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March 29, 2012

Start Cycling: Biking For Beginners

As a kid you rode a bike because it was fun. And it still is! Riding a bike is a great way to improve your health, lose weight and get in shape -- without breaking the bank. It’s also a great, joint-friendly cardio alternative -- and comparable calo…

I Know What Jennifer Lawrence’s Bewbs Did Last Summer

As we’ve learned, all horror movies are either about a haunted house or a creepy kid. After the jump, I’ve got the trailer for House at the End of the Street. Try to guess what that one’s about! Trick question! It’s about a house being haunted BY a …

The Joy Of Breaking Facebook

Glitchr is a Facebook account entirely devoted to a single cause: destroying Facebook.

How To Survive A Fantasy Baseball-Induced Anxiety Attack

Fantasy baseball is scary, and it makes you feel small in a large and frightening world. Don't lose hope: we have a plan.

BREAKING: Smoothies Are So Hot On Pinterest Right Now

They come in pretty pastel colors, photograph well, and are obviously delicious (well, mostly) — what's not to pin for?

With Eyes On Rubio, Signs That Sandoval Is In The Veepstakes

Senior Republicans are floating the Latino governor of Nevada as a potential running mate. Like Rubio, but without the baggage.

A Bloody "Game Of Thrones" Peep Show

Good timing, as both the "Game Of Thrones" premiere and Easter are right around the corner. Somehow, the violence is mitigated by cute fluffy peeps. See if you can recognize some of these pivotal scenes.

The Ron Paul Roadies Had To Go Home

The most committed Ron Paul volunteers ran out of cash. Now they hope to be delegates.

Bobby Bottle Service Has Finally Met His Match

Today's Twitter Buzz: consider us eagerly anticipating the latest release from Bobby Bottle Service (aka Nick Kroll). Plus, Mena Survari clearly doesn't know what a clown wig is, pregnant Snooki has swagger, and David Arquette is chillin' with a falcon.

16 Disney-fied Prom Ensembles

The gender bent and abstract ones are my favorites. Fashionista Disney Bound has an eye for putting together outfits that evoke characters without going into parody.

Save Money

This article was originally published on Money Talks by Donna Freedman. None of this is new. But taken together, these tactics form a multi-layered approach to intentional living. Sure, I have an emergency fund. But why tap it if I don’t have to? …

George Zimmerman Had Felony Assault On Police Officer Charge In '05 & 2 Domestic Assaults // Current TV

Search By: Party Exact Name: on Party Search Mode: Name Last Name: Zimmerman First Name: George Case Status: Closed Date Filed On or After: 01/01/2005 Date

America's Unchecked Gun Culture Killed Trayvon Martin

As the investigation into what happened on February 26 continues, it appears increasingly more likely that Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman, was the one exercising his rights under Florida's Stand Your Ground law. On CNN, Martin's mom declared a…

When Your Friend Is Also Your Boss: A Cautionary Tale

This series is brought to you by TurboTax Federal Free Edition. Mike Dang: Logan, do you remember when I was your boss? Good times, huh? Logan Sachon: Well, Mike, I do remember it, but apparently not the way you do, because I thought it was a terr…

These Are The Actual Last Words Of A Death Row Inmate

As I'm sure you could've guessed, this happened in Texas. Shouted by Jesse Joe Hernandez, executed yesterday for killing a 10-month-old baby, moments before he died from lethal injection.

Pygmy Hippo Giving A Lucky Lady A Kiss

His name is Prince Harry and I am incredibly jealous of this zookeeper. Not fair.

Making Easter Eggs With Neckties

This old trick has been around for awhile, but in case you're not up on your Martha Stewart DIYs.... Time to raid that thrift store.

"Zou Bisou Bisou" Slowed Down 90%

Megan Draper is an alien. She must be stopped before she manages to mate with the men of Earth! (Skip to 2:10 if you can't stand the suspense.)

Christopher Meloni, Kony Hunter

I guess someone had to fill Jason Russell's shoes. Why not Elilot Stabler?

99 Problems: Coco Answers Your Questions About Love And Relationships

In part two of Coco's advice column, the hot "Ice Loves Coco" star answers your questions about moving to be with a man, and when women should do the housework.

