive blank stares when I’d bring up the LRA’s antics in my social circle. In fact, until The …

The Weird Al Career Retrospective Print Set From Gallery1988's "Is This Thing On? 2" Art Show From Jensen Karp

Comedy is an art form and Gallery1988 and FunnyOrDie are back again to prove it. Friday, March 9th, the art gallery located on Melrose Ave. in Hollywood will open its second annual "Is This Thing On?" exhibit, where 100 artists create paintings, pri…

Eighth-Grade Science Teacher Suspended For "Big Sausage Pizza" Porn Past

Thirty-one-year-old Stacie Halas, an eighth-grade science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, California, was placed on paid administrative leave this week, after students began gossiping that their teach could be seen in a …

Elizabeth Olsen On Being An It Girl

Elizabeth Olsen may be the younger sister of child stars-turned-fashion stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but she’s having no problem making a name for herself. After scoring a breakout role as a woman who escapes from a cult in the 2011 drama Marth…

Hulk Hogan Has A Sex Tape

Until now the closest you could come to seeing Hulk Hogan having sex was the pictures of him seductively rubbing oil on his daughters ass or Sgt. Slaughter dry humping him at Wrestlemania VII. That Ends Now!

Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke, And College Sex

Rush Limbaugh has a solution for women who have trouble affording contraception: Have less sex. Instead of asking your employer or college to provide insurance that covers birth control, pay for your birth control yourself. Or get your boyfriend to …

The Sexiest Babes Of International Beach Volleyball [318 PHOTOS]

As the 2012 London Summer Olympics quickly approach, nations from all over the world are holding open tryouts for their various teams – including beach volleyball. The competition’s going to be fierce because not only is the sport wildly popular amo…

Former Kardashian Nanny, Pam Behan, Reveals Truth About Family (VIDEO)

We've already seen the Kardashians during some of their worst and most vulnerable moments on their reality shows, but a former nanny is ready to reveal even more about the famous family.

Rush Limbaugh Defended Joseph Kony, Leader Of Rebel Militia Accused Of Atrocities

In 2011, President Obama sent American troops to fight Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, a guerilla group in Uganda. The LRA has been condemned for human rights violations and using child soldiers to carry out atrocities. A vide…

iPad Features: 11 Things You Need To Know About Apple's New Tablet

After months of talk, Apple finally announced the release of its latest tablet device at an event in San Francisco, Calif. on March 7.

Parent Kathy Halper Embroiders Naughty Facebook Moments (PHOTOS)

When parents around the world started getting Facebook, kids everywhere started panicking. Who wants mom seeing your "zomg sooOooo hungover" status or the shot of you flipping the bird to the camera? Kathy Halper has gone where few moms have gone be…

Dennis Quaid, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid Divorce

UPDATE: According to documents obtained by TMZ, if Dennis and Kimberly Quaid are not able to reach a settlement, Kimberly has requested that the court fairly divide their assets.

'Kony 2012' Video Gets 10 Million Views, Celebrity Backers

By Lucas Shaw NEW YORK ( - "Kony 2012," a YouTube video targeting a Ugandan guerilla leader, has gone viral, amassing almost 10 million views and celebrity backers like Oprah, Ryan Seacrest and Rihanna. In…

New Challenger Video: Super 8 Film Of Space Shuttle Disaster Uncovered (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Rare film of the 1986 Challenger explosion, taken by Jeffrey Ault of Orange City, Fla., has emerged. It is perhaps the only amateur recording of the event on film, and online it has been made available exclusively to The Huffington Post.

10 Reasons Obama Will Be Re-Elected

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Whitney Houston's Will: Bobby Brown Gets Nothing

The details of Whitney Houston's will have been revealed.

Snooki Confirms Pregnancy, Says First Thought Was '[Bleep], I've Been Drinking'

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has finally made it official that she has a meatball in the oven and that she is engaged to boyfriend Jionni LaValle.

Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Naomie Harris: Skyfall

Naomie Harris open up about Skyfall.

American Idol Top 13 Review 03/07/2012 On Xander's Blog

So now that we have our Top 13 for this season which i'll be honest, i'm scratching my head at some of the wild cards that made it through to the Top 13 (DeAndre and Jeremy) it's time to weigh down how each contestant did tonight. Tonight's theme wa…

Whitney Houston Will: Bobbi Kristina Brown Gets Everything

Whitney Houston's will has been released, and 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown is the sole beneficiary. In the 19-page document obtained by Inside Edition, Houston willed her entire estate, including her furniture, clothing, jewelry and cars, to Bob…

Great Skin! Digital Magazine - Issue 1

Everything a woman needs to get-- and keep -- healthy, glowing skin (42 Photos)

14 Yoga Mistakes To Avoid

Concerns over yoga and injury have been in the media lately. Fortunately, there are ways to practice the healing discipline of yoga in ways that minimize the potential for injury. The first mistake to avoid: ignoring your body. It seems obvious, rig…

Robert Pattinson News - Fashion Flyby! Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Head Out Of Paris (PHOTOS)

After a romantic rendezvous during Paris Fashion Week, Robert Pattinson was spotted with his on and off screen leading lady Kristen Stewart at the Roissy Airport in Paris on Thursday.

