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March 15, 2012

15 People Dying Of Embarrassment

Hey, it could happen to you.

March Madness: Ranking The Afternoon Games

Here's hoping the night games are better. Or at least better officiated.

'The Talk's' Sharon Osbourne Denies She Had Leah Remini Fired (Poll)

There’s a very volatile “she said, she said” fight going on between former The Talk co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Leah Remini, in which the actress says that her former colleague was behind having her fired from the show.

When Headlines Go Wrong :

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10 Things For Celebrities To Remember When Taking Nude Cell Phones Pictures From Dan Abramson

Dear Celebs. Everyone's doing it. Just make sure you keep these things in mind.

This Lady Is Addicted To Drinking Her Own Urine

Not only has Carrie consumed over 900 gallons of urine during her 4-year addiction, but she uses a neti pot filled with her pee, too. You may now commence your "eww-ing" and vomiting noises. Thanks, "My Strange Addiction"!!

Should You Delete Photos Of Ex-Boyfriends?

Hi, E. Jean:  I’m 25, and my boyfriend is 27. We’ve been together six months, and we’re talking marriage. There’s a sore point, however: In my iPhoto library on my computer, I have pictures of guy friends and ex-boyfriends. He wants me to delete the…

Jennifer Lopez's Male Stunt Double Is Practicing His Best J.Lo Face

This photo cements it: The best woman to be Jennifer Lopez‘s stunt double… is a man. At least, for her “Follow the Leader” music video. They’re currently shooting in Mexico—and the editors will have their hands full making sure we can’t tell when it…

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart -- Paris Love Nest

Robert wanted to give his love Kristen a huge romantic surprise. Kristen is thrilled with the new Paris home that they will share. Robert Pattinson, 25,

Prankster Teen Texts Cop That She's Hidden A Body

ROGERS, Ark. — A northwest Arkansas teenager thought it would be funny to text a random phone number saying she hid a body, but the joke backfired. Of all the local phone numbers she could have chosen, the 15-year-old Rogers girl picked one that bel…

“Hipster” Redesigns Of Famous Brand Logos

The Coca-Cola logo may be classic, but is it really relevant to hip, metropolitan 20-somethings? With the motto “holding up a mirror to the artsy community,” a Tumblr called Hipster Branding proposes tongue-in-cheek solutions for popular brands look…

Dealbreaker: He Fell Asleep Under A Van

I let him sleep in my bed that night because he wasn't in any condition to drive. As he lay there, snoring and reeking of fuel, I stared at him wondering how I'd sunk to this point. But I knew how. I had compromised quality for quantity, and it had …

At SXSW, An Electric Bike Offers A Path To Conscious Commuting

Conscious Commuter is showing off a fully collapsible, electric bicycle at this year's SXSW Green Zone

The Best Hangover Cures

Here are 20 unusual hangover cures, courtesy of our readers.

Taylor Swift News - Taylor Swift's Land Down Under Style

Taylor Swift engaged in some retail therapy while in Melbourne, Australia on March 13 by shopping all over town with her back-up dancers and friends. The

Cheltenham Festival 2012: Carol Vorderman Dons A Sexy Figure-hugging Dress

The 51-year-old host showed off her amazing figure in a clingy white Roland Mouret dress which hugged her curves in all the right places.

5 Insane Cases Of Imposters Passing For World Leaders

However, being deliberately sent to places where they knew Saddam's son would be a target wasn't even the worst part of his job, because at least he got to be away from Uday. Yahia soon found out that Uday was a psychopath by his own right: One time…

'Glee's' Naya Rivera, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron To Host GLAAD Awards

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has tapped Glee stars Naya Rivera, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron as hosts for a pair of its 23rd Media Awards.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (54 Photos) :

Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (41 Photos)

New iPad Review From Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, Nick Wiger, BoTown Sound, And Brian Lane

The new iPad 3 (aka the iPad HD) review is out and it is incredible.

The Best Use Of Facebook Timeline Yet

Nailed it. Also, I honestly wouldn't be totally surprised if it turns out that this was how the world was actually created.

The Duchess Of Cornwall Is A Proper Lady Having A Proper Spasm

Here's Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, having a full blown conniption at the festival of silly hats and horses known as Cheltenham. Looks like she's having a fit of Irritable Bowles Syndrome. Boom. Anglophile joke.

Yoda, The World's Ugliest Dog, Is Dead

The 15-year-old title-holder for "World's Ugliest Dog," Yoda, passed away today. He was my personal favorite of all the "Ugliest Dog" winners of the past 10 years (I think it was his earnestness combined with his good looks). Here's a look at some of his "glamour" shots through his competitive years.

