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March 26, 2012

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Shirtless Fun In The Sun!

Patrick Schwarzenegger shows off his rockin’ shirtless bod on a sunny Saturday (March 24) in Miami, Fla.

Kendra Wilkinson’s In A Bikini, Still Alive

Kendra Wilkinson hasn’t been on the site since August, but in our defense, her fake breasts haven’t been shoved into a bikini and we’re not running a charity. So on that note, here she is hosting a pool party at Wet Republic over the weekend and jus…

It’s Uma Thurman Pregnant In A Bikini

Here’s a super-pregnant Uma Thurman vacationing in St. Bart’s over the weekend, which I’m going to advise you not look at if you still harbor some sort of crush on her. Unless of course you’re Quentin Tarantino, who’s going to want to take advantage…

Watch ‘The Hunger Games’ Reenacted By Beanie Babies

If you haven’t had enough Hunger Games hype this weekend, we’ve got a pretty plush treat for you. “The Beanie Baby Hunger Games,” created by Jeff Luppino-Esposito & Jamie T. McCelland, is exactly what it sounds like — The Hunger Games acted out by B…

New Shark Species Raises Threat Specter

DAVIE, Fla., March 26 (UPI) -- Identity confusion between a new as-yet unnamed shark species and its look-alike cousin -- the hammerhead shark -- threatens both species, U.S. scientists say.

Skittles' Trayvon Martin Publicity Nightmare

Having people spontaneously talk about your brand on social media sites is an advertiser's dream. Unless it's because your product happened to be linked to the Trayvon Martin shooting. On Twitter, people are demanding Skittles issue a statement on this hot button issue, accusing the company of profiteering off extra publicity from the death, and even threatening boycotts.

Dara-Lynn Weiss Won't Talk About Her Controversial Vogue Essay

Random House's Ballantine imprint will turn the piece into a book, which Galleycat describes as a "memoir about helping her seven-year-old daughter lose weight."

Miami Day 2 Photo - Buzznet

I had a hard time adjusting to the time difference in Miami, although it's only 3 hours, I never go to sleep till 3 in LA so that would be like 6 am in Miami..having to wake up 10ish for meetings and stuff…made me really grumpy. Day two started with…

From Crowdfunded To Financially Sustainable? The Post-Kickstarter Marketplace

The resulting e-commerce startup, Tiny Lightbulbs, opened for business in January and serves as a marketplace for crowdfunded, "indy," or "independently funded" projects. Asked what differentiates his site from Etsy, the Amazon of the DIY economy, M…

The Hidden Economics Of Oakland's Rap Bohemia

He’s right, of course. But these guys have a lot of say in how much money the scene makes, and everyone here can afford to be poor. I came to talk to some underdogs, but I might actually be interviewing the 1 percent of the no-budget rap game.

Star Trek Preview For PC, PS3, 360 From

For the best Previews of Star Trek for PC, PS3, 360, check out this page on

Rape Victim Advocates: Hoodies Don't Make People Racist

Geraldo's comments on Trayvon Martin's hoodie were reminiscent of the way people talk about rape victims' clothes. Ahead, advocates for rape victims' rights chime in on the Martin case.

A Guide To The NBA's Best League Pass Teams

NBA League Pass has made it so that you can watch every single out of market game. So who's worth looking in on, when you feel like cheating on your home team? BuzzFeed Sports has your answer.

The 9 Best Headlines From "Conservative Teen" Magazine

Ronald Reagan: Our First Black President? Also: "Conservative Teen" hates "Glee." [UPDATE: After this post went viral, the magazine mysteriously disappeared from the Internet! Read more here.]

When Mitt Romney Wanted An "Energy Revolution"

Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has shifted right along with the Republican Party on the question of global warming. The former Massachusetts Governor's energy plan mostly focuses on increasing domestic oil production and streamlining regulation. But during the 2008 Presidential cycle Romney often talked about fighting climate change and launching an "energy revolution" through developing renewable resources like wind, solar, clean coal, biodiesel, algae, biofuel, and ethanol to combat America's reliance on foreign oil. Here are eight examples.

The Hottest, Steamiest Deal On Living Social

Cleveland's finest, non-sexually suggestive carpet cleaners offering their services for an amazing, non-sexually suggestive price! So far as I can tell, this is real. All of it.

How Laci Peterson Changed Military Law On Unborn Victims [Updated]

The identity of the 17th victim in Sgt. Robert Bales's alleged massacre in Afghanistan remained a mystery until earlier today, when the victim was identified as an unborn fetus. And because of a law inspired by the death of Laci Peterson, killing a fetus is a military crime.

Video: See How Madonna's Face Has Changed Over 30 Years

Happy MDNA release day! Here's a look at the changing face of the world's most famous diva.

Exclusive: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" The Teen Years

When all hope of Katara/Zuko being canon was extinguished. Dark Horse Comics gave us a look at the first six pages of the graphic novel that fills the gap between Avatar and Legend of Korra.

The Disturbing "Pro-Ana" Boards That Pinterest Banned

Pinterest recently announced it would ban pro-anorexia pages and other potentially harmful content. Just how active was the "pro-ana" community on Pinterest? Here's a look.

Now Willow Smith's Hair Is Neon Yellow

First she shaved it all off, then dyed it green, and now her head is the color of a highlighter. Won't she just grow it back so she can whip her hair back and forth for us again?

Michael Smerconish: Tale Of The Trayvon Martin Case 911 Calls

Then there are the calls from neighbors who heard the ensuing altercation. Florida law provides that there is no duty to retreat so long as the person using deadly force "reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or …

How Beer Saved The World

The latest viral buzz from

Technology Is Destroying Mad Men

The internet: We must be stopped. Scripted TV doesn't need Twitter.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer Not That Compelling

The Hunger Games. The first Hunger Games trailer came out on opening night of Breaking Dawn, Part 1 last November, and it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that this teaser went online the Monday after the dystopian deathmatch film set box office reco…

Jennifer Lawrence Covers ‘Interview Germany’

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous in Dolce&Gabbana on the cover of Interview Germany magazine’s April 2012 issue.

Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Understand Why You Made Such A Big Deal Out Of Her Right Leg

Remember Angelina Jolie’s right leg on Oscar night? Of course you do. She thrust it out of the thigh-high slit on her Versace gown all the way down the red carpet, and then on stage while presenting an award. It was so obviously weird that the winne…

Bill Maher Calls For A ‘Day Of No Outrage,’ But We Have Many Reasons To Be Outraged

Noting this, comedian Bill Maher declared today, Sunday, the “National Day of No Outrage.” In a New York Times op-ed last week, he gave instructions: “One day a year when you will not find some tiny thing someone did or said and pretend you can bare…

People Are Not Fans Of The Shampoo Commercial Starring Hitler

Now what would Don Draper say about this? (The answer to my hypothetical: he’d grumble something about going to sleep and cleaning girls because he’s too old to deal with it.)

Funny Photos Of People Taking Pictures :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Miley Cyrus Is Not Engaged, Y'all

Today's Twitter Buzz: Miley's not engaged to her "Hunger Games" boyfriend, but she sure has been flaunting a topaz rock on her ring finger for what reason, exactly? Plus, Billy Eichner says what we're all thinking about James Cameron, Evan Rachel Wood has a shroom-y weekend, and OMG sloths!

25 Friend Requests You Should Never Accept

Save a life. Send this to everyone you know.

The Tragic, Inspiring Story Of Cancer Patients In Love

This is the story of Rodney and Lynse Conradi, newlyweds who managed to find love shortly before Rodney lost his battle with cancer. Rodney proposed on Valentine's Day and they were married two days later. Within a day of their hospital basement marriage, Rodney was sedated. Within a month he was dead.

The World's First Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, indeed. The Swiss really know how to impress a lady. This 150 carat ring will only cost the lucky recipient $68 million.

"The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" In A Minute: Phaedra's Son Has A Coming Out Party

On last night's episode, Phaedra Parks threw a "dedication ceremony" for her son Ayden's first birthday and invited everyone she knew. Unfortunately, most of the people she knew felt like what they witnessed was a glorified version of the Eddie Murphy classic, "Coming To America."

What Happens When Moms Tell Their Daughters They're Too Fat?

In the new issue of Vogue, a mom discusses putting her 7-year-old daughter on a strict diet. But how will it affect her daughter down the road? Women whose moms criticized their weight and eating habits when they were young say it was traumatic.

Obama's Hint To Medvedev Rattles Poland

Obama's Republican rivals aren't the only ones alarmed by his hot mic suggestion that missile defense — implicitly, defending Eastern Europe from Russia — could be softened after his re-election. The headline in the largest Polish tabloid, Fakt: "Were they trading Poland? Puzzling Obama talk with Medvedev about the missile shield."

Twitter Verifies Fake Stephen Malkmus

Twitter continues to be duped by fake celebrity accounts, giving out verifications without asking for any proof. A publicist for Matador Records confirmed to BuzzFeed that the verified account for Pavement's frontman is a fake. UPDATE: Twitter has removed the verification.

Kentucky Vs. Louisville: Basketball Armageddon

OK, so I was not born in Kentucky. I lived in Louisville, working for The Courier-Journal newspaper. I rooted for UK in some Final Fours. But I was also attending the University of Louisville Law School at night, and they became my team. Since I am …

Christina Hendricks News - We're 'Mad' About Christina Hendricks! Check Out Her Hottest Bosom-Baring Looks (PHOTOS)

Christina Hendrick‘s curves have been the talk of the town ever since Mad Men‘s television debut back in 2007. From 1960s vintage styles to Christina’s personal show-stopping red carpet looks, the redheaded stunner showed men and women everywhere th…

Madonna SLAMMED By Deadmau5 -- Stop ENCOURAGING Drug Use!

Madonna is under attack by one of the most famous DJs in the world ... who's PISSED at the Material Girl for glamorizing the use of ecstasy during a recent concert. DJ Deadmau5 was clearly watching when Madge took the stage at the Ultra Music Fest…

Mystery Solved: Why Does James Harden Wear A Giant Beard

A photo from the Thunder guard's past reveals the answer.

Naked Hillary Clinton Painting Glimpsed Through NYC Window

Whoever owns this painting, please stand up. You get the Good Taste In Art Award.

The New York Post Won't Stop Putting Tiger Woods On The Cover

Tiger Woods is back on the cover of the New York Post after winning his first tournament in more than two years. To celebrate, here are 36 covers from the last three years. Do they have "clever" headlines? You bet your ass they do.

How Texans View The United States

This old postcard from a Texas giftshop is hilarious. I especially like how New England is referred to as "Yankee-Land," denoted by the thumbs-down symbol.

I Am Shaima Alawadi

A bunch of people are uploading pictures of themselves wearing hijabs to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr in support of Shaima Alawadi. If you haven't heard about her horrible murder, then you should definitely read about it here.

Jennifer Lawrence Sans Make-Up And Other Links

Oh thank God, she is human and not some flawless android sent to steal the hearts of men and women alike, but she's damn close. Plus one Hollywood heartthrob feels more like a babysitter than a boyfriend and journalists attempt to defend "pink slime."

One Direction Give First Performance Since Hitting No1 On US Charts To Hordes Of Female Fans

The boys, who reportedly had 20 bodyguards each, were met with hordes of female fans at the packed-out Dallas stadium where they performed just four songs.

Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Single Drops: Twitter Explodes (AUDIO)

Justin Bieber's new single, "Boyfriend," dropped at midnight Monday, and the track was -- unsurprisingly -- everywhere shortly thereafter.

Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox Sued For Alleged Brutality On The Beach

Brian Austin Green is being sued by a celebrity photographer who claims he was brutally beaten by the actor as his wife, Megan Fox, egged him on. Delbert Shaw claims in a lawsuit that will be filed this morning in L.A. County Superior Court ... he …

Kobe Bryant -- Drops $329,000 On A New Ferrari

Looks like Kobe Bryant still has plenty of spending cash, because he just dropped a HUGE chunk of change on a sick new car. Must be nice. According to our sources, Kobe's new ride is a Ferrari 458 Italia (see below). We're told the Black Mamba paid…

10 Famous Artists’ Fascinating Alter-Egos

Attention and behold: Marcel Duchamp… as a lady! Or, not exactly. This is more than just a giddy Surrealist in a pretty hat and a little rouge. This is Rrose Sélavy, Duchamp’s alter-ego with her own look, her own mind, even her own body of work. Som…

Could Harry Potter And The Tooth Fairy Be The Key To Boosting Student Creativity?

English researchers say children who watch magical scenes from Harry Potter are more creative than their peers who don't.

Free Jam: It's Time To End California's Law Against Selling Homemade Food

Although California is considered the birthplace of the local food movement in the United States and despite the tremendous enthusiasm for handmade, small-batch products nationwide, laws regulating food production are quite strict. Home-based food o…

Mad Men’s Jessica Pare Is Mad Hot [35 PHOTOS]

While those of you who saw the season premier of Mad Men now have a sense for how attractive Jessica Pare is, many of you had already seen her in Hot Tub Time Machine. That’s right, Don Draper’s new wife actually played the topless groupie in the bu…

A Wiener Dog In A Dress Going To Church

Dachshunds For Jesus. From a festival celebrating the patron saint of dogs, St. Lazaro, in Nicaragua.

Now You Can Wear The Best Unibrow In College Basketball

Kentucky star Anthony Davis has a unibrow from which he draws all his power (probably). But now you can get a taste of what that feels like.

New York Lawmakers Don Hoodies For Trayvon Martin

Democratic legislators in Albany are holding a news conference, dressed in hoodies, today. City Councilman Jumaane Williams sported a hoodie on Twitter yesterday.

DJ Cockroach Leg

A cut-off cockroach leg pretends to DJ "I Like to Move It, Move It." Cockroach Leg wants to have a '90s dance party.

Mike Daisey Finally Apologizes

"Things came out of my mouth that just weren’t true, and over time, I couldn’t even hear the difference myself." The one thing he doesn't apologize for is not apologizing sooner.

Move Over, "Jersey Shore": "Brooklyn 11223" Is Here

A week ago, "Jersey Shore" ended and if you still have a guido-sized hole in your heart, rejoice: "Brooklyn 11223" premieres tonight.

The New iPad Is Making The Internet Slower

The internet is about to get a lot fatter. Welcome to the trifurcated web.

Vote For The Astronaut?

In California, a law firm close to a Republican congressional candidate is challenging Democrat Jose Hernandez's plan to refer to himself as an "astronaut" on the state ballot. Even though Hernandez has, in fact, been to space aboard the Shuttle discovery. Here's the contested document.

Dwyane Wade's Death Stare

Think twice before coming that close to Dwyane Wade's face with your foot next time, Kendrick Perkins, lest you run the risk of Wade tying to burn a hole in the back of your head with his eyes.

83-Year-Old Suing Apple After Walking Into A Glass Wall

She wants $1,000,000 for her broken nose. This is why we can't have nice things.

10 Transgender And Cross-Dressing Hotties

Jenna Talackova, who was recently disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada pageant for being transgender, is gorgeous. She's not the only one who wasn't born a woman who makes a beautiful one.

Red Meat

The latest viral buzz from

TacoCopter: Flying Unmanned Drones To Deliver Tacos

Food trucks? Old and busted. The new hotness? Food-delivering unmanned aerial vehicles that take orders by iPhone. Please welcome the TacoCopter. This is probably fake, but when asked, the supposed co-founder of TacoCopter Dustin Boyer replied, "Yes…

Zero Gravity Shoe Tutorial Photo

DIY time!!! I had these old boring stripper shoes sitting in my closet that I never wore so I thought I'd make them into something more decadent and interesting. Got inspired by Louis XIV for these babies! What you need: - random pair of shoes - fab…

Do Some Sit-ups, Fatty

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes was out in Miami yesterday, 90 percent naked, which showed off her rock hard stomach. Which is even more impressive considering that she’s a mom. Does she do a thousand crunches a day? Or has this Doutzen come here from …

Rob Kardashian News - Rob Kardashian Detained By Police After Joke Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

Source: TMZ Written by Celebuzz Facebook Twitter Email More Follow Celebuzz on: Facebook / Twitter More on: Rob Kardashian, The Kardashians …

Jessica Simpson: Caught In The Rain!

Jessica Simpson runs to her car after being caught in a downpour outside of Boneyard Bistro on Sunday (March 25) in Los Angeles.

Is 'Britain's Got Talent' Contestant Jonathan Antoine The Next Susan Boyle? (Video)

Friends and vocal school classmates Charlotte Jaconelli, 16, and Jonathan Antoine, 17, stunned the audience this weekend after singing an opera song for "Britain's Got Talent."  The weight conscious Jonathan admitted to being self-conscious and need…

Danica Patrick Still Drives Us Crazy At Age 30 [20 PHOTOS]

I’m just as sick of those GoDaddy commercials as you are, but that has nothing to do with Danica Patrick. In fact, she’s just about the best reason to care about NASCAR. Think about it… an attractive woman competing against a bunch of men who don’t …

Mitt Romney's Abortion Conversion: A Video History

The former Massachusetts and Governor and presumptive Republican nominee campaigned as an abortion-rights candidate in 2002; became anti-abortion in 2005 but said he wold uphold Massachusetts pro-choice laws; then campaigned against abortion in 2008 and 2012. Here's a video history of his abortion evolution.

