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March 28, 2012

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Poses Topless But Admits She Has To 'Disguise Her Beauty' To Put Off Men

Scroll down for the full image of Nadya Suleman (almost) in her birthday suit and many more pictures Her octuplets have just turned three, so what better occasion to show off her post-baby body and pose topless.

Jennifer Lawrence Not Skinny Enough For 'The Hunger Games'?

Was Jennifer Lawrence not skinny enough for 'The Hunger Games'? Critics say the actress is "too big" and has too much "baby fat" to play starving teenager Katniss Everdeen -- but we have to respectfully disagree.

Blake Lively & Chloe Moretz: ‘Hick’ Poster!

Check out Blake Lively and Chloe Moretz in the poster for their upcoming movie Hick!

This Is Us Right Now

Father, please give us a break. As you may know (you’ve had far more experience with it than we have) this life can be exhausting. And we don’t always get all the sleep we need to prepare ourselves for the coming day because, yes, sometimes we stay …

'Mad Men' Fashion Face-Off: Jessica Pare Vs. January Jones (Poll)

Jessica Pare has followed in her Mad Men predecessor January Jones' footsteps in more ways than one. Not only is her character Megan a trophy wife married to Jon Hamm's slick ad man, Don Draper, but Pare, like Jones, has been catapulted to fame beca…

Lawrence O'Donnell Discusses Trayvon Martin Case, The Empty Chair Interview And Shameful Coverage

Lawrence O'Donnell has spent the past two weeks digging deep into the killing of Florida teenageer Treyvon Martin, seeking facts and grilling guests on his MSNBC show about the night of the fateful shooting. And while he has helped to push the case …

Promise To Be Sweet? Get Free Chocolate

How can we convince people to treat each other better? The answer, in a word: chocolate. Parents have always used the treat to incentivize their kids' good behavior. A recent experiment by a Danish chocolate brand appealed to the child in all of us …

Megadeth's Mustaine Owns Megacute Minihorse

Oh, Dave. Between this profile in Spin and your interview where you said you believe Obama was not born in America, this is the best Dave Mustaine news day ever.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Assholes: Christian Laettner's Immortal Shot, 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago yesterday, Christian Laettner stomped on a Kentucky player's chest, then tore out a lot of hearts.

The Best Pastel Fashion For Spring 2012

We show you how to shop spring 2012's pastel trend according to your style and budget. Shop more of spring's fashion trends on

Kim Kardashian News - Bikini-Clad Kardashian Sisters Debut Sexy Sears Swimsuit Line (PHOTO)

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian debuted their sexy swimsuit Sears line in a photo featuring the sisters in purple bikinis and coverups. Co-creator Bruno Schiavi is the man behind the Kardashian Kollection, and shared this exclusive shot via Faceb…

'The Hunger Games': Bloodless, Sexless And Not Very Hungry

Natasha: Hunger Games 2: SEX ISLAND.

Sophia Bush On Directing 'One Tree Hill's' Penultimate Episode

“It was this weird thing where I was like, ‘Why is everyone sitting down? I feel like I’m being called in the principal’s office,’” Bush tells The Hollywood Reporter. But the actress wasn’t in trouble after all. It turns out the producers wanted to …

The 25 Greatest 'Manswers' Screencaps


Atari Forces Tumblr To Confront Trademark Issues

When Atari asked Tumblr for its domain, the company was quick to agree to hand it over. Maybe too quick.

Are You Keeping Up With TV's Hottest New Mess, "Fashion Star"?

Jessica Simpson tells people what's "fashion-forward," LMFAO performs, and judges look on with obvious embarrassment for all. In other words, you really should be watching this show.

Rihanna Squashes Rumors Of A Romance With Ashton Kutcher

Can you blame her for wanting to kill the rumor as soon as humanly possible?She certainly wasn't happy about answering the question, though.

NBA Idol: LeBron James, Shane Battier, And Pat Riley Sing Karaoke

Last night at Shane Battier's karaoke charity event (or as it was actually called, "South Beach Battioke") some famous faces got up on stage and gave some classic tunes their all. Only you can help decide who was best.

Draping: Tebowing For "Mad Men" Fans

It's really quite simple: drape your right arm over the chair or couch you're sitting on — in the style of Don Draper in the opening credits of "Mad Men" — and you've got it. See? You're already an expert.

16 Readers Remember Poet Adrienne Rich In Her Own Words

Poet, essayist, feminist, and National Book Award winner Adrienne Rich died today at the age of 82. On Twitter, her fans memorialized her with lines from her work.

Deena From "Jersey Shore" Admits To Nose Job, Denies Plastic Surgery

Today's Twitter Buzz: whatever you say, Deena! Plus Kristie Alley is an expert on cobras, Ciara poses next to a lady wearing an unfortunate dress, and Topanga had a rough day.

The Return Of AIM Spam

A few weeks ago Aol canned most of the AIM team. Including, apparently, the people who stop spam. (24/m/NYC, in case you were wondering.)

See Martha Stewart's Uncensored Photos Of... Her Trip To The Dentist

Naturally, she felt the need to live-tweet today's teeth bleaching.

Legal Experts See A Close Win For Health-Reform Law

THURSDAY, March 22 (HealthDay News) -- The U.S. Supreme Court seems likely to uphold the sweeping health-reform legislation known as the Affordable Care Act when it takes up the case next week, according to a small survey of legal experts. The

SCOTUS Health Care Hearings: Conservative Justices Pose Hard Questions About Mandate

UPDATE: And now we wait. The Supreme Court wrapped up its final day of oral arguments on President Obama's health care law on Wednesday, with the third day's action focused squarely on how much of the reform initiative could be saved if the justices…

NRA Begins Selling Hoodies With A Special Pocket To Hide A Gun

As Trayvon Martin supporters continue to wear hoodies in his honor, the NRA decided to start selling hoodies of their own. The National Rifle Association added a sweatshirt to their online store that has special pockets added to conceal a handgun fo…

AMC Developing Football Drama 'The Real All Americans' (Exclusive)

Producers are in discussions with Tommy Lee Jones to direct the pilot if AMC moves forward. Nicholas Meyer, best known as the writer of various Star Trek films, is writing the script with Harry J. Ufland (the upcoming Robert De Niro-Diane Keaton rom…

No One's Bought The Groupon Wedding Dress Yet

The $15 "name-changing service" also offered in today's special wedding deals has proved much more popular.