The Difference One Little Typo Makes

Or maybe it wasn't a typo? I don't know, I can't tell from watching the surveillance tape.

Billy Bush Tweets Shirtless Kim Kardashian Spoof

Today's Twitter Buzz: terrifying. Why does shirtless Billy Bush look more like his cousin George W. than ever before? Plus, a dog ate Jessica Stam's underwear, Kal Penn drinks from Dharma Initiative water, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus joined twitter today!

Don't Call Utahns Utahans!

Conservative group's attack on Orrin Hatch as out-of-touch backfires with obscure misspelling.

Important Cat Scientists

Cat Scientists of the 1960s is a Tumblr that helps us remember the important contributions that cats have made to science. All images are 100% real.

Gay Marriage Advocates Take On The Democratic Party

More than 20 Democratic Senators and gay rights groups are pushing the party to adopt a platform plank in support of same-sex marriage, Huffington Post reported. But President Obama is against it. He says he's "evolving." Here's the language they want in the platform, from the group Freedom to Marry.

The ‘Scammiest’ Words On The Internet

Online security firm PC Tools reveals the words that should set off your scam detector.

Bennett Barbour Exonerated Of Rape In Virginia

Bennett Barbour was convicted in 1978 of a rape he didn’t commit. At trial, he had an alibi supported by several witnesses. He didn’t match the victim’s description of her attacker. Barbour suffers from a severe bone disease that would have made it …

HBO Passed On Story Of Mike Tyson’s Life

Since his pride and joy Entourage aired its series finale, Doug Ellin has been working to get a few new series picked up, with Da Brick being the most relevant to what we do around these here pages. The series, produced by Spike Lee, would be based …

Buried UFO? Metallic Object Found In Hole By Franz Knoglinger In Austria

An Austrian farmer looking for his lost cat stumbled upon a hole that he thinks might contain the greatest UFO find of all time. Franz Knoglinger, 47, found the 25-foot-deep, perfectly round hole in northwestern Austrian field while searching for hi…

5 Things You Don't Learn About High School Until Too Late

There are a few things I learned about high school long after I graduated that would have made the whole thing a lot easier. Maybe kids today are already wise enough to see these things, but back when I was in school, it would have been nice to know…

'John Carter' Debacle: Inside The Fallout For Disney (Analysis)

The sci-fi debacle opens up new questions about the studio's weak pipeline and overall movie strategy.

Rick Santorum Thinks Carbon Dioxide Isn't Harmful To Plants? Tell That To A Plant

In reality, high carbon levels are life-threatening to plants.

5 Reasons To Get Excited About St. Patrick's Day From Ken Furer

Put on your drinking shoes because it's almost St. Patrick's Day - or as nobody calls it, "Irish Cinco de Mayo." And who doesn't enjoy a holiday devoted to the consumption of beer? Pregnant women and people on antibiotics - that's who doesn't. Bu…

More "Dr. Horrible" Coming Soon

In regards to the much-anticipated sequel to the first installment of "Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog," Wired quotes Joss Whedon as saying, "We do have a number of songs written. We have a whole outline." OMG!

The Best Facebook Comments From The Kansas Abortion Wars

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is expected to sign a restrictive anti-abortion bill making its way through the Kansas legislature. So his official Facebook page is getting a deluge of angry protest comments today; they're coming in faster than his staff can delete.

A Short Play On The Occasion Of The NBA's Weirdest Trade In Years

JaVale McGee, Nene, Nick Young, Ronnie Turiaf, and Brian Cook? What the hell is happening here?

NBA Trade Deadline 2012 Tracker: Updates, Reaction And Analysis

Latest: The Washington Wizards, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers completed a three-team trade that is easily the largest surprise of deadline day.David ...

The "Mad Men" Season Five Photo Shoot

Let's all speculate as to what these highly-edited edited and posed photos actually mean. The biggest spoiler(?) that is clear to me right away is how old they've made Pete Campbell look. (I guess popping out a kid with Trudy will do that to a man?)

'Luck' Canceled: HBO Cancels Drama Amid Horse Deaths And Low Ratings

HBO has decided to cancel its horse-racing drama "Luck" after a third horse died during production on Tuesday. HBO released the following statement:

Why 'The Next iPad' Won't Come From A Startup

If Steve and Woz met in 2012, they wouldn't start tinkering in a garage. They'd start building an app and hiring PR people.

Ben & Jerry's Support Gay Marriage With A New Flavor

In a show of support, Ben & Jerry's UK renamed their Apple Pie flavor "Apple-y Ever After" in order to raise awareness for same-sex marriage. The folks who run this company seem like some very sweet folks.