White Girls In Gyaru Makeup

White girls trying to look like asian girls who want to be white girls. Circle (lens) of fail.

22 Of The Most Totally Extreme (And Adorable) Skateboarding Animals

Grab a Mountain Dew and get in the mood to shred pipe with these totally extreme animals! Also, at the end there's a video of a skateboarding monkey.

Tim Tebow's Text Messages With Mark Sanchez

In his press conference today, Tim Tebow said that he has been having text message conversations with Mark Sanchez since the news of the Jets trade broke. BuzzFeed Sports has uncovered one of those totally real, and most certainly not made up conversations.

10 Bears Waving At You

Watch all these happy bears wave at you. Are you waving back? I hope so, because they are being pretty friendly.

Here's A Video Of Tim Tebow Saying "Excited" 44 Times At Today's Press Conference

Tim Tebow's really excited about being a Jet. Here's proof.

The 36 Best Signs At The Reason Rally

Thousands of atheists gathered in Washington DC this weekend in what is believed to be the biggest atheist gathering ever. The Westboro Baptist Church was there too.

Why Politicians Support "Stand Your Ground" Laws

The NRA fought hard for legislation allowing people to shoot intruders in their homes and assailants on the street, legislation that's become intensely controversial around the Trayvon Martin shooting. Here are television ads for Southern candidates and for the NRA that give a glimpse of the emotional, and political, case for those laws.

George Zimmerman's Account Of What Happened The Night He Killed Trayvon Martin

The gunman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin hasn't had his side of the story released to the public...until now. This is the Orlando Sentinel's account of what George Zimmerman told police.

Joe Oliver, George Zimmerman's Friend, Defends Shooter In Trayvon Martin Case

(Corrects references to Zimmerman's wife, Oliver's mother-in-law, paragraph 4) By Daniel Trotta SANFORD, Fla., March 25 (Reuters) - George Zimmerman cried for days in remorse after shooting dead a black Florida tee…

Deadmau5 Slams Madonna Over 'Molly,' Ecstasy Reference At Ultra Music Festival

Molly is a slang term for MDMA, the active chemical in ecstasy, a drug often associated with electronic dance music (EDM) concerts. The crowd erupted in cheers after Madge asked the question (see video of Madonna on stage at the bottom of this artic…

Horrifying New Wasp Species Discovered

This monster lives in Indonesia has jaws longer than its front legs. I hate it so much.

NFL Star Michael Turner To Baby Mama -- Keep Our Kid Off Reality TV ... UNLESS

Atlanta Falcons superstar running back Michael Turner and his baby mama just reached the most important decision of their parenting lives -- never to let their children appear on a reality show ... on one condition. Michael and his ex Rasheeda Walk…

Camille Grammer Quits 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'

One of the most dramatic women on the show will not be returning for the third season -- find out why! Camille Grammer has decided to quit The Real Housew

Dessert Paintings That Look Real Enough To Eat

Now that temperatures in the Northeast are topping 70 degrees, we can’t be the only ones with ice cream on the brain. For those seeking calorie-free gratification, look no further than Mary Ellen Johnson’s photorealistic dessert paintings — her bana…

Mob Wives' Renee Graziano Breaks Down Over Ex's Shocking Betrayal

The VH1 reality star admits to Us she was "suicidal" after her ex-husband ratted her father out to the DEA

Can Kony 2012 Change The World? The Answer Depends On Which Generation You Ask

This online-offline approach strikes Boomers like Malcolm Gladwell and Thomas Friedman as weak imitations of the street demonstrations of their youth, but during the last five years it has elected a president and stopped the entertainment industry f…

Woman Marries Herself

Much like Sue Sylvester on "Glee," A North Dakota woman named Nadine Schweigert married herself last week.

20 Weird Associations You Didn't Know Existed

Just think -- there are thousands of people who belong to these.

Horrifying, Surreal Photos Of A Tibetan Exile Setting Himself On Fire

WARNING: These are obviously disturbing images, so discretion is advised. An exile from Tibet immolates himself in New Dehli to protest the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao. Tibet is currently under Chinese occupation and has been struggling for independence for decades. The protester survived and is in critical condition.

EatingWell: 10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break

Some habits can be tough to break. When it comes to cooking, you may have some bad habits that you’re not even aware of. Some may be keeping your meal just short of reaching perfection while others may actually be hazardous to your health. Below are…

Why The Names Of The Afghanistan Massacre Victims Matter

The names of 16 victims in the March 11 massacre in Afghanistan bring home the true horror of their deaths. But rape victims, who are often anonymous, don't get the same kind of personalized rage.

Tim Tebow Invited Both Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron To Golf Tournament

The Tim Tebow love triangle is about to play out on the golf course. We hear reps for the new New York Jet have invited both country singer Taylor Swift and “Glee” actress Dianna Agron to his second annual Tim Tebow Foundation Charity Golf Tournamen…

Richard Nixon, Idi Amin, And Elizabeth Taylor

It’s often said one should not speak ill of the dead. At Richard Nixon’s passing, Thompson chose not to observe the custom:

The 5 Ballsiest Easter Eggs Hidden In Video Games

If you're reading this, the odds are good that you 1) hate your job and 2) can't really do much about it. But if you, say, were working on a project that would be seen by millions of people, then you could get creative about expressing your displeas…

Trayvon Martin's Parents Speak Out: Family Mission, Grief

Trayvon Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, are still trying to make sense of their family tragedy. They don't feel they have had time yet to really grieve Trayvon's shooting death, which occurred in February. They looked exhausted as…

What We See Vs. What Politicians See

This explains everything. So were they born with this special vision or did they have to get corrective surgery after being sworn in?

