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March 5, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Has Visited Demi Moore Since Her Health Crisis

He may not have talked about it publicly, but Ashton Kutcher is keenly aware of what Demi Moore is going through and has even visited her since her emergency hospitalization in January.

TwitPic Theater: Playmates Go Pinup, Sport Bikinis, Bounce On Trampolines

This week’sTwitPics: Playmates giggle, sunbathe, frolic.

Mitt Romney Would Like To Get This Thing Over With

The end, though near, could again prove frustratingly difficult to reach. "Closing arguments," again. Zeke Miller reporters from Youngstown.

Chad Ochocinco Is An Attention Whore

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I don't think that's the real Patriots playbook.

20 Tornado Truthers

Apparently there are a group of people who believe a government machine called HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) controls the weather. Here's what some of these people have to say about this recent round of tornados. Who do you believe?

The "Cheer Up Barack Obama" Meme

He was sad, but then he got better.

What If Old Gadgets Had the Same Screen As the Next iPad?

On Wednesday, Apple is almost certainly going to announce an iPad with a pixel-jammed 2048 x 1536 display. Here's what that means, in more familiar terms.

Romney, In 2006, Suggested Mandate Could Be A National Paradigm Shift

The former Governor suggested the plan had implications well beyond Massachusetts, though he didn't specifically suggest it should be implemented federally. "I think what we've crafted changes the national paradigm. It shows that you can insist on individual responsibility and market reforms to get everybody insured." [UPDATED: The text has been changed to make clear that Romney was discussing a national, but not necessarily a federal, paradigm shift.]

Mitt Romney Explains The Individual Mandate In 2006

In 2006, Mitt Romney introduced the individual mandate — then a conservative policy idea, now a conservative bugaboo — to America, as this Good Morning America interview on his Massachusetts health care plan illustrates.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft

The NFL landscape will change dramatically over the course of the next two weeks as free agency signings and franchise tags alter team needs and team strengths...

Twitter Buzz: Jason Segel Tweets His Adoration For Ricky Gervais

Oddly enough, Gervais responded to Segel's tweets as they were happening but has since deleted them all. (You can get the jist of them at the Hollywood Reporter.) Later, Segel tweeted a "hypothetical question" about being in love ...right after he was spotted on a date with Michelle Williams. Coincidence? I think not!

Meet The Cat Who Saved His Owner's Life

Pudding's tale of quick-thinking and heroism was first reported by The Door County Advocate and he is now on his way to becoming a national feline sensation. This is his amazing story, as told to me by his person, Amy Jung.

Why We Unfriend

Pew Research says Facebookers are unfriending more than they used to. Is it because they're "concerned about privacy?" Maybe! But it's probably more about the incessant noise. Blame the algorithms.

This Is Not A Hacked Cell Phone Picture Of Olivia Munn

I’m not gonna lie; the whole “leaked cell phone picture” thing is really unseemly, especially when the person seems to be perfectly nice. Like Olivia Munn, who denies being the girl in some pictures that showed up over the weekend. It’s obviously he…

The Boy With The Lightning Tattoo

People who are struck by lightning are sometimes left with tattoo-like markings called Lichtenberg figures or lightning flowers. This guy was out tending to his garden when he was struck and left tattooed, Potter-like.

Project X Kid Was In A Bang Bus Movie

I’ll admit that this is way less fun than finding out an actress used to do porn, but as grandma used to say, porn is porn. The story is that Jonathan Daniel Brown, who plays the chubby friend in Project X, did an actual, honest-to-God porno (not th…

The Contraception "Debate"

I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for arguing that health insurance plans should cover birth control. I wish I could say I was, but unfortunately it’s the kind o…

Julian Fellowes' "Titanic"

The mastermind behind "Downton Abbey" sets sail on a new adventure with his four-part miniseries "Titanic" just in time for the 100th anniversary of the sinking ship. Check out the trailer below.

Eric Cantor Seemed Okay With RomneyCare In 2009

Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has taken heat for his 2009 support of an individual mandate on a federal level. In this video from May 2, 2009 -- at the kickoff of the National Council for a New America listening tour -- Romney discusses passing along ideas from RomneyCare to the national healthcare debate. Eric Cantor, who recently endorsed Romney, sits next to him.

Baseball Is Coming

Brace yourself, MLB Opening Day is less than one month away.

Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson Are Predictably Adorable During "Yes/No" Interview

Can we all agree to never, EVER, to call them "J-Lawr" and "The Hutch," though? Those names are so unfitting for people related to the Hunger Games.