McGruder Dominates In First Day Of March Madness

Hurry McGruder! I'm sure no one has ever made a joke about his name before.

Aubrey Plaza Rocks The Sunglasses/Mustache Combo On The Red Carpet

Basically, she wins at life. From last night's premiere of "Casa de mi Padre."

Little Girl's Original Music Video For "My Heart Will Go On"

I don't know what the best part about this is. The ball gown? The sun setting on the pier? The finger over the screen at :43 seconds? Hmph. You decide for yourself.

How Not To Use Pinterest

Is Pinterest a place to "organize and share things you love," or a place to document unspeakable tragedy? There is a right answer.

Ignore Ryan's Post, Folks! Get In Here!

Ryan thinks he's so clever and charming just because his stupid video got featured on an Al Jazeera blog. Which granted, is pretty cool. But still. Comment here instead of in his post!!!1!

Rick Santorum: I Think Democrats Are Afraid Obama Will Bow To More Muslims

Newt Gingrich is usually the Republican who attacks President Obama for "bowing to a Saudi King," but in a 2010 interview on Fox News' On The Record, Santorum took the same tack.

Hey! Everybody! Comment On This post!

The Buzzfeed Community Team is settling a bet about who can get more comments on their Add Yours post, me or Cates. So everybody should totally comment on this post and not comment on Cates' post! (P.S. Cates is really awesome so maybe post there too... maybe...)

Most Depressing Juggalo Twitter Profile

The "saddest wicked clown" you know. via @FamousCeleb.

The First Step To Becoming A Real-Life Cartoon Character

Jump From Paper is making these bags that you'd swear were two-dimensional. My one special request would be a gray backpack like the one that Daria carries.

Kelly Clarkson Dating: Singer Dating Brandon Blackstock, Stepson Of Reba McEntire

Back in September, Kelly Clarkson told the world that dating is hard ("The problem isn't getting offers -- the problem is getting offers from someone you like, you know?") and even compared the process to "American Idol" ("It's like an 'American Ido…

How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Making You Fat

Dear E. Jean:  I’m 30 years old and have gained 20 pounds over the past year. The problem is my sex life. I used to be the skinny, pretty girl; I’m now 5'4" and 150 pounds. I’m not totally sitting on my ass. I do a one-hour spin class, a two-mile tr…

"Travel Posters For Lazy People" By Caldwell Tanner

by Caldwell Tanner on March 15, 2012

Christine From "Night Court": 'Memba Her?!

Markie Post is best known for her court character Christine in the '80s TV show "Night Court." Guess what she looks like now! Travis Barker I Got My Band's Logo Tattooed ON MY HEAD!!! Should you ever forget Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker i…

Chris Rock's Taped Altercation Used To Paint Celebrities As Hypocrites (Video)

The liberal comedian allegedly attacks a camerawoman, and the conservative author of a new book promises more video featuring A-list actors.

Hump Day: Turning Men Into Ass Guys Since 2008 (64 Photos)

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This Tree Looks Like A Dinosaur

A tree in Norfolk, England is a dead ringer for a T-Rex. "Dead ringer" because trees have rings, get it?

Ugandans React To Kony 2012

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of Ugandans in the city of Lira viewed what Time called the "most viral video of all time" reacting with a mix of anger and confusion. Is it possible to "like" a Facebook status and make the backlash go away?

March Madness: Southern Mississippi's Racist Chant

When Kansas State's point guard Angel Rodriguez went to the line, a chant of "Where's your green card?" rang out through the crowd. (It can be heard at 2 and 17 seconds in the video.) Reporters on the scene identified it as having come from Southern Mississippi's band. Thankfully it was short lived.

Teen Dies At A "Project X" Inspired Party

Drunk teenagers that saw a ridiculous movie + Texas = tragedy.

Gloria Allred Learns How To Make It Rain

This respectable looking man brought a stripper to court because she didn't return the money that he made rain on her. Then it becomes Gloria Allred's new favorite phrase.

Kim, Kourtney And Khloe Kardashian Strip Down For New Lingerie Ad

Once again, reality TV's favorite sisters have stripped down for a sexy Kardashian Kollection for Sears ad -- but are all these half-naked photo shoots making Khloe Kardashian insecure? After this revealing new lingerie ad hit the web, Kim and Kourt…

Watch South Park Season 16 Episode 1

The latest viral buzz from

Jennifer Lawrence News - Jennifer Lawrence Compares 'Hunger Games' To Reality TV

Jennifer Lawrence opens up to PARADE magazine about all the attention and hype surrounding her new movie The Hunger Games has been receiving prior to its release, and how it compares to the lives been led under the eye of reality TV.