Make-Up Free Lady Gaga And Other Links

How many other candid shots do you think she deleted before settling on this one? Plus, Google Earth is helping clean up the slums of India and some people will do anything to avoid going back to work. These and other Buzz that slipped under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

Jennie Garth Tried To Save Her Marriage To Peter Facinelli

Even after Peter Facinelli asked for a divorce, Jennie Garth was determined to keep their ten-year marriage in tact. The former 90210 actress and Twilight actor announced their separation earlier this month, but Garth admits in a new interview that …

A Day In The Life Of A Warehouse Robot

Amazon announced recently that they bought a company named Kiva for $775 million. In cash. Kiva makes robots for fulfillment warehouses, of which Amazon has many. When I heard this news, I was all, robots are cool, but $775 million? But this short v…

Callista Grooms Newt

Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich channeled his inner John Edwards in this November 2011 appearance on The O'Reilly Factor. One question: Who at Fox leaked this quite amazing video to Gawker?

Entertainment Trumps Online Gaming As Xbox Live's Most Popular Activity

This does not, however, mean gaming will be forgotten about in Microsoft's next console.

Premium Battlefield 3 Unlocks: Are You A Fan?

This time I'm hoping to hear what you lot think about the newly-added premium unlocks in Battlefield 3 on PC. As you may or may not know, the game has dozens of weapons and perks you unlock by playing through the game. Leveling up and accomplishing …

Baby Don Draper

I like this kid.

Urban Outfitters President Has Donated To Rick Santorum

Donated $13,150 to Santorum over the years. Still doesn't sell sweater-vests.

Tina Fey Shows Us How To Dance

Please watch Tina Fey show us how she gets her moves and take note. By the way this is also how I dance.

Hottest Congressman Used Campaign Funds For P90X

Republican Congressman Aaron Schock’s of Illinois used more $300 of campaign contributions for P90X workouts according to a report from the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). The report says Schock’s campaign classified it as health care expense. Seems like he got his money's worth.

The Dangers Of Memes, As Told By "South Park"

As if "South Park" had read our minds, the topic of last night's episode was memes, the internet, and cat breading. Cat breading! Needless to say, it was a great episode.

Racists Discover Pinterest

A Pinterest user/troll named "George" owns some valuable internet real estate: He celebrates by posting a racist photo of a monkey.

Sex Offenders Can "Groom" A Kid Online In 8 Minutes

Here's some scary news: research shows it takes just a few minutes for an experienced predator to convince a kid they're online "friends." An expert explains how to keep kids safe.

Find Your Username Anagram!

Go here; get an anagram of your BuzzFeed username; search Google Images for the anagram; then post the image and the anagram in the comments. This way we will be able to see who is the best! OK, do it!

Baseball Preview: The Miami Swag Factory

Prepare yourself for the 2012 Miami Marlins, the most exciting .500 team in baseball history.

Checking In On Google+

Nine months in, how are things going for Google's social network? This picture pretty much says it all.

Trent Richardson Is Always In Beast-Mode

You do NOT want to be holding the blocking dummy for Trent Richardson.

New Japandroids Song: "The House That Heaven Built"

Japandroids is a straight-ahead, no frills rock n' roll duo making the rock n' roll that America needs right now! By the way, they're from Canada.

A Healthy Life

The latest viral buzz from

Hot Or Not Willow Smith's New Bright Yellow 'Do Photo Yasi's Photos

Willow Smith has a whole lot of style for an eleven year old. She's been in Vanity Fair, rocked the red carpet in a giant pink wig, and gone futuristic ballerina boxer for Elle Magazine. What does have under her hat (literally) now? A head of bright…

Guess Who? A Look Back At The Ten Most Famous Guess Girls

We were all completely blown away by the images released earlier today of Claudia Schiffer’s new campaign for Guess, twenty-three years after the German supermodel originally posed for the brand. Two decades later, the lady still looks as Guess-girl…


At recording 1:00 Zimmerman... now he's coming towards me he's coming to check me out, Zimmerman was the one doing the stalking. At 1:16 of recording Zimmerman stated to dispatcher that the boy appeared to be in his late teens, how would he know tha…

Baby Orangutan Orphan Adopted By Kind-Hearted Momma Orangutan

Well, this is all sorts of d'awwwwww. So adorable, so thoughtful.

A Response To "Esquire"'s Resident Sex Expert

Chris Jones argues that women aren't as good in bed as they think they are. Let's take his advice to heart.

Dogs With Crazy Eyes

Dogs can say so much with their eyes. Like, "let me eat your brains."

Etch-A-Sketch Puts Out Gaffe-Inspired Print Ads

The company, which saw its stock soar after a Romney adviser compared his campaign to the ageless toy, is seizing the moment.

