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March 23, 2012

The Best Day Of The Week Has Arrived, It’s #FriskyFriday!

Warning: Only click through these pics if you want to be distracted all day long…

Newt Gingrich Attacks Obama For Trayvon Martin Comment

Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich appeared on the Sean Hannity Radio show today and said he found President Obama's comments “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon" "disgraceful" and "appalling." Gingrich said Obama "trying to turn" the death of Martin "into a racial issue" was "fundamentally wrong."

Madonna's Gay-Rights Facebook Poetry Makes People Mad

Madonna says she'll speak out against recent anti-gay laws at her shows in Russia this summer. Not everyone is thrilled with her support.

Teen Vogue Suggests Wearing Pajamas To Prom

Such as this $178 Aiko Pajama top and matching $240 pants. Costs about as much as a nice prom dress, anyway!

10 Things That Would Make Republicans More Popular Than Meddling With Women's Reproductive Health

The campaigns to defund Planned Parenthood, force women into vaginal ultrasounds, and make contraception more expensive have been political disasters. One way their proponents might redeem themselves? Glitter-bombing the Senate floor!

The White House Fully Embraces "ObamaCare"

It's kind of what the gays did for "queer." "Hell yeah, I'm for Obamacare," David Axelrod says in this email.

Is Miley Cyrus Engaged?

Today's Twitter Buzz: Today Miley tweeted a photo of her nails that showcased a flashy diamond ring — could the reports in the gossip rags be true? (I doubt it.) Plus, everyone and their mother takes to twitter to make fun of Geraldo.

Wasteland 2 Kickstarter May Start An Admirable Trend

Brian Fargo intends to pledge some of Wasteland 2's profits to future Kickstarters.

Reasons To Actually Read The New Tumblr Terms Of Service

They included some cute little nuggets in there.

The Great Surf Riot Of 1986

100,000 people were in Huntington Beach, CA, for the 1986 Ocean Pacific Pro Surfing Championship. Then things started getting out of hand. Let's look back at the world's first — and maybe only — surf riot.

Buried Netflix Treasures About Dudes In Peril

There are literally tens of thousands of things to watch on Netflix. Most of them not very good! If only there was a human video clerk, like the olden days, to help you find the most awesome, most obscure films on Netflix streaming video. Say hello to the Netflix Video Clerk.

Duke's Austin Rivers Is Duke's No More: On The Decision To Go Pro

Why Austin's making the right decision, and why he isn't the player you thought.

Ten-Year-Old Wayne Rooney Looking Surprisingly Adorable

But the other kid can see through Wayne, and is rightly terrified.

The Woman In Love With A 3-Foot Statue

In fact, he (it) is her boyfriend. This is insane! There's no way that statue is actually 3 feet tall.

Possibly The World's Tiniest Puppy

The puppy is the size of an iPhone and its name is Beyonce.

Sexual Innuendo Lizards

Should...should we be seeing this? I am super uncomfortable right now.

SNL On Hulu Isn't Really SNL

Ridiculous music rights issues are keeping some of the show's funniest sketches offline. Maybe this is why the internet kind of hates SNL?

Losing Weight Doesn't Make Obese Girls Feel Better

Even after they drop pounds, they still think they're fat. Which, according to one mom's upsetting story, rings all too true.

Occupy Protester Fishes For Cops With Donuts

That's going to endear them to the general public. Another protester can be heard in the background asking, "Why are you focusing on the cops?" And Gothamist calls them "smug brats."

Movie Villains In Their Twilight Years

This seems about right. It's good to know that The Shining twins are still functioning members of society. (via

Katy Perry Is A Human Disco Ball

Check out what she wore at Berlin's Echo Awards last night. Better than that see-through mermaid outfit — but not by much!

Cate Blanchett Does A Magazine Cover Without Retouching And Other Links

And she is flawless. Plus teachers admit standardize testing is garbage and a cat channels a flying squirrel to defy physics and survive a 19 story fall. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

This Tibetan Mastiff Just Doesn't Give A Damn

Or it's receiving the Heimlich. So big, so hairy.