Models Stage ‘Revolt’ During Melbourne Fashion Festival By Taking Off Their Shoes

Yesterday, models walked the runway at the Melbourne Fashion Festival and the shoes they wore made some major headlines–and for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, the platform stilettos were so impossible to walk in that the models were forced to ta…

That’s Michael Cera’s Girlfriend: Allison

“As a celebrity, it is incredibly hard to meet people. I mean, you meet people all the time, but it’s very hard to get to know them, or to trust their motivations. Are they just after your Youth in Revolt money? Do they just want to hang out with th…

Are Pizza Cones The Next Big Pizza Thing?

Pizza cones made a splash at the International Pizza Expo this week. Apparently these pizza cones are a craze in Italy, and you might start seeing them where you live.

Here's A Wacky Hairdo You Probably Won't Be Trying Soon

Today in afternoon distractions, PaperMag brings our attention to this mindblowing hairdo that sort of looks like a net you'd go fishing with, or those car seat covers that are made out of strung-together wooden beads. Or a hammock. Or something mad…

Wealthy Venture Capitalist Adam Dell Wins His Bitter Battle With Padma Lakshmi Over Their Child Krishna

Adam Dell has won his bitter battle with “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi over their daughter, Krishna. The wealthy venture capitalist has succeeded in being recognized as Krishna’s father, and now the 2-year-old child will carry his famous last name.

Top 5 Movies Where Someone Swaps Bodies With A Dog

The definitive list of the most important film genre.

Jennifer Lawrence: I'm So Sick Of Josh Hutcherson And Liam Hemsworth

"Neither. I'm just kidding! I'm so sick of them, you know," she jokes to iVillage about costars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. "I feel like I've already been in a 45-year relationship with both of them, we spend so much time together."

Gay Husband: A Wife Wants To Stay Married To Her Closeted Mate.

Get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week; click here to sign up. Please send your questions for publication to (Questions may be edited.) Got a burning question for Prudie? She'll be online at t…

'American Idol': Jermaine Jones Exits Show With Five Outstanding Arrest Warrants (Report)

The six-foot-eight, soft-spoken singer from Pine Hill, N.J. was suddenly the subject of controversy on Tuesday when word broke of the 25-year-old's disqualification from the Fox show's eleventh season. According to TMZ, Jones had been concealing "mu…

The Cat | The Godfather At 40: 40 Things You Didn't Know About The Classic Film

On March 15, 1972, The Godfather hit movie screens. We've compiled the most interesting stories and anecdotes.

Kelly Clarkson Dating Reba McEntire's Stepson!

Sources tell the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday) the lucky guy is 35-year-old Nashville-based talent manager Brandon Blackstock, the son of Clarkson's own manager, Narvel Blackstock (and stepson of Reba McEntire).

Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy Jackson!

The single Oscar winner's rep tells Us Theron is a "proud mom" of her brand-new son

6 Dreamy Pastel Outfit Ideas To Get You Excited For Spring, As Found On Pinterest

Pastels are a trend I loved on the spring 2012 runways but haven't quite figured out how I'd wear in real life. Pinterest to the rescue! Check out these dreamy street style snaps that are inspiring me to give it a go.

The Cast Of "Mad Men" Get Pretty For Their AMC Premiere

January Jones, Alison Brie, Jon Hamm, and lots of other familiar faces from the show turned up for last night's screening of the season premiere. The show's return is so close we can taste it. Are you excited?

Newt Gingrich Defended Mitt Romney On RomneyCare In 2010

Limping Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich regularly attacks Mitt Romney for signing into law the bill that was the basis for ObamaCare. But in 2010 interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network the former House Speaker was defending Romney on bill his saying "Governor Romney's made very clear that he favors absolute repeal of Obamacare and that he believes it's not accurate and not fair to try and compare the two."

Mitt Romney's Long, Careful Health Care Evolution

Mitt Romney's positions can appear confusing. Here's a detailed look at his painstaking political shift, and the forces driving it.

Gwen Stefani Joins Twitter, Uploads Cute Teenage Photos Of Herself

This is the absolute right way to join Twitter. Hopefully she'll continue the trend and post more!

Beware The Birthday Curse

Penny's birthday was cursed on last night's "Happy Endings." They get kicked out of restaurants, tires are slashed and Penny wears a hot-pink lined bra! Oh right, and that creepy old witch.

The New iPad Is Apparently Too Good To Review

"It's great, yeah, but you've really got to see it" ~ everyone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ridiculous "Terminator 3" Commentary

Beautiful, daring, and inspiring. Arnold's sublime meditation on boobs alone will change your life.