What Happened To Conservative Teen Magazine?

This week's hot publication has vanished. The website is gone, the publisher won't talk, and the man who registered the website can't be found.

6 Clips From "Game Of Thrones" Season Two

Three more days! Old favorites and new characters abound as the fight to rule Westeros heats up. (Warning: Spoilers Ahoy!)

Bravo Announces New Reality Series Sex And The Kitchen

This afternoon Bravo announced a development slate with seven new projects, one of which is a restaurant-themed reality show called Sex And The Kitchen (working title). According to Bravo, the show "follows a group of single, successful and beautifu…

Bruno Mars Party At The Playboy Mansion Photo

Last week me and my friends Vespertine and Stephanie went to the Playboy Mansion to celebrate the Playboy Sex and Music issue and Bruno mars who is on the April cover. He performed with a big band and as expected, he was incredible live. The food wa…

The Placenta-Cooking Business Is Booming

This week January Jones revealed that she consumes her own placenta in pill form as part of her post-partum routine. Making the pills apparently isn't much harder than preparing food. Thanks to that and all the publicity, more and more women are getting into it.

"Virgin Boy Eggs" Are A Popular, Urine-Soaked Snack In China

Specifically the urine of little boys. Seriously. I really have nothing more to add.

Noisy Jelly

Two French designers have created a chemistry kit that allows you to cook up your own set of musical jellies, manipulating variables and ingredients to create different sounds. It's both an aesthetically and scientifically pleasing approach to creating music.

The Original Pull-To-Refresh Patent

Whose idea was pull-to-refresh? Was it Twitter's? Or maybe this guy's? No. Let's give credit where credit's due: to Mr. Leland J Arms, inventor of the paper towel dispenser.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller's 7-Round Predictions With Compensatory Picks

The NFL officially released its compensatory-pick determinations for the 2012 NFL draft on Monday, finalizing the 2012 NFL draft order. As such, it only makes sense to plot out a fresh mock draft, factoring in these additional picks...

Jesus Isn't A Dick

The last three pages of "Strange Feelings for Steve" explain why.

Low Interest Level

The latest viral buzz from

Behold The Bizarre Wonder Of "Picnic Pants"

Pants that come with a built-in table so that you can eat wherever you go.

Cooper And Saldana Break Up

LOS ANGELES, March 28 (UPI) -- Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana have ended their 3-month romance, sources close to the former Hollywood couple told

The Best Gary Busey Story Ever Involves Heaven And A Fist Fight

This is amazing. Why hasn't Busey won ALL the awards?

Melania Trump Is Hosting Ann Romney's Birthday Fundraiser

An awkward alliance pays off. Here is a copy of the invitation to the April 17 lunch at the Trumps' home in Manhattan's Trump Tower.

Barack Obama Doesn't Want You To Win 540 Million Dollars

In 2000 as a panelist on Chicago Tonight then State Senator Barack Obama came out against the lottery saying the state "systemically targets lower income persons as a way of raising revenue" and that it functioned as a regressive tax on the poor. He's right, it's a tax on the poor, the stupid and you.

Cartoon Network Brings Back Fan Favorites

Brak and Zorak are bringing classic back. The new block will feature Cartoon Network original shows that have been too long gone from our televisions.

The Naked Scott Brown Bus Ads That Never Ran

In the Spring of 2010, the Center for American Progress planned to welcome the newly elected Senator Scott Brown to Washington with this eye-catching, giant ad. But executives killed the campaign because they hoped he would turn out be a moderate like Olympia Snowe.

At The Races In Norway

A lot of, um, action at this track!

Ray Lewis Pep Talks Are The Best Pep Talks

Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis stopped by the Stanford locker room before Tuesday night's NIT game. If I had known that, I definitely would have made a ton of money betting on them to win. Also I would have a gambling addiction, because that's what you call people who bet on the NIT.

Daily Deals: Dresses By Jessica Simpson, Theory, And More

Online shopping is convenient, but sifting through everything to find the best deals isn't. So we did the work for you! Read on for today's best Internet sales.

Metta World Peace Has Some Crazy Ideas For The Lakers

Metta took to Twitter today to talk about what he would do if he were Lakers coach Mike Brown. The results are fantastic.

Cats Vs. Dinosaurs

Let's settle this once and for all.

Who's The Most Popular Boy Band Member Online?

Here's a hint: the most popular and least popular members are both named Justin. The rest of our findings may surprise you.