The Other TMNT Co-Creator And Conan O'Brien Both Have Something To Say

Michael Bay is producing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to be directed by the Battle Los Angeles guy, which is a sentence I never hoped to type. Earlier this week Bay said the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “are from an alien race, and they’…

Help Us Fill The "Worst Star Trek" Episodes Bracket

And you left off the single worst episode ever, an episode called Turnabout Intruder, when a woman body-switches with Kirk so she can be a captain of a starship because, in the enlightened future, Starfleet doesn’t allow female captains. However, sh…

Reuters Politics Really Understands Facebook

Internet over, everyone go home. No matter what your political leanings are, there's something here for everyone.

Why 1995 Was Probably The Best Year Ever For Movies

Sure, there are plenty of better movies than the ones discussed above, but if told I could only watch releases from a single year for the rest of my life, I’d choose 1995. There’s no question. 1995 was the best year ever for movies because its perfe…

The 10 Best Things About Carly Rae Jepsen

Have you heard?! Carly Rae Jepsen is the next big thing.

42 Home Recipes Of Famous Foods

Now you can make some of your favorite foods from the comfort of your own kitchen. If you burn through these, check out the exhaustive list here.

Geraldo And Bill O'Reilly Wearing Hoodies

It's amazing they're still even alive?! Look at them, they're totally asking for it.

5 Things That Can Apparently Make Women Orgasm

A new study says women can orgasm from "weight lifting, climbing poles or ropes, yoga, and biking and spinning classes." From photo copiers to Peppermint Patties, here are some other things that aren't sex that can allegedly make you climax.

Megan Fox's Ever-Changing Face Through The Years

In Touch Weekly ran a story in their magazine this week claiming that Megan Fox has spent over $60,000 on plastic surgery to her face. Take a look at these photos from the past few years and decide for yourself.

Hotel Housekeeper Says She Was Suspended After Activism [Updated]

Morena Hernandez is a hotel worker in Los Angeles who was active in protests for women's and workers' rights. Now she's been mysteriously suspended — and she could be fired.

This Font Is Impossible

Frustro: a typeface that could never exist in three-dimensional space.

The Interesting Hairstyles Of Asians

It's tough transforming those stick-straight locks into a bold hair statement. If you're azn, file these under "looks to try."

Chosen Links And Emo Dogs Tim-tebow-broncos-sacrificed-a-virgin

The latest viral buzz from

Miami Day 1 Photo - Buzznet

DMAs, Cuban food and a broken shoe. I'm writing this sitting in my bed at 3 am, about to pass out but wanted to give u guys a little behind the scenes look of my Miami trip. Today has been intense. Woke up early to do the rounds, meet all the amazin…

Mitt Romney Conversing In French

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent time in France during his college years as a Mormon missionary. This video from a 2005 fundraiser proves he's got the ability to hold a conversation in the language.

Carrie Bradshaw 2.0

So the folks at The CW are trying to cash in on the SATC franchise with their teeny prequel "The Carrie Diaries." Now we have our first look at SJP's mini-me, AnnaSophia Robb. The girl can definitely pass for a young Carrie Bradshaw, but we are a bit stumped by this over the top, tacky styling choice. Seems like they're trying a little too hard, what do you think?

A Short Play On The Occasion Of Tim Tebow's Jets Merchandise Hitting Stores

Because this may be a common scene around the sea of green Tebow jerseys over the next few months.

People Canonized In The Form Of An Ugly Tattoo

Well, it's the thought that counts.

7 Gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence Outfits

Which is the best? All of them. Jennifer Lawrence has had a busy March, promoting the bejesus out of "The Hunger Games" on a globetrotting tour of press events and premieres. Here's a sampling of what she's worn throughout the month.

Geraldo Rivera's Son Is Ashamed About What His Father Said About Hoodies

Your son is right, so just apologize already.

FOX News Irresponsibly Selling Dangerous Hoodies

I can't believe FOX News is still selling these.

Hotties Of The Hunger Games

The first "Hunger Games" movie is officially in theaters today and that means many of us will be seeing it this weekend. Whether you're super excited or being dragged along to a showing, here's a handy guide that identifies (and possibly objectifies) the movie's most attractive cast members. Enjoy.

Obama Uses The Same Patronizing Line On Many, Many Foreign Leaders

Denmark's Thomas Buch-Andersen thought it was kind of sweet that Obama said his country "punches above its weight." Then he realized that the president was saying the same thing to pretty much everyone.