Rosario Dawson Bringing Graphic Novel 'O.C.T.' To A&E With 'Walking Dead' Producer (Exclusive)

The cable network is developing the drama, which could serve as a starring vehicle for Dawson.

'The Big Bang Theory': Leonard Nimoy Reminds Sheldon Of His Human Half (Exclusive Video)

The Big Bang Theory features its most logical guest star Thursday when the CBS comedy welcomes Leonard Nimoy.

FX Orders Late-Night Series From EP Chris Rock

Six episodes of the W. Kamau Bell fronted series join the summer lineup as the cable network builds its late-night offerings.

Dancing With The Stars First Elimination Results

After last week’s reprieve, one star gets the boot. How did everyone fare during last night’s results show?

Gary Busey Gets In Fistfight Over Design Of Heaven In Quigley

The AV Club’s Toronto division did a recent installment of their Random Roles feature with Curtis Armstrong, the actor probably best known as Booger from Revenge of the Nerds (at least to us here at FilmDrunk, the Alpha Beta of movie blogs). But in …

PS4 May Join Xbox Successor In Restricting Used Games

The system, codenamed Orbis, is said to be coming late next year and won't be friendly to used game players.

The New True Blood Teaser Trailers Are So Spooky That I Was Afraid To Leave My Apartment This Morning!

You would think there is nothing scary about 7 a.m. The sun is coming up, birds are singing and the day is starting anew. That is unless you stumble upon the new teaser trailers for the upcoming season of True Blood.

Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!: Behold The 7 Most Fabulous Outfits From Your 25th Year

As Lady Gaga celebrates her 26th birthday, we take a look back at her most fabulous fashion moments from the past year. Ladies, hold onto your hats....

Why Women Are More Expensive To Insure Than Men

Mostly because we actually go to the doctor, it turns out. Oh, and we die later.

George R.R. Martin Reads "The Winds Of Winter"

The sound that came out of my mouth was not human. "Game of Thrones" author GRRM read for eight minutes from the sequel to "A Dance With Dragons" during an interview. (Warning: Spoilers Ahoy!)

Jeff Bezos' Hobby Is Cooler Than Yours

The founder of Amazon, everyone: "I'm excited to report that, using state-of-the-art deep sea sonar, [my] team has found the Apollo 11 engines lying 14,000 feet below the surface, and we're making plans to attempt to raise one or more of them from the ocean floor."

The Auto Bailout Mitt Romney Doesn't Talk About

Romney was quiet on the financial rescue of the lending arm of General Motors, though he opposed the auto bailouts.

NBA Owner Or "Miami Vice" Villain?

Tom Gores only bought the Detroit Pistons last year, so many fans probably don't know who he is. All you need to know is that he is the villain from an '80s cop show.

A Humorous Story From Mitt Romney

It's about his dad closing down a factory. Not "ha ha" humorous.

Your Company Sucks At Social Media

"Do you just have a big, numbered list on your desk that says, '1) Get Followers, 2) Get Likes, 3) Money Shoots Out Of Computer Hole'? This article is meant for you!"

Martina Navratilova Is First Contestant Voted Off 'Dancing With The Stars'

The eliminations have begun on season 14 of Dancing with the Stars, and one unlucky couple was the first to get booted out of the ballroom on Tuesday night. The four contestants with the lowest combined scores were tennis icon Martina Navratilova, a…

Selena Gomez News - Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens Strip Down For 'Spring Breakers' (PHOTOS)

The set of Spring Breakers keeps heating up with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens frolicking around in their neon bikinis. The gals continued to film scenes for their upcoming movie in St. Petersburg, Florida, showing off their sexy, slim bods.

Xbox Live TV: Why Microsoft, Not Apple, Will Dominate Television Streaming.

If the rumors are true, Apple will release a television set later this year that it will tout as the most amazing boob tube ever invented. Apple’s TV will be able to access shows from a variety of online sources, including its iTunes Store and strea…

Hail Tulisa, The Female Boss

A series dedicated to explaining Britain's manufactured celebrities to an American audience. When a society is as riven with conflict as today’s Britain, it takes a special kind of momentous event, the recognition of a greater enemy, to unite Torie…

Piers Morgan Slams Madonna On Twitter, Reinforces CNN Ban

Make no mistake: Piers Morgan really, really loathes Madonna, and he continues to spew verbal daggers her direction. The Morgan-Madonna feud appears to be one of those instances where someone has an archnemesis, but the hatred is somewhat one-sided …

Ari Emanuel Halts 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Meeting To Take President Obama's Call

The WME chief had lunch with author E.L. James instead of waiting in his office for an anticipated call from the president. Did the first lady really enjoy the steamy novels, or was Obama joking?

Supreme Court Health Care Suit: Why The Proceedings Are Making Obamacare Supporters So Nervous

It didn’t happen that way. The High Court appeared just as divided as the public and the lower courts whose rulings have both upheld and struck down the new health care law in the past year and a half. And when Obama’s Solicitor General Donald Verri…

9 Pictures Of Bathroom Graffiti Done Right From Look What I Found

The latest viral buzz from

When Tech Was Just "Tech"

Before you can talk about a new technology, you have to put it in quotes. It's like a hazing ritual for new ideas.

Little Girl And A Dog Help Clean Up Spilled Milk

Five second rule. Yes, according to the mother, this is exactly what it looks like. The little girl dropped her sippy cup, and by the time mom got back with a towel, this was happening.

"Cats In Clothes" Is The Best Art

Move over, da Vinci. Cats off to Heather Mattoon, who's created a series of inspired prints of cats in dapper clothes. They even have attire-appropriate names!

Jeremy Lin Had Lunch With Fired "Chink In The Armor" Writer

What do you talk about with the guy who got fired for accidentally referring to you as a racial epithet?