"South Park" Exposes The Dangers Of Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

If your mother asks you not to, you should NEVER leave the toilet seat up because she'll get stuck and die. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Obama Makes Gains With Ginger Voters

Team Obama picks up the support of a mesmerizing redhead in the battle for America's soulless minority.

Amina Filali, Morocco Rape Victim, Commits Suicide After Forced Marriage To Rapist

RABAT, Morocco -- The case of a 16-year-old girl who killed herself after she was forced to marry her rapist has spurred outrage among Morocco's internet activists and calls for changes to the country's laws. An online petition, a Facebook page and …

Food Body Reactions: 7 Foods That Have Strange Side Effects

You've probably heard while growing up that 'you are what you eat.' Well, if that saying holds any truth, then Leo Barnett might as well be a carrot. The three-year-old boy from Britain was written about in the Daily Mail as living with a condition …

The Best Celebrity Lips – Hot Lips On

Who has the most iconic lips? ranks the top celebrity lips, both past and present.

Domesticated Foxes In Siberia: An Experiment In Peril.

The battered Volga bounces us along the buckled roads, frozen and thawed over long Siberian winters. With me in the van are geneticist Lyudmila Trut and her assistant Anastāsiya Kharlamova, whom I met earlier that morning at the Institute of Cytolog…

Glee's Heather Morris Has Leaked Nude Cell Phone Pics Now

Another day, another naked celebrity looking vain and nipple-y in grainy leaked cell phone pics. Today, Heather Morris of Glee (and those awful Tyler Shields photos) takes a naked turn. Apparently these photos hit the internet on Sunday, but Morris …

Listen To Dearly Departed Authors Read Their Work

We admit, we’ve been on a bit of a literary audio kick lately (we suggest listening to The Hunger Games at the gym). Last week, we thought about which books we wished would be read to us by famous actors, but this week we felt an urge to get a littl…

'American Idol' Recap: Joshua Blows Them Away On Birth Year Songs Night

1 of 2Next page © 2012 Photo Credits: Carin Baer / FOX Latest American Idol headlines: • Jermaine Jones Disqualified From 'American Idol' • TV Ratings: 'American Idol' On Top, But CBS Dominates • 'American Idol' Re…

The Pizza Tattoo Competition At The Pizza Expo

The only rules were it had to be pizza-related and it had to hurt. Winner got $100.

Everyone, We Need To Talk About The Mutant Earless Bunny

He's adorable, right? Well, uh...he was adorable. WARNING: Don't scroll past the second photo if you don't want to sob and/or laugh in horror. This has a very, very unhappy ending. Just stop at the second photo and live in blissful ignorance.

Just When You Thought Dubstep Culture Couldn't Get Any Worse

Hot Topic (groan) is now selling this lovely piece of cultural garbage.

Mike Bloomberg's Daughter Saves Lives Of Dozens Of Puppies, Pregnant Cat

Participated in an "all-day raid" at a puppy mill in North Carolina.

Joel McHale Appears On "Today," Messes With Kathie Lee And Hoda Again

"Community" returns tonight (!!!) and so NBC must truly be in a giving mood since they unleashed Joel onto the ladies of the 4th hour. Considering that they're possibly the most-targeted show on "The Soup," (Sorry, Tyra.) it was obviously going to be full of win.

Someone Finally Made A Better iPhone Mail App

The iPhone mail app hasn't gotten better since 2007. Sparrow feels like it's from the future, or at least the now.

NCAA Bracket 2012: Consensus Final Tournament Picks From The Experts

With the 2012 NCAA tournament ready to kick off, the excitement over filling out the beloved brackets is palpable, but don’t make your selections until you consult the experts.

The 17 Most Stylish Acts At SXSW

Those of you lucky enough to be in Austin right now for SXSW (we’re jealous!) are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed with the 1000-or-so bands that are playing. So, to make things just a wee bit easier on you, we’ve rounded up the 17 most stylish a…

Kate Young Tops The Hollywood Reporter’s List Of The 25 Most Powerful Stylists, Rachel Zoe ‘Too Big To Rank’

Today, entertainment rag The Hollywood Reporter released their second annual style issue and accompanying list of the 25 most powerful stylists in the biz and they’ve named Kate Young the most powerful of them all. As you may recall, Rachel Zoe–not …

Cissy Houston On Bobbi Kristina: 'What They're Doing Is Incestuous'

Cissy Houston -- Whitney Houston's mom -- has reacted fiercely to the video we posted Wednesday ... showing Bobbi Kristina and Whitney's "adopted" son Nick Gordon in a romantic grip, and then kissing (below). Cissy told a close friend, "What they'r…

What A Day Is Like At The Biggest Pizza Show In The World

Ever wonder what it's like to spend a day at the biggest pizza show in the world? Well, wonder no more. I sacrificed myself for all of you.