BuzzFeed To Herman Cain: Let Us Make Your Viral Video

Herman Cain wants to raise $100,000 to make a Republican response to the Obama documentary, "The Road We've Traveled." BuzzFeed believes we can make a pretty sweet viral political video for half that price.

Herman Cain Wants To Raise $100,000 To Make A Viral Video

All he really needs is a baby, a cat and a Flipcam, but whatever. This fundraising pitch to finance an online film, meant to be a rebuttal to the Obama campaign's The Road We've Traveled, was e-mailed to us yesterday.

NBA Players Join The Trayvon Martin Protest

LeBron James tweeted it, along with the message, "#WeAreTrayvonMartin #Hoodies #Stereotyped #WeWantJustice".

Only "The Hunger Games" Will Save Your Freedom

Did you know "The Hunger Games" was a coded libertarian parable? These guys did.

"The Hunger Games" Trailer Acted Out By Barbies

Effie Trinket is made for Barbie-fication.

Hungry, Hungry "Hunger Games"

With a little bit of luck, Hasbro will actually make this tie-in. It's not like board games haven't sold their souls in the past to cash in on pop culture phenomenon.

Spotify Is The New Music Industry

Investors are apparently valuing Spotify at over $3.5 billion. But wait a sec: In 2010, the entire music industry had revenues of just $6.5 billion, down from $15 billion ten years ago.

Do You Really Have To Tell Your Facebook Friends Happy Birthday?

FWD: Halp! is a weekly advice column on how to behave like a person when using technology, by Katie Heaney. (Ask her things!) This week: Facebook birthdays, Netflix passwords and how to talk to cute people on the internet.

Daily Deals: Victoria's Secret, James Jeans, And More

Online shopping is convenient, but sifting through everything to find the best deals isn't. Here are today's picks.

A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown Of Blake Griffin Getting Destroyed By Jason Smith

The Hornets' Jason Smith laid a hit on Blake Griffin that would've been brutal on a football field, much less a basketball court. The Clippers were not happy.

Fashion Mailbag: Do Sticker Bras Work?

Once a week, BuzzFeed Shift editor Amy Odell answers your fashion questions in the Fashion Mailbag. The feature starts today with answers about bras that stick to you, Katy Perry's hair, and stubble.

Kerli's "Zero Gravity" Ushers In The Era Of BubbleGoth

In case anyone was wondering "What comes after hipsters?" If Lady Gaga and the Spice Girls had a baby, and let's all stop to imagine that for a moment, this would be the result.

At The Gun Range, Santorum Is Told To "Pretend It's Obama"

Candidate immediately disavows the shouted comment, calls it "awful."

Self Portrait: 17 Years Of Digital Cameras

Photographer Marc Aubry bought the first ever digital SLR, and at least 26 more since. His series of self-portraits tells the story of the first two decades of mainstream digital photography.

Romney, Santorum Comment On Trayvon Martin

After weeks of silence, candidates follow Obama's statement. Santorum condemns law enforcement for dragging its feet, Romney calls it a tragedy.

Geraldo Rivera Asking For It

That guy looks pretty suspicious to me.

Here's A Video Of Geraldo Rivera Wearing A Hood

Geraldo Rivera recently decided that Trayvon Martin's death was because Martin made the mistake of wearing a hoodie. Here's a video of Geraldo Rivera wearing a hoodie during Hurricane Frances. Hmm, looks like Geraldo's changed his tune on hoodies since 2004.

Natural Selection In Action

Chew carefully.

The Best Nicknames In Sports

POWER RANKINGS! As always our rankings are very scientific and created with the help of many people in lab coats, so you know they're absolutely correct.


The latest viral buzz from

Texas City Manager Lays Himself Off

KELLER, Texas, March 22 (UPI) -- The city manager of Keller, Texas, declaring municipal management positions needed to be trimmed, announced his own layoff.

Santorum: I'll Support Whoever Wins The GOP Nomination

Santorum walks back his suggestion yesterday that Republicans "might as well vote for Obama" as Romney.

"30 Rock" With Two Baldwins

Billy Baldwin guest starred on "30 Rock" last night as an actor playing Jack Donaghy in Avery's TV Movie, leaving room for plenty of great Baldwin-on-Baldwin scenes. Those voices!