Megan Fox Is (Allegedly) Knocked Up And Other Links

On the one hand, the source of this information is an anonymous "source"; but on the other hand, she has been a married step-mom for two years now. Also, "Mall Rats" has been deceiving us for years and Cadbury Egg season is upon us. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

People In The Gym

If you work out, you'll recognize these people - or worse, recognize one of them in yourself.

Best Questions On Yahoo! Answers

On the Internet, there's no such thing as smart questions.

If These New PlayStation Leaks Are True, It's Going To Kill The Games Industry

Roy’s got two very nasty problems: he won’t play used games, and he won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games. Apparently the system works like this: you can either buy a game from the store on Blu-Ray, or download it (even full retail titles) d…

Cosmic Geisha Look Photo - Buzznet

Hi guys…wanted to give u some real behind the scenes looks of creation of the characters in my new video. Check out the gallery to see how I made everything 3 Gonna start with the Cosmic Geisha look cause that one is definitely my favorite look from…

LMFAO Parody: 'I'm Pregnant And I Know It'

Like this brilliant video starring mom-to-be Angela Profitt. She's 36 weeks pregnant -- and she knows it. Watch below as she shows off her bump, dances, 'pigs out' and sings along to her parody of LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It" -- 'Pregnant and I …

Calice And More: French-Canadian Swearing On Mad Men

Aficionados of French-Canadian swearing received a rare treat during Mad Men’s Season 5 premiere on Sunday, when Don Draper’s new wife Megan, a young Canadian “of French extraction,” reverted to her mother’s native tongue to express annoyance. She’d…

Beyonce, A Dachsund Puppy, May Be The World's Smallest Dog

One of the world's biggest pop stars may now be sharing her name with the world's smallest puppy. Beyonce, a Dachsund mix born at the Grace Foundation animal shelter in El Dorado Hills, California on March 8, now measures less than four inches, acco…

The Joys Of Blocking People

Dog farts + jet lag feels like the worst hangover I've ever had. Ouch.— Neko Case (@NekoCase) February 9, 2012 Mmm, earlier today someone I follow on Twitter retweeted a famous comedian being dumb, and so I had the joy of blocking both of them. So…

Why Leonardo DiCaprio Didn't Attend 'Titanic 3D' Premiere

According to a source close to the actor, DiCaprio could not attend the premiere because he's been in Lousiana filming Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.

The Power Rankings! A New King! Departures, Beheadings, Flux And Fear!

Oh Lord, it's on. What we've been preaching for weeks is upon us: Power Rankings Armageddon. Hell yes we have to keep it as the Elite Eleven. How could we not? Last week Justified dropped out of the No. 1 slot for the first time all season -- by the…

'Glee's' Matt Bomer Teases Cooper Anderson's Arrival

When Matt Bomer's Cooper Anderson arrives at Glee's McKinley High, Blaine's (Darren Criss) older brother will cause quite a stir when everyone -- including Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester -- is impressed with the local celebrity.

Anne Hathaway's Quirky Engagement Party: All The Details!

Hathaway's big day will be filled with equally playful touches. The Devil Wears Prada actress, 29, told one friend she wants cupcakes, while another pal reveals she has selected a venue in upstate New York: "But they're keeping it a secret until rig…

People Are Gross :

Funny.. I remember when #24 was in a gallery with actual hot girls… and people loved her…

Americans Flush $5 Billion Down The Toilet Every Year

But our topic today, toilet flushing, requires between1.5 and five gallons per flush, depending on the age of toilet one uses. Combined, the typical American flushes away 24 gallons of water each day, nearly a quarter of our total water consumption.

What To Pair With Your Bold Lipsticks? The "Clean Sparkly Eye"

The eye makeup look January Jones wore yesterday to ring the Stock Exchange bell is what I call "the clean sparkly eye." Because...uh, it's clean-looking and sparkly. You see where I got the name. Anyway, let's go over it, shall we? Because it's the…

Lady Blames Car Accident On Her Vibrating Panties

On "We The People" — the daytime court show ruled with an iron fist by Gloria Allred — a lady blames her car accident on being electrocuted by vibrating panties that she was wearing.

32 Important Lessons Learned On Facebook

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot of really important things on Facebook.

Gorgeous Images Of DaVinci's Last Masterpiece And Mona Lisa's Sister

The Louvre yesterday unveiled restorations of Leonardo DaVinci's final masterwork, "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne," and a copy of "The Mona Lisa" by DaVinci's assistant. As you might expect, amazing.

Career Confidential: The Maternity Ward Nurse

What really goes down inside the delivery rooms of one of New York City's top hospitals? Grandmothers fight, Orthodox Jews can't look at their wives, and celebrities are not allowed to build out private suites, one nurse tells Amy Odell.

Ernest Hemingway Previews The NFL Draft

Papa's back, and this time he has the NFL Draft on his mind.

News Corp. Plans To Launch A National Sports Network To Compete With ESPN

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is coming after ESPN. Will they be able to do to the World Wide Leader what they did to CNN?

The Cost Of Severing The Mandate

The insurance industry lobby — which has a dog in this fight, as it benefits from people being compelled to buy its product — put together this chart showing different estimates of the policy cost of ObamaCare without a mandate. It would, by these estimates, be an expensive, ineffective mess.

On Utah Billboard, A Mormon Challenge To Romney

Mormon libertarians make an anti-war stand. "One can look at these talks from prophets and see that Romney is out of touch with them."

A Stairlift For Your Fat, Lazy Pets

Great invention or greatest invention? Of course, this would require some training first, but I think it would be worth it just for the delightful experience.

Megan Fox Pregnant: Report -

Megan Fox is pregnant, according to a new report.

99 Problems: Coco Personally Answers All Your Butt-Related Questions

In Part 1 of this week's column by Coco (the hottest half of E!'s "Ice Loves Coco"), learn how to get a butt like hers, where curvy girls should shop for swimwear and how to play up your best assets (no pun intended).

Tragedies: The TacoCopter Was Just A Hoax

The TacoCopter website promised "easy ordering on your smartphone" and "unmanned delivery agents" that are "fast and work tirelessly." But the dream of aerial taco delivery has been shattered: It turns out that the TacoCopter was simply a "product c…

The Hunger Games Trivia Quiz

The latest viral buzz from

Kim Kardashian Ignored Her Family's Advice About Kris Humphries

In an interview with Jay Leno, Kim Kardashian reveals why she ignored her family's warnings about her ex Kris Humphries.