"Assassin's Creed 3" Trailer Drops

We're getting closer to the present. It'll be interesting to see what reasoning Ubisoft gives a Native American assassin in assisting the American rebels.

Deconstructing Leaked Olivia Munn Photos And Other Links

Is it her or isn't it? Plus, bears have figured out how to use tools and Snooki's ex-boyfriend is an ass. These and other Buzz we missed await your clicking pleasure.

Contrast: A Portal-Inspired Puzzle Game About Shadows

A new indie game centers itself on one mechanic -- the idea that you can move in 3D or flatten yourself against walls in 2D.

Robotics Researchers Create Running "Cheetah"

If you need me, I'll be huddled in the corner, waiting to die. DARPA's latest creation sets a new land speed record for legged robots.

Is Ke$ha The New Sarah McLachlan?

Here's her dramatic new TV spot for baby seals. Gold stars to anyone who cries.

Paula Deen, Oprah, And Gayle King Go Fishing

After flipping through the channels last night I came upon what seemed to be some kind of summer camp for older women who happened television personalities. Sadly, it was an actual show on the Oprah's network, but that doesn't mean the clips of the cat-fishin', trampoline jumpin', and Paula talking about how she pees when she farts weren't worth seeing. Enjoy the following supercut.

10 Stocks Owned By The Best Fund Managers (Update2)

(Story updated to add that Deutsche Bank reiterated its "buy" rating on Gilead Sciences, but lowered its price target to $57.)

Christina Hendricks & Olivia Munn Deny Leaked Nude Photos

The Mad Men star and the former Attack of the Show host are caught up in separate nude photo scandals -- but say the pics aren't them

Christina Hendricks Has “hacked” Cell Phone Pictures

Christina Hendricks is the latest celebrity to have private pictures stolen off her phone, and included in the 5 picture set is one showing nothing but her enormous pink boobs. Allegedly.

Four Super Tuesday Burgers

Dorm Room Dinner has applied its culinary talents to the Republican primary, creating a special hamburger and description — a kind of hamburger attack ad — for each of the candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring. Not sure which one looks tastiest.

President Obama's Transgender Nanny

A heartbreaking photo essay on Evie, the transgender woman who looked after young Barack Obama, and the harsh realities of her shunned culture in Indonesia. Evie was hired by Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother, to look after young Barry when they lived in Indonesia from 1967-1971. The lives of Evie and other transgender people in Jakarta are fraught with hardship.

Romney Death Star Looks Past Super Tuesday

The Romney SuperPAC Restore Our Future is placing a statewide broadcast television buy in Illinois, a Republican source says. The vote is March 20. UPDATE: The buy, I'm told, is $750,000, with the largest piece on Fox News in Chicago. The SuperPAC has also bought $407,000 in Louisiana.

Kirk Cameron Calls Homosexuality "Unnatural"

Kirk Cameron calls homosexuality "unnatural" in a CNN interview.

14 Pictures The Governor Of Ohio Should See

Governor Kasich has refused immediate federal aid even though both governors of Indiana and Kentucky have accepted it. Here are some pictures he should probably take a look at that might convince him otherwise.

Who Said It: Mitt Romney Vs. Mr. Burns

The geniuses over at MAD created this Mitt Romney vs. Mr. Burns quiz. It makes you wonder if Mr. Burns could build a consensus in the Republican Party faster than Mitt Romney.

Rob Kardashian, King Of Socks

Last night's "Khloe & Lamar" featured Rob Kardashian doing a bit of soul-searching and eventually deciding on his calling: socks. It's just something he's very passionate about, okay?

Why Apple's Employment Claims Don't Add Up

Could they really have created 514,000 U.S. jobs? Probably not.

Mass Effect 3 Tweets Reaper Invasion In Real Time

SIGNAL LOSS. If Earth was invaded by marauding alien life, you can guarantee social media would be where we learned about it.

You Might Be An Apple Employee If…

To be sure, there’s no question that Apple has created many job opportunities for jobs in the U.S., whether it’s for Apple employees, independent iPad case makers or iPhone app developers, but the numbers here feel inflated. Besides, even if we gran…

Fashionista Week In Review: A Year Of Dior Rumors, Tons Of Oscars Coverage, And A Model Needs Help Walking At Anthony Vaccarello’s Show

Dior Rumor Roundup: It’s been a year since Galliano left Dior in disgrace, a move that created a rumor mill that puts Gossip Girl to shame. We take a look back at the many designers whose names have all been mentioned as possible successors over the…

Ricky Rubio Learned A New Word

According to his teammate Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio is slowly but surely discovering the wonders of the English language.