Jermaine Jones, American Idol Producers Have Showdown Over His Arrests

Before booting him from the show, producers confront the top-12 singer over four outstanding warrants

George Clooney Dining With Michelle Obama

Is the First Lady blushing? From last night's State Dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Golden Brushtail Possum Is The New Cuteness

It's like an arboreal corgi. Just wait until the last image smacks you in the face with a fattie dose of awww.

Josh Duhamel's Mohawk

For those who haven't followed his career (basically: "All My Children" and lots of rom-coms), he's an actor that also happens to be Fergie's other half. What do we think about it?

Charlize Theron News - Charlize Theron Adopts A Baby Boy! (PHOTOS)

Joining Hollywood’s baby boom, the Oscar-winning actress announced on Wednesday that she has adopted a baby boy, reports the Washington Post. A rep for the 36-year-old Young Adult star said she is now the “proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jacks…

Trayvon Martin's Death Is An All-too-familiar Fear For Many Black Parents

Professor Rashawn Ray talks to Cenk about the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was killed in his father’s gated community while walking home from a local convenience store.

The Shopping Cart Index: What Our Grocery Bills Reveal About The Food Economy

Last summer, for the first time in decades, I made a box of Hamburger Helper in the spirit of journalistic investigation. I was researching what it takes to eat well in America on a budget, and had come across the distressing information that three-…

LIU Brooklyn: The Anatomy Of A 16-Seed

An in-depth look at what it's like to be one of the tournament's ultimate underdogs.

Bobbi Kristina Dating 'Pseudo- Brother' Nick Gordon, Rumored To Be Engaged

Nick Gordon took to ABC News to deny that he and his pseudo-sister, Bobbi Kristina are dating, despite photos of the pair engaging in some pretty obvious PDA.

Irish Whiskey Cocktails To Celebrate A Great Drinking Holiday

Welcome to Buy You a Drink, where GOOD’s resident mixologist offers intoxicating beverages in tune with the times. This week: Irish whiskey cocktails for those who prefer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without food coloring in their beer.

Arkansas Congressman Considering G.I. Bill Fix

Rep. Tim Griffin says he wants to end student veterans delays for tuition, rent. The VA says they're speeding payments after a BuzzFeed report.

Dirty, Humorous And Funny Photos :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

It’s A Mad World (32 Photos) : :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

The Typical Massage Thought Process

Boner issues? Just think about this guy.

Obama Trying To Turn The Clock Back To 2008 To Help His Faltering Re-election Campaign

Nostalgia, Webster’s tells us, is a “wistful or sentimental longing for places, things, acquaintances or conditions belonging to the past.” For Barack Obama, nostalgia means turning the clock back to 2008, when the big crowds swooned and the gauzy p…

Heat Vs Bulls: TV Schedule, Live Stream, Spread Info And More

The Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls are the premier teams in the NBA , and they clash tonight at the United Center. Now before you cancel all of your plans for the evening, the Bulls team that takes the court could be devoid of some key players..…

Arguing In A Relationship

There are a few tricks to arguing with women. Here's how to come out victorious.

NCAA Bracket 2012: Last-Minute Expert Bracket Predictions

March Madness is here and by now, you've probably ingested enough NCAA bracket material to last until 2017. From ESPN to Fox Sports, NBC and beyond, it seems as if there is an expert from every imaginable corner of the country...

'The Talk': Leah Remini Says Sharon Osbourne Had Her Fired For Being 'Ghetto'

Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete have been off "The Talk" since summer 2011, but Remini is finally opening up about her firing. The actress took to Twitter to discuss her dismissal from the CBS talk show.

Leslie Kean: UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

El Bosque Air Base, Santiago 1  of  19 FIRST SLIDE PREVIOUS SLIDE NEXT SLIDESHOW …

5 Fantastic Chinese Movie Poster Rip-Offs

When most people think about piracy in China, they think about the street vendor in Shanghai who sells bootleg copies of DVDs. A Chinese website has made an entertaining case that the Chinese film industry is copying much more. recent…

NASCAR Fans Gallery :

As a person who has lived in Vegas for 13 years, a person who went to a private school and lives in a gated community I find it ignorant for people to think NASCAR is some kind of redneck sport. As a straight male I like fast cars a lot more than a …

Virgins 4eva! (28 Photos) : :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Intermission: TED Meets Improv Everywhere

It all looks so real: the audience, the speaker from a small startup in the "solar technology business," and even the talk's title, "Unexpected Discoveries." But as the speaker comes upon his first slide, Mac's rainbow cursor, affectionately called …