Victoria Beckham: Justin Bieber Confused My Son With Angelina Jolie's

Victoria Beckham explains how Justin Bieber confused her son with Angelina Jolie's son.

TV Ratings: 'Dancing With The Stars' Results Show Shrinks But Bolsters 'Body Of Proof'

CBS topped the broadcast networks among viewers 18-49 on Tuesday night with an original slate of NCIS, NCIS: LA and Unforgettable. NCIS was steady with the previous week's 3.4 in the demo, while NCIS: LA was up a tenth of a point for a 2.9. Unforget…

Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis To Star In Matthew Weiner Feature Directorial Debut

Weiner wrote the script back in the early 2000s -- when Don Draper was merely a twinkle in his eye -- and the project could not be more different from Mad Men or The Sopranos, on which Weiner worked as a writer. It's a dramedy that centers on a weat…

THR's Cover Shoot With The Stars Of Showtime Gallery

Browse the THR's Cover Shoot With the Stars of Showtime gallery on The Hollywood Reporter.

Rats The Size Of House Cats Invade The Florida Keys

A species of invasive African rat larger than the average house cat has made a reappearance in Grassy Key, despite efforts to wipe them out for the past 10 years. According to KeysNet, the population of Gambian pouched rat breed of giant rodents pro…

If You Sleep After You Study, You'll Remember More

Even better, the researchers concluded that when you go to sleep after learning something, you slow down the rate of memory deterioration—the rate at which you forget things—after you wake up. This suggests that getting adequate sleep is a critical …

Coachella Ticket Unboxing From Erin Gibson, Manasewitsch, Funny Or Die, Alex Richanbach, And BoTown Sound

A first official look at second weekend Coachella 2012 tickets and collectors box from Silverlake music expert and anti-hipster Echo Burkowitz.

Dave Mustaine Is A Birther

The Megadeth frontman was on a Canadian talk show and said he believes Obama was not born in the U.S.

Strange Things The Experts Say About Women Authors

Some enterprising literary types have made a list of the 25 most-studied American writers of the past 25 years, five of them women. Here's what literary experts been saying about them, from "Anal Economics" to "Invading Goths."

The Walls Are Watching

This wood grain totally looks like an Afghan Hound. That's the breed of dog that looks like Julia Roberts. So by the theory of transitivity, Julia Roberts is watching you.

What Joe Biden Didn't Call Romney Today

Is the White House moving away from the problematic "flip-flop" attacks? Or will the economic attacks just come from a different direction?

Baseball's "Opening Day" Is A Bizarre And Chaotic Mess

The A's and Mariners played a regular-season game this morning. In Japan. At 3:10 a.m. PST. Why?

"The Dictator" Trailer Released

Oh Sacha Baron Cohen. Love him or hate him, he certainly creates characters that stick in our collective brain.

Alicia Silverstone Pre-Chews Food For Her Son, Bear Blu, Spits It In His Mouth (VIDEO)

Is Alicia Silverstone getting her parenting tips from birds?

9 Lies Republicans Tell About Women's Bodies

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) apologized Tuesday to Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) for accusing her of lying about the gender breakdown of a contraception hearing panel, but plenty of real lies remain in the debate over women's health. Some are promo…

Tiger Woods' Porn Pals Tell All In New Film

They probably won’t be showing this flick in the clubhouse at Augusta.

Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Dating

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are a couple, reports say.

10 Things You Should Never Put On Your Credit Card

Plastic certainly isn’t for everybody, and it also shouldn’t be used for every purchase. Here are 10 items you should never charge, no matter how enticing those rewards points may seem.

Robert De Niro Slammed For Michelle Obama Joke

Robert De Niro may be a great actor, but his stand-up routine needs a little work. While hosting a re-election fundraiser for Barack Obama on Monday night, De Niro, 68, made a questionable crack about Michelle Obama -- who, by the way, was the guest…

Elizabeth Banks On Surrogacy And Birth Control Pills

In her exclusive blog for the iVillage blog series CelebVillage, The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks writes about having her son Felix (who turns 1 on March 30) via a surrogate -- and why she credits birth control pills for helping bring him into …

The 7 Biggest Dick Moves In The History Of Superheroes

Well, old-time comics may be less violent and explicit than current ones, but that doesn't mean the heroes weren't sometimes colossal dicks while they saved the universe. If you don't believe us, let us tell you about the time ...

10 Famous Feminist Artworks

The pioneering artist is best known for her humorous, but poignant, painted photo montages and self-portraits, depicting Steckel as a nude, King Kong-sized woman straddling a New York City skyscraper, conquering the phallic skyline. In memory of Ste…

Then & Now: The "Titanic" Red Carpet Premiere

Since "Titanic 3D" made it global premiere last night at London's Royal Albert Hall, I thought it might be fun to contrast those photos with that of red carpet photos from the 1997 premiere. Get ready to feel old.

Spike Lee Under Fire For Tweeting Wrong Address In Trayvon Martin Controversy

Spike Lee has been earning mostly positive accolades in Hollywood and the mainstream media for taking up the cause of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. A hasty retweet, though, has landed the…

The Re-Birth Of Showtime - The Hollywood Reporter

Enter David Nevins, 45, who had arrived only days earlier as Showtime Networks' new president of entertainment. Having worked closely with Gordon and Gansa in his previous role as president of 24 producer Imagine Television, Nevins called their WME …

'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson To Receive CinemaCon's Breakthrough Performer Award

CinemaCon, the annual convention of exhibitors that's hosted by the National Association of Theater Owners, runs April 23-26 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Elderly Couple At Address Spike Lee Tweeted Are Living In Fear

The film director retweeted the location under the impression that George Zimmerman, who has come under fire after killing Trayvon Martin, lived there.