Game Of Minecraft

The power of fandom is a staggering thing. "Game of Thrones" fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate the entirety of Westeros to scale in Minecraft. So far they have King's Landing and it is amazing.

Woman Addicted To Growing Out Her Toenails Is TLC's Latest "Strange" Addict

The latest addict from TLC's "My Strange Addiction" is Ayanna, a 54-year-old who refuses to cut her fingernails and toenails, going so far as to call them her "babies". Did you eat lunch yet today? If not, I am SO sorry.

23 Totally Stylish Animals Wearing Scarves

Winter's finally almost over, and it's perfect scarf weather. Just check out how cool these fashionably warm animals are rocking scarves!

Exclusive! Superman Can't Breathe In Space

Clark Kent also shows a flagrant disregard for how important satellite positioning is. BuzzFeed got an exclusive preview of the new Man of Steel's origin story, which begs the question, you can't breathe in space but your bare feet are perfectly fine?

Mitch Hedberg Jokes Etched In Wood

Artist Kiersten Essenpreis made these minimalist pieces for Gallery1988's "Is This Thing On?", a show featuring comedian based art. (via

The Other Reason PCs Are Doomed

Nobody wants to buy PCs anymore because PCs are boring and tablets are cool: this is both obvious and true. Just as important, though, is the fact that nobody wants to make PCs, either: the estimated profit margin on an iPad is ten times higher than on a similarly priced laptop.

Bodybuilding Tips

The latest viral buzz from

Lindsay Lohan Hosts Saturday Night Live

Watch Lindsay Lohan in the Real Housewives of Disney sketch on Saturday Night Live.

org Redesign, 2012 Version

If you're actually reading this on the site and not in RSS (guys, come on in from the cold, don't be shy), you'll already have noticed that I changed the "look and feel" of the site. In doing the design, I focused on three things: simplicity, the re…

Democrats Pound Romney For Sotomayor Jab

A radio ad criticized Santorum for having once voted for her. Any opportunity to drive a wedge between the Republicans and Hispanic voters.

Vladimir Putin Crying

Introducing Sad Putin. Use our image editor tool in the comments to put Sad Putin into every picture.

17 Eerie Photos Of Snow-Covered Tornado Devastation

To add insult to injury, tornado-ravaged Indiana was hit by snow over the weekend. It looks downright apocalyptic.

Animated "Community" Webisodes Coming Wednesday

You don't even have to wait until the show returns to its regular time slot to get your "Community" fix: starting Wednesday, three animated shorts voiced by the cast will hit the web.

Santorum Also Complained Of Spending His Savings In '06 Race

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum made the case today that running for President has drained his family's finances. He sought sympathy in 2006 for the same reason, saying "I've got six kids and they're young. I've got a 15 year old daughter who is going to be going to college, and there ain't a lot of money in the Santorum bank accounts to send her to college. So there's a lot of things I could be doing that probably financially could be taking better care of my family."

HuffPo Sets The Republican Candidates On Fire

Judging by the Huffington Post's front page this morning, the primaries have taken a turn into fiery chaos. The only candidate not fully engulfed in flames is Newt.

"The Simpsons" Do "Game Of Thrones"

Another amazing intro from last night's episode of "The Simpsons." The rest of the episode was ...not as great. How could it be?

The Best Hat At Spring Training

I hope this fan was the recipient of multiple free beers at Milwaukee Brewers spring training in Phoenix, Az.

"Two Little Boys"; Bret McKenzie And Mullets

Fresh off of winning an Oscar, Bret McKenzie is set to star in this mullet-heavy dark comedy. Hopefully Jemaine makes a guest appearance.

Britney Spears Face Morph

"From baby until now." This is kind of creepy.

'The Lorax' Has Sold Out For Mazda Marketing Campaign, Henson Creature Zozo Tells Cenk

As “The Lorax” opens in theaters, one furry friend thinks the movie’s marketing campaign — especially a partnership with Mazda — is outrageous. Zozo, the lead spokescreature for Rethinking the Automobile, tells Cenk he expected more.

Christina Hendricks And Olivia Munn Nude, But More Importantly Here’s Cat Gymnastics

Christina Hendricks And Olivia Munn Had Their Cellphones Hacked - … and while the faceless nude shots are pretty obviously not them, it’s fun to dream. AND it’s fun to find out Olivia Munn photoshops her cellphone pics with hokey sex taunts. [ONTD]

Here's A Cover Of Joy Division's "Atmosphere" Performed With Cat Slaps

Sure, there's sort of a creepy undertone of cat-slapping fetish going on here (either on behalf of the cats or the man, it's unclear), but this is just a great version of a classic song. Can these three please start touring as a Joy Division cover band? Purr Division, anyone?