Lourdes Smokes, Madonna Talks Ecstasy

Madonna's daughter smokes a cigarette and the world freaks out. Madonna asks a crowd full of youths if they're on ecstasy, and no one seems to care.

The Epic Battle For Wikipedia's Autofellatio Page

In the underbelly of Wikipedia is an exhibitionist subculture dedicated to one thing: Ensuring that their penis is the visual definition of penis. Meet Jiffman, one such exhibitionist. (This article is very probably NSFW.)

It's OK To Be A One-Hit Wonder In Tech

A one-hit music wonder ends up a punchline. A one hit toy wonder fades into the background. A one-hit app wonder gets valued at "billions," helping lead to stories like this: The Draw Something guys have been bought by Zynga for $180 million.

10 Incredibly Racist "Hunger Games" Fans

Smh. Every group of fans has its embarrassing, ignorant faction, but COME ON. (via Huger Games Tweets)

The 18 Most Stylish Looks From The "Mad Men" Season Premiere

The best thing about the costuming on this show is that you'd look cool if you wore a lot of this stuff today.

Rick Santorum Attacked John McCain For His Temper In 2008 Romney Robocall

The former Pennsylvania Senator lost his cool on Sunday. In 2008, working as a Romney surrogate, he attacked John McCain for doing the same.

The Pope In A Sombrero

El Papa! Here's Pope Benedict in Mexico swapping out one giant, funny hat for another.

Exclusive! The Flash Gets His Girlfriend Killed

Being the arm candy of a superhero should come with hazard pay. Nothing bad has ever happened from abusing your powers to save the one you love. This will end well.

Porn Actress As Prom Date: Megan Piper And Emy Reyes Can't Accompany Mike Stone To Event

OAKDALE, Minn. -- A Minnesota high school senior who turned to the porn industry for a prom date found a couple of takers, but school administrators say the X-rated actresses aren't welcome. Mike Stone says he sent dozens of Twitter messages to Holl…

Intel And Microsoft's Secret Weapon Against Apple

Intel and its partners are about to launch the biggest promotion of a new product category called Ultrabooks since the company’s Wi-Fi based Centrino launch early last decade. And Microsoft is about to launch a major update to Windows called Windows…

Kim Kardashian: I Might Press Charges Against Flour Bomber

"I said earlier no I wasn't [going to file a complaint]," said Kardashian of the unidentified woman who dumped a bag of flour on her on the red carpet outside Hollywood's London Hotel. "I am just going to think about it, because I don't want someone…

Seattle Space Needle Turned Into Angry Birds Slingshot

To promote the launch of Angry Birds Space, Rovio and T-Mobile strapped a 300 foot tall slingshot to the 650 foot tall tower. Unfortunately, the bird will not be launched. (via

John Stamos Kisses A Dude For Charity

"Come to Uncle Jesse!" Here's John Stamos auctioning off his supple lips for $5,000 at the GLAAD Media Awards.

Easter Corgi

Waffles is Easter-ready in his adorable bunny boots and little rabbit hat. <3<3<3<3

20 Recycled Aluminum Can Mosaics

Arizonian artist Jeff Ivanhoe creates these mosaics with aluminum cans and an X-Acto knife. I'm hoping this is where all my cans go. (via

How To Make Enemies (On Facebook)

EnemyGraph lets you add "enemies" on Facebook. Lms if you hate my guts.

The Complete Collection Of "Mad Men" Premiere Gifs

All of last night's most gif-able moments, in one place.

Awesome Photos Of The Amway Arena Being Demolished

Big building go boom fall down. Here are photos, and what looks to be a dangerously close video, of the Amway Arena in Orlando being demolished in a controlled explosion. That's some "Dark Knight"-exploding-hospital caliber stuff right there.

American Conservative Union Chairman Calls For Santorum, Gingrich To Drop Out

Accuses them of "gaming out unrealistic dark horse scenarios."

Craft Wars: The Tie Dye Champion

You chose the winner of BuzzFeed Shift's first battle of the crafters.

The Disgusting Reality Of Microwave Dinners

This is the opposite of food porn. When they start making TV dinners that actually look like they do on the covers, I'll know that we've advanced as a society.

Deadmau5 Hates Madonna

Electronic music artist Deadmau5 is apparently really angry at Madonna for appearing at the Ultra Music Festival this weekend. Like most adults, he took to Facebook to complain.

Rick Santorum's Health Care Solution

The former Senator sought to subsidize private insurance for the poor through tax credits.

Mad Men Season 5 Premiere: Why Did Don's Wife Megan Sing That French Song?

The Story Behind "Zou Bisou Bisou," the Sexy Tune from the  Mad Men Premiere

Jenna Talackova: Transgender Beauty Queen Kicked Out Of Miss Universe Canada Pageant

Jenna Talackova (pictured) was thrown out the Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant when organizers discovered she had undergone a sex change to become a woman.

Hitler Selling Shampoo In Turkey

In this (real!) ad, the Fuhrer says: "If you're not wearing women's clothes, you shouldn't be using women's shampoo either. Here it is. A real man's shampoo. Biomen. Real men use Biomen." (via Copyranter)

The Rihanna-Inspired "Black And Bleu" Sandwich

An Atlanta restaurant called Chops and Hops created a Carribean-spiced, bleu-cheese-topped sandwich based on Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship for their menu, complemeneted by an insensitive and humorless joke. According to the restaurant's Facebook page, they wrote, "Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A."