Pennsylvania Law May Keep Doctors From Telling Patients About Dangers Of Fracking Chemicals

Cenk talks to “Mother Jones” reporter Kate Sheppard about a gag order on Pennsylvania doctors that may block them from discussing research about the hazards of fracking, in which chemicals, waters and sand are pumped into shale in order to extract g…

Female Lobbyist CEOs Make $1 Million Less A Year Than Males

Also, only four — out of 30 — are women.

The Real Ron Burgundy Announces "Anchorman" Sequel

Will Ferrell showed up to "Conan" last night — jazz flute in hand — to announce the much-anticipated sequel to "Anchorman." This is the BEST NEWS!

The Infinite Porns Of Pinterest

To a person with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To a person with a Pinterest account, everything looks like porn. These are all real pinboards.

The Best Moments From The McDonald's All American Game

Super-athletic kids who actually care about being on ESPN and have no idea yet how to use their preposterous physical gifts? Sign us up!

Mitt Romney Made Fun Of John Kerry For Having A Large Home

Mitt Romney has been in the news for ill-timed plans to triple the size of his California home. But in a 2004 speech to the Republican Governor's Association, for George Bush's reelection Romney himself attacked the Democrat, John Kerry on the same grounds: "There's a Senator from my state who wants to get elected President. I don't know why he would want to do that, because he would have to move into a smaller house."

Charlie Sheen's Worst Jokes From His Interview On "Today"

Charlie Sheen was on "Today" this morning for the one-year anniversary of his epic breakdown. He proved once and for all he is back in action and better than ever. Kind of.

The Worst Tattoos In Sports

Our in-house scientists have put together this definitive list, so that you might not make the same mistakes these folks did.

11 Regular People Who Desperately Want Chanel Bags

A purse by Chanel can easily cost more than $3,000. Chanel regularly increases the price of the handbags, which never go on sale (used ones can also go for thousands). But these people aren't shy about doing whatever it takes to get one. (Priorities!)

7 Work-From-Home Jobs You Might Not Know About

The latest viral buzz from

Alicia Silverston Feeds Baby Bear Blu From Mouth

You know what I hate? When a celebrity goes and does something wack-a-doodle and then I seem all judgy for scrunching up my nose at it. Today's star du jour: Alicia Silverstone of Clueless fame. She's the mom of an adorable 10-month-old son, Bea…

Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Dating

Michelle Williams has been single for quite awhile -- and instead of bringing romantic dates to big Hollywood events, she always has her best gal pal Busy Phillipps by her side. But now it seems her BFF may have to make room for a new love in Michel…

Fuel Strike: No.10 Shambles Over Drivers Hoarding Fuel, And The Tax On Takeaway Food

First, ministers appeared to give conflicting advice on how motorists should cope with the strike threat. Then, Then, in a clumsy attempt to calm criticism of the new ‘pasty tax’ from last week’s Budget, David Cameron declared his love of Cornish pa…

Aziz Ansari Talks About Meeting President Obama

Last night on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Aziz Ansari talked about his unconventional meet and greet with President Obama. The two already have quite the rapport.

An (Almost) Real-Time Wind Map

Mesmerizing. The average speed of wind across the US, as of 10:00 EST: 8.2MPH. Click here to animate.

This Is Possibly The Best Commercial Ever Made

If not, it's the best you'll see this morning

Meet The Hilarious Kate McKinnon, SNL's First Openly Lesbian Cast Member

The show's newest member, Kate McKinnon cut her teeth as a performer in the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Big Gay Sketch Show. Watch some of her past clips — and her commitment ceremony.

GIFs Of The Night: The Basketball Bieber Block Party

When Gordon "The Basketball Bieber" Hayward has back to back blocks, one GIF simply will not do.

Eight Pounds

Craig Mod, one of the designers of Flipboard for iPhone, gathers the debris of development: "997 design comps in a shared folder, 9,695 git commits, a bundle of notebooks full of sketches, and dozens of photographs from launch night. And so I asked myself a simple question: What does that weigh?"

Hot Male Models Kiss And Shower Together In Bruce Weber’s New ‘Wrestling’ Videos For Abercrombie & Fitch

Legendary fashion photog Bruce Weber has been putting scantily clad, extremely fit, young people in his campaigns for years, and this new video series for longtime client Abercrombie & Fitch is no exception–though he’s done something a little differ…

Clay Aiken Disses Rihanna, Admits To Plastic Surgery

On Tuesday's 'Watch What Happens,' Clay Aiken dissed Rihanna (he said she has "pitch problems") and revealed that he's had plastic surgery.