Kourtney Kardashian News - Style Showdown

Kourtney Kardashian's ultra-glam Oscar party style was also seen on one of 2012's Oscar-nominated actresses: Viola Davis! The hot mama rocked this white

Kim Kardashian News - Can You Guess The Kardashians? (PHOTO)

Which Kardashian sister just posted the above photo on her blog? Donning matching nightgowns and pigtails, can you guess which two girls are smiling up

Kristen Bell Covers ‘Women’s Health’ April 2012

Kristen Bell is red hot in Stella McCartney on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s April 2012 issue.

Zachary Quinto: Babysitting In Silver Lake

Zachary Quinto carries his friends’ baby on Wednesday (March 7) in Silver Lake, Calif.

All Aboard! Marc Jacobs Sends Out His Fall Collection For Louis Vuitton On A Train

It takes a lot to get the jaded fashion pack to emote at all, especially at the end of fashion month when everyone is dragging their feet and crabby. But they squealed with glee this morning when a massive custom made train–complete with whistles, c…

Jessica Simpson Posed Nude For ‘Elle.’ Pregnant.

Here’s a pregnant Jessica Simpson posing nude (Full shot here.) for the April issue of Elle if posing nude means they de-jowled her head and slapped it on Demi Moore‘s body because it was cheaper than airbrushing out nacho cheese burns. Regardless, …

Is Bill Maher As Offensive As Rush Limbaugh?

In tonight's two-hour broadcast, Ana tackles the pros & cons of "KONY 2012," Ted Johnson on the race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown,'s Gary Kamiya has updates on Iran, and the TYT Supreme Court determine whose commentary is worse…

Good Morning, Time To Escape Your Cribs!

You weren’t just going to stay in there all day, right? Sitting around in your dumb crib, doing nothing? There’s a whole world out there! Full of bottles you dropped on the floor! It’s time to climb over your walls, no matter how many times it takes…

A Reporter Walking Into A Pole

Ok that’s a wrap on this one, buddy! No more walking into poles ’til Monday! TGIF! (Via VVV.)

Robert Pattinson Texting Katy Perry? Report

R-Patz has been blowing up new single Katy's phone ever since she's separated from Russell Brand. Read on to find out why! Englishmen just can't seem to g

Breathtaking Photos Of The Insides Of Instruments

Here’s something that perhaps even the most accomplished violinist doesn’t know about her instrument: what its insides really look like. Photographer and art director Bjoern Ewers satisfies our curiosity with a series of ads for the Berlin Philharmo…

David Fincher Battles Over Budget On Netflix's 'House Of Cards' (Exclusive)

In that context, Fincher might have been a particularly challenging partner. “David is fantastic, but David isn’t easy,” says Bill Mechanic, who ran Fox when Fincher made Fight Club. “If you don’t know how to manage a budget, [using Fincher] probabl…

'Smash' First Look: Ryan Tedder, Katharine McPhee Get 'Touch'-Y Gallery

Browse the 'Smash' First Look: Ryan Tedder, Katharine McPhee Get 'Touch'-y gallery on The Hollywood Reporter.

PHOTO: First Look At 'The Lone Ranger' Stars Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer In Costume From Jerry Bruckheimer

In the initial 1949 episode of the TV series of The Lone Ranger, each and every one of the Texas Rangers is killed in an ambush -- except for one. Gravely wounded, he's nursed back to health by a friendly Native American named Tonto, and together th…

Paula Deen Lawsuit: Food Network Star Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Using The 'N-Word'

Former employee Lisa Jackson filed papers alleging that the former Food Network star, who co-owns Bubba’s Oyster and Seafood House in Savannah, Georgia with her brother, of using the N-word and other offensive language. Heirs is accused of viewing p…

'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' Teaser Debuting With 'Hunger Games'

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will screen a teaser ahead of every showing of Hunger Games, with the full version debuting online the Monday after the opening weekend.

Britney Spears Nearing Deal To Judge 'X Factor' (Exclusive)

Britney Spears is nearing a deal to serve as judge on next season's The X Factor, a well-placed source tells The Hollywood Reporter. Spears' fiance, agent Jason Trawick, is negotiating the contract, which could be signed as soon as next week.