MechWarrior Tactics Preview For PC From

For the best Previews of MechWarrior Tactics for PC, check out this page on

Loud Moaners Are Usually Big Fakers

“Ohhh. Mmmm. Baaaaaaby!” are the noises we often associate with women getting it on. But do these noises actually come, heh, as a result of pleasure or expectation? After all, various forms of media usually depict our reaction to sex as loud and dra…

Exclusive: First Look At Swamp Thing's True Form

Swamp Thing must be the black sheep of Treant family reunions. With Scott Snyder at the helm, can this character finally crawl out of B-movie infamy and take his place among A-List DC Comic characters? Find out April 4th, 2012.

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs: More Resignation Letters From Disillusioned Employees.

I attend derivatives sales meetings where not one single minute is spent asking questions about how we can help clients. It’s purely about how we can make the most possible money off of them. —Greg Smith, “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs,” New York …

2012 NFL Mock Draft: How Free Agency Will Shape Upcoming Draft

The outcome of free agency always impacts the draft. This is my final mock draft prior to the insanity that is NFL free agency. However, I tried to project some of the impact free agency will have on the draft. These projects changed a handful selec…

Market Preview: Prepare For Take-Off

The latest viral buzz from

Rachael Ray Denies Employing Cookbook Ghostwriters

Rachael Ray is calling out a New York Times article titled "I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter" by Julia Moskin, saying it "inaccurately implied" that she uses ghostwriters to write her cookbooks. To quote the article: "Rachael Ray alone has published tho…

Ulysses S. Grant And General Orders No. 11

On Dec. 17, 1862, as the Civil War entered its second winter, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant issued the most notorious anti-Jewish official order in American history: “The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Depar…

Japan Earthquake 2012: Tokyo Region Hit By Strong Quake

TOKYO — A series of earthquakes rattled Tokyo and northeastern Japan on Wednesday evening but caused no apparent damage or injury in the same region hit by last year's devastating tsunami. The strongest was a magnitude 6.8 that struck off Hokkaido i…

Why NBC’s Fashion Star May Be A Fashion Reality Show Game Changer

NBC’s new fashion reality show Fashion Star, which debuts tonight, might just be the very first one to leave contestants with an actual successful career path and some cash. In general, these programs don’t have a great track record of producing des…

Costumed Couple Amusingly Imitates Social Group Stereotypes

You may recognize yourself or your loved one in Spanish-based photographer Nacho Rojo‘s Couples series. In an interview with Blur magazine, the artist shared more about the origins of the project: “Couples began as a simple portrait of me and my gir…

Kim Kardashian Posts Sexy Topless Photo -- Again

"Can't sleep tonight…" the curvaceous star posted to her Instagram early Tuesday morning, along with a topless photo of her wearing light pink satin bloomers and covering up her chest with a white bed sheet.

'The Rot Riders' Bike For Compost

On Sunday afternoons, a handful of trailer-towing bike riders pedal through the neighborhoods of Kirksville, Missouri, stopping at select lawns and porches to collect buckets brimming with food waste. The unwanted contents are raw material for compo…

Eric Kissing Her Belly - Jessica Simpson Reveals Sex Of Baby

Jessica Simpson is on ELLE's April 2012 cover and reveals the sex of her baby in the issue. Jessica Simpson talks about her pregnancy, marriage, and new plans on

Did Bachelor Ben Flajnik Cheat On Courtney Robertson? New Pics

Is Ben Flajnik already cheating on his re-newed fiancee with at least  THREE different women? A day  before Ben Flajnik slipped a four-carat diamond ring on Courtney Robertson’s finger (for the second time), he was spotted on March 11 at a grassy Sa…

12 Texts That Lead To Sex (Well, Some Of Them, Maybe)

I got what I can only assume was a total booty text! (To be fair, in my college days, it would have been a booty instant message. Texting wasn't really a thing yet in those olden timey days.) Last weekend after a few drinks, I gave my phone number t…

Alex Pettyfer Engaged To Riley Keough: REPORT

Alex Pettyfer and Riley Keough aren't wasting any time.

How Apple's Stock Could Reach $1,000 (Update 1)

Updated from 9:52 a.m. EST to provide poll results in the thirteenth paragraph.

Bikini News - 'America's Next Top Model' Winner Lisa D'Amato Sizzles During Bikini Shoot (PHOTOS)

American’s Next Top Model‘s all-star winner Lisa D’Amato was seen showing off her bikini bod in Aruba on Monday during a photo shoot, and it’s easy to see why she swept the competition!