BuzzFeed Bets: Will Vinny Del Negro Be Fired This Week?

The Clippers coach is barely hanging on, but his team continues to fall apart. So the question is simple: Is Vinny's time coming to an end? Kevin and I disagree. One of us will be right. The other will humiliate himself on YouTube. Everyone wins.

Trayvon Martin Case: Obama Aide Hits Back At Gingrich's Criticism Of The President

David Plouff shot back at criticism from conservative opponents over the president's comments about the slaying of the unarmed 17-year-old boy in Florida.

James Cameron Tweeted From Seven Miles Under The Sea

We all tweet in a green submarine...

New Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer Is Suitably Awesome

Stetsons and Dalek references and aliens, oh my!

Chet Haze Inherited His Rap Skillz From Tom Hanks

I made my parents drive me to the closest town with more than one movie theater so I could pay money to see this film.

Robert Howsare's Drawing Apparatus

Robert Howsare's Drawing Apparatus attaches a Sharpie to records spinning on a record player at different revolutions. It's a good thing this video is only 1 minute 45 seconds, because I could watch it for at least 17 minutes and 6 seconds, and real…

Paris Hilton & Boyfriend Afrojack Hit Miami For The Ultra Music Festival (Pics)

Paris Hilton was spotted partying for spring break in Miami Beach, Florida, on Thursday with her Dutch DJ boyfriend Afrojack. The socialite paired a long black summer dress with a leopard print bikini top and looked sexy as ever. The couple are in …

The Original "Zou Bisou Bisou" Song From "Mad Men"

If you tuned into "Mad Men" last night, no doubt this song is stuck in your head.

Karilyn Bales Believes Her Husband Is Not Responsible For The Massacre In Afghanistan

Sgt. Robert Bales's wife gave her first TV interview today, in which she questions the US government's version of events.

Justin Bieber's New Song, "Boyfriend"

It's VERY Justin Timberlake and surprisingly good. A+, Biebz.

The "Mad Men" Likability Index: Do You Hate Or Love Megan Draper?

BuzzFeed Shift grades the likability of some of TV's most intriguing fictional characters.

25 Incredibly Lucky Photographs Of Animals

Some of these are incredibly skillful and well-planned; others are just one-in-a-million shots. But they all have a right-place-at-the-right-time thing going for them.

Could Women Really Be Discriminated Against For Taking Birth Control? If A Crazy Arizona Bill Passes, Yes.

The Obama administration recently issued a mandate requiring all employers to cover prescription birth control under company health plans. Arizona legislators recently introduced a bill that would allow some employers to opt out. That’s not terribly…

Morning Monologue: The Final Four Is Set, Tiger Returns To The Winners' Circle, And The Hawks Go 4 OTs With Utah

Our daily stroll through last night (or weekend's) action. On tap today: the Elite Eight, golf, the NBA, and more.

The Simplest Startup

A decent people search: "We imagined what would Google and Facebook build together if they weren’t at war."

Can Matt Rhoades Go Big?

Give Romney's campaign manager credit: His careful defense and kitchen-sink offense have delivered the Republican nomination to a moderate from Massachusetts. Now Romney and his "Terminator" need the vision thing.

Madonna’s New “Girl Gone Wild” Video Restricted By YouTube For Being Too Raunchy

Madonna’s steamy new video for “Girl Gone Wild” has been banned from open view on YouTube for being too raunchy, with scenes including nudity and a close-up of a man’s PVC-clad crotch.

The Best Athletes On Twitter

POWER RANKINGS! As always, these rankings are crafted by the finest list artisans in all the land. That's how you know they're good.

Afghans: U.S. Paid $50,000 Per Massacre Death

(KANDAHAR, Afghanistan) — The United States has paid $50,000 in compensation for each Afghan killed and $11,000 for each person wounded in the shooting spree allegedly committed by a U.S. soldier in southern Afghanistan, an Afghan official and a com…

Miley Cyrus News - Miley Cyrus Sports Bling On Wedding Ring Finger Amid Engagement Rumors (PHOTOS)

Is Miley Cyrus engaged? That was the talk of the town last night when the 19-year-old was seen with a sparkler on her wedding ring finger. On Saturday,

Uma Thurman Shows Off Her Changing Shape As She Debuts Bump In Bikini

The 41-year-old actress was spotted by some nearby swimmers as she enjoyed her holiday with 13-year-old daughter Maya, who lay on the public beach while her mum took a dip in the water.   More... Fighting fit: Patrick Schwarzenegger shows off his …

Spelling And Grammar Lessons With Team Breezy

However when they told me to die using exceptionally creative grammar and spelling, I started to grow concerned. Team Breezy has a big job — defending their idol Chris Brown from all the unforgiving assholes on the Internet — and they just won’t be …

John Fugelsang, The Comedian Who Ruined Mitt Romney This Week

The man who got the "Etch-a-Sketch" answer out of Mitt Romney's spokesman, the man who changed the political news cycle for 48 hours, the man who caused a 148 percent spike in a toy company's stock, was not a political reporter. John Fugelsang happe…

The Creepiest Comic Book Character Of All Time

If you're disturbed by the empty stare of puppets, that's normal. Ventriloquist dummies have had more murderer fingers inside them than JonBenet Ramsey. The most well-known dummy of all time is Charlie McCarthy, a fancy corpse-faced block of wood th…

The Legacy Of The CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments On America

Before LSD escaped the lab and was evangelized by hippies, the U.S. government was secretly testing the effects of the drug on hundreds of unsuspecting American civilians and military personnel. In a must-read feature on newly unclassified material …

Friday Dopamine Dump (38 Photos) : :

March 23, 2012 | Author: Leo | In: Dopamine Dump, Funny

Obama’s Energy Lies -

In his weasel-worded decision to block a perfectly harmless pipeline that would have provided America with jobs, energy and hope, President Barack Obama betrayed his country, lied and then, just the other day, halfway reversed himself, once more fra…

A Guided Tour Of Henry Miller’s Bathroom (NSFW)

In Tom Schiller’s 35-minute 1975 documentary, which we spotted over at Open Culture, Henry Miller gives us a tour of the many posters and photographs on the walls of his bathroom — a tour which might as well be of the author’s own head. ”In a way it…

Mammoth Extinction Not Due To Inbreeding

LONDON, March 24 (UPI) -- A British study on the extinction of woolly mammoths found the last known population of the prehistoric animals did not die out because of inbreeding.