'Desperate Housewives' Major Character Death Revealed During Testimony

The reports of a major character's death on the final season of Desperate Housewives might be settled as a result of testimony in the trial between Nicolette Sheridan and the show’s producers over her character’s elimination from the series.

Hollywood-Supported 'Stop Kony' Viral Video Sparks Backlash From Activists And Journalists

Invisible Children addressed many of these accusations in a post to its website late Wednesday. To those decrying their connection with the current Ugandan government, they say, "We do not defend any of the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Uga…

'Grey's Anatomy's' Kevin McKidd, Chandra Wilson To Direct Again (Exclusive)

Grey's Anatomy stars Kevin McKidd and Chandra Wilson are returning to the director's chair. The duo will each direct one of the remaining Season 8 episodes of the ABC medical drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Grand Forks Olive Garden Review Creates Online Frenzy

“After a lengthy wait for Olive Garden to open in Grand Forks, the lines were long in February. The novelty is slowly wearing off, but the steady following attests the warm welcome,” Hagerty’s column begins. She later writes: “At length, I asked my …

Start Adjusting Your Body Clock Now

On Sunday, eat breakfast near a window or take an early walk outdoors. Bright light exposure in the morning helps regulate the body’s internal 24-hour clock and sleep-wake cycle, including the timely production of melatonin, the nighttime hormone th…

The New Way Doctors Learn

Turning a medical student into a doctor takes a whole lot of knowledge. B. Price Kerfoot, an associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, was frustrated at how much knowledge his students seemed to forget over the course of their educat…

Mantyhose: Men Co-Opt Pantyhose In The Latest Metrosexual Trend

Men in tights? Nylons for guys aren't just for Robin Hood anymore.

Alison Brie Joins Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bryan Cranston In Greatest Movie Ever Made

Rule No. 1 in the Uproxx Guide to Writing About Stuff is “Write about Alsion Brie at any opportunity”, but since the star of Community and my X-rated fan fiction hasn’t been in very many films, we don’t get to talk about her that much. Well, hit the…

First Look At Johnny Depp And Armie Hammer In The Lone Ranger

Disney just released the first promo image for its upcoming version of The Lone Ranger (directed by Gore Verbinski, and starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked lawman), and after looking at the picture for the past ten minutes, …

Angelina Jolie Poses Normally In Trousers At NYC Summit

1 of 3Next page © 2012 Photo Credits: HRC/ Latest Angelina Jolie headlines: • Spotted: Angelina Jolie's Kids Walking Their Dog & Brad Pitt Motorcycling In New Orleans • Rihanna And Chris Brown's Girlfriend Ka…

Hilary Duff Is Having Unwanted Hair Issues Due To Pregnancy (Video)

Mother-to-be Hilary Duff has filmed a spoof commercial for a hair removal product in a comedy sketch about the hormonal effects of pregnancy. The singer/actress, who is expecting her first child with husband Mike Comrie, has shot a new FunnyOrDie.c…

Rihanna And Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran's Online Feud!

Rihanna and Chris Brown may have created steamy remixes for one another, but Chris' girlfriend and model Karrueche Tran wants Rihanna to know that Chris is her man!

Daily Afternoon Randomness :

Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

Intermission: How A Dog Sees The World

In a music video for Johnny Neon's song "Hearts," director Dave Meinert straps a camera onto the back of an adorable dog named Lemon. Watch life from the view of this carefree, happy dog as it bounds down stairs, takes strolls on the beach, frolicks…

In Texas, A $10,000 College Degree Is Almost A Reality

With 60 percent of Texas students living in poverty, any attempt to make college affordable is admirable. But the panelists didn't acknowledge the way to create a $10,000 bachelor's degree without stripping it down to bare bones: The Texas legislatu…

Tell 1UP: Who's Your Shepard?

Show us your Shepard as you embark on your first playthrough of Mass Effect 3.

Next Xbox Rumored To Lack A Disc Drive, But Is That So Shocking?

A new report suggests the 360's successor will use solid state media in place of discs.

A Moustached Hilary Duff Pokes Fun At Pregnancy

Hilary Duff said that she's been "slightly bored" waiting for her first child to make his debut...but she hasn't exactly been sitting around! The actress, singer and author filmed a video spoof about pregnancy--and you get to see her in a whole diff…

Meet The World's Biggest High-Fashion Button Collector

This Italian's collection of 10 million buttons includes buttons from fashion's most famous names. He's charmingly Italian, explaining, "the button that started my collection was the one that broke when I was unbuttoning a young woman's blouse."

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