'Modern Family' Cast Seeks Huge Raises As Contract Renegotiation Begins (Exclusive)

Now the series is heading into its all-important fourth season, when casts often renegotiate their contracts, scoring big paydays in exchange for agreeing to extend original seven-year deals by an additional year or two so the studio can generate bi…

Dakota Rose Is Out Of This World :

1 Meet Dakota Rose, aka KotaKoti, a girl some would say looks more like a doll or manikin than a human. But what do you think? 2 3 4 5 6 7 …

Bulgarian Version of "Married... with Children"

Bulgaria is a little slow on doing remakes of American TV shows, apparently. Here's the cast of their new version of "Married.....with Children".

4-D App Will Give You The Best Kind Of Headache

Designed by a former Dreamworks engineer, The Fourth Dimension is one of the coolest apps I've ever used. It's also the closest thing to a hallucinogen you can download in the App Store.

Kanye's New Startup Is Ridiculous (Update: And Fake)

Kanye West's ambitious DONDA Media launched its first product yesterday (assuming it's real), and it's a WhoIs data lookup engine. Huh?

A Complete History Of Blue Ivy's Glamorous Baby Slings

Yesterday, Beyoncé took Blue Ivy out on the town in a faux fur baby sling. This is hardly the flashiest wrapping the child has been seen wearing.

Baseball Started Today And Nobody Knew It

Baseball officially started this morning! Exciting, right? Oh what's that? You didn't know? Twitter didn't either.

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Great First Impressions

I hope fame doesn't beat down her ability to say the first thing that comes into her head. Rolling Stone interviewed Lawrence's "Hunger Games" co-stars with hilarious results.

OccuPeep D.C.

Power to the peeple! Here's the winner of The Washington Post's annual Peep Show Competition, in which 755 entrants submitted dioramas populated entirely by the mushy marshmallow Easter treats. We are the 99 Peepcent!

The NFL Finally Fixed Overtime

By adopting last year's playoff overtime rules for the entire season, the NFL has finally solved a problem that has plagued football for years.

Spider-Man Vs. Modern Art

Spidey's most dangerous foe yet! This is an untitled piece from Australian artist Stephen Birch at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

What All Those Ladywords Really Mean

Ladyblog, ladyparts, ladybag — so many words have "lady" in front of them these days that it's hard to remember what this rapidly proliferating ladylanguage means (and why it even exists). But, good news! I have unearthed a Lady Dictionary to guide you through all your readings of women-oriented things on the internet.

Literal Tree-Hugger Seen At Music Festival

This is what happens when...drugs. Don't you totally want to be her boyfriend?

Minor League Guy: Exciting New Cardinals Prospect

The St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets recently faced off for a Spring Training game in Port St. Lucie, and what transpired was nothing short of incredible. Fox Sports, unable to identify the Cardinals' pinch runner, appropriately dubbed him "Minor League Guy". Here's to you, Minor League Guy.

Deadmau5: “Madonna Is A F**king Idiot”

Madonna introduced Avicii at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival Saturday night, and in an effort to reach out and connect with todays young people, she asked how many people in the crowd have seen “molly”, an abbreviation of “molecular”, slang for pur…

See Anna Wintour, Jane Birkin, Kirsten Dunst And More Model Chanel’s Little Black Jacket

Chanel just launched, an “e-exhibition” of Lagerfeld-lensed models and celebrities wearing black Chanel jackets styled by Carine Roitfeld (a live exhibition just opened in Tokyo). While the website is not the easiest …

XXX Honcho To Octomom Nadya Suleman -- Your Porn Stock Is Plummeting

Octomom's topless photo shoot didn't completely sabotage her porn future ... but it did drastically reduce her XXX market value -- this according to a brand new porn offer from Vivid Entertainment. In case you didn't know, Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch…

Kim Kardashian Wants To Buy David Beckham's Mansion

But apparently Becks and his wife Sporty Scary Dopey Grumpy Hefty Posh Victoria have been sold on L.A. for a few years and have been quietly waiting for the right time to sell their massive British home. That time is now, the price tag is $28 millio…

An Early Peek At Cannes 2012 Films

While John Hillcoat's Depression-era drama Lawless, which stars Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain, has looked like another contender, it could end up going to the Venice Film Festival instead. But Chastain still could face the Cannes gant…

19 Kids & Counting: Inside Michelle Duggar's Heartbreaking Final Ultrasound

Michelle Duggar suffered a devastating miscarriage last December, and on Tuesday's finale of 19 Kids & Counting, Duggar bravely takes viewers inside her final ultrasound session to document the moment when she learned her 20th child was without a he…

Michelle Williams Dating Jason Segel: See Their Romantic Stroll!

"She hasn't been this happy in a long time," a pal says of Williams, whose daughter Matilda has already bonded with Segel

"Total Recall" Poster Asks Pertinent Questions

Hollywood, we need to talk about your remake addiction. If you want to take cult classics and update them, please stop changing huge chunks of plot.

Ring Pops As Art Medium

Artist Julia Chiang uses Ring Pops for an art installation, which melt over time as the ceiling light hits each object. It'll instantly remind you of all the times you got fake-married with Ring Pops as a kid.

Police Dog Training In Russia Looks Pretty Action Packed

In Soviet Russia something something you! Photos best viewed while listening to Danny Elfman's orchestral score to Tim Burton's "Batman." Then again, everything is best viewed while listening to Danny Elfman's orchestral score to Tim Burton's "Batman."

The 50 Words Banned From NYC Standardized Tests

The New York City Department of Education just released a list of 50 "taboo" words they're asking standardized test makers to not include. DINOSAUR and BIRTHDAYS are on there.

5 More Photos Of James Franco Looking Like Kevin Federline

A continuation from yesterday's photo features Franco with guns blazing, wearing cornrows, and a mouth full of gold teeth. I don't know about you guys, but I think this role may be his best yet.

Watch A Downton Abbey/Arby's Parody, Downton Arby's

What if beloved British television show Downton Abbey took place at an Arby's? That is the question the sketch below, Downton Arby's, dares to ask. Who will Lady Mary have to marry to save the franchise? How will Mr. Bates and Anna's Arby's Airport …

Supreme Court And Obamacare: Why The Conservatives Are Skeptical Of The Affordable Care Act.