Tom Hanks' Son Shirtless

Hot or not? Remember, he's a rapper.

Bill Hader's James Carville Impression Returns To "SNL"

Who better to take down Rush Limbaugh's most recent bout of verbal diarrhea than Bill Hader as James Carville? That's right, nobody.

The Knicks Are Really Milking The Jeremy Lin Merchandising

I think we've reached the saturation point.

Kenan Thompson Looks Back On The Movie "Good Burger"

Probably my favorite joke of the night.

On The Trail, Santorum Pleads Poverty

Running for president is expensive.

Most Devious Happy Hour Special In Town

Just make sure to go before you head to the bar, avoid laughter, and don't think about waterfalls, and we'll all be set for at least a few hours.

Romney Hits Obama For “Inexplicable Absence Of A Jobs Program”

Did he forget the American Jobs Act? Zeke Miller reports from Canton.

Romney Is Rolling

Barnstorming Ohio, the frontrunner is acting like one. "Going to do well tomorrow," Fehrnstrom tells BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller, reporting from Canton.

Mitt Romney In 2009 On The Bank Bailouts

The former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential frontrunner takes heat from his opponents for supporting the bank bailouts. In a February, 2009 video appearance on "Morning Joe" Romney seems to imply he would support more bank bailouts if they were a "carefully crafted, focused effort to make sure banks don't lose their value."

Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Unflattering Leggings In Calabasas On Saturday

Kim Kardashian was trying to stay casual and comfortable while out and about in Calabasas on Saturday, but her black leggings hugged her famous curves in all the wrong ways.

Most Don't Know Much About St. Patrick

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 4 (UPI) -- St. Patrick's Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States, but a survey indicated few know why March 17 is celebrated.

Chris Hansen Cat

We're all going to have a whole lot of 'splaining to do.

Negative Radio: Soros Impersonators, Sotomayor Attacks

In Ohio, a barrage in the final days.

Mitt Romney Suggested Three Times In 2009 That Obama Imitate Romneycare

Republican Presidential front runner Mitt Romney has taken heat from his rival for a 2009 USA today op-ed touting RomneyCare, including the individual mandate as model for national health reform. But the former Massachusetts Governor's op-ed wasn't the only time he thought the President could "learn" from Massachusetts. In the three clips below from the summer of 2009 Romney seemed to express support for the President imitating RomneyCare for national health reform.

WATCH: Lindsay Lohan In 'Real Housewives Of Disney' SNL Sketch

Watch Lindsay Lohan in the Real Housewives of Disney sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Skrillex Opens Up About His Relationship With Ellie Goulding On AmehKristine's Blog

These days it's not uncommon to date someone you met on the Internet. Between numerous dating sites and multiple ways to social network, it's the easiest way to find someone that can be more than a friend. What we don't hear very often is two very f…

The Execution Factor: Interviews On Death Row Have Become China's New TV Hit

Having begun life five years ago on a TV channel in Henan province in central China, Interviews Before Execution quickly became a hit with viewers and was given a prime-time Saturday night slot.

'Living Fossil' Trees In DNA Studies

BRISBANE, Australia, March 2 (UPI) -- Scientists say they are using cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology to protect living fossil trees in Fiji from the impact of climate change.

"Okay, I Think We Need To Leave"

Here's 9 seconds of a tornado that hit West Liberty, Kentucky last week.

Lingerie Themed Playboy #FriskyFriday

Each Friday, Playboy’s Twitter account leads the way in encouraging Playmates and sexy women around the world to tweet sexy self pics and use the hashtag #FriskyFriday. Thanks to TSJ, those of you who aren’t on Twitter will no longer miss out on the…

A Graph Of How Rush Limbaugh Thinks Birth Control Works

Rush Limbaugh doesn't know anything about birth control. I wonder if he knows a thing or two about Viagra?

Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy In Public

Little Blue Ivy apparently needed a snack during a lunch date with her parents last week. Beyonce was spotted breastfeeding her new baby at the table while having brunch with Jay-Z at New York City eatery Sant Ambroeus. Two sources close to the coup…

Sandra Fluke's Testimony And Transcript // Current TV

We had viewed Sandra Fluke's televised testimony live on February 23rd, but realized, sadly so, that many are hearing references to it that are not only

Sex & Zen 3D Getting 4D Slayer Of A Thousand From The Mysterious East

Last year’s 3D softcore success story out of China, 3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (incorrectly identified as the “first” 3D porno), is set to get a sequel. 63-year-old Hong Kong film producer Stephen Shiu has announced plans for 4D Sex and Zen: Slay…

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