Jennifer Lopez Has A Stunt Double For Her New Video Clip... Who Happens To Be A Man

The 42-year-old actress was seen on the set of her music video Follow The Leader today in Mexico, alongside her male stunt double.

Tom Hardy Celebrates Success With The Prince’s Trust

Tom Hardy shows off his scruffy beard on the red carpet at the Prince’s Trust and L’Oreal Paris Celebrate Success Awards on Wednesday (March 14) at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England.

Here’s What Karl Lagerfeld Would Look Like If He Went Grocery Shopping

Yesterday Karl Lagerfeld tweeted that we would see him like we’d never seen him before come this Friday. Obviously all sorts of images started swirling: Maybe he’s taking off his sunglasses. Maybe he’s wearing a pastel seersucker suit. Or a Speedo a…

Miley Cyrus Attends Hunger Games Premiere In Midriff-Baring Gown

While Jennifer Lawrence was blinding the red carpet in Fall 2012 Prabal Gurung, Miley Cyrus was doing her best to upstage everyone at last night’s Hunger Games premiere in LA. The singer/actress donned midriff-baring Spring 2012 Emilio Pucci, appare…

Surprisingly Cheery Photographs From Freezing Siberia

Photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva grew up in Tiksi, a speck of an urban settlement in Siberia. You’d think that a being surrounded by harsh gusts and frozen hills and spending days upon days without sun would make a kid melancholy, but no. Evgenia’s im…

10 Pop Culture Characters Addicted To Sweets

Even though Murphy Brown never trusted Girl Scouts, because they “wear paramilitary uniforms while reciting oaths and starting fires,” we’re still celebrating Girl Scout Cookie Week (an event that should be year-long, really). With sugar on the brai…

Aubrey Plaza Talks ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ — Which Is NOT A Time-Travel Movie

AUSTIN, TX: The cast and crew of the wonderful new film Safety Not Guaranteed (playing this week at South by Southwest, after winning many hearts — including ours — at Sundance) would very much like you to know that their film is not “a time travel …

'American Idol': Did Show Producers Plot The Jermaine Jones Scandal In Advance? (Opinion)

It had the makings of a Greek tragedy: Jermaine Jones, “the gentle giant,” as Ryan Seacrest dubbed the six-foot-eight-inch bass singer, was handed a much coveted second chance to compete for a spot on one of the world’s biggest stages. He was hoping…

HBO Ends 'Luck' After Horse Deaths

Wednesday's news comes the day after the death of the third horse during production on the Dustin Hoffman/Nick Nolte drama. Despite its hefty hype and critical praise, Luck has been a ratings underperformer for the network, averaging about 625,000 t…

Female-Friendly States

After examining at the data, iVillage concluded that Connecticut was the best state in all the country for women to live in, something that surely doesn’t come as a surprise to the 1.8 million females who reside there. In terms of healthcare, wages …

7 Reasons Apple's New iPad Could Replace Your Games Console

I’m betting that a lot of you picking up Apple’s new iPad this Friday already count yourself console gamers. That is, you have a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 or a Wii and actually use it. Maybe you have a Nintendo DS, or a 3DS, and even sprang for S…

The Logic Behind Satirical Sex Legislation

"Many women are watching The View and Jon Stewart as some of their only sources of news," Walsh says. When it's couched in terms of dystopian comedy, "it becomes crystal clear that what’s being done is ridiculous."

The Bikini-Clad Spring Break Adventures Of Selena Gomez And Vanessa Hudgens [63 PHOTOS]

In today’s “Get Me The F*ck Out Of The Office” news, the paparazzi has been going gaga for Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens who have been busy filming a movie called Spring Break. Not only is the dynamic duo absolutely crushing the wardrobe departme…

Body Image: When Ancient Art Gets PhotoShopped For Today's Standards

One great thing about ancient art, in my opinion, is getting to see how body standards have changed over the year, particularly for models. Women looked so much healthier and more relaxed on canvases of centuries past as compared to some of the skel…

Funny Or Die's NCAA Tournament Bracket From Funny Or Die, Avin Das, And NickCorirossi

It seems that a bunch of pro athletes, including our own former intern, Blake Griffin, are filling out NCAA brackets. Obviously they have no idea what they're talking about and their picks should be ignored. OURS, however, will be 100% accurate.

Did Knicks Players Coup D'Antoni?

BuzzFeed has learned that Knicks players sought to press the front office to can the coach in the run-up to his resignation.

How To Properly Send Off A Meme

Is anyone else completely blown away by the fact that no-one ever really made a "Shit iPhone Users Say"? The "Shit ____ Says" meme had its time, and this video, produced by iBottleopener, gives it its proper sendoff.

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