The fight over Obamacare is about freedom. That’s what we’ve been told since these lawsuits were filed two years ago and that’s what we heard both inside and outside the Supreme Court this morning. That’s what Michele Bachman and Rick Santorum have …

The Last Words: Texas Death Row Inmates' Final Statements

Kevin Fine, a judge in the Texas county that sends the most inmates to death row, has just ruled that the death penalty is...

Sexy Celebrity Miami Beach Butt Bonanza [90 PHOTOS]

It looks like Miami has been the place to be, courtesy of Winter Music Conference, the Sony Ericsson Open, and some amazing weather. Even if you don’t look at the weather, you would’ve known this because this past week pretty much every hot celebrit…

New England Patriots Star Takes An Offseason Job

Some athletes might think the drive-thru window at a Foxboro, MA Dunkin Donuts was below them. Not Rob Gronkowski, who apparently told customers to "Gronk" if they love Dunkin Donuts. No word if any of those customers pointed out how nonsensical that request was.

Democrat Reprimanded For Wearing Hoodie In Congress

Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush was silenced by the Chair and asked to leave the floor of the House of Representatives for breaking House rule 17(5), by wearing a hood and no jacket.

15 Fabulous Pieces Of Lady Gaga Fan Art On Etsy

It's Lady Gaga's birthday! So should you buy the $24.99 Lady Gaga My Little Pony or splurge on the $49.99 one?

Beware The Moldy Tampon

A woman accidentally pops a brand new Kotex tampon out of its applicator to find that it's covered in mold. Yep, it's totally possible you've been putting bread mold in your vag. Have a happy period!

Mitt Romney "Super Fan" Shirt Falls Flat

The shirt the Romney campaign says it designed "exclusively for our most passionate supporters" has only been sold 346 times since it's launch on February 25th according to the Washington Post. By comparison, Rick Santorum has sold more than 3,000 sweater vest.

Trayvon Martin Case: Police Wanted Warrant To Arrest George Zimmerman, Prosecutor Says

The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case said that the Sanford Police Department asked the state attorney's office for an arrest warrant to charge George Zimmerman early in the investigation, but the state's attorney's office decided to wai…

The Hunger Games Rating: Shocked Youngsers 'Are Walking Out Of Movie'

The movie – about teenagers in a totalitarian future being forced to kill each other in gladiatorial combat – was initially given a 15 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification but this was lowered to a 12A after producers agreed to ma…

Zayn Malik's Cigarette Smoking Face

Awww! The One Direction bad boy's 'I'm learning how to smoke cigarettes' face is totes adorbs.

Pennsylvania Church Kidnaps Teens, Holds Them At Gunpoint, For 'Learning Exercise' (VIDEO)

The Glad Tidings Assembly of God church in Middleton, Pa., has sparked outrage after a teaching exercise traumatized its youth group and left some with physical bruises, WHTM TV reports.

Intermission: A City In Miniature

Metropolis II is a kinetic sculpture that captures “the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st-century city," according to creator by Chris Burden. Mini-cars drive at “240 scale miles per hour” inside a dense, abstract cityscape. It…

Jason Segel And Michelle Williams Are Dating

Easily the best story to come out to today's tabloid fodder. I think they're already my favorite celebrity couple?

GIF Of The Night: Andrew Bynum's Going To Shoot Terrible 3s And You Can't Stop Him

Every time you bench Andrew Bynum, it only makes him stronger.

Amazing Before And After Pictures Of World's Most Extensive Face Transplant

Wow...good job, Medical Science! Richard Lee Norris was injured in a gun accident in 1997. He lost his lips, nose and full use of his mouth. A team at the University of Maryland Medical Center, in a 36 hour operation, replaced Richard's face with that of an anonymous donor — including both jaws, teeth, and tongue.

What Is The Best Animal Video On The Internet?

Let's see if we can debate this important issue without it becoming too divisive.

Josh Hutcherson On The Craziest Fan Signage He's Ever Seen

Josh went on "Conan" last night and they talked about the craziest signs he's ever seen held by fans. The Winner: "We Love Peenis." Close second: "We are Peetaphiles!" Oh those kids and their humor.

Video: Shirtless Male Abercrombie Models Wrestle In The Shower

Photographer Bruce Weber just released videos of the buff young men.

Pinterest Founder Nukes His Own Account

Pinterest cofounder Ben Silbermann had one of the most popular accounts on the site. Now, with Pinterest catching flak for copyright violations, his page has disappeared.

Why So Many Celebs Are Promoting "Bully"

The MPAA gave the movie "Bully" an R rating, making it hard for kids to see it. Now everyone from AMC theaters to celebrities are turning out to protest.

Dakota Rose, The Real-Life Barbie

She looks like Amanda Seyfried's alien doppelganger. She's built a weird internet hater following who claim she's all photoshop.

Orlando Magic Fans Pay Homage To Jay-Z

I see what you did there.

The NRA's Got Concealed Carry Hoodies

"We want concealed carry to fit around your lifestyle – not the other way around."

Poll: Majority Favor Protecting Gays, Lesbians From Workplace Discrimination

Most Americans say they favor an executive order banning workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians, according to a poll sponsored by a gay rights group. Conservatives and liberals alike back the workplace measure, as the terrain shifts.

Octomom Poses Nude, We Wonder If Octuplets Get A Discount On Therapy

Yes, it’s happened and it’s all your fault America. Octomom, also known legally as Nadya Suleman, posed naked. Good job, hope those naked photos of Christina Hendricks and Heather Morris were worth seeing Octomom in the nude.

12 Of The Greatest Movie Roles Almost Played

Contemplating proxy casting choices is a fun parlor game for movie fans (perhaps second only to considering movies that never came to pass at all). After the jump, we’ll take a look at a dozen iconic movie roles, and the actors who almost, almost fi…

In The Court, A "Politically Dangerous" Argument Obama First Advanced

This time four years ago, Barack Obama was the one campaigning against the individual mandate. Hillary Clinton's campaign warned, presciently, that his argument would return to haunt him.

Magic Johnson Bought The Dodgers For $2 Billion

Tuesday night's all right for spending exorbitant amounts of money on sports teams.