A (Very Photoshopped) First Look At The Kardashian Kollection Swimwear Campaign–But Why Is Khloe The Only One Covered Up?

Out of all the things the Kardashians have designed, swimwear is probably the one that makes the most sense–and needless to say the “designers” managed to infuse their hallmark saucy style into their latest swim line for Sears’ Kardashian Kollection…

Man Ticketed For 100 Mph Twice In Hour

ALEXANDRIA, Minn., March 27 (UPI) -- A North Dakota man was ticketed twice within an hour for speeding at least 100 mph in neighboring Minnesota, police say.

Antioxidants In Popcorn

The latest viral buzz from

Like Bernie Goetz, If Zimmerman Can Prove 'Reasonable' Fear Of Black Men, He Could Be Acquitted

Cenk talks to USC law professor Jody David Armour about the Trayvon Martin shooting. Citing the cases of Rodney King and Bernie Goetz — the vigilante acquitted after the 1986 shooting of four black youth who were running away from him in the New Yor…

The Amazing Moral Fables Of Pinterest

If you're not paying attention to the always incredible goings-on at Pinterest, some recent updates: • Pinterest is perfect for people to find and buy things. That's why this spammer is making a minimum of $1,000 a day, all from affiliate links. No…

Video Of George Zimmerman From The Night He Killed Trayvon Martin

And it appears to contradict the story that Trayvon Martin broke Zimmerman's nose and bashed his head into the sidewalk. This footage, obtained by ABC News, shows Zimmerman in the hours after he admitted to shooting Martin. He is brought into the Sanford police station for questioning and shows no visible sign of being bloodied in an altercation. UPDATE: More footage from that evening has surfaced.

Jonathan Turley Assesses The Legal Value Of Video Showing George Zimmerman After The Trayvon Martin Shooting

Jonathan Turley, “Countdown” contributor and George Washington University Law School professor, considers how newly released video surveillance footage showing George Zimmerman in police custody following the shooting of Trayvon Martin could impact …

Sandra Fluke: Still a Rockstar

Wherever she speaks, she's all anyone can talk about. And the case was no different in New York Wednesday evening.

Marc Morial Discusses How Video Of George Zimmerman In Custody Could Lead To Justice For Trayvon Martin

Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, applauds Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) for wearing a hoodie on the House floor in protest of Trayvon Martin’s killing and speculates as to how newly released surveillance video of gunman George…

Most Depressing Fan Tweet At Justin Beiber

Most depressing tweet for today, that is. Who knows what sadness tomorrow may bring to the world of beliebers.

Nicolle Wallace: Palin Will Shadow 2012 Veepstakes

Palin's 2008 adviser says the Palin moment may have turned campaigns off from a female vice presidential pick this cycle. May also have turned campaigns off from an unprepared running mate, she says.

17 Ways Yoga Can Ease Back Pain

Yoga teacher Elise Browning Miller knows backs, thanks to a scoliosis diagnosis at age 16. Her doctor prescribed stretching and swimming instead of surgery. Nine years later, Miller discovered Iyengar yoga, which became a reliable tool for managing …

Kris Humphries Won't Sign Off On Divorce From Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries may only have been married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days, but he apparently thinks the marriage was worth more than his ex-wife is offering him in a divorce settlement.

Supreme Court Protester Opposes Broccoli

It was the third day of ObamaCare arguments. Hating broccoli — and wanting the choice not to eat it — probably means he's a conservative.

How To Perform Hall And Oates' "I Can't Go For That" In A Moving Vehicle

How amazing would it be to go on a road trip with these folks?

Chelsea Clinton On Sandra Fluke: "We Both Have Been Attacked By Rush Limbaugh"

At a panel, Clinton finds common ground with Fluke in the form of radio host Limbaugh.

Madonna Replied To Deadmau5

Yesterday Deadmau5 went on Facebook and called Madonna a “fucking idiot” for promoting the use of ecstasy, then implied that she’s a irrelevant has-been who just parrots what everyone else says and does so people today will still think she’s “cool”.

Girl Talk: Garrus | The Hairpin

When it comes to video game character crushes, BioWare dominates the field. I a.g.o.n.i.z.e.d. over which character to discuss first, because they’ve given us so many wonderful crushable characters (and not just romance option characters. Heeey, Can…

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