23 Reasons Why The Best College Basketball Player In The Country Has A Unibrow

Kentucky just won the National Title, and everyone has the same question. Why does their star and presumptive NBA number-one pick Anthony Davis have a massive unibrow? BuzzFeed Sports and Twitter theorize.

James Cameron Reaches Ocean’s Deepest Point, 7 Miles Below

In fact, everything about Cameron’s dive is at a nearly incomprehensible scale. The trench is 120 times larger than the Grand Canyon and is more than a mile deeper than Mount Everest is tall.

Some Jets Wary Of Tebow Circus -

Tim Tebow officially joined the Jets on Saturday at 4 p.m. once his contract was removed from the Broncos salary cap.

Liam Hemsworth: Embarrassed By Miley Cyrus’ Behavior?

hahahahahhaha we all Embarrassed By Miley Cyrus’ Behavior

Belvedere Vodka Retracts Offensive Ad, Flubs Apology

Belvedere celebrates its vodka’s superior drinkability — but a new ad for the liquor producer is hardly in good taste.

Why Didn't Tim Duncan Play Tonight?

The official box score was pretty blunt.

Dwyane Wade Honors Trayvon Martin On His Sneakers

The Miami Heat guard continued his support for Trayvon Martin's cause by adding an addition to his shoes before tonight's game with Oklahoma City. (via @Jose3030)

'The Hunger Games' Weekend Box Office: $155 Million

Sorry, Bella. When it comes to box-office odds, Katniss Everdeen had everything in her favor. "The Hunger Games" scored $155 million in North American ticket sales this weekend, the third highest opening weekend of all time, according to estimates f…

Gay Pride Flag Being Raised In Afghanistan

This image of was uploaded to the Wipeout Homophobia Facebook group earlier today. The photo was submitted to the group by the soldier's husband.

Rick Santorum Swears At New York Times Reporter

Jeff Zeleny earned the curse for asking Santorum what he meant by saying that Mitt Romney is the "worst Republican" to face Obama. Here's a look at some other times Santorum's temper got the best of him, often at the press.

Belvedere Vodka Ad Under Fire For Rape Implications

Belvedere Vodka is facing severe backlash over a questionable ad.

American High School Students Are Reading Books At 5th-Grade-Appropriate Levels

High school students today are reading books intended for children with reading levels far below those appropriate for teens, according to a recent report. A compilation of the top 40 books teens in grades 9-12 are reading in school shows that the a…

Geraldo Rivera Doubles Down On Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments

Geraldo Rivera doubled down on his incendiary comments about Trayvon Martin during a Friday appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor," saying that hoodies reminded people of criminals like the Unabomber and thus put them in danger. The Fox News host cause…

Charli Penn: The 5 Types Of Men Who Make GREAT Husbands

In my line of work, I meet a lot of great husbands and the wives who adore them. Over time, it's not hard to pick up on a pattern among these men -- especially when I chat with other wives about why they chose the men they've married and what qualit…

'Jersey Shore' Phasing Out Snooki, The Situation

Can you imagine a "Jersey Shore" without Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi or Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino? Well, you better get used to it. According to TMZ, sources are saying that 495 Productions is looking to cast new house members to replace the show'…

Newt Gingrich's Trayvon Martin Comments Were 'Reprehensible,' David Plouffe Says

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's Senior Adviser David Plouffe called former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's comments on the shooting of Trayvon Martin "reprehensible" on Sunday, saying they came from a man who was "clearly in the last throes of …

Texas Christians Raise Money To Pay Medical Bills For Atheist Protestor Patrick Greene

UPDATE: As of Saturday afternoon, Greene had received over $3,500 in donations on his fundraising website and wrote that he and his wife would give any future donations to organizations that help homeless and abused animals. A Texas atheist who earl…

Trayvon Martin Case: Teen's Friends Say He Never Picked A Fight

MIAMI — Wearing a hoodie. Listening to music and talking on his cellphone. Picking up Skittles for his soon-to-be stepbrother. Friends say that's how they would have imagined 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on a Sunday afternoon.

'Pink Slime' Producer Runs A Full Page Ad In The WSJ

The "pink slime" saga continues: The beef product, a low-cost ammonia-treated filler aka "Lean Finely Trimmed Beef" that ends up in ground beef and hamburger patties, is having a tough time these days. After an online petition led to a media frenzy,…

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Pretty Different IRL

Now that ‘Hunger Games’ is a part of all of our lives (perhaps the biggest part) Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t just roll out of bed and go to Whole Foods anymore. Like she did yesterday. Because Real Life Jennifer Lawrence looks absolutely nothing lik…

Hunger Games News - Reader's Respond: Fans Give Their 'Hunger Games' Reviews

Theaters across the globes are packed with movie goers as The Hunger Games finally made its theatrical debut this Friday. The much anticipated flick set the record of biggest midnight showing for a non-sequel movie — raking in over $19 million befor…

Kristin Cavallari News - Spot The Bump! Kristin Cavallari Takes Her Itsy-Bitsy Baby Belly On A Morning Stroll (PHOTOS)