Beyonce Carries Blue Ivy In A Fur Baby Sling

Besides Beyonce being a massive liar , look at the video of her stomach clasping and she was supposedly 7 months pregnant….what’s with carrying the baby like that, getting in and out of a car, how reckless, that baby should be in a car seat and if s…

Dirty Joke Humor Photos :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

George Zimmerman's Gun: A Popular Choice For Concealed Carry

Little is known about the short time between Trayvon Martin's initial confrontation with George Zimmerman and his death. But the weapon Zimmerman was carrying is typical for the type of self defense he has claimed.

'Ghost Ship' From Japan Tsunami Floating Off Canada's Coast

The ship has drifted across the Pacific for about a year, ever since the March 2011 tsunami in Japan sent it out to the open ocean. Now beat up, but still afloat, the “ghost ship” creeps closer to the shore while officials remain uncertain of what t…

The Rules Of Road Runner And Wile E. Coyote Cartoons

Speaking of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, animator Chuck Jones and his team were said to follow these simple rules when creating the cartoons:

Wegmans Is The Supermarket Of The Future

David Rohde in the Atlantic has a very nice profile of Wegmans, the regional upscale supermarket, that he characterizes as the anti-Wal-Mart, where "[h]undreds of staffers are sent on trips around the U.S. and world to become experts in their produc…

'Kony 2012' Exec Jedidiah Jenkins -- Joked About Keeping $900k Donation For Himself

One of the heads of Jason Russell's Invisible Children organization made a video after the charity won a $1 million grant ... in which he appears to be drunk and joking about keeping $900,000 for himself. TMZ has obtained the clip ... featuring Je…

The All-Time Weirdest Facial Hair On Film

Seneca isn’t alone, though — there’s been some pretty amazing facial hair memorialized in movies through the ages. And we’re not talking your regular run-of-the-mill Zach Galifianakis hairiness either — we mean braids and beads and stencils and lots…

Losing Weight Won't Make Obese Kids Feel Better About Themselves

That trend is particularly true among white girls: The study found that "obese white girls had lower self-esteem than their normal-weight peers and their self-esteem remained flat even as they transitioned out of obesity." Black girls who lost weigh…

The 10 Most Mesmerizing Fashion Gifs

They may have started out as a nerdy internet trend, but gifs have been steadily gaining popularity among the fashion crowd–and not just on Tumblr. Everyone from Miu Miu to Meisel has made use of the attention-grabbing file format and its tendency t…

Do One Thing At A Time

You will get a lot more done if you focus on doing one thing at a time.

9 Badass Lasers That Prove The Death Star Isn't Far Off

Lasers embody how technology allows everyone to benefit from the smart people. They've taken quantum mechanics, the single most mind-boggling science in existence, and put it to work in our supermarket checkouts. If you want to build supercomputers,…

Meet The Newest 'Mad Men' Star, Jessica Pare, Who Plays Megan Draper

On Sunday’s season premiere of “Mad Men,” Don Draper’s new wife, Megan, decided to give her man a surprise 40th birthday present, one that he and his colleagues in attendance wouldn’t soon forget. “You’ve never seen me throw a party,” Megan told Peg…

Kendra Wilkinson News - Trend Spotting: Celebs Continue To Show Love For White Bikinis! (PHOTOS)

It’s almost swimsuit season and Celebuzz spotted all the hottest celebs rocking tiny white bikinis! This look began burning up in 2011 and now sizzling into 2012.

How Bad Is Gerard Butler’s Coke Problem? He Probably Just Banged Lindsay Lohan

Exactly a month ago, a freshly-rehabbed Gerard Butler showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscars party looking like a changed man with a new lease on life. If he had said he was going to crush a mountain into a wee vagina with his bare hands and have his w…

Kids Are Hilarious :

March 26, 2012 | Author: Leo | In: Funny, Kids

James Franco Channels Kevin Federline In ‘Spring Breakers’?

James Franco Channels Kevin Federline in ‘Spring Breakers’?

Who Owns A Disputed $260,000 Mega Millions Lottery Ticket?

Stories surrounding the lottery seem to be almost as rich in drama as the prize money on offer.

"10 Things You Were Going To Do This Winter, But Probably Didn't"

What you’re saying now: Good thing I didn’t waste my money on a fancy coat. I would have only worn it like sixty times. Now I have that money to spend on useful things. Who wants to go drink on a porch? I’m buying.

Jeremy Piven Is Terrible At Cunnilingus, Says Chick He Just Met Then Let Him Perform Cunnilingus

Apparently there’s some angry stripper/star-fucker/former Us Weekly intern turned celebrity blogger named Sarah Tressler (I’m already lost.) out there who recently wrote a blog post about the time she met Jeremy Piven and then immediately let him go…

Octomom Poses Topless To 'Pay The Bills'; Says, 'I'm Such A Good Mother'

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has posed topless for a new photoshoot for the UK's Closer Magazine to help her pay the rent. The 36-year-old mother of 14 has been living in a La Habra, California home that's too expensive for her to afford, and the house …

Shit Actors Think But Don't Say From Juliannaguill And Alison Brie

We hope you do, because we made a shit-ton. Go to our Widget Headquarters.

Treadmill FAILS: The Ultimate Compilation (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that treadmills are ideally used to run and get in shape, but not all of us are quite so coordinated.

Swearing At Work

The latest viral buzz from

The Secret Gay Agenda Revealed - Jest Video

We've uncovered the nefarious conspiracy that's responsible for the homosexual agenda, and they're as terrifying and implausible as you thought. Watch "The Secret Gay Agenda Revealed" and more funny videos on Jest

New Cherri Bomb Performance Video For 'Raw Real' On We've Got You Covered's Blog

The ladies of Cherri Bomb have a brand new series of performance videos, and today we have a look at the song ‘Raw. Real.’ The videos feature songs off the Hollywood Record artist's new album, This Is The End Of Control due out May 15th. The series …

Justice Scalia Flip Flops

In exchange with Solicitor General, Justice Scalia contradicts his concurrence in Gonzales v. Raich.

JetBlue Flight Diverted After Captain Reportedly Tries To Storm Cockpit (VIDEO)

UPDATE, 5:45pm: The New York Daily News reports that the plane was chock full of "burly men" en route to the 2012 International Security Conference, some of whom tackled the captain.