How To Prank "Hunger Games" Fans And Incite Rage

Real life trolling is far more dangerous. Having a cameraman and a microphone goes a long way to making rabid fans waiting for the midnight show question their own sanity.

Lana Del Rey Hanging Out With Marilyn Manson And Barry Manilow

From the Echo Awards in Germany. Anybody else crossing their fingers for a supergroup?

Geraldo Makes Hoodies The New Miniskirts

Today, Geraldo brought the kind of victim-blaming language rape survivors deal with every day to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Talk about the insight into this crime we've been waiting for!

"Hunger Games" Nail Art

This the most logical extension of fandom to me. And yes, that is Peeta's face pained on a nail.

1966 Batmobile Vs. 1989 Batmobile

This episode of Super Power Beat Down features an intense race between the 1966 and 1989 Batmobiles. For those who don't feel like watching all ten minutes of Batmobile greatness, check out 5:10 for car stats and 7:40 for the race.

This Is A Guinea Pig Wearing A Sombrero

Well, my day just got infinitely better.

The 5 Craziest Things Geraldo Rivera Said About Hoodies

Geraldo Rivera went on a hoodie rant on Fox and Friends this morning. What you are about to read is infuriating.

Divers Find Five More Bodies On Shipwrecked Costa Concordia Two Months After It Ran Aground

The grim discovery was made as it was also announced that removal of more than 500,000 gallons of heavy duty diesel from the 17 tanks of the Concordia will be completed within the next 24 hours, in an operation that has lasted more than five week…

Samuel L. Jackson Introduces The New Orleans Hornets Pulp Fiction-Style

And if you were worried that he was going to do it without lengthily quoting some familiar bible passages, fear not. He's got you covered.

Deep Thoughts With Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman ponders life's greatest mysteries in this deep, thought-provoking video. It's Morgan Freeman talking, do I need to say more?

Silence From Romney, Santorum On Trayvon Martin [UPDATED]

The President spoke today. Romney ignored a question on the subject Tuesday, while Santorum and Paul haven't commented. Gingrich praised the local authorities' investigation of "tragedy," called for justice. UPDATE: Romney and Santorum have commented.

An Awesome Way To Flyer A Church

Score one for the atheists. For those wondering what a Christadelphian is, it's a Christian dolphin, obviously.

Rihanna Does Angelina's Legbomb

Rihanna or Angie: who did it best?

7 Birds Eating Out Of Photographer's Hands

Russian photographer Alex Royal caught these by feeding birds with one hand while snapping photos with the other. I hope to never be in this position. (via

GIF Of The Night: Paul Millsap Is A Douche

Some claim that DeMarcus Cousins dove head first into the basket while chasing a ball last night. But this GIF proves that Boogie was maliciously shoved by the dastardly Paul Millsap. MILLSAP!

The Best Fan Costumes At Opening Night Of "The Hunger Games"

"The Hunger Games" is out today (duh), which meant the most devoted fans were out late last night to catch the midnight showing. That also meant: crazy outfits. Some fans wore incredibly well-executed costumes, while others just wore skimpy black dresses, maybe so they could go clubbing after.

Kim Kardashian Gets Flour-Bombed

PETA says they had nothing to do with it so I can only assume it was just your average American with a distaste for all things Kardashian.

Romney In 2002: My Only Connection To The Republican Party Is My Party Registration

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has come under fire in recent days for comments an advisor made comparing his campaign to that of an Etch A Sketch. Romney now casts himself as a "severely conservative" Republican, but in 2002, when trying to distance himself from an unpopular Republican administration in Massachusetts. Romney said "the only connection" to the Republican Party was that "I'm registered as a Republican."

Rick Santorum On Affirmative Action: "It's On Its Way Out In Most Areas."

In a 2005 interview with NPR called affirmative action an "old program" that was on it's way out in most areas, adding that more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act. While a higher percentage of Republicans voted for the act, Republicans, who were in the minority did not have more yes votes than Democrats.

Gay Marriage Foes Make Free Commercial For Starbucks

The National Organization for Marriage is calling on supporters to "dump Starbucks" because the coffee chain supports gay marriage. Now customers in favor of gay rights are pledging to drink even more coffee.