Now that’s one fashionable mom-to-be! Currently expecting her firstborn with fiance Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari showed off her pregnancy glow as she stepped out to walk her dog earlier this week. Sporting a printed maxi dress, the Dancing With the…

Kim Kardashian News - Report: Kim Kardashian Will Press Charges Against Flour Bomber

It looks like Kim Kardashian's flour bomber will have more than just baking ingredients on her hands as charges WILL be filed against her! On Saturday,

Mad Men Retold In 7 Minutes (VIDEO)

If you’re gearing up for the return of Mad Men but have forgotten where the show left off, Slate V has distilled the entire plot of the first four seasons into a handy 7 minute video.  Consume, enjoy, and then feel free to pour yourself an old-fashi…

Kim Kardashian Flour-bombed On Red Carpet As Woman Pelts Her With Cooking Powder

Kim arrived dressed-to-the-nines, wearing a black blazer, leather trousers and a bright blue blouse, but within minutes she looked more like a dowdy housewife after a kitchen mishap.

The Royal Wedding Crasher: Moment Queen Popped In To Congratulate Shocked Bride

John and Frances Canning could hardly believe their eyes when her Majesty accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh walked into the room moments after they had tied the knot at Manchester Town Hall.

Private Jets, 13 Mansions And A $100,000 Mobile Home Just For The Dogs

Among purchases, the network founded by Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch, is accused of misappropriating its 'charitable assets' toward a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $100,000-mobile home for Mrs Crouch's dogs.

Lana Del Rey: ‘Video Games’ On ‘American Idol’

Check out Lana Del Rey singing on stage during the latest episode of American Idol, which aired on Thursday (March 22).

Ex-Kony Soldier -- Warlord May Have CURSED Jason Russell

African warlord Joseph Kony is a master of voodoo ... who may have willed an evil spirit to poison the mind of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell ... this according to a former member of Kony's child army. TMZ spoke with Richard Akena ...…

Kim Kardashian -- Pressing Charges Against Flour Tosser

Kim Kardashian has decided she will press charges against the woman who threw flour on her at an event Thursday night ... TMZ has learned.  Sources close to Kim tell TMZ she does not feel the woman who threw the flour at her should get away with it…

A Brief Guide To Pop Culture In 1966

Take heart — the long-awaited Season 5 premiere of Mad Men is finally upon us. Tonight we will all be plunged into 1966, the year of Bonanza, Capote’s In Cold Blood, and the Beatles being “bigger than Jesus.” To prepare ourselves (and you) for tonig…

‘Mad Men’ Cheat Sheet: Where Did We Leave The Characters In Season 4?

It’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen a new episode of Mad Men. Considering that we sometimes can’t remember what we ate for lunch by bedtime the same day, it’s safe to say that the Season 4 finale wasn’t exactly fresh in our minds — which me…

40 Other Things The Seven Dwarfs Might Have Been Called

You may think the characters from your youth were always set in stone, but of course we know that’s not so. Over at Lists of Note, we spotted this list of 47 possible dwarf names brainstormed by the Disney writing team while working on the studio’s …

Obama's World Bank Nominee, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, Links Global Health, Economic Development

President’s Obama’s surprise choice to lead the World Bank, Dartmouth President Dr. Jim Yong Kim, is a widely respected figure with decades of experience working to tackle some of the world’s most intractable problems in public health. Obama’s nomin…

Trayvon Martin Case: Police Chief Steps Down As Rallies Grow Louder

The protests surrounding the case show no sign of slowing down. Hours after his mother’s death, Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally in Sanford, Fla., on Thursday evening that attracted thousands and collected at least $24,500 in monetary pledges for Martin…

LeBron James, Miami Heat Pay Tribute To Trayvon Martin

In today’s sports world, athletes and social activism rarely mix. Michael Jordan set the standard: steer clear of controversy, appeal to everyone, and sell sneakers. (Jordan once refused to endorse the African-American opponent of the late Jesse Hel…

The Feud You Didn’t Ask For: Jason Biggs Vs. Jason Russell (The Naked Kony Guy)

I guess if you’re going to try to get free press for your first relevant movie in four years, there’s no better way to do it than kicking a naked man while he’s down. American Reunion stars Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott stopped by WGN-TV on We…

Stephenie Meyer’s New Movie Is About Contact Lenses Or Something

With The Hunger Games poised to pick up the young-chick-lit-for-adults mantle from Twilight when the movie hits today, it’s time for Stephenie Meyer to ride her sparkly horse of abstinence off into the sunset, right? WRONG. Stephenie Meyer ain’t goi…

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Aren't Engaged

On Saturday, the former Hannah Montana star, 19, stepped out with her Australian beau, 22, at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIII event in Phoenix, Ariz., wearing a huge new diamond ring on her finger. Despite a flurry of speculation over the …

Dina Lohan Signs Up For Celebrity Hotline Service

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina has signed up to a new celebrity hotline service allowing fans to get directly in touch with her so she can "tell the truth" about tabloid rumors. Dina Lohan, her ex-husband Michael Lohan, former Party Of Five actor Jere…

The Top 5 Things To Do With Busted NCAA Tournament Brackets

If it doesn’t happen tonight, it’s probably already happened… Every year, you attempt to pick the perfect bracket for the NCAA Tournament and you end screwing up something that prevents you from winning your pool. If you’re stuck in the dark ages an…

The Original Hunger Game From Rwhitlock

The original Hunger Game.

Romney In 2007: I Hope $3-A-Gallon Gas Will Lead To Better Fuel Efficiency

It's the sort of logic that he now condemns, but at this 2007 town hall Romney was hopeful expensive gas would lead to better fuel economy standards. The audio comes from a 2007 town hall.

Perpetual Motion Bulldog

The laws of thermodynamics never accounted for a dog chasing a ball tied to its own tail.

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