What Happens When You Die? (VIDEO)

Hi everybody. Cara Santa Maria here. Perhaps you're one of the eight million Americans who claim to have had a near-death experience. Did you see a bright white light at the end of a tunnel? Maybe you floated above yourself in an out-of-body experie…

Lourdes Leon News - Teenage Lourdes Leon Caught Smoking! Is She Old Enough To Make Her Own Decisions? (POLL)

She’s known for making bold fashion choices, but 15-year-old Lourdes Leon is creating a controversy with her latest statement. The teenage designer was snapped smoking a cigarette — which helps create that edgy image, right? Such a rebel!

Marion Cotillard Cast In Crime Thriller ‘Blood Ties’

Marion Cotillard Cast in Crime Thriller ‘Blood Ties’

I Can Finally Admit I Make A Sh*tty Girlfriend

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly the greatest person out there. I’m a bit bat-shit crazy, definitely a little selfish and am currently working on ways to be even more of a recluse than I already am because I find the majority of people t…

College Spring Break Parties And Girls :

1 The spring break submissions have been amazing, so thanks for reminding me just how fun life can be. But school is back in session, so keep sending in those great college photos to me at bringittobob [at] gmail [dot] co…

Fiona Apple's Handwritten Letter In Support Of A Gay-Straight Alliance

In 2000, a 16-year-old Fiona Apple fan asked her to write a letter for his high school's GSA. She did — and it's awesome. (via Bill Magee)

William Levy Naked Photos: Did ABC Know About 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestant's Racy Images?

Just two weeks into this season of "Dancing With The Stars," a scandal has already erupted off the dance floor -- this time, involving some X-rated images. A nearly-naked 2007 photo of contestant William Levy modeling N2N mesh underwear has surfaced…

Showmance Alert: Alexander Ludwig (Cato) And Leven Rambin (Glimmer)

Looks like at least two people hooked up on the set of The Hunger Games: This video catches Leven Rambin kissing co-star Alexander Ludwig.

Mario Lopez: South Beach Hunk

Mario Lopez goes shirtless for a jog on the beach on Sunday (March 25) in Miami, Fla.

Brazilian 12-Year-Old Spends Hours A Day Brushing Her 5' Hair

When we first came across Brazilian 12-year-old Natasha Moraes de Andrade and read that her hair is 5′ 2” long (2” shorter than her whole body) we were like, “That’s some long hair, but is it newsworthy long? We’re not so sure, Brazilian 12-year-old…

Can Eating Chocolate Help Keep You Slim?

That’s what researchers report in the first study to balance all of the known health benefits and harms of chocolate. Publishing in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Dr. Beatrice Golomb and her colleagues at the University of California, San Diego,…

'Mob Wives': Renee Graziano Breaks Down After Her Husband And Father Are Arrested (VIDEO)

Renee Graziano's had a tough season so far on "Mob Wives" (Sun., 8 p.m. ET on VH1), and things finally came a head Sunday night.

James Cameron's Mariana Trench Dive Reaches Successful Conclusion

The director of "Titanic," "Avatar" and other films used a specially designed submarine to dive nearly seven miles. He spent time exploring and filming the Mariana Trench, about 200 miles southwest of the Pacific island of Guam, according to members…

Pregnant Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson Step Out In The Rain (PHOTO)

Baby watch is officially on for Jessica Simpson! The very pregnant star, wearing a Camilla Franks dress, was spotted braving the rain with fiance Eric Johnson while out and about in Los Angeles Sunday.

Austin Carroll, Indiana High School Student, Expelled For Tweeting Profanity

An Indiana high school senior has been expelled for a Tweet he says was posted from home on his personal account. "One of my tweets was, f--- is one of this f---ing words you can f---ing put anywhere in a f---ing sentence and it still f---ing makes …

Robert Bales Charged: Military Scrambles To Limit Malaria Drug Just After Afghanistan Massacre

WASHINGTON -- Nine days after a U.S. soldier allegedly massacred 17 civilians in Afghanistan, a top-level Pentagon health official ordered a widespread, emergency review of the military’s use of a notorious anti-malaria drug called mefloquine.

Melissa Jenkins Missing: Body Found During Search For Vermont School Teacher (UPDATED)

UPDATE: 9:10 p.m. -- Authorities in Vermont believe they have found the body of Melissa Jenkins, a missing school teacher whose SUV was found abandoned along the side of a road with her 2-year-old child alone inside. While checking remote pull-offs …

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments

Geraldo Rivera has issued a public apology for his explosive comments about Trayvon Martin's hoodie.

SPF Sunscreen - The Best Face Sunscreen On

Tell us your favorite face sunscreen and you could be featured in ELLE! We want to know which SPF sunscreen gets your vote.

People In The Gym - AskMen

If you work out, you'll recognize these people - or worse, recognize one of them in yourself.

How Will Lady Gaga Shock Us Now That We've Seen Her Without Makeup?

Since her appearance in 2008, Lady Gaga has slowly stripped down the masks, veils, prosthetics, and now makeup. What could be next?

Abu Qatada's Delight At Being Handed A More Expensive Taxpayer-funder Home

Qatada’s brother, Ibrahim Othman, said: ‘He told us they have now given him a very nice new place, bigger than the first house he went to after the British let him go.

Jennifer Lawrence: Bonus For ‘Hunger Games’ Success?

Jennifer Lawrence attends a fan event for The Hunger Games at Capitol Cinema on Monday (March 26) in Madrid, Spain.

‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Teaser Trailer Released

Check out the teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the upcoming final installment of the Twilight saga.

Alicia Silverstone -- I Feed My Baby By Spitting Into His Mouth

This is how Alicia Silverstone feeds her 10-month-old son -- chewing up food in her mouth ... then spitting it directly into his ... like a bird. Alicia posted the video on her blog this weekend, claiming it's her "favorite" way to feed her son Bea…

Octomom Finally Did Porn To Keep Her House

When Octomom fired 14 children out of her vagina, she just assume the TV money would come rolling in and she could simply pay an army of nannies to raise her uterus droppings army she only squeezed out to get all that TV money. Except Octomom failed…

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