Remixed: The Manhattan

In a new weekly column, BuzzFeed Shift tests recipes from cookbooks of the olden days. Today, a classic cocktail from the year... 1899!

Newt Gingrich Is The Happiest Also-Ran Ever

His rag-tag campaign straggles cheerfully through Louisiana. All roads, they believe, lead to Tampa, the White House, and other grandiose things.

Geometric Pornography App Rejected By Apple

I don't want to get into a discussion about whether Apple should be rejecting apps based on morality or what not, but there's no debating the fact this app created by Luciano Foglia features the filthiest behavior any of these geometric shapes have …

Tulisa 'Sex Tape': MC Ultra Responds To Sex Tape Accusation

Tulisa Contostavlos's ex-boyfriend MC Ultra has responded to her accusations he was behind the leak of a sex tape allegedly starring the singer.

Morning Monologue: Syracuse Ekes One Out, Ohio State Blows One Out, And Michigan State Sits One Out

Our daily stroll through last night's action. On tap today: the Sweet Sixteen, NBA, and NHL.

iPad Problems

The latest viral buzz from

Omar From The Wire To Play ODB In Biopic Dirty White Boy

EW has learned exclusively that Michael K. Williams, 45, will star in an upcoming film about the legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper and all-around troubled soul Russell Jones, a.k.a. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, whose impressive mic skills and outrageous showmansh…

Sony May Be Mobile-Friendly, But Don't Expect A Proper God Of War iOS Release

Don't hold your breath for a God of War game to show up on the App Store.

Abercrombie & Fitch Working To Shut Down Copycat Site Selling ‘N-Word Brown Pants’

Were you looking for a pair of men’s Abercrombie & Fitch-style cargo pants at a reasonable price? Look no further than, selling these counterfeit cargo shorts in a charming “N****r brown” shade. The site looks almost …

Dark Souls Is This Generation's Best 8-Bit Game From

If you've been alive long enough to grow up alongside video games, you might have noticed that both of these devious RPGs feel very old-school -- and not just in terms of controller-throwing frustration. With a great deal of hindsight at their dispo…

The 20 Most Self-Centered Athletes Of The Last Decade

Most, if not all, professional athletes and coaches are self-centered to a certain degree. Even the most selfless "team-first" types are still driven by a self-centered desire to squash the opposition and feed their own egos. It's not a bad thing, i…

Gordon Ramsay Sues Montreal Restaurant For $2.75 Mil

Oh Gordon Ramsay, why can't you stay out of lawsuits? Now he's slapping a lawsuit on Montreal restaurant Laurier BBQ. Last month the restaurant, which had hired Ramsay on as a consultant back in 2010, severed all ties to the TV chef because he was "…

Ashlee Holmes Tattoo Guide Photo

Check out all of my tattoos! :)   &YES.. I want more.

Buzznet Exclusive: Kyle Burns SXSW Survival Guide On We've Got You Covered's Blog

Last week Buzznet was lucky enough to be hanging out in Austin, TX for the SXSW Music Festival. Besides seeing a ton of awesome bands and stuffing our faces with BBQ, we met up with Kyle Burns, drummer of Forever The Sickest Kids! Kyle took us out f…

Whitney Houston Has A “ton” Of Sex Tapes

Ever wanted to watch a middle-aged, former pop star in a stoned haze mumble her way through listless sex? Me neither, but we might be able to anyway, because Ray J (whose penis made it’s national video debut inside Kim Kardashians mouth) is said to…

Hugh Hefner's Son Marston Barred From Seeing Playmate Lover Claire Sinclair

Marston Hefner, son of playboy founder Hugh Hefner, as been sentenced to a 52-week domestic violence programme after allegedly beating his Playmate girlfriend Claire Sinclair last month.

The Cost Of Free Speech: Proposed Law Creates Fines For Protests

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) drafts model legislation to be replicated in states across the country, including harsh anti-union laws. In Georgia, a state that was a cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, proposed legislation would …

What She Said: Plotting Vengeance, Wreaking Havoc

The latest viral buzz from

RIP, Robert De Niro’s Balls (1943

Yesterday at a fundraiser with Michelle Obama present, Robert De Niro made the comment, “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” Because haha, get it? We’ve never had